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The Handbook of Angels and Fallen Angels: An Essential Guide to Angels and Demons and, More Importantly, How ...
Dr. Robert Curran

Barron's Educational Series, 2011

They appear in the world's major religions, as well as in literary classics, and it's widely believed that many of these supernatural creatures truly exist. But who or what are angels? Are they messengers from heaven, or are they fearsome and ferocious beings from the underworld? Author Robert Curran concludes that there are angels who fit both categories. Readers will meet guardian angels and archangels, as well as the cherubim and seraphim, ...


Trust in the Lord / Jesus Loves Me / All Things great and Small / The Lord is Good to Me (My First Book of ...
Lisa Gardiner

Flower Pot Press, 2000

4 Wonderful books to teach your child Bible Verses and


Biblio Vampiro: An Essential Guide to Vampires and, More Importantly, How to Avoid Them
Robert Curran

Barron's Educational Series, 2010

They sleep in coffins. They cast no shadows and show no reflection in mirrors. They drink blood--and as every reader will certainly recognize by now, they are Vampires! Horror movie fans and dedicated lovers of gothic tales will want a copy of this spine-chilling volume. An opening section presents a general description of vampires, offers tips to readers on how to spot them--and most important, tells how to avoid them. But to become a true ...


The Werewolf Handbook: An Essential Guide to Werewolves and, More Importantly, How to Avoid Them
Robert Curran

Barron's Educational Series, 2010

Werewolves are more popular than ever--thanks largely to recent film hits--and this highly entertaining new title tells readers everything they've ever wanted to know about those terrifying preternatural members of the canis lupus family. Newcomers to werewolf lore will be surprised to learn that there are many different werewolf varieties. Alphas are the leaders, and Betas are unwilling but deadly members of a werewolf pack. But there are ...


The 4 Simple Secrets To Avoiding Life's BIG Financial MESSTAKES: Rediscovering the Simple Secrets to a Great ...
Tom McCawley

Advantage Media Group, 2009

What would it be worth to you to find out how to make more money, be financially independent and have AGREAT LIFE? The author calls upon the timeless wisdom of Solomon and Aesop’s fables, along with modern insights from Warren Buffett and Vanguard founder John Bogle, to help readers  rediscover the simple secrets to avoiding life’s big financial and life MESSTAKES.   Readers will learn: Four simple secrets to achieving financial ...


The Road Trip that Changed the World: The Unlikely Theory that will Change How You View Culture, the Church, ...
Mark Sayers

Moody Publishers, 2012

What if the problem is us? Sixty years ago a goatee beard would have gotten you beat up in a lot of places. Chin fuzz was the symbol of the Beats or Beatniks, a mid-century, marginal group who pioneered a new kind of lifestyle. Their approach to life was hedonistic, experiential, fluid, and individualistic. Their contradictory approach to spirituality combined a search for God with a search for 'kicks'.   In 1947, ...


Gentle Eating
Stephen Arterburn, Mary Ehemann, ...

Thomas Nelson Inc, 1994

Stephen Arterburn and Vivian Lamphear know what it's like to be overweight and self-conscious. However, they also know what it is like to lose weight and keep it off--permanently. Their program, Gentle Eating , is a safe, effective method of weight loss that begins and ends with gradual lifestyle changes.


Air Crashes and Miracle Landings: 60 Narratives: (How, When ... and Most Importantly Why)
Christopher Bartlett

OpenHatch Books, 2011

Major update September 2012 with proofreader specializing in aviation. The Colgan Air disaster was added and the Air France AF447 crash rewritten with a unique countdown timeline. These two accidents show how pilots, having become dependent on automation, may may not be able to cope with certain situations unless trained in a new way. As before, includes Tenerife ( the worst-ever multi-aircraft disaster), Japan Airlines JL123 (the ...


The Zombie Handbook: An Essential Guide to Zombies and, More Importantly, How to Avoid Them
Dr. Robert Curran

Barron's Educational Series, 2011

Fans of classic horror films and gothic tales will want to add The Zombie Handbook to their personal library. Combining dramatic narrative with spooky color illustrations, author Robert Curran explains the difference between the zombies of Caribbean folklore and the sinister walking dead mummies from ancient Egypt who are said to rise from their tombs and seek revenge when their burial sites are plundered. Zombies also appear in ancient ...


Fabulous Fashions of the 1920s (Fabulous Fashions of the Decades)
Felicia Lowenstein Niven

Enslow Pub Inc, 2011

In the 1920s, women shed the long, restrictive garments of the decade before and embraced more boyish looks. They bobbed their hair and wore short, loose dresses and crazy patterned stockings. Prohibition may have outlawed alcohol, but that did not stop people from having a good time. Jazz, the Charleston, and speakeasies were all the rage. Read about the fashions, fads, pop culture icons, and world events of the 1920s.


Die Männer mit dem rosa Winkel
Heinz Heger

Merlin Verlag, 2011


Iraq under General Nuri: My Recollection of Nuri Al-Said, 1954-1958
Professor Waldemar J. Gallman

The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1964


Contradictions Of Consumption
T. Edwards

Open University Press, 2000

??i??A critical introduction to the field that manages to be both considered and argumentative, and stands out distinctly from the more 'culturalist' alternatives available should provide a strong text for undergraduate courses??i??i??' - Don Slater, Goldsmiths College, University of London. How has consumer society developed? What are the social divisions, politics and policies associated with consumption? How do consumer practices have ...


Meet Camden: Living with Sickle Cell Anemia
Ishia L. Washington-Gattis

AuthorHouse, 2010

This fun and knowledgeable book is about a 9 year old boy named Camden. He has Sickle Cell Anemia. This book will show Camden's courage and strength in his day to day life. It will also explain some of the things you may go through if you have Sickle Cell Anemia.


Slipknot: Inside the Sickness, Behind the Masks
Jason Arnopp

Ebury Pr, 2001

Ignoring every rule in the book and more besides, Slipknot have achieved unprecedented success, selling two million copies of their debut album worldwide. Outraging authorities and courting controversy at every turn, they have wowed crowds across the globe by risking life and limb during extraordinary live performances. This us a tale of struggle, fear, madness and hideous injuries, all seen through the eyeholes of the band. And best of all, no ...


Edsel (Detroit Crime Series #4)
Loren D. Estleman

Mysterious Press, 1995

The Pulitzer Prize nominee and author of the acclaimed Detroit Trilogy returns with a hard-hitting tale of power-hungry executives, self-righteous union bosses, ruthless mobsters, and the biggest flop ever to roll off a Motor City assembly line.


Decoying St. Clair to St. Lawrence
Barney Crandell

Boston Mills Press, 1998

Book covers identification of antique and vintage decoys of Michigan and Ontario, Canada. With text and black and white and color plates. "Relates some...unusual expeditions and adventures that will offer to the reader entertainment and, hopefully, some new information on old-time carvers. Most of the photographs show the straight side view of the decoys, which is better than the other views. I have tried to show as great a cross-section of ...


Bringing the Better Deal: A Men's Guide to Approaching, Getting, and Most Importantly, Keeping the Women

Tate Publishing, 2009

Are you tired of standing and watching other guys date the women you wish you could? Ever wonder why, even if they are not that good looking and don't seem to have a ton of money, they are dating the girls you want to date? Bringing the Better Deal: A Life Changing Man's Guide to Approaching, Getting, and Most Importantly Keeping the Women They Desire is a plan to help you solve your dilemma. More importantly than that, Phil Gilliam will guide ...


Dying to Live: A True Story of Life After Death
Tolly Burkan

Talman Co, 1985

Book by Burkan, Tolly


The A-List Playbook: How to Survive Any Crisis While Remaining Wealthy, Famous, and Most Importantly, Skinny
Leslie Gornstein

Skyhorse Publishing, 2009

If Hollywood is a sport, you want Leslie Gornstein on your team and this playbook in your ridiculously-oversized leather purse. The A-List Playbook is the perfect introduction for newcomers to the exciting alternate reality of the celebrity lifestyle. A must-read for anyone who cares why so many celebs are sporting "bumps," or whether they are really "just like us," this guide—nay, rulebook—lays down the law on what you need to know ...



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