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Wives of the Bible: 25 Easy Lessons You Can Learn from These Imperfect Women that Will Radically Transform ..., 2013

Thought your marriage was going to be a fairy tale forever but the trials, heartache and mundane have quenched the fire? You're not alone. There were women before you. Godly women. Women of Influence. Discerning women. And some, who were Worldly, Bitter, Liars...And then there were others who were Transformed and Redeemed, but all of them were wives, and they were all, Wives of the Bible. Come take a journey and learn from these ...


Mr. and Mrs. How to Thrive in a Perfectly Imperfect Marriage: A Christian Marriage Advice Book
Kurt W. Bubna, Blake Atwood

EssentiaLife Resources, 2014

Lasting marriages don't just survive. They thrive. Long-married spouses discover how to not just live with each other, but to love each other in a way that can only be described as godly. They've come to understand that the joys of marriage often arrive because of its many challenges, not despite them. Marriage is a perfectly imperfect relationship that's hard, but worth it. After nearly forty years of marriage, Pastor Kurt Bubna ...


Study of Counterpoint: From Johann Joseph Fux's Gradus Ad Parnassum
Johann Joseph Fux

W. W. Norton & Company, 1965

The essence of the most celebrated book on counterpoint, Fux's Gradus ad Parnassum . The most celebrated book on counterpoint is Fux's great theoretical work ?Gradus ad Parnassum. ? Since its appearance in 1725, it has been used by and has directly influenced the work of many of the greatest composers. J.S. Bach held it in high esteem, Leopold Mozart trained his famous son from its pages, Haydn worked out every lesson with meticulous care, ...


No More Perfect Moms: Learn to Love Your Real Life
Jill Savage

Moody Publishers, 2013

If you've ever forgotten to pick your kid up from soccer practice or accidentally worn two different shoes to the grocery store, this book is for you. Being a mother is not for those who display symptoms of the "Perfection Infection." There is simply no such thing as a perfect mom. And there are no such things as perfect kids, perfect bodies, perfect marriages, or even perfect meals. With refreshing honesty, author Jill Savage exposes some ...


Life: It is what it is
Lisa Sugarman

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

We expend massive amounts of energy in pursuit of perfection. If only we could never make mistakes or encounter unpleasant obstacles, oh, wouldn't life be just perfect? Maybe, but it would also be static, unfulfilling, and really, really boring. Humorist Lisa Sugarman knows that life is a work in progress. She knows what we all suspect—life is at its best when it's fluid, unpredictable, and gloriously imperfect. And if this means life ...


Unshockable Love: How Jesus Changes the World through Imperfect People

Baker Books, 2014

Why were sinners so attracted to Jesus yet repelled by the religious? It had everything to do with the heart of Jesus. They sensed that Jesus was for them--not against them. When broken, sinful people feel repelled by Christians, we must assess whether our hearts reveal the heart of God or reflect the heart of the Pharisees. Through this engaging study of Jesus's encounters with imperfect people, combined with real-life stories of ordinary ...


Advanced Spanish Step-by-Step: Master Accelerated Grammar to Take Your Spanish to the Next Level (Easy ...
Barbara Bregstein

McGraw-Hill, 2011

A proven grammar-based approach that gives you a real mastery of the Spanish language Use Advanced Spanish Step by Step 's progressive, grammar-based approach to conquer intermediate and advanced Spanish-language topics. This step-by-step approach gives you real confidence and the tools you need to achieve a high Spanish proficiency. You'll get a quick review of the key grammar basics, then move on to more advanced topics that you need for ...


Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver

Open Books Press, 2014

Bobbi Carducci’s life was about to change. Her ill father-in-law 's odd behavior was a mystery when he came to live with her and Mike. For the next seven years Bobbi did everything she could to save him from himself—while he tried to convince everyone that he didn’t need her and that she was crazy. Caregiver Bobbi took on “the system” and Rodger’s Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, Age Related Dementia, Dysphagia, C.O.P.D, and ...


A Reference Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic (Reference Grammars)
Karin C. Ryding

Cambridge University Press, 2005

Keeping technical terminology to a minimum, this comprehensive handbook provides a detailed yet accessible overview of Arabic wherein its phonology, morphology and syntax can be readily accessed. Accompanied by extensive examples, it will prove an invaluable practical guide for supporting students' textbooks, classroom work or self-study, and a useful resource for scholars and professionals.


Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses
Dorothy Richmond

McGraw-Hill, 1996

A workbook to help you master Spanish tenses Some things just take a lot of practice to learn, and verb tenses are one of them! Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses goes beyond the scope of many other books that deal with verbs. Typical verb books often present little more than charts of conjugations with perhaps some mechanical exercises that do little to help you really master when and why a particular verb tense should be ...


Chipper's Friends: The Heartwarming Story of an Imperfect Dog

Michelle Jansick, 2013

Come, Sit, and Say Hello to a therapy dog dropout named Chipper, and the people who love her. This funny, touching story—narrated by Chipper herself—teaches that you don’t have to be perfect to make a difference. It is sure to leave a paw print on your heart!


Mother Daze: Tales from the Imperfect Playground

PublishingWorks, Inc, 2009

Throughout her stories of misplaced toys, temper tantrums, and experiences as a physical education teacher, Christine offers observations that will ring true with all mothers. In short, this book offers a virtual high five to women for the million things they manage to miraculously get done.


Imperfect Circles, 2013

As a child, Sarah identifies with her privileged, Anglo-American relatives who can trace their ancestry back to the Mayflower. Sarah disowns her bi-racial identity as an Asian American, until an encounter with her estranged Japanese American relatives calls into question her understanding of the traumas the generations before her faced in pursuit of the American dream.


An Imperfect Offering

Walker Books, 2010

"This book is a series of stories in which I ask, again and again, ‘how to be in relation to the suffering of others.' It is a personal narrative about the political journey I have taken over the last twenty years as a humanitarian doctor, as a citizen, and as a man. This is a story about a way of seeing that requires humility, so that one can recognize the sameness of self in the other. It is about the mutuality that can exist between us, if ...


Incredible Hulk Future Imperfect
Peter David

Marvel, 1994

Pub in Auggustt of 1994


Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People

AudioGO, 2012

Pulling a raisin out of a two-year-old's nose probably wasn't on the Buddha's path to enlightenment, but it was one of the obstacles for author Polly Campbell. For many people, stuck raisins and other real-life moments provide the day's only opportunity for spiritual growth - and it's easy to miss the lesson in these ordinary challenges. Imperfect Spirituality explains how to integrate those everyday moments with traditional spiritual ...


Murder Imperfect

CreateSpace, 2009

"You can call this a confession if you must. Last year … I murdered my husband. I did it with malice aforethought – a premeditated, cold blooded killing. No. On second thought, let’s not call this a confession. A confession implies acknowledgement of guilt or remorse. I don’t feel the least bit guilty and I certainly have no remorse. The bastard got what he deserved." With these words, Kat, a well-to-do suburban housewife with a ...


Overcoming an Imperfect Boss: A Practical Guide to Building a Better Relationship With Your Boss
Karin Hurt

Let's Grow Leaders, 2014

Want a better relationship with your boss, but don't know where to start? Are you working to be the best "boss" possible, but having trouble making deeper connection? Do you feel stuck in the middle trying to please a boss while being a good leader for your team? Most people leave the magic of what could be a career-changing relationship with their boss untapped. They follow traditional boss-subordinate protocol: say little, don’t rock the ...


He's Not Perfect. I'm Not Perfect. But Together We're...Picture Perfect
Lakia Shauntee Brandenburg

Perfectly Imperfect Publishing Company, 2011

Picture This...A Happily Ever After Story Framed by You! What is your perception of marriage? Did you grow up believing that marriages came from a fantasy world of bliss? Did you realize that someone told you a tall tale when you woke up from dreamland? In a true story, Lakia shares her personal journey on redefining how she viewed marriage and the love shared in it. Her perception of marriage was soiled by the fantasy of the wedding day not to ...


Imperfect Perfection: A Cystic Fibrosis Journey
Jonathan Sacker

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Jonathan Sacker was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease which most effects the respiratory and digestive systems. "Imperfect Perfection" is a journey through the difficult and tumultuous battles that have resulted from this disease. With a comical and "laugh-at-yourself" style, Jonathan shares his life in an uplifting and positive manner with hope that each reader will find perfection within their own imperfection.



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