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Leading at a Higher Level: Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations
Ken Blanchard

FT Press, 2006

"Leading at a Higher Level translates decades of research and 25 years of global experience into simple, practical, and powerful strategies to equip leaders at every level to build organizations that produce bottom-line results. At Nissan, we have made these principles a core part of our leadership philosophy, better equipping our managers to bring out the great energies and talents of our employees." Jim Irvine, Vice President of Human ...


High Performing Investment Teams: How to Achieve Best Practices of Top Firms
Jim Ware, Jim Dethmer, ...

Wiley, 2006

High Performing Investment Teams "Although most leaders agree teamwork is important, few businesses effectively build collaborative, synchronized teams. High Performing Investment Teams is an excellent guidepost for any manager striving to create a winning team and develop bench strength for the future." -John W. Rogers Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ariel Capital Management, LLC "Turning individual talent into team performance is ...


Building High-Performing Teams: 7 Principles that will Increase Productivity and Accelerate the Results of ...

Focused On, 2014

Create Powerful, Engaged and High Performance Teams Learn How to Increase Productivity and Accelerate the Results of Your Team! Whether you lead a team, or belong to a team, if you want your team to be the best it can be, then this book is for you! You will learn: How To Identify Which Stage of the Team Life-Cycle Your Team Is In Every team goes through this team life-cycle and when you know what the characteristics of each stage of ...


Leading at a Higher Level, Revised and Expanded Edition: Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing ...
Susan Fowler, Ken Blanchard

FT Press, 2009

From The One Minute Manager to Raving Fans , Ken Blanchard's books have helped millions of people unleash their power and the potential of everyone around them. The Ken Blanchard Companies has helped thousands of organizations become more people-oriented, customer-centered, and performance-driven. Now, in Leading at a Higher Level , Updated Edition , Blanchard and his colleagues bring together everything they've learned about world-class ...


No Excuses : Lessons from 21 High-Performing, High-Poverty Schools
Samuel Casey Carter

Heritage Foundation, 2000

Too many educators make excuses for the failure of most public schools to teach low-income children. But across the nation dozens of high-performing principals have identified those effective practices that allow all children to excel regardless of income level. In this new report, Samuel Casey Carter, a Bradley Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, examines the common practices of twenty one principals of low-income schools who set the standard ...


The Leadership Equation: 10 Practices That Build Trust, Spark Innovation, and Create High Performing ...
Eric Douglas

Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2014

A leader's blueprint to building a high-performing organization What distinguishes the most successful organizations? What do the leaders and managers in these top organizations actually do? In this fascinating book, entrepreneur and business consultant Eric Douglas draws on his work with corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to paint a clear picture of what happens inside high-performing organizations. He reveals a ...


Conscious Culture: How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Leadership, Values, and Ethics
Joanna Barclay

Morgan James Publishing, 2014

Change is the new norm in society, and it's having a devastating impact on organizations. The proof? Insecure, demoralized employees and the lowest levels ever of employee engagement. North America employee engagement is between 26-30 percent, and in Asia it's between 6-12 percent. That's a lot of untapped employee potential! In Conscious Culture , Joanna Barclay shares thirty years of business transformation experience. Leaders learn how ...


Winning with Accountability: The Secret Language of High-Performing Organizations
Henry J. Evans

CornerStone Leadership Institute, 2008

Success can t happen without accountability. It is that simple. For over 10 years, Henry Evans has worked with hundreds of organizations around the world, teaching and building accountability. This book offers that same guidance to you, your colleagues and your team to reach new levels of excellence and success. In Winning with Accountability, Henry offers a step-by-step guide to help any organization improve performance by creating a culture of ...


The One Minute Manager Builds High Performing Teams: New and Revised Edition
Ken Blanchard, Eunice Parisi-Carew, ...

William Morrow, 2009

Newly updated and backed by decades of research, this classic guide will equip leaders and team members alike to unleash the power of teamwork. Never before in the history of the workplace has the concept of teamwork been more important to the functioning of successful organizations. Ken Blanchard, bestselling coauthor of Raving Fans , The One Minute Manager ® and Gung Ho! , teams up with Donald Carew and Eunice Parisi-Carew to explain ...


Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools
William H. Parrett and Kathleen M. Budge

Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, 2012

Is it possible for high-poverty schools to be high achieving? Of course it is! Real schools with students living in poverty do post high levels of student achievement. Learn what these schools do to help students succeed--and how you and your school can adopt the same practices--no matter what socio-economic climate students live in. Lessons learned and practical advice from seven of these high-performing/high-poverty (HP/HP) schools, along ...


Architecting High Performing, Scalable and Available Enterprise Web Applications
Shailesh Kumar Shivakumar

Morgan Kaufmann, 2014

Architecting High Performing, Scalable and Available Enterprise Web Applications provides in-depth insights into techniques for achieving desired scalability, availability and performance quality goals for enterprise web applications. The book provides an integrated 360-degree view of achieving and maintaining these attributes through practical, proven patterns, novel models, best practices, performance strategies, and continuous improvement ...


The High-Performing School: Benchmarking the 10 Indicators of Effectiveness
Mardale Dunsworth, Dawn Billings

Solution Tree, 2009

The desire to improve student learning is universal, but the knowledge required to do so is not. The High-Performing School is a guide to a research-based improvement process that has been used successfully in schools of all grade levels, sizes, and demographics for almost a decade. The heart of the process is the on-site school review, a cooperative venture between an external review team and a school's administrators, teachers, and students. ...


The High Performing Teacher: Avoiding Burnout and Increasing Your Motivation
Lee Canter, Marlene Canter

Canter & Associates, 1994

Practical strategies to help teachers stay motivated despite the complexities of teaching and the many challenges they face. For K-12 teachers.


The Practitioner's Guide to Governance as Leadership: Building High-Performing Nonprofit Boards
Cathy A. Trower

Jossey-Bass, 2012

This book gives nonprofit board leaders a solid resource that shows how to achieve excellence and peak performance in the boardroom by fully realizing and putting into practice, tri-modal governance: proficiency in the three modes of governance (fiduciary, strategic and generative). This model was first introduced in Governance as Leadership . The author showcases the practices of high performing nonprofit boards and provide practical guidance ...


The one minute manager builds high performing teams
Kenneth H Blanchard

Blanchard Training and Development, 1990

Never before in the history of the workplace has the concept of teamwork been more important to the functioning of successful organizations. Ken Blanchard, bestselling coauthor of Raving Fans, The One Minute Manager , and Gung Ho! teams up with Donald Carew and Eunice Parisi-Carew to explain how all groups move through four stages of development on their way to becoming high performing teams -- orientation, dissatisfaction, integration, and ...


Multiunit Leadership: The 7 Stages of Building High-Performing Partnerships and Teams

Indian Creek Press, 2011

Multi-Unit Leadership is the best-selling book used in over 170,000 businesses worldwide. Managing multiple units requires significantly different skills than managing just one. This book details those skills in seven distinct stages and shares the best practices from successful multiunit leaders worldwide. Perfect for regional managers and franchisees who need to know the difference between hands-on management and indirect influence. Written in ...


Changing the Game: The Parent's Guide to Raising Happy, High Performing Athletes, and Giving Youth Sports ...
John O'Sullivan

Morgan James Publishing, 2013

Conventional wisdom holds that youth sports are a positive experience for our children. Unfortunately, 70% of kids drop out of organized athletics by the age of 13. Most of these children quit because our youth sports culture has taken the ‘play’ out of ‘play ball.’ A shift in values, the rise of expensive youth sports models, and the myth of abundant athletic scholarships has led parents and coaches to focus on wins instead of ...


High Performing Healthcare Systems
G. Ross Baker, Anu MacIntosh-Murray, ...

Longwoods Publishing Corp., 2008

Improvements in science, technology and care have offered the promise of better healthcare and improved health. But many healthcare systems have been unable to cope with the acceleration of knowledge growth, thus creating a gap between the care that is possible and the care that is delivered. Many commentators bemoan the inconsistent quality and increasing costs of current healthcare and fear the future burdens posed by aging populations and the ...


An Inside Look at High-Performing PMOs
J. Kent Crawford with Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin

PM Solutions Research, 2011

An Inside Look at High-Performing PMOs reveals best practices of some of the most successful project management offices in the world--winners and finalists of the PMO of the Year award. The authors show how these high-performing PMOs deal with issues in five practice areas: laying the foundation with project and program management; taking project management to the executive suite by focusing on strategic alignment and portfolio management; using ...


The Secrets and Simple Truths of High-Performing School Cultures
Cathy J. Lassiter

Lead And Learn Press, 2012

The answer to school underperformance, according to Cathy Lassiter, is the intrinsic motivation of educators. Her three secrets are that humans are driven internally to seek purpose and conquer challenges; that consistent implementation of a few vital behaviors within the school environment can change teaching outcomes dramatically, and that cooperation and collaboration are evolutionary. Her truths: teaching talent makes the difference; leaders ...



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