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Distortion: The Vanity of Genetically Altered Christianity

Harrison House Publishers, 2012

What if you had a book that could give you the power to heal yourself? What if you had one that could give you the wisdom to become prosperous? What if you met a Man who had the power to obliterate everything you ever said or did wrong? In this brand new book by Jesse Duplantis, you'll learn how to recognize the difference between the real and raw power of God's Word…and the powerless "genetically altered" face of distorted Christianity. ...


Bless the Bees: The Pending Extinction of our Pollinators and What You Can Do to Stop It

Amazon Digital Services, 2013

The Bees are Facing Extinction.  Find out why and what you can do about it. "This is a very important book and one that belongs in the hands of everyone who cares about ecology and the preservation of the bee population, and that in turn means the preservation of life as we know it on this planet."  Grady Harp, Literary Aficionado      "Bless the Bees" is not a book just about bees. It is a book about us - ...


Genetically Modified Organisms: Opening Pandora's Box with Genetically Modified Food

Choice PH, 2013

Genetically modified foods are foods produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering. These techniques have allowed for the introduction of new crop traits as well as far greater control over a food's genetic structure than previously afforded by methods such as selective breeding and mutation breeding. This eBook highlights the history of genetic engineering and the ...


Foreign Invaders: An Autoimmune Disease Journey through Monsanto's World of Genetically Modified Food

Difference Press, 2013

"A must-read for anyone dealing with health issues or wanting to learn more about eating cleaner, avoiding toxins, and improving diet!" Whether or not you have a chronic illness or you are caught up in the autoimmune epidemic, genetically modified foods are a health risk. After being diagnosed with autoimmune disease and being disappointed by doctor after doctor, Dara Jones set off on a mission to recover her health with real food. In the ...


GMO TOXIC TABLE - An Introduction to the GMO FOOD Disaster - A Crime Against Humanity

Honor Publishing, 2012

An Introduction to the GMO Disaster - A Crime Against Humanity. Multinational companies have been granted a "Patent" for Life! The very seed provided by God as the perfect health for man is forever being altered. Once we have lost the organic seed and soil, it is gone forever. We the people of the World have a right to healthy Food, Water & Air. It is not owned or patented by anyone. People are sicker today than ever in history with new ailments ...


Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home, and Planet--One Room at a Time
Beth Greer

Rodale Books, 2009

Beth Greer had been living what she considered a healthy lifestyle when a medical crisis prompted her to reevaluate everything—from the food she ate to the personal-care products she used and the environment she lived in. Now, in Super Natural Home , she shows the alarming extent of the dangerous chemicals we unwittingly expose ourselves to every day. As she did in her own life, she invites readers to put their lives under a microscope—to ...


Intervention: Confronting the Real Risks of Genetic Engineering and Life on a Biotech Planet
Denise Caruso

The Hybrid Vigor Institute, 2006

risk, biotechnology, public policy, genetic engineering


GMO Free Diet: How to stay healthy by identifying and avoiding dangerous foods
Matthew Johnson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Nourish your body with healthy foods using this Amazon Bestseller - GMO Free Diet Order this book today for just $7.99. You’re about to discover how to identify and avoid these dangerous and controversial foods from your diet completely. GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) are everywhere. Banned in many countries all over the world including Japan, Australia, and the UK, GMO foods are abundant in the United States. Over 75% of foods ...


World Hunger

iUniverse, 2007

Vanguard Corporation, an agricultural company led by a greedy and mercurial CEO, has developed a new line of genetically modified seed products. Designed to significantly increase crop yields and resist drought, pests, and disease in the hopes of reducing hunger in Third World countries, the seeds should also earn huge profits for the firm. Vanguard's testing in Belarus, Colombia, and India initially goes well, but midway through the crops' ...


Outsmart Your Genes: How Understanding Your DNA Will Empower You to Protect Yourself Against Cancer, ...
Brandon Colby MD

Perigee Trade, 2010

Predictive medicine is the most exciting--and potentially groundbreaking--medical development in decades. Written by Brandon Colby, MD, a leader in the fields of predictive medicine and genetic testing, Outsmart Your Genes will empower you, the reader, with a clear understanding of exactly what predictive medicine entails and how it can be used today to protect your health as well as the health of those you love. Written in straightforward, ...


Fresh Choices : More than 100 Easy Recipes for Pure Food When You Can't Buy 100% Organic
David Joachim, Rochelle Davis

Rodale Books, 2004

Good Cooking Starts with Good Food Do you want to enjoy the best food nature has to offer? It's easier than you might think with Fresh Choices: More Than 100 Easy Recipes for Pure Food When You Can't Buy 100% Organic , the indispensable cookbook that helps you bring the best food possible to the table--even when organic isn't an option. Packed with more than 100 inspiring and satisfying dishes, Fresh Choices confronts the issues consumers ...


Diet For A Dead Planet: How The Food Industry Is Killing Us
Christopher D. Cook

New Press, The, 2004

A harrowing indictment of industrial agriculture's threat to the future of food and the environment. As mad cow disease hits hard in the United States and bird flu roils the Asian poultry markets, the issue of food safety has never been more stark. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 75 million Americans fell sick last year from the food they ate. Christopher D. Cook's riveting and timely investigation takes us beyond Fast ...


Guide to Research Techniques in Neuroscience
Matt Carter, Jennifer Shieh

Academic Press, 2009

Neuroscience is by definition a multidisciplinary field: some scientists study genes and proteins at the molecular level while others study neural circuitry. A single topic such as the auditory system can be studied using techniques from genetics, imaging, biochemistry, or electrophysiology. A young scientist must learn how to read the primary literature and then develop their own experiments. This book offers that scientist an overview of ...


Abraham Lincoln's DNA and Other Adventures in Genetics
Philip R. Reilly

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2000

Twenty-four true, wide-ranging tales of crime, history, human behavior, illness, and ethics, told from the personal perspective of an eminent physician-lawyer. Philip Reilly uses these stories to illustrate the principles of human genetics and to discuss the broader issues.


Glowing Genes: A Revolution In Biotechnology
Marc Zimmer

Prometheus Books, 2005

Marc Zimmer has written the first popular science book on an amazing new area of biotechnology that will help fight cancer, create new products, improve agriculture, and combat terrorism. For more than one hundred and sixty million years, green fluorescent protein has existed in one species of jellyfish. In 1994 it was cloned, giving rise to a host of useful and potentially revolutionary applications in biotechnology. Today researchers are using ...


Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy Of Industrial Agriculture

Foundation for Deep Ecology, 2002

Fatal Harvest takes an unprecedented look at our current ecologically destructive agricultural system and offers a compelling vision for an organic and environmentally safer way of producing the food we eat. It includes more than 250 profound and startling photographs and gathers together more than 40 essays by leading ecological thinkers including Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, David Ehrenfeld, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Vandana Shiva, and Gary Nabhan. ...


Safe Food: Bacteria, Biotechnology, and Bioterrorism (California Studies in Food and Culture, 5)
Marion Nestle

University of California Press, 2003

Food safety is a matter of intense public concern, and for good reason. Millions of annual cases of food "poisonings" raise alarm not only about the food served in restaurants and fast-food outlets but also about foods bought in supermarkets. The introduction of genetically modified foods--immediately dubbed "Frankenfoods"--only adds to the general sense of unease. Finally, the events of September 11, 2001, heightened fears by exposing the ...


Reflections Of Our Past: How Human History Is Revealed In Our Genes
John Relethford

Westview Press / Perseus Book Group, 2003

Where did modern humans come from and how important are the biological differences among us? Are we descended from Neanderthals? How many races of people are there? Were Native Americans the first settlers of the New World? How can we tell if Thomas Jefferson had a child with Sally Hemings? Through an engaging examination of issues such as these, and using non-technical language, Reflections of Our Past shows how anthropologists use genetic ...


Asterisk (1 Picture 1000 Words)

sparQuire, 2013

Published with the short attention span reader in mind, the 1 Picture 1000 Words series features a fully illustrated original picture accompanied with a short story of exactly one thousand words. Asterisk takes a brief, but detailed, look at the future of professional baseball and the new breed of players engineered to play the game. Asterisk -- 1 Picture 1000 Words is written by Dan Taylor (Hero Happy Hour) and illustrated by Eric J (Rex ...


The Other Side of Autism: Famous Spirits Unveil Regressive Autism's Causes and Remedies (Volume 1)
Laura Hirsch

Rainbow Books, 2012

The Other Side of Autism is an incredible true story written by a mother of a child with regressive autism. Working with a psychic medium and his wife, a spirit artist, an open invitation was extended to the spirit world to help solve the autism puzzle. The answers came from a virtual who's who of dead people, including famous scientists, politicians, and many surprise guests who are all still trying to help humanity from The Other Side. Many ...



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