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The Abilene Paradox and Other Meditations on Management
Jerry B. Harvey

Jossey-Bass, 1988

Faulty decision-making can have dire consequences, and when it comes to group decisions, the challenges are even greater. Join Dr. Jerry B. Harvey as he clearly illustrates why no organization wants to find themselves goin' to Abilene. See how group dynamics can keep individuals from stating their true beliefs for fear of isolation and separation, and how that often leads to mismanaged agreement. You'll learn to recognize the warning signs of ...


The Rapist

New Pulp Press, 2013

The Rapist introduces us to Truman Ferris Pinter, an amoral man occupying a prison cell for a heinous crime committed years earlier. Master storyteller Les Edgerton guides us on a haunting journey inside the criminal mind to show that no matter how depraved a person appears to be, there might still exist a spark of humanity.


Charisma: A Novel
Barbara Hall

Open Road Media, 2014

In the aftermath of a violent incident and near-death experience, Sarah Lange is plagued by heavenly voices and dogged by a desire to return "home" Frightened by her desire to terminate her existence on earth, she checks into a trauma center in Malibu, California, and meets Dr. David Sutton, an intellectual, scientist, reductionist, and someone who believes in nothing beyond his immediate experience. David's world is as divorced from mystery and ...


Salvation Belongs to the Lord: An Introduction to Systematic Theology
John M. Frame

P & R Publishing, 2006

Beginning students of theology and church leaders looking for a theological refresher or teaching tool will welcome this remarkably clear introduction to the doctrines of Scripture. In an almost conversational style, Salvation Belongs to the Lord explores all the major biblical truths, explains key terms of systematic theology, and reflects on their implications and connections under the lordship of Christ.


The Psychology of Executive Coaching: Theory and Application
Bruce Peltier

Routledge, 2001

Coaching has become an important way for psychotherapists and other mental health professionals to adapt their skills to a changing environment. This book provides a comprehensive translation of psychotherapy theory and skills for the would-be executive coach. It was written to help clinical mental health practitioners understand the culture and expectations of the corporate and business world, as well as how to use their hard-earned skills ...


I Always Want to Be Where I'm Not: Successful Living with ADD and ADHD

Family Psychological Press, 2014

Dr. Wes Crenshaw offers thirteen principles for successful living with ADD and ADHD drawn from twenty-two years of experience and 23,000 hours of clinical discussions with hundreds of interesting clients. Written in an entertaining, conversational style for readers aged fifteen to thirty, Dr. Wes pulls no punches in confronting the cognitive, social, emotional, and academic pitfalls people with ADD face every day. He also helps families, ...


Henri, le Chat Noir: The Existential Mewsings of an Angst-Filled Cat   


Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries
John Marshall Roberts

BookSurge Publishing, 2008

In this provocative book, communication expert John Marshall Roberts exposes the hidden dynamics of inspiration. In so doing, he unveils a bold new paradigm for creating inspirational media and messaging called Worldview Thinking(tm). A seamless blend of systems theory, developmental psychology, and common sense, this new framework allows socially conscious people-marketers, business leaders, and activists-to design messages that systematically ...


Searching for Meaning: Idealism, Bright Minds, Disillusionment, and Hope
James T. Webb

Great Potential Press, 2013


Lies We Tell Ourselves: The Psychology of Self-Deception

Insight Publishing, 2014

Humans are excellent liars. We don’t like to think of ourselves as capable of lying; it hurts us too much to admit. So we lie to ourselves about that, too. As a clinical psychologist, I am regularly confronted with the brutal truth that we all lie. I am not talking about deliberate, bold-faced lying. No, this type of dishonesty is far harder to detect and admit. It is the kind of lying that comes from not being psychologically strong ...


Passing Through: An Existential Journey Across America's Outback
Richard Menzies

Stephens Press LLC, 2010

Richard Menzies has logged a quarter of a million miles on his vintage Volkswagon bus in pursuit of pictures and unusual stories. His favorite destination is Nevada, which encloses more open public land than any other state in the lower forty-eight. "Nevada's backcountry is sparsely populated yet surprisingly rich in diversity," he writes. "Her social fabric is a colorful tapestry of cultures and ethnicities, fringed by eccentrics who simply ...


This Unbearable Boredom of Being: A Crisis of Meaning in America
Genrich Krasko

iUniverse, Inc., 2004

The late Dr. Viktor Frankl, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century and the author of the bestselling book, Man's Search for Meaning, wrote over 50 years ago: "Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for." The gist of this book, This Unbearable Boredom of Being, is that the most burning problems of today's America: crime, drugs, greed, ugly gender polarization, disintegration of family, decay in morals, ...


Modernity Without Restraint: The Political Religions, The New Science of Politics, and Science, Politics, and ...
Eric Voegelin

University of Missouri, 1999

Published together for the first time in one volume are Eric Voegelin's Political Religions, The New Science of Politics, and Science, Politics, and Gnosticism. Political Religions was first published in 1938 in Vienna, the year of Voegelin's forced emigration from Austria to the United States. The New Science of Politics was written in 1952 and established Voegelin's reputation as a political philosopher in America. Science, Politics, ...


The Closer's Song, 2012

The Closer's Song is the story of a life so far. A journey of self-realization through an era of self-discovery and then an era of self-indulgence and eventually the fall from hubris that comes when we have become too proud. A spiritual quest to find the answers to age-old questions seen through the eyes of a newfound innocence that we can only regain once we have been on the Odyssey. Standing no longer in judgment of ourselves but in awe of ...


Risa Williams, Ezra Werb

Quirk Books, 2007

Lights! Camera! Psychoanalysis!   Discovering something new about your personality is as easy as making a list of your ten favorite movies.   In Cinescopes , you’ll learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and innermost secrets, all based on the movies you most enjoy. This unique form of personality assessment blends psychology and cinematic analysis to reveal sixteen core personality types and how they relate to one another. Your ...


The New Man
Thomas Merton

Continuum, 2003

"The New Man" shows Thomas Merton at the height of his powers and has as its theme the question of spiritual identity. What must we do to recover possession of our true selves? By way of an answer, Merton discusses how we have become strangers to ourselves by our depence on outward identity and success, while our real need is for a concern with the image of God in ourselves. At a time of retrieval of our religious traditions, Merton's voice is ...


The Bat (An Existential Fable)
John Reinhard Dizon

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

The Bat (An Existential Fable) is an action-adventure novel centered on the not-too-distant future in NYC as the Big Apple becomes the beacon of the world in the throes of the Great Recession. Existentialism becomes a philosophical alternative to religion in a city that has lost hope in the future. Crime is rampant as narcotic use has reached epidemic proportions, and vigilantes began to capture the imagination of the world press as they take a ...


Letters to Momo: A Remarkable Story About the Power to Overcome
Alejandro Souza

Morgan James Publishing, 2014

In September 2010, Alejandro Souza learned that Momo, his cousin and closest friend in the family, was suddenly imprisoned. Crushed by his imprisonment and desiring to infuse him with strength, resilience, and, above all, love, Souza made an unconditional commitment to write Momo one letter each day for as long as he was in jail. Letters to Momo is the true, remarkable story about the power to overcome told by the collection of all letters ...


The Yalom Reader: Selections From The Work Of A Master Therapist And Storyteller
Irvin D. Yalom

Basic Books, 1998

In both his nonfiction and his fiction, Yalom uses the lens of psychotherapy to explore human nature and shows us that the line between the true and the imagined is not always easy to distinguish. What has driven Dr. Yalom from the beginning of his career is a powerful interest in narrative and it is this passion that ties these selections together. It is possible to come to The Yalom Reader from many different perspectives and be richly ...


The New Science of Politics: An Introduction (Walgreen Foundation Lectures)
Eric Voegelin

University Of Chicago Press, 1987

"Thirty-five years ago few could have predicted that The New Science of Politics would be a best-seller by political theory standards. Compressed within the Draconian economy of the six Walgreen lectures is a complete theory of man, society, and history, presented at the most profound and intellectual level. . . . Voegelin's [work] stands out in bold relief from much of what has passed under the name of political science in recent decades. . . ...



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