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Tiny Game Hunting: Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap and Kill the Pests in Your House and Garden New ...
Hilary Dole Klein, Adrian M. Wenner

University of California Press, 2001

Every year Americans use a staggering five hundred million pounds of toxic pesticides in and around their homes, schools, parks, and roads—a growing health risk for people and the environment. But are these poisons really necessary? This book, appealing to the hunter in us all, shows how to triumph in combat with pests without losing the war to toxic chemicals. Tiny Game Hunting, written in a lively and entertaining style and illustrated ...


Perfect Plant, Perfect Place
Roy Lancaster

DK ADULT, 2002

One of the most creative gardening guides on the market! Years of experience answering questions on what to grow in problem sites -- plus an impressive career at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens and Arboretum and plenty of practice in his own garden -- make Roy Lancaster one of the best-qualified writers to advise on which plants to grow where. Perfect Plant Perfect Place is an invaluable, updated compilation of Roy's best-selling titles What ...


The Ortho Problem Solver, Sixth Edition

Meredith Books, 2003

Revised with the most up-to-date chemical and nonchemical solutions for plant problems encountered throughout North America. References to banned chemicals such as Dursban and Diazinon have been eliminated. Colorful, detailed photos and brief analysis help gardeners diagnose each problem. Problem, analysis, and solution descriptions allow gardeners to quickly identify methods and products to treat their plants, lawn, or garden. Thumbnail maps ...


Success with House Plants
Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest, 1980

A guide to choosing, cultivating and caring for indoor plants.


The Garden Primer: Second Edition
Barbara Damrosch

Workman Publishing Company, 2008

The most comprehensive, entertaining, down-to-earth one-volume gardening reference ever, and highly praised: "Barbara Damrosch delivers the goods."— Chicago Tribune "Best of the crop."— House Beautiful "Barbara Damrosch's writing has the snap of a good snowpea and the spice of an old rose."— The Seattle Times/Post Intelligencer "Covers just about everything you could think of and then some." — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ...


Month-by-Month Gardening in Illinois
James A Fizzell

Cool Springs Press, 2001

Never garden alone! The Month-By-Month series is the perfect companion to take the guesswork out of gardening. With this book, you'll know what to do each month to have gardening success all year. Written by authors in your state, the information is tailored to the issues that affect your garden the most. When is the best time to plant trees and shrubs? Should I fertilize my lawn now? Is it time to prune my roses? What should I be doing in my ...


Success With Houseplants
Editors of Reader's Digest

Readers Digest, 1979

If you enjoy growing houseplants, this is the reference book for you.


Keep Your Houseplants Alive: A No Nonsense Guide To Keeping 27 Awesome Indoor Plants Alive & Kickin'

Joy Us garden, 2014

Even if you’re a serial plant killer, this book aims to turn your brown thumb green! The title says it all: Keep Your Houseplants Alive is based on Nell Foster’s years of experience in the interior plantscaping trade, both maintaining & designing with plants. The indoor plants in this book are simple to maintain & look great. Some of the plants included in this book are: Pothos, Agalonema, Spider Plant, Kentia Palm, a variety of ...


Indoor Gardening the Organic Way: How to Create a Natural and Sustaining Environment for Your Houseplants
Julie Bawden Davis

Taylor Trade Publishing, 2006

Gardening organically outdoors is prevalent in most horticultural circles today, but what about gardening indoors? Indoor Gardening the Organic Way is a definitive guide to growing houseplants organically. From the dirt on mulch to eco-friendly ways to handle plant pests, Davis has provided this essential resource for novice and experienced gardeners alike.


Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening and Landscaping Techniques
Rodale Press Inc. Editors

Rodale Books, 1995

Clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions for gardening techniques, tips, recipes, and projects cover all aspects of chemical-free gardening.


Month-By-Month Gardening in Wisconsin
Melinda Myers

Cool Springs Press, 2001

Gardening is now the favorite leisure pastime in America. Homeowners are realizing the health benefits derived from gardening and the increase in their home's property value. Book retailers are well aware that the trend in gardening books is to regional titles that provide credible information on the plants that perform well in specific regions. "Month-by-Month Gardening in Wisconsin" is written for Wisconsin gardeners who want to know how to ...


Hip Houseplants
Orlando Hamilton

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 2001

With this guide, Orlando Hamilton aims to transform the "Cinderella" reputation of indoor plants, demonstrating how their chic shapes and colour can complement every stylish interior.


The Container Gardening Encyclopedia

Thunder Bay Press (CA), 2002

With the wide variety of containers available today, and the ever-increasing range of plants, the possible combinations are excitingly large. The Container Gardening Encyclopedia spans the world of container gardening in the most comprehensive manner possible, not only in terms of the vast array of different plants featured, but also the projects presented. The book is divided into thirteen distinct parts for easy reference. Parts One, Two and ...


How To Grow Fresh Air: 50 Houseplants That Purify Your Home Or Office: 50 Houseplants That Purify Yo
Bill Wolverton

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2008


House Plants
Paul Williams

DK ADULT, 2006

Covering 140 readily-available plants, ranged from A to Z, all the practical information you need to care for and display indoor plants can be found in the most up-to-date photographic guide on the market.


Book of Houseplants: The Green Thumb Guide to Easy Indoor Gardening
Editors of Reader's Digest

Readers Digest, 2008


37 Houseplants Even You Can't Kill
Mary Kate Hogan

Sterling, 2007

Some would-be gardeners simply have the opposite of a green thumb: everything they touch seems to wilt. But perhaps the problem lies not with the person but with the plant! These 37 varieties of flowers, foliage, and cacti will hold their own in the face of minimal TLC—which is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants lush greenery but hasn’t the time to spare. Best of all, there’s no need to sacrifice beauty: the selection includes the ...


Simple Pleasures of the Garden: Stories, Recipes & Crafts from the Abundant Earth
Susannah Seton

Conari Press, 1998

The beauty of nature, the delight of physical work, the soulfulness of planning a garden: Stories of these are combined here with inspirational quotes, tips for pesticide-free gardening, and suggestions for sharing the joys and charms of a garden with others. Projects include handcrafted lotions and oils; baskets and wreaths; simple, inexpensive home decorations; and easy recipes using the garden's bounty.


Hot Plants for Cool Climates: Gardening Wth Tropical Plants in Temperate Zones
Dennis Schrader

Timber Press, Incorporated, 2005

Passionate gardeners in cooler climates struggle year after year to overwinter their gorgeous tropical plants. Our new paperback edition is the answer to their problem-practical advice for achieving the tropical look in a temperate garden. The authors, who both live and garden on Long Island, New York, reveal the secrets to creating a lush, flamboyant landscape. Separate chapters cover such topics as principles of design and maintenance, proper ...



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