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Groundbreaking Food Gardens: 73 Plans That Will Change the Way You Grow Your Garden
Niki Jabbour

Storey Publishing, LLC, 2014

Vegetable gardens can be designed for flavor AND fun! Niki Jabbour, author of the best-selling The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener, has collected 73 plans for novel and inspiring food gardens from her favorite superstar gardeners, including Amy Stewart, Amanda Thomsen, Barbara Pleasant, Dave DeWitt, and Jessi Bloom. You’ll find a garden that provides salad greens 52 weeks a year, another that supplies your favorite cocktail ingredients, one ...


Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World
Raun K. Kaufman

St. Martin's Press, 2014

As a boy, Raun Kaufman was diagnosed by multiple experts as severely autistic, with an IQ below 30, and destined to spend his life in an institution. Years later, Raun graduated with a degree in Biomedical Ethics from Brown University and has become a passionate and articulate autism expert and educator with no trace of his former condition. So what happened? Thanks to The Son-Rise Program, a revolutionary method created by his parents, Raun ...


The Groundbreaking (The Love Under Construction Series)

Deanndra Hall, 2014

Nine lives. Nine stories. One last, best hope. But will they find it in time? Come experience the beginning of it all. The introductory volume to the Love Under Construction Series, this quick read introduces you to the major characters in the series. The books within the series are not stand-alone, and reading this one will help the reader understand them better. All other books in this series are full-length novels. Meet the ...


Groundbreaking Murder: A Darling Valley Cozy Mystery with Female Sleuths Olivia M. Granville and Tuesday

HCP Publishing, 2014

Revised and edited. The women sleuths Olivia M. Granville (OMG) and her best friend Tuesday are back with the second Darling Valley Cozy Mystery. Olivia had worked for months on the groundbreaking ceremony for Charles Bacon’s Bacon-Paatz Classic Car and Fine Art Museum. She had obsessed over every detail to make sure the day went off without a hitch. The success of the museum could put her at the center of the international design scene. ...


Ley Lines and Earth Energies: A Groundbreaking Exploration of the Earth's Natural Energy and How It Affects ...
David R. Cowan, Chris Arnold

Adventures Unlimited Press, 2003

Author Cowan & Arnold examine the mysterious Earth energies and how they affect us and the world around us. They travel throughout Europe and the British Isles visiting mysterious standing stones, burial grounds and stone circles and other areas that have intrigued scientists, writers, artists, and travelers for centuries. They pose so many questions: HOW DID OUR ANCESTORS USE EARTH ENERGY TO MAP THEIR SACRED SITES & BURIAL GROUNDS? / HOW DO ...


Art: The Groundbreaking Moments
Florian Heine

Prestel Publishing, 2012

This intriguing take on the history of art focuses on groundbreaking moments that changed the course of artistic development, from cave paintings to contemporary works. The first portrait; the first realistic animal drawing; the first nighttime scene; the first nude study; the first still life. These "firsts" and others are closely explored in twenty-five chapters that help the general reader and art lover alike understand how innovation spurred ...


The Groundbreaking, Chance-Taking Life of George Washington Carver and Science and Invention in America ...
Cheryl Harness

National Geographic Children's Books, 2008

The multitalented hand of Cheryl Harness creates another winning combination of history, biography, and illustration: the inspiring story of a man who rose from slavery to worldwide fame as America’s Plant Doctor. Follow the action as Confederate raiders kidnap young Carver—along with his mother and siblings—and sell them to Arkansas slaveholders. Here, whooping cough threatens George’s life, yet the disease will be the key to his ...


StandOut: The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution
Marcus Buckingham

Thomas Nelson, 2011

StandOut , the revolutionary new book and online assessment tool from Marcus Buckingham, is the result of extensive research, statistical testing, and analysis of the world's top performers.  From the coauthor of Now , Discover Your Strengths and the recognized leader of the strengths movement, StandOu t unveils your top two Strength Roles and offers sharp, practical ideas that professionals and managers in any organization can use to find ...


Modern Art: The Groundbreaking Moments
Brad Finger

Prestel, 2012

Chronologically arranged, each chapter focuses on a particular work or idea that changed modern art as we know it. Through beautiful spreads and with informative text, readers will discover how a painting such as Édouard Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe shocked the art establishment with its depiction of nude women alongside fully clothed men. The author explains how the work's striking visual quality and easy brushstrokes helped give birth to ...


A Long Way To Contentment: Groundbreaking New Fiction From Boyd Lemon For Your Kindle!

Cumberland Press, 2014

There's a new kind of hero in town––Brad, multifaceted, talented, flawed, lonely and powerful. Brad, the family man who sits for hours with his comatose sister in a San Francisco hospital. Brad, damaged and abandoned by his mother, ignored by his father. Brad, still waiting for the best seller his agent believes he deserves. Brad, the man who drives away his disappointment, pain and horror with the cocaine he desires so much. Brad, the ...


Design: The Groundbreaking Moments
Nina Kozel

Prestel, 2013

This latest volume in Prestel's Groundbreaking Moments series explores great ideas and turning points in the history of design. The bentwood chair, Bauhaus furniture, Dieter Rams's designs for Braun, Apple computers, and IKEA furniture have made their way into homes and offices around the world, but all these objects signify major departures from those that came before--a new way of designing things that, in many cases, we now take for granted. ...


Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions, and Discoveries of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance ...
Robert E. Krebs

Greenwood, 2004

The Middle Ages and the Renaissance were a period of scientific and literary reawakening. Scientific development and a renewed interest in classical science led to new discoveries, inventions, and technologies. Between 500 and 1600 A.D., scientific explorers rediscovered ancient Greek and Eastern knowledge, which led to an eruption of fresh ideas. This reference work describes more than 75 experiments, inventions, and discoveries of the period, ...


Patient Heal Thyself: A Remarkable Health Program Combining Ancient Wisdom With Groundbreaking Clinical ...
Jordan S. Rubin, Gary Gordon

Freedom Pr Inc, 2002

Author Jordan Rubin, N.M.D., C.N.C., survived terminal Crohn’s disease. This story of his experience with alternative medicine and the cure that he eventually discovered in homeostatic soil organisms and the Maker’s Diet gives hope to everyone with an incurable disease. ‘No matter what health challenges plague you today, there is hope for an answer.’ So says Jordan Rubin in the introduction to this truly unique book. After all, he knows: ...


Ground-Breaking: How the commercial property market got off the ground 1950-75
Mr Vivian Linacre

Linacre Communications Limited, 2014

Ground-Breaking brings to life the birth of the commercial property market in the UK. Full of insights for today’s practitioners, it provides a unique first-hand account of how the commercial property market got off the ground in the ¼ century 1950-75. Here is a chronicle of that pioneering period, creating an industry that became global and affects everyone’s daily life. Without this title we might never know how the whole business ...


SuperReading for Success: The Groundbreaking, Brain-Based Program to Improve Your Speed, Enhance Your Memory, ...
Ron Cole

Tarcher, 2012

Learn to go beyond your average speed reading skills—with SuperReading™ A practical guide to boosting speed, comprehension, and powers of recall!   Packed with tools and techniques from the author's years of experience, this book can help readers overcome poor reading habits and learn to read at high speeds with good comprehension and recall. It includes memory training; information on learning, attitude, and achievement; and ...


How to Increase Your Child's Verbal Intelligence: The Groundbreaking Language Wise Method
Carmen McGuinness, Geoffrey McGuinness

Yale University Press, 2000

Are there specific ways for parents and teachers to help children better understand what they read and hear? Is it possible to raise a child's verbal intelligence?The authors of this book answer with a resounding yes. Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness, creators of the acclaimed and widely used Phono-Graphix method of reading instruction, explain why it is important to teach children comprehension skills and how to do it. Parents and teachers ...


Atkins Diabetes Revolution: The Groundbreaking Approach to Preventing and Controlling Type 2 Diabetes
Robert C. Atkins, Mary C. Vernon, ...

William Morrow, 2004

The statistics are staggering. Thirteen million Americanshave been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes; another 5.2 million don't know that they have it. During the past thirty years the diabetes rate has tripled, and each year about 200,000 people die from complications of the disease. The Centers for Disease Control project that one out of every three children born in the year 2000 will develop the disease. But Type 2 diabetes is largely ...


THE COLD CALLING SECRET: Discover the NEW ground-breaking cold calling techniques that get results! Readable ...

Potential Corporation Ltd., 2012

Readable on Kindle, PC, Mac or iPad. If you do not have a Kindle simply download the free App for your device. You will see the free App download link appear when you click the BUY button You are hours away from getting past gatekeepers, overcoming objections and making more sales! What do the world’s most persuasive cold callers do that is different? Would you like to know? The answer is that they do not cold call. They spend a ...


Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the ...
Kenneth Bock, Cameron Stauth

Ballantine Books, 2008

Autism is an epidemic: It has spiked 1,500 percent in the last twenty years. ADHD, asthma and allergies have also skyrocketed over the same time period. One of these conditions now strikes one in every three children in America. But there is hope. Leading medical innovator Kenneth Bock, M.D., has helped change the lives of more than a thousand children, and in this important book, with a comprehensive program that targets all four of the 4-A ...



Linacre Communications Limited, 2013

“This is a well-researched account of a very interesting period for the property industry, written in lively fashion. It reflects the vernacular of the time and for all those who were active during this period it represents an enjoyable record.” Sir John Ritblat: Hon. President, The British Land Company PLC “Vivian Linacre is one of the very few, still active, survivors of the first generation of agents in the 1950s who pioneered ...



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