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Your Gift to Me
Bonnie Bartel Latino, Robert E. Vale

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

2014  #1 Adult Fiction Winner, North Texas Book Festival Award (tied with The Art of Forgetting by Dr. Peter Palmeiri).      2013 Best Indie Book Awards/Romance, Kindle Book Review   2012 Gold Medal Winner/Military Romance, Military Writers Society of America. 2012 Silver Medal Winner/Inspirational and Healing Fiction from the Stars and Flags Book Awards. Amazon's #1 Top Rated War Fiction, July 2012-May 2013    ...


Hawaii The Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook

Wizard Publications, Inc., 2013

The finest guidebook ever written for the Big Island. Now you can plan your best vacation—ever. This all new seventh edition is a candid, humorous guide to everything there is to see and do on the Big Island. Best-selling author and longtime Hawai‘i resident, Andrew Doughty, unlocks the secrets of an island so vast and diverse that many visitors never realize all that it has to offer. Explore with him as he reveals breathtaking trails, ...


Fire Beach (Lei Crime, Book 8), 2014

Hawaii is cane fires, lush jungles, and feuds that won’t die until everyone’s dead. Detective Lei Texeira stalks the shroud killer on her own terms as Michael Stevens finds himself engulfed in the flames of a case with tangled consequences. In this eighth of the bestselling Lei Crime Series, Lei and Stevens find out just how far hate and love will go. "Toby Neal's Lei Crime Series is a wonderful achievement in consistency and style, ...


Chris O'Guinn

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

At fifteen, Justin is already a cynic. He’s experienced too many betrayals, too many disappointments. He doesn’t want to be involved in anything. He doesn’t want to be popular. He doesn’t even want friends anymore, since they only ever let you down. He just wants to get through high school and the best way he can come up with to accomplish that goal is to simply be invisible. His self-imposed exile from high school life is threatened ...


Hawaii The Big Island Revealed 5th (fifth) edition Text Only
Andrew Doughty, 2008


Dark Lava (Lei Crime, Book 7), 2014

Maui is sacred places, ancient artifacts, and the dark lava of deepest passions. Nothing ever goes easy for detectives Lei Texeira and Michael Stevens. An investigation into heiau desecrations must take a back seat to the emergence of an enemy who targets those closest to them, leaving shrouds as a calling card. Lei and Stevens face challenges of the body, mind and heart in this seventh in the bestselling Lei Crime Series. “Neal is a ...


Hawaiki Rising
Sam Low

Island Heritage Publishing, 2013

Hokule'a is built to follow ancient sea paths.. Nainoa Thompson searches the sky for clues his ancestors once used to find land across a trackless ocean... Mau Piailug reaches out across barriers of culture and distance to pass on the seafaring art of his ancestors... A crew bonds together with aloha on a voyage to Tahiti - the first Hawaiians to navigate the Pacific without charts or instruments in a thousand years... Hawaiki Rising is ...


The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed
Andrew Doughty, Harriett Friedman

Wizard Pubns, 2005

Most travel titles are put together in a few weeks by visiting travel writers. Wizard guidebooks take over a year to compile and the writers are residents who personally and anonymously review every facet of the island. Their maps are the best you'll find. From restaurants to helicopter companies to scuba to beaches to trails. They see it all and show you the best the island has to offer. They also reveal who's the worst and who to stay away ...


The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed

Wizard Publications, Inc., 2014

The finest guidebook ever written for Kaua‘i. Now you can plan your best vacation—ever. This all new ninth edition is a candid, humorous guide to everything there is to see and do on the island. Best-selling author and longtime Hawai‘i resident, Andrew Doughty, unlocks the secrets of an island so lush and diverse that many visitors never realize all that it has to offer. Explore with him as he reveals breathtaking trails, secluded beaches, ...


Hawaii The Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook
Andrew Doughty

Wizard Publications Inc., 2005

The finest guidebook ever written for the Big Island and the only one written by writers who anonymously review the island. They visit every beach, restaurant, activity and trail on the island. The result is this comprehensive, humorous and easy-to-read full color guide that will lead you to more adventures than any other book. A must for travelers.


Somewhere on Maui (an Accidental Matchmaker Novel Book 1)

Toby Neal, 2013

"Heartfelt, rich, inspiring—Neal’s fans will instantly fall in love with the charming cast of Somewhere on Maui." --Christine Nolfi, author of Treasure Me Sometimes only an accidental matchmaker can make lighting strike the people who need it most. Zoe moves to Maui to live her dream of being an independent journalist walking the beaches of paradise every day—but she never expected to be doing it with just her dog Sylvester. ...


Urban Shaman
Serge Kahili King

Touchstone, 1990

Now, even if you can't get out into the wilderness or undertake a long apprenticeship, you can learn to practice the art of shamanism. Uniquely suited for use in today's world, Hawaiian shamanism follows the way of the adventurer, which produces change through love and cooperation - in contrast to the widely known way of the warrior, which emphasizes solitary quests and conquest by power. Here, in the first practical guide to applying this ...


Oahu Revealed: The Ultimate Guide to Honolulu, Waikiki & Beyond
Andrew Doughty, Harriett Friedman

Wizard Publications Inc., 2004

The most comprehensive yet easy to use guidebook series to Hawaii now brings you Oahu Revealed. Written by the authors of the best selling guides: Maui Revealed, Hawaii The Big Island Revealed and The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook. Doughty and Friedman actually hike all the trails, ride the boats, scuba dive the reefs, dine in the restaurants, review all the resorts, snorkel the coastline, explore the hidden waterfalls and share all the secrets ...


Empath (Hawaiian Shadows) (Volume 2)
Edie Claire

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

The long-awaited sequel to Edie Claire’s top-rated YA debut WRAITH! (Spoiler Alert: You really, really should read Book One first!) She can feel what’s in the hearts of both the living and the dead… But can she keep her own from breaking? Seventeen-year-old Kali is hopelessly, madly in love with a guy who can’t remember ever meeting her. But Kali has never been one to give up easily – or to break her word – and she promised Zane ...


Henry and Tom
Michael Atkins, Wid Bastian

MB Imaginum, LLC., 2014

Henry and Tom explores the world of animal emotions and the powerful bonds that can develop between animals and humans. In 1995 Tom, a spokesman at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, was involved in rescuing a beached juvenile sperm whale near San Diego, California. Tom names the whale Henry and the two form a strong emotional bond during the rescue. Twenty years later, Tom’s sailboat sinks on a solo voyage from San Francisco to Hawaii, and ...


Early One Morning
Aubree Lane

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

He was the dark haired deity with a salacious smile... he was the one the girls gossiped and giggled about for months... 2,600 miles away, Terence Javier didn't have a clue his high school yearbook was being passed around an all-girl choir and that he had been voted, as one of the more experienced girls put it, the one she would 'most likely do.' Thirteen years later Marissa Crandall, while on a romantic island vacation celebrating her ten ...


Hawaii The Big Island Revealed; The Ultimate Guidebook
Andrew Doughty, Harriett Friedman

Wizard Pubns, 1999

With 38 excellent maps, full color throughout, filled with candor and humor, and superbly researched, this guide "tells you everything there is to know about traveling to Hawaii" ("Library Journal"). The guide covers everything from boogie boarding to snorkeling to snow skiing the mountain slopes. Reviews 121 restaurants and 62 accommodations.


The Mindful Addict: A Memoir of the Awakening of a Spirit
Tom Catton

Central Recovery Press, 2010

The enlightening and worldly journeys of a once hopeless addict whose life was profoundly changed after a chance meeting with a nomadic spiritual healer.


Beside Still Waters (Psalm 23 Mysteries Book 4)

Big Pink Bow, 2012

No matter where she goes, church secretary Cindy Preston always seems to end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Cindy travels to Hawaii over Memorial Day weekend for her long-planned vacation. While there she discovers the body of a restaurant owner who has been murdered. Soon Cindy finds herself swept up in events beyond her understanding and is kidnapped by people who are convinced that she knows more about the murder than she’s ...



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