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How to Improve and Restore Your Hearing Naturally, 2014

"How To Improve and Restore Your Hearing Naturally" is an e-book about the research on vitamins, minerals and hormones that have been academically tested and replicated in peer reviewed studies. These studies prove conclusively that you can increase your hearing ability naturally by using these well documented supplements. The first third of the e-book is interesting facts and knowledge about hearing and the ears. The belly is about all the ...


Fundamentals of Hearing: An Introduction, 5th Edition
William A. Yost

Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2006

The fifth edition of this successful introductory text on hearing sciences includes auditory, anatomy, physiology, psychoacoustics, and perception content. Fundamentals of Hearing is one of only a few textbooks that covers all of hearing at an introductory level. A meaningful introduction to hearing for students and a wealth of data and facts related to hearing for the professional. *Heavily illustrated with over 200 figures *Each chapter ...


Hearing (The Five Senses)
Rebecca Rissman

Heinemann, 2010

Books in this series introduce readers to the five senses through simple text and vivid photographs. Each book focuses on one sense and the associated sensory organs. In “Hearing,” readers learn about different sounds they can hear, how to keep their ears safe, and how hearing aids can help some people to hear.


Hearing (The Five Senses)
Maria Rius, J.M. Parramon, ...

Barron's Educational Series, 1985

Do you remember your first realization of any of your five senses? Prolific children's author J. M. Parram³n successfully tackles these tough concepts in words that 3-5 year olds can comprehend. These five colorful books awaken young minds to the wonders of the senses: the taste of oranges, the aroma of fresh-baked bread, and other sensations that give us delight in being alive. Educational, yet fun to read, this clever series is clearly ...


Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God
Dallas Willard

IVP Books, 2012

"God spoke to me." "The Spirit spoke to my heart." "God revealed the idea to me." Being close to God means communicating with him--telling him what is on our hearts in prayer and hearing and understanding what he is saying to us. It is this second half of our conversation with God that is so important but that can also be so difficult. How do we hear his voice? How can we be sure that what we think we hear is not our own subconscious? What ...


The Hearing
John Lescroart

Signet, 2002

Hardy's best friend, Lieutenant Abe Glitsky, has kept a secret from him...and everyone else. Hardy never knew that Abe had a daughter-until she was shot dead. It seems obvious that the heroin addict hovering over her body with a gun is the guilty party, and Glitsky has few qualms about sweating a confession out of him. But there is more to this murder-much more. And as both Hardy and Glitsky risk their lives to uncover the truth, others are ...


For Hearing People Only: Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions about the Deaf Community, Its ...
Matthew S. Moore, Linda Levitan

Deaf Life Press, 2003

Have you ever asked these questions? "Don't all Deaf people read lips?" "Is it OK to say 'deaf-mute' and 'deaf-and-dumb'?" "Do all deaf people benefit from hearing aids?" "What bothers a deaf person most about hearing people?" Here, in a handy question-and-answer format, are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about deaf people, their community, and their language. Concise, easy-to-read, designed for those with no prior ...


The Hearing Sciences, Second Edition
Teri A. Hamill, Lloyd L. Price

Plural Publishing, Inc., 2013

The Hearing Sciences, Second Edition addresses all the topics critical to understanding the hearing sciences: acoustics, anatomy and physiology of the auditory and vestibular systems, psychoacoustics, and basic instrumentation. Written in a straightforward approach, each chapter opens with an introduction of the key concepts and ends with a concise summary. The practical nature of the book is demonstrated in the "Clinical Correlates" ...


The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind
Seth S. Horowitz, Seth Horowitz

Bloomsbury USA, 2013

Every day, we are beset by millions of sounds-ambient ones like the rumble of the train and the hum of air conditioner, as well as more pronounced sounds, such as human speech, music, and sirens. How do we know which sounds should startle us, which should engage us, and which should turn us off? Why do we often fall asleep on train rides or in the car? Is there really a musical note that can make you sick to your stomach? Why do city folks have ...


The Art of Hearing Heartbeats
Jan-Philipp Sendker

Other Press, 2012

A poignant and inspirational love story set in Burma, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats spans the decades between the 1950s and the present.  When a successful New York lawyer suddenly disappears without a trace, neither his wife nor his daughter Julia has any idea where he might be…until they find a love letter he wrote many years ago, to a Burmese woman they have never heard of. Intent on solving the mystery and coming to terms with her ...


Hearing from God Each Morning: 365 Daily Devotions
Joyce Meyer

FaithWords, 2010

In the hustle and bustle of today's busy world, sometimes it's hard enough to hear yourself think, much less take a minute to stop and listen for the voice of God. But learning to recognize God's voice and the many ways in which He speaks is vital for following His plan. This devotional; drawing from How to Hear From God , Knowing God Intimately , and The Power Of Simple Prayer shows the reader through a daily reminder, how God speaks ...


Hearing God: For Intimacy, Healing, Creativity, Meditation, and Dream Interpretation
Dr. Mark Virkler, Patti Virkler

Destiny Image, 2014

What does it sound like to hear from Heaven? In this interactive journal, Dr. Mark Virkler takes you on a life-changing journey that reveals three powerful ways you can hear God’s voice and recognize how He is speaking in your life everyday. You will: Hear… Discover the four keys to hearing God’s voice and start listening to the Holy Spirit with supernatural clarity Meditate… Practice the seven steps to meditating ...


Hearing and Writing Music: Professional Training for Today's Musician (2nd Edition)
Ron Gorow

September Publishing, 2002

A self-training manual as well as a classroom text, this book is a complete step-by-step course to develop the musician's ability to hear and notate any style of music. Personal training, thoery and exercises produce techniques which are combined in an integrated craft which may be applied to composition, orchestration, arranging, improvisation and performance.


Hearing Aids
Harvey Dillon

Thieme, 2012

Praise for this book: This book succeeds in its aim of providing a practically useful and theoretically sound comprehensive book on hearing aids ... It makes the most complicated concepts easy to understand, with excellent cross referencing ... I certainly wouldn't want to be without this book and I highly recommend it to everyone with an interest in hearing aids . -- Pauline Smith, ENT & Audiology News Key ...


Hearing God's Voice
Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby

B&H Books, 2002

Based on classic Experiencing God principles, Hearing God's Voice is for those who are ready to listen. Beloved author Henry Blackaby and his son Richard help those who are listening to discern the voice of God, to identify ways He speaks, and to respond to His revelations of His will. God speaks to individuals in ways that are personal and unique to each person. God will never say anything that contravenes what He has said in the Bible, and ...


Qualitative Interviewing: The Art of Hearing Data
Herbert J. Rubin, Irene S. Rubin

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2011

Using in-depth qualitative interviews, authors Herbert J. Rubin and Irene S. Rubin have researched topics ranging from community redevelopment programs to the politics of budgeting and been energized by the depth, thoroughness, and credibility of what was revealed. They describe in-depth qualitative interviewing from beginning to end, from its underlying philosophy and assumptions to project design, analysis and write up.


Hearing the New Testament: Strategies for Interpretation

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2010

A distinguished group of scholars here introduces and illustrates the array of approaches and methods used in New Testament study today. Standard approaches — text criticism, historical approaches, etc. — appear side by side with newer approaches — narrative criticism, Latino-Latina hermeneutics, theological interpretation of the New Testament, and more. Each chapter introduces a particular approach and then demonstrates how students and ...


Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing
J. Anthony Seikel, Douglas W. King, ...

Cengage Learning, 2009

Undergraduate communication science and disorder students. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY FOR SPEECH, LANGUAGE, AND HEARING is a core course for all Speech Pathology and Audiology students. In 2004, 239 colleges and universities offered graduate programs in speech-language pathology that are accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. Total undergraduate enrollment: 16,397. (Source: CAPCS, June ...


Hearing: An Introduction to Psychological and Physiological Acoustics
Stanley A. Gelfand

CRC Press, 2009

Brimming with more than more than 1700 references, this reader-friendly and extensively revised Fourth Edition will prove invaluable to instructors and students alike-providing a unified approach to the anatomical, physiological, and perceptual aspects of audition with updated chapters on the latest developments in the field.


Hearing Science Fundamentals, 1e
Norman J. Lass PhD, Charles M. Woodford PhD

Mosby, 2007

Hearing Science Fundamentals is a basic introduction to the concepts and principles necessary to develop an understanding of the hearing processes. From the physics of sound to the anatomy and physiology of the auditory pathway and hearing mechanism, concepts are presented in a user-friendly, simplified manner, with over 100 illustrations to make learning even easier. Sections on Acoustics, Structure and Function, and Psychoacoustics detail the ...



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