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Juice Fasting For Weight Loss: 3-Day Detox Plan For Rapid Weight Loss, Increased Metabolism, Intense ...

Fast Lane Publishing, 2014

Jump-Start Your Weight Loss and Reap Incredible Health Benefits with this Simple, Effective Three-Day Juice Fast! Are you tired of carrying extra weight, wearing clothes that don’t really appeal to your fashion sense, and worrying over the fact that you may soon suffer from some of the many health problems associated with obesity? For millennia, people have fasted to purify their bodies and minds; today, juice fasting is hailed as one of the ...


Motivation Hacks for High Achievers: How to Get Motivated, Stay Motivated, and Double Your Productivity ..., 2014

Special price today only! Regularly $4.99. Free Affirmation Audio Track Included. Feeling lazy? Not sure how to get your spark back? Want to be more productive? The answers you're looking for can be discovered in this comprehensive guide on what it takes to become a motivated, productive, and high-achieiving individual. This book contains several actionable strategies for dramatically increasing your levels of motivation and re-igniting your ...


Paleo for Weight Loss: The Ultimate Guide to Paleo Weight Loss, Body Transformation, and Improved Health ..., 2014

The Truth about Paleo for Weight Loss :: Paleo for Weight Loss is a diet plan that utilizes the principles of what our ancestors that lived during the Paleolithic era ate. They were lean, strong, toned, and didn't have to starve themselves or run on a treadmill all day to look amazing! We spend years abusing our bodies with harmful processed foods and the Paleo Diet just might be your answer to getting your health and vitality back. ...


Laughter And Humor Therapy How To Use Laughter And Humor For Healing, Stress Relief, Improved Health, ...
Ace McCloud

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Get More Laughter And Humor In Your Life Now! Get The Many Benefits of Laughter in your life! This book covers an incredible variety of strategies, techniques, therapies, and life style choices that can help bring more joy and laughter into anyone’s life. Life is so much more enjoyable when you actively try and incorporate laughter and humor into it. Don’t just wish for it to happen, make it happen. There is a large variety of ...


Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils: Powerful Cleansing Protocols for Increase Energy and Better Health
D.C. LeAnne Deardeuff, D.C. David Deardeuff

Essential Science Pub, 2006

Inner Transformations: Using the essential oils to better your health through cleansing.


SEO: Sleep Engine Optimization: Achieve Deeper, More Restorative Sleep for Better Health and Increased Daily ..., 2014

Achieve A Deeper Sleep And Get The Rest Your Body Needs The significance of quality sleep is not a very new concept. As a matter of fact, it was more than 2,000 years ago when the great Greek doctor Hippocrates wrote, “Illnesses exist if either watchfulness or sleep be excessive.” The truth behind this saying still applies today like it did back then. Sleep is a crucial part of general health and well-being. Get a sufficient amount ...


Jump Rope Workouts: Cardio fitness for increased stamina, lean muscle building and fat burning, 2013

For A LIMITED TIME Get This Book For $4.99 (regular price $6.99) Discover Why Skipping Rope Is One Of The Best Fat Burning And Lean Muscle Building Workouts You Can Do Jump rope workouts allow you to burn up to 1000 calories an hour while building muscle and stamina. This book will show you how. To most people aerobic exercise and cardio sucks. To them cardio training brings up horrifying memories of running endless laps ...


Chakras for Beginners: The Truth About Balancing Your Chakras and Opening Yourself Up to A World of Increased ..., 2014

Your Complete to Discovering The Extraordinary Powers of Chakras ***Plus, As a Special Thank-you for Downloading this Book Today, You Will Receive a FREE Future Release Bonus Book Offer*** Have you ever wondered what the heck Chakras are? I thought Chakra flow was some kind of whacky and "new-age" crazy talk. However, after research into my energy levels, I discovered that blocked chakras are a huge piece of the puzzle. ...


How Correcting 3 Common Website Mistakes Increased Sales 86%, 2012

Amazon Bestseller Takes You Step-by-Step Through the Process One Company Used to Boost Sales by 86% There are several common website mistakes almost everybody makes. Because there are many little mistakes instead of 1 obvious one, they are harder to spot. That means you just keep losing money; scratching your head and wondering how to fix the problem. Cheer up! In this book you'll learn: * 3 of the most common mistakes found on practically ...


44 Quick & Simple Fruit Smoothie Recipes For Health and Wellness You'll Love! Discover Smoothie Recipes For ..., 2014

Enjoy Awesome Smoothie Recipes That Boost Health, Help Lose Weight, and Give Life Changing Nourishment! This book is perfect for any Paleo, Raw diet or immune boosting health program. Nutrition and Health author Juliette Mason helps take in getting back and maintaining optimal health and natural state of balance in our bodies with the classic body boosting juice and smoothie recipes. Making smoothies and juices that are nutrient-rich is ...


Sleep: Hacking! - 27 Proven Tips to Hack Your Way to a Better Sleep, Increased Brain Power & Unstoppable ...
Dominique Francon

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

27 Proven Tips to HACK Your Sleep (And Your Life) Forever! Do You Want to Sleep Better, Feel Energized & Absolutely Unstoppable? Then, Keep Reading... * * *LIMITED TIME OFFER! 40% OFF! (Regular Price $9.99)* * * Let me start with a bold statement: if you want to be successful in life; if you want to live a long, happy life, then you NEED to learn how to hack your sleep. Yes, you need it. It doesn't matter what you do: maybe you work at a ...


14 Day Herbal Cleansing: A Step-by-Step Guide to All Natural Inner Cleansing Techniques for Increased Energy, ...
Laurel Vukovic

Prentice Hall Press, 1997

Presenting an easy-to-follow, 14-day programme of herbal cleansing and rejuvenation, this work outlines the author's recommendations to reverse the signs of ageing through detoxifying bodily systems, cleansing negative thought patterns, improving circulation, relaxing, stimulating lymphatic circulation, and sharpening mental focus. Topics covered include: the six essential components of a non-toxic life; five natural ways to help cleanse the ...


Fountain of Youth Exercises: Increased Health, Clarity & Happiness in Fifteen Minutes

Findhorn Press, 2011

Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of Tibetan monks, yoga practitioners, and indigenous people, this manual for aging is an informative and inspiring guide for coaching those in the second half of life to feel and look great. A combination of do-in—an ancient technique of self-massage that strengthens the chi and circulation and warms the body from the inside out—yoga poses, and breathing exercises, this program offers a simple approach that ...


Building Team Power: How to Unleash the Collaborative Genius of Teams for Increased Engagement, Productivity, ...
Thomas Kayser

McGraw-Hill, 2010

Building Team Power is a hands-on, how-to book. It is a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-your-hands-dirty book. It is applications oriented all the way. Don't look for complex psychological, sociological or academic group theory models here. You won't find any. Building Team Power extends and expand s the reach of my well-received Mining Group Gold book. This one digs into the crucial behaviors you need to understand and practice to ...


Herbal Remedies: Herbal Remedies for Increased Vitality and a Healthier Life (Natural Remedies, Natural ...

Healthy Living Today Publishing, 2014

Herbal Remedies to Live a Longer, Healthier, and Happy Life. This book will guide you not only on how to live longer but on how you should live your life. The secret for longevity is having a stress free, pain free and disease free life. This guide outlines how you can increase your vitality and become healthier with the help of herbal remedies or herbs. Boosting your immune system helps prevent and treat long-term infections and other ...


Assignments for Couples: 10 Weeks to Increased Intimacy and Connection, 2013

As a marriage and family therapist, I have been working with couples for over fifteen years. I often give homework assignments for couples to do at home to enrich the work they do in the therapy room. The following assignments have been some of our favorites. They have provided great results for my clients, and the structure in the workbook helps you avoid conflict and build real intimacy and connection while making some important changes in ...


The End of Energy Obesity: Breaking Today's Energy Addiction for a Prosperous and Secure Tomorrow
Peter Tertzakian, Keith Hollihan

Wiley, 2009

Praise For T he End of Energy Obesity "Peter Tertzakian has succeeded once again. He outlines a visionary approach to meeting the serious challenges of the world's projected population growth, continued economic growth, and increasing living standards. This book is a clarion call to policymakers, business leaders, and energy consumers everywhere." — Guy Caruso , Senior Advisor, CSIS, Washington, D.C. (former Administrator, U.S. Energy ...


How to Steal Like an Author: Success in Writing Books Through Increased Creativity, 2014

Steal Like an Author Steal Like an Author is a creativity booster for authors and others alike. Have you ever wondered why some people are more creative than others and produce more creative things than others? Principles of creativity are uncovered, activities that improve creativity are disclosed, and how to apply that creativity to writing is exposed. Everyone Can Be Creative Everyone can be creative. Creativity is an action and a ...


Garden Friends with Benefits: A Companion Planting Guide for Increased Vegetable Garden Production

Peter Davies, 2014

Companion planting has a lot of benefits. It helps improve the soil, promotes growth of companion plants, deters harmful pests that do damage to crops, and attracts beneficial insects like pollinators and insects that prey on pests. This guide will help you plan your garden better so that you can put the right types of plants together and avoid planting incompatible plants next to each other. Companion planting is an ancient way of growing ...


The Last Finesse

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Co., 2012

Synopsis: In the global corridors of power, a group of faceless men is positioning to usurp control of one of the world’s primary energy resources: uranium. Climate change looms large. Luke Sinclair is a young, Australian-born professor of mineralogy and an expert in the nuclear-fuel cycle. Up to now, he’s led a carefree, hedonistic lifestyle. But things change: renegade North Korea is about to transfer its illicitly acquired ...



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