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Glimpse (Zellie Wells)

Write Free, 2010

Zellie Wells has a devastating crush on Avery Adams, the son of her mom’s high school sweetheart. At her sixteenth birthday party, held in the basement of her dad’s church, she finally finds the courage to talk to him. Turns out, the devastating crush is mutual. As Avery takes her hand and leads her out onto the makeshift dance floor, Zellie is overwhelmed by her first vision of his death; shocking because not only are they both covered in ...


Glimpses of Heaven: True Stories of Hope and Peace at the End of Life's Journey

Revell, 2008

Trudy Harris began her career with Hospice in 1981, eventually becoming the president of the Hospice Foundation for Caring. This collection of more than forty true stories of Harris's patients offers readers an incredible glimpse at what lies beyond and what the living can learn from the dying. Her patients have described to her visions of angels and loved ones who have gone on before, the sounds of ethereal music, colors that did not exist on ...


Angels by My Side: Stories and Glimpses of These Heavenly Helpers

Chosen Books, 2013

Riveting true stories and biblical insights fill this inspiring exploration of how angels intervene in our lives every day-whether or not we're aware of them.


My Glimpse of Eternity

Chosen Books, 2012

Over 750,000 Copies Sold--Now Available in Trade Paper In this bestselling, beloved true story, twenty-seven-year-old Betty Malz was pronounced dead. Almost thirty minutes later she returned to her body--to the amazement of her grieving family and the stunned hospital personnel. This is her amazing account of what she saw, felt, and heard on the other side of the dividing wall that we call death. And it's the moving, real-life story of how God ...


More Glimpses of Heaven: Inspiring True Stories of Hope and Peace at the End of Life's Journey

Revell, 2010

Following her successful Glimpses of Heaven , Trudy Harris has collected even more true stories of the tender beauty and pain of life's end. Through her own stories and those of medical professionals and hospice workers, Harris brings readers with her on the search for God, forgiveness, faith, repentance, and ultimate acceptance and peace. The perfect gift for someone who has experienced the death of a loved one, More Glimpses of Heaven will ...


The Glimpses of the Moon, 2012

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


Glimpse (The Dean Curse Chronicles), 2013

“Save them, Dean. Save them all....” Dean Curse avoids attention the way his best friend Colin avoids common sense. Which is why he isn’t happy about being Abbotsford’s latest local hero – having saved the life of a stranger, he is now front page news. Dean’s reason for avoiding the limelight? Ever since his heroic act, he’s been having terrifying visions of people dying and they’re freaking him out so badly his psychologist ...


Works of Edith Wharton (31 Books)

H&H Books, 2009

Works of Edith Wharton with active table of contents to navigate easily. Works include: Afterward The Age of Innocence Artemis to Actaeon and Other Verses Autres Temps... Bunner Sisters The Choice Coming Home Crucial Instances The Custom of the Country The Descent of Man & Other Stories The Early Short Fiction of Edith Wharton, Volume 1 The Early Short Fiction of Edith Wharton, Volume 2 Ethan Frome Fighting France The Fruit of the Tree The ...


To Love and To Promise

White Star Press, 2010

When Brionney Fields marries handsome and charming Derek Roathe, she feels like her life is a fairy tale come true. And when baby Savannah comes along, she's sure of it. Then, with a horrifying discovery, the dream is shattered and her fairy tale begins to unravel. Trying to pick up the bits and pieces of her life, she wonders if she'll ever be able to take a chance at love again. The answer finally comes, but is Brionney ready for it? Can ...


Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home
Gloria Furman

Crossway, 2013

Sometimes life feels a lot like a burden—day-in and day-out its the same chores and tasks, challenges and discouragements, anxieties and responsibilities. Dust bunnies show up on the stairwell, social commitments clutter the calendar, and our families demand daily attention and care. At times, just catching our breath seems like an impossible feat. So where is God in all of this? Does he care about the way we unload the dishwasher or balance ...


Fragments of Your Ancient Name: 365 Glimpses of the Divine for Daily Meditation
Joyce Rupp

Sorin Books, 2011

With over one million books sold in her career, Joyce Rupp presents her newest undertaking: a unique collection of daily meditations that draw from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and other sources, offering wisdom and insight about the God who is beyond all names. Bestselling author Joyce Rupp once again proves herself a wise and gentle spiritual midwife, drawing forth 365 names of God from the world's spiritual treasury. Fragments of Your ...


The Love Spell: A Time Travel Romance Novel Immersed in Spells and Magic (A Glimpse into the Past Trilogy)

J Blair, 2014

Based on a true story, “The Love Spell” takes you on a heart-wrenching journey filled with magic and mystery. This intriguing story has it all, spells and magic, Wiccan spells and rituals, love spells that work, and even reincarnation. This historical romance follows Alexis J. Cavanaugh as she searches for true love. The Love Spell reveals how our longing for love can span generations. This beautiful compelling tale follows one woman’s ...


A First Glimpse And Other Science Fiction Classics

PageTurner, 2009

The Nebula Nominee Story and More! Here is the only collection of stories by the Nebula nominee author of Skyclimber, Bioblast, and Dawn of the Demi-Gods. One of the only two writers to produce science fiction of increasing quality and sophistication from the earliest days of the pulps and into the last quarter of the 20th century, the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction hails Raymond Z. Gallun as "the best of those pre-1939 writers who failed to ...


Glimpse of Sunlight (Jonathan Dickinson Odyssey)

WRB Publishing, 2014

A brilliant marine archaeologist… A needy college student… A ruthless tycoon… In 1696 the sailing ship Mystique sank and took with it Jonathan Dickinson’s gold, diamonds, and a treasury of riches. Now the wreck believed to be the Mystique remains shrouded in mystery until an ancient journal sheds light on its location, but a dispute over ownership blocks the excavation. In a fight against time with the threat of Jamaica’s ...


My First Summer in the Sierra (Dover Books on Americana)
John Muir

Dover Publications, 2004

Picturesque descriptions and sketches by one of America's most important and influential naturalists describes the author's 1869 stay in California's Yosemite River Valley and the Sierra Mountains. Muir's engaging journal describes majestic vistas, flora and fauna, as well as the region's other breathtaking natural wonders. 21 black-and-white illustrations.


A Glimpse of Paradise

Purple Papaya, LLC, 2013

A classic Cathie Linz romance. First time in eBook. Men like Logan McCallister were everything psychologist Marnie Lathrope hated. He thought he could disarm her with his dangerous charm and sexy good looks. It was no wonder she dreaded their scheduled TV appearance to debate her planned shelter for battered women After warning her patients not to fall for the dream of love at first sight, here she was at risk of making the same mistake ...


Glimmer (Zellie Wells)

Write Free, 2010

Zellie Wells’ life is changing. Her relationship with Avery is growing stronger every day, but their parents are still giving them ultimatums and trying to keep them apart. Her newly discovered powers have all but disappeared. Benjamin, another young Retroact, is back and has brought with him a painful shared vision and a troubled past. While working together to figure out what the vision means, Zellie discovers that Benjamin is a worthy ...


Glimpses of Eternity, 2013

Dr. Raymond Moody revolutionized the way we think about death with his first book, Life After Life, first-hand accounts from people who clinically died and then returned to life. Their experiences of going through a tunnel and encountering angelic beings confirmed life after death for millions of readers. Since the publication of Life After Life, thousands of people contact Dr. Moody each year to share the unexpected things they felt, saw and ...


The Glimpse: A Vision of America's Future - Top Rated, 2012

The Dream In 2007, God gave Grant Carroll a critical message for the American church through a chilling dream his wife had. Not long after, he began to notice uncanny similarities between the dream and real world events happening to Christians in the news as if the dream was giving predictions of the future. Grant felt led to turn the dream into a piece of Christian fiction that would grab people's attention, so they would understand the dire ...


A Glimpse of Evil: A Psychic Eye Mystery

NAL, 2010

Professional psychic Abigail Cooper is about to discover that some cold cases are better off dead... As the FBI's newest Civilian Profiler, Abby Cooper is using her powers of intuition to help solve a backlog of the bureau's cold cases. But when she's the only one who's convinced that several separate cold cases are related, she'll have to call on every intuitive bone in her body before she's the one put on ice...



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