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The Divided Self: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness (Penguin Psychology)
R. D. Laing

Penguin Books, 1965

Dr. Laing's first purpose is to make madness and the process of going mad comprehensible. In this, with case studies of schizophrenic patients, he succeeds brilliantly, but he does more: through a vision of sanity and madness as 'degrees of conjunction and disjunction between two persons where the one is sane by common consent' he offers a rich existential analysis of personal alienation. The outsider, estranged from himself and society, cannot ...


Existential Counselling & Psychotherapy in Practice
Emmy van Deurzen

SAGE Publications Ltd, 2012

Offering a concrete framework and practical methods for working from an existential perspective, the bestselling Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy in Practice is now in its Third Edition . Central to the book is the belief that many of our problems arise out of the essential paradoxes of human existence, rather than from personal pathology. From this perspective, the purpose of counseling and psychotherapy is not viewed as ...


The Existential Jesus
John Carroll

Counterpoint, 2009

Upending Christianity’s popular notion of Jesus the comforter, the good shepherd, the Lord, and the Savior, this completely new exploration of Mark’s Life of Jesus reexamines the image presented in this earliest of the New Testament gospels—the mysterious stranger, the singular, abandoned, and solitary figure—and rethinks the current role of Western culture through a radically altered view of Christianity. The existential Jesus has no ...


Why Does the World Exist?: An Existential Detective Story
Jim Holt

Liveright, 2013

The Washington Post Notable Non-Fiction of 2013 “I can imagine few more enjoyable ways of thinking than to read this book.”—Sarah Bakewell, New York Times Book Review , front-page review Tackling the “darkest question in all of philosophy” with “raffish erudition” (Dwight Garner, New York Times ), author Jim Holt explores the greatest metaphysical mystery of all: why is there something rather than nothing? This runaway ...


Irrational Man: A Study in Existential Philosophy
William Barrett

Anchor Books/Doubleday, 1990

Widely recognized as the finest definition of existentialist Philosophy, this book introduced existentialism to America in 1958. Barrett discusses the views of 19th and 20th century existentialists Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Sartre and interprets the impact of their thinking on literature, art, and philosophy.


Existential Psychotherapy
Irvin D. Yalom

Basic Books, 1980

Existential therapy has been practiced and continues to be practiced in many forms and situations throughout the world. But until now, it has lacked a coherent structure, and analysis of its tenets, and an evaluation of its usefulness. Irvin Yalom, whose Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy has rendered such a service to that discipline since 1970, provides existential psychotherapy with a background, a synthesis, and a ...


Existential-Humanistic Therapy (Theories of Psychotherapy)
Kirk J. Schneider, Orah T. Krug

American Psychological Association (APA), 2009

In Existential Humanistic Therapy, Kirk J. Schneider and Orah T. Krug discuss the history, theory, and practice of this distinctly American expression of existential therapy. Existential humanistic therapy welds the European existential philosophical heritage of self-inquiry, struggle, and responsibility with the American tradition of spontaneity, optimism, and practicality. Contrary to its common reputation as a purely intellectual form of ...


The Discovery of Being: Writings in Existential Psychology
Rollo May

W. W. Norton & Company, 1994

Rollo May draws on the insights of Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Freud, and other great thinkers to offer a helpful roadmap of the ideas and techniques of existential psychotherapy. He pays particular attention to the causes of loneliness and isolation, and to our search for stability in an age of anxiety.


Paradox and Passion in Psychotherapy: An Existential Approach to Therapy and Counselling
Emmy van Deurzen

Wiley, 1998

Paradox and Passion in Psychotherapy an existential approach to therapy and counselling Emmy van Deurzen Schiller International University, London, UK This book confronts the taboo of the psychotherapist's personal history and emotions being involved in the therapeutic process. Emmy van Deurzen shows that therapists can draw on the full richness of their own experience in order to be truly credible and inspiring mentors to their clients. Paradox ...


Existential Musings: Poems in LA and Beyond (Searching for Meaning Book 1)

Donald M. Brooks, 2015

At once simple yet profound, this collection of poetry dives deep into the contemplation of the meaning of existence. In particular, it's a journey through the past two years of the author's life as he studied philosophy and adjusted to life in what was a whole new world for him. Moving from Michigan after having studied theology academically and leisurely for over six years, the author began a new--albeit brief--chapter in his life by moving to ...


Skills in Existential Counselling & Psychotherapy (Skills in Counselling & Psychotherapy Series)
Emmy van Deurzen, Martin Adams

SAGE Publications Ltd, 2010

This book is the first practical introduction to a skills-based Existential approach. Accessible for those without a philosophical background, it describes Existential practice in terms of a number of concrete and tangible skills, tasks, and interactions. It shows how to enable the client to become more reflective about life and better capable of taking responsibility for it.


Existential Therapies
Mick Cooper

SAGE Publications Ltd, 2003

`One can only applaud the bravery of an author who gently send up Kierkegaard's wilful obscurantism and cleans out the acrid smoke of Gauloises from the room. With welcome clarity and sanity, Mick Cooper efficiently lays out the concepts, techniques and directions adopted by several key figures in the broad field of existentially informed psychotherapy. In an excellent first chapter, Mick Cooper pointed out my `ontic' from my `ontological'; and ...


Existential Reasons for Belief in God: A Defense of Desires and Emotions for Faith
Clifford Williams

IVP Academic, 2011

Lived faith involves more than doctrines, evidences and rational coherence. In this book philosopher Clifford Williams puts forth an argument as to why certain needs, desires and emotions have a legitimate place in drawing people into faith in God. Addressing the strongest objections to these types of reasons, he shows how the personal and experiential aspects of belief play an important part in coming to faith and in remaining a believing ...



Explored are feelings of emptiness and loneliness as the experience of anxiety, how to cultivate an attitude of aliveness and decisiveness and to learn to accept responsibility for one’s existence. The goal is to live each moment with freedom, honesty and trustworthiness. Attaining mental health, the meaning of neurosis and the role of the therapist in seeking to preserve the uniqueness of each person is clarified. Working primarily through ...


Existential Program Manual
Waldo, M.D. Vieira

International Institute of Conscientiology and Projectiology, 1997

Existential Program Manual is a detailed practical study on the process of planning, recognizing and executing one's existential program or life task. The existential program is the specific programming of each human personality for his or her new life in this physical dimension. It is planned before consciousness' physical rebirth, while one is still in a non-physical condition. The fundamental directives for our lives are in our biological, ...


Truth without Predication: The Role of Placing in the Existential There-Sentence (Palgrave Studies in ...
Rachel Szekely

Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

Truth without Predication contains an original analysis of the existential there-sentence from a philosophical-linguistic perspective. At its core is the claim that there-sentences' form is distinct from that of ordinary subject–predicate sentences, and that this fundamental difference explains the construction's unusual grammatical and discourse properties. Taking as a point of departure a suggestion made in Strawson's Individuals, this book ...


Levinas's Existential Analytic: A Commentary on Totality and Infinity (Studies in Phenomenology and ...
James R. Mensch

Northwestern University Press, 2015

By virtue of the originality and depth of its thought, Emmanuel Levinas’s masterpiece, Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority, is destined to endure as one of the great works of philosophy. It is an essential text for understanding Levinas’s discussion of “the Other,” yet it is known as a “difficult” book. Modeled after Norman Kemp Smith’s commentary on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, Levinas’s Existential Analytic ...


Existential Psychology East-West
Louis Hoffman, Mark Yang, ...

Universities of the Rockies Press, 2009

Existential Psychology East-West presents a dialogue between leading Eastern and Western Scholars on existential psychology and psychotherapy. This unique book places emphasis on dialogue and mutual growth instead of merely applying existential psychology in an Eastern context. The book begins with an thorough overview of existential psychology as it has been developed in the West, particularly the tradition of Rollo May and James F. T. ...


Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy: Guideposts to the Core of Practice

Routledge, 2007

Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy promises to be a landmark in the fields of psychotherapeutic theory and practice. A comprehensive revision of its predecessor, The Psychology of Existence , co-edited by Kirk Schneider and Rollo May, Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy combines clear and updated guidelines for practice with vivid and timely case vignettes. These vignettes feature the very latest in both mainstream and existential ...


The Existential Giraffe
Eric Kesselman

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

The Existential Giraffe is a fun, quasi-kids story about a giraffe trying to figure out whether he is real, and if that matters to his life at all. The wonderfully illustrated story is amusing for adults, and entertaining for kids.



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