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Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight
John W. Foreman

Wiley, 2013

Data Science gets thrown around in the press like it's magic. Major retailers are predicting everything from when their customers are pregnant to when they want a new pair of Chuck Taylors. It's a brave new world where seemingly meaningless data can be transformed into valuable insight to drive smart business decisions. But how does one exactly do data science? Do you have to hire one of these priests of the dark arts, the "data scientist," to ...


The Human Race to the Future: What Could Happen - and What to Do [2014 edition]

Lifeboat Foundation, 2014

2014 edition - peer reviewed - promotional price Do you wonder about the future... what things will be like some day, how long it might take, and what we can do about it? Substantive yet imaginative, readable, occasionally humorous, and science oriented, this book proposes possible future scenarios spanning from the current century to nearly eternity. Most chapters offer a concluding section with recommendations and often, agree or ...


Integrated Algebra
Lawrence S. Leff M.S.

Barron's Educational Series, 2013

This edition includes the most recent Integrated Algebra Regents tests through August 2013. These ever popular guides contain study tips, test-taking strategies, score analysis charts, and other valuable features. They are an ideal source of practice and test preparation. The detailed answer explanations make each exam a practical learning experience. The book reviews all pertinent math topics, including sets, algebraic language, linear ...


Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (Information Science and Statistics)
Christopher M. Bishop

Springer, 2007

This is the first textbook on pattern recognition to present the Bayesian viewpoint. The book presents approximate inference algorithms that permit fast approximate answers in situations where exact answers are not feasible. It uses graphical models to describe probability distributions when no other books apply graphical models to machine learning. No previous knowledge of pattern recognition or machine learning concepts is assumed. Familiarity ...


The Humongous Book of Algebra Problems
W. Michael Kelley

ALPHA, 2008

When the numbers just don’t add up… Following in the footsteps of the successful The Humongous Books of Calculus Problems , bestselling author Michael Kelley has taken a typical algebra workbook, and made notes in the margins, adding missing steps and simplifying concepts and solutions. Students will learn how to interpret and solve problems as they are typically presented in algebra courses—and become prepared to solve those problems ...


Algebra 2/Trigonometry (Barron's Regents Exams and Answers)
Meg Clemens, Glenn Clemens

Barron's Educational Series, 2013

This edition includes the most recent Algebra 2/Trigonometry Regents tests through June 2013. These ever popular guides contain study tips, test-taking strategies, score analysis charts, and other valuable features. They are an ideal source of practice and test preparation. The detailed answer explanations make each exam a practical learning experience. In addition to practice exams that reflect the standard Regents format, this book reviews ...


Algebra II For Dummies
Mary Jane Sterling

For Dummies, 2006

Besides being an important area of math for everyday use, algebra is a passport to studying subjects like calculus, trigonometry, number theory, and geometry, just to name a few. To understand algebra is to possess the power to grow your skills and knowledge so you can ace your courses and possibly pursue further study in math. Algebra II For Dummies is the fun and easy way to get a handle on this subject and solve even the trickiest algebra ...


The Humongous Book of Calculus Problems
W. Michael Kelley

ALPHA, 2007

Now students have nothing to fear … Math textbooks can be as baffling as the subject they’re teaching. Not anymore. The best-selling author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Calculus has taken what appears to be a typical calculus workbook, chock full of solved calculus problems, and made legible notes in the margins, adding missing steps and simplifying solutions. Finally, everything is made perfectly clear. Students will be prepared ...


Pre-Calculus For Dummies
Yang Kuang PhD, Elleyne Kase

For Dummies, 2012

The fun and easy way to learn pre-calculus Getting ready for calculus but still feel a bit confused? Have no fear. Pre-Calculus For Dummies is an un-intimidating, hands-on guide that walks you through all the essential topics, from absolute value and quadratic equations to logarithms and exponential functions to trig identities and matrix operations. With this guide's help you'll quickly and painlessly get a handle on all of the concepts — ...


Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Peter H. Diamandis, Steven Kotler

Free Press, 2012

Providing abundance is humanity’s grandest challenge—this is a book about how we rise to meet it.   We will soon be able to meet and exceed the basic needs of every man, woman and child on the planet. Abundance for all is within our grasp. This bold, contrarian view, backed up by exhaustive research, introduces our near-term future, where exponentially growing technologies and three other powerful forces are conspiring to better the ...


Predictive Analytics: Microsoft Excel
Conrad Carlberg

Que Publishing, 2012

Excel predictive analytics for serious data crunchers!   The movie Moneyball made predictive analytics famous: Now you can apply the same techniques to help your business win. You don’t need multimillion-dollar software: All the tools you need are available in Microsoft Excel, and all the knowledge and skills are right here, in this book!   Microsoft Excel MVP Conrad Carlberg shows you how to use Excel predictive analytics ...


DiscipleShift: Five Steps That Help Your Church to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples (Exponential Series), ...

Zondervan, 2013

Over the last thirty years, many influential church leaders and church planters in America have adopted various models for reaching unchurched people. An “attractional” model will seek to attract people to a local church. Younger leaders may advocate a more “missional” approach, in which believers live and work among unchurched people and intentionally seek to serve like Christ. While each of these approaches have merit, something is ...


One Grain Of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale

Scholastic Press, 1997

Artwork inspired by traditional Indian miniature paintings - including a four-page gatefold - is "visually striking." - Publishers Weekly. "While there are other versions of this folktale available, none match Demi's for authenticity, illustrative grandeur, and textual clarity." - School Library Journal, starred review


Pre-calculus Demystified 2/E
Rhonda Huettenmueller

McGraw-Hill Professional, 2012

Your step-by-step solution to mastering precalculus Understanding precalculus often opens the door to learning more advanced and practical math subjects, and can also help satisfy college requisites. Precalculus Demystified , Second Edition, is your key to mastering this sometimes tricky subject. This self-teaching guide presents general precalculus concepts first, so you'll ease into the basics. You'll gradually master functions, graphs of ...


Data Mining for Business Intelligence: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in Microsoft Office Excel with ...
Galit Shmueli, Nitin R. Patel, ...

Wiley, 2010

Incorporating a new focus on data visualization and time series forecasting, Data Mining for Business Intelligence , Second Edition continues to supply insightful, detailed guidance on fundamental data mining techniques. This new edition guides readers through the use of the Microsoft Office Excel add-in XLMiner for developing predictive models and techniques for describing and finding patterns in data. From clustering customers into market ...


Schaum's Outline of Precalculus, 3rd Edition: 618 Solved Problems + 20 Videos (Schaum's Outline Series)
Fred Safier

McGraw-Hill, 2012

Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Enough Time? Fortunately, there's Schaum's. This all-in-one-package includes more than 600 fully solved problems, examples, and practice exercises to sharpen your problem-solving skills. Plus, you will have access to 30 detailed videos featuring Math instructors who explain how to solve the most commonly tested problems--it's just like having your own virtual tutor! You'll find everything you need ...


The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence
Ray Kurzweil

Penguin Books, 2000

Ray Kurzweil is the inventor of the most innovative and compelling technology of our era, an international authority on artificial intelligence, and one of our greatest living visionaries. Now he offers a framework for envisioning the twenty-first century--an age in which the marriage of human sensitivity and artificial intelligence fundamentally alters and improves the way we live. Kurzweil's prophetic blueprint for the future takes us through ...


Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture (Exponential Series)
Brandon Hatmaker

Zondervan, 2011

People are hungry to make a difference, yet most don't know where to start. In fact, 'serving the least' is often one of the most neglected mandates of Jesus. Barefoot Church shows readers how today's church can be a catalyst for individual, collective, and social renewal in any context. Whether pastors or laypeople, readers will discover practical ideas that end up being as much about the Gospel and personal transformation as they are about ...


Basic Training in Mathematics: A Fitness Program for Science Students
R. Shankar

Springer, 1995

Based on course material used by the author at Yale University, this practical text addresses the widening gap found between the mathematics required for upper-level courses in the physical sciences and the knowledge of incoming students. This superb book offers students an excellent opportunity to strengthen their mathematical skills by solving various problems in differential calculus. By covering material in its simplest form, students ...


Pre-Calculus Workbook For Dummies
Yang Kuang PhD, Michelle Rose Gilman

For Dummies, 2011

Get the confidence and math skills you need to get started with calculus Are you preparing for calculus? This hands-on workbook helps you master basic pre-calculus concepts and practice the types of problems you'll encounter in the course. You'll get hundreds of valuable exercises, problem-solving shortcuts, plenty of workspace, and step-by-step solutions to every problem. You'll also memorize the most frequently used equations, see how to ...



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