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Fall of Giants: Book One of the Century Trilogy
Ken Follett

Signet, 2012

Ken Follett’s magnificent new historical epic begins, as five interrelated families move through the momentous dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for women’s suffrage. A thirteen-year-old Welsh boy enters a man’s world in the mining pits.…An American law student rejected in love finds a surprising new career in Woodrow Wilson’s White House.… A housekeeper for the aristocratic Fitzherberts ...


Let It Fall
Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Cartwheel Books, 2010

An autumnal 8x8 offering that celebrates the ups and downs of fall! The leaves turn red, brown, and orange, then drift down from the trees. It is time to go apple picking and on hayrides at the county fair. Fall is finally here! With soft colored art, adorable children, and colorful outdoor scenes, LET IT FALL celebrates all the seasonal awe of autumn.


Fall (Seaside Novels) (Volume 5)
Rachel Van Dyken

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

If you look up British in the dictionary, A-list celebrity Jamie Jaymeson’s name would be next to it. Along with charming, witty, man-whore, and a lot of other adjectives that he wouldn’t appreciate being attached to his name. He has everything in the world going for him. Until fate decides his number’s finally up. Caught in a compromising position that really wasn’t his fault to begin with (really it wasn’t)—Jaymeson’s been told ...


Hidden Falls: Distinguishing Marks - Episode 13

Shiloh Run Studios, 2014

Hidden Falls – An Exciting New 13-Part Serial Novel from Shiloh Run Studios First Quinn disappears, and now Nicole?   Early Wednesday morning, Ethan is panicked that Nicole has disappeared—and in that panic he realizes the depth of his feelings toward her. When Nicole contacts him at last, her unsettling request makes him wonder what he’s walking into. Next, Sylvia receives a shocking phone call, Dani and Liam rush back to town to hear ...


Fall (Seasons (Barron's))
Nuria Roca

Barron's Educational Series, 2004

Large and beautiful color illustrations on every page of this book—one in a brand-new four-volume series—will appeal especially to early grades boys and girls. Kids will also love having the simply written descriptive text read to them as they gaze at the charming pictures—and as they get just a little older, they’ll be able to read the text by themselves! Both words and pictures evoke the moods and activities of autumn, and the ...


The Fall
Albert Camus

Vintage, 1991

Elegantly styled, Camus' profoundly disturbing novel of a Parisian lawyer's confessions is a searing study of modern amorality.


FALL (The Senses), 2013

“He’s destroying me—us. I need him like my next breath, yet I’m suffocating.” An unrequited love that has ripped her to pieces. Delara has loved Waleron for over a century. Their intense chemistry is sensual, gripping, irresistible. But tragedy struck, and after sixty-one years of believing he was dead, Waleron returns a tortured man. He claims the man she loves is dead, yet the undeniable sexual tension still pulls them ...


The Fall of Freddie the Leaf: A Story of Life for All Ages
Leo Buscaglia

Slack Incorporated, 1982

This story by Leo Buscaglia is a warm, wonderfully wise and strikingly simple story about a leaf names Freddie. How Freddie and his companion leaves change with the passing seasons, finally falling to the ground with winter's snow, is an inspiring allegory illustrating the delicate balance between life and death. The Fall of Freddie the Leaf is a warm and thought-provoking story and both children and adults will be deeply touched by this ...


It's Fall (Celebrate the Seasons)
Linda Glaser

Millbrook Press, 2001

A child experiences the colors and textures of fall. Includes nature activities to do during that season.


Fall (Bright Baby Touch and Feel)
Roger Priddy

Priddy Books, 2010

With seasonal pictures for Fall and Thanksgiving, this is an engaging book to share with babies and toddlers. There are Fall leaves, pumpkins, cranberries and photographs of other familiar things to look at, and the pages have different touch-and-feel textures, which little fingers will love to explore.


Hidden Falls: The Groundskeeper Remembered - Episode 12

Shiloh Run Studios, 2014

Hidden Falls – An Exciting New 13-Part Serial Novel from Shiloh Run Studios So much drama for such a small town.   Two arrests on Main Street, with thanks to Dani and Liam. . .  A medical emergency for Lauren. . . Family secrets held for generations finally revealed. . . The rekindling romance of Ethan and Nicole. . . Jack Parker’s surprising choices. Quinn has a lot to catch up on if he returns to Hidden Falls—no, when he returns, ...


Fall Is Not Easy
Marty Kelley

Zino Pr Childrens Books, 1998

Fall is a tough time of year for a lot of us. Kids have to go back to school, teachers and football players have to go back to work, and parents have to look for new places to hide holiday presents. But perhaps fall is hardest of all on trees. After all, they have to change their entire appearance every year! This book is the rhyming story of a tree's humorous struggles to change its colours for fall. And it's a perfect introduction to the ...


Fall (First Step Nonfiction)
Tanya Thayer

21st Century, 2001

Crisp photography teams with easy-to-understand, repetitive sentences that encourage beginning readers to discover the world--one season at a time.


Shade's Fall (The Last Riders)

Young Ink Press, 2014

Shade is everything Lily doesn't want in a man. He's rude, obnoxious and he's definitely not a cowboy. The tattooed enforcer for The Last Riders is a mystery Lily doesn't want to solve. He's too much for her to handle, especially with the nightmares from her past constantly threatening her sanity. Lily is everything Shade wants in a woman. She's sweet, kind and submissive. When she discovers the truth about The Last Riders, it threatens to ...


The Fall of the House of Dixie: The Civil War and the Social Revolution That Transformed the South
Bruce Levine

Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2014

In this major new history of the Civil War, Bruce Levine tells the riveting story of how that conflict upended the economic, political, and social life of the old South, utterly destroying the Confederacy and the society it represented and defended. Told through the words of the people who lived it, The Fall of the House of Dixie illuminates the way a war undertaken to preserve the status quo became a second American Revolution whose impact on ...


My Little Pony: Welcome to Rainbow Falls!
Olivia London

LB Kids, 2014

Explore a never before seen location of Equestria, Rainbow Falls, as the ponies attend the famous sporting event known as the Equestrian Games in this fun storybook illustrated with artwork from the hit TV show. Includes punch out postcards!



Laleng, 2011

An illustrated perception of love that you might once, or more, experienced. Have you ever been in such situation before? Let's see...


The Fall: The Siren Series, Book 2, 2014

The Siren Series Book #1 - The Rush Book #2 - The Fall Book #3 - The Heart (Fall 2014) In Ivy Pierce's world, Greek mythology is reality. Sirens, like herself, use men for money, power and status; but she has the greatest gift of all. Stronger than any of the Siren's before her, Ivy's attraction alludes to a prophecy that could mean the rebirth of Greek gods and goddesses for our modern time. The Fates believe she is the symbol ...


Decline and Fall: The End of Empire and the Future of Democracy in 21st Century America
John Michael Greer

New Society Publishers, 2014

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. Although he was writing nearly a century ago, William Butler Yeats could just as easily be describing the United States today. The decline and fall of America's global empire is the central feature of today's geopolitical landscape, and the nature of our response to it will determine much of our future trajectory, with implications that reach far beyond the ...


He Can Fall (She Can Series) (A Short Story)

StoryFront, 2014

When security expert Sean Wilson takes his wife, Amanda, along on a business trip to an isolated bed and breakfast, he’s hoping to combine work and pleasure. But when four armed men storm the inn and take the staff and his wife hostage, the romantic getaway is over. A former army Ranger, Sean will do anything to save his wife, and when he finds the seven-year-old granddaughter of the innkeeper in the snowy woods, the situation becomes more ...



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