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Awakening the Fire (The Inferno Unleashed Book 2), 2013

Breena Taljain’s idyllic days in Araboth came to a skidding halt when circumstances forced her into the dangerous hinterlands. The dire sacrifice she made to protect her comrades tainted her heart with hatred and despair. To cleanse herself she must outrun Death’s relentless pursuit and venture into the bleak unknown. With the odds stacked against her, stumbling into love when she least expects it may very well be her saving grace. ...


Inferno Park

J.L. Bryan, 2014

Carter was only twelve when he witnessed the disaster that killed more than a hundred people at Starland Amusement Park. Five years later, Carter’s hometown is no longer a busy Florida panhandle resort, but a slowly dying town full of empty motels and attractions rusting behind chains and padlocks. Now something evil stirs in the ruins of the old amusement park...something with an alluring siren song drawing visitors into the dark ...


Murder Takes Patience: A Frankie Donovan Mystery (Friendship & Honor Series Book 3)

Inferno Publishing Company, 2014

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. ~ Dante Alighieri A Thriller about Murder, Mystery, and Family. Even good people are haunted by nightmares. Some are kept awake by things they did in the past: Lies they told, people they cheated, laws they broke. The ones who lived the worst lives are haunted by more than lies or broken laws. Their sleep is stolen by the ...


Callsign: Rook (JACK SIGLER THRILLERS Book 3)

Breakneck Media, 2011

After a failed mission claims the lives of his five-man support team, Stan Tremblay, Callsign: Rook, flees Siberia and finds himself on the secluded coast of Norway, north of the Arctic Circle. Exhausted, cut off from the outside world, and emotionally beaten from his defeat in Russia, Rook just wants to find a place to rest. The small coastal town of Fenris Kystby seems like the perfect place. Within hours of arriving, he discovers that the ...


Illusion: Chronicles of Nick

St. Martin's Griffin, 2014

Be careful what you wish for . . . You just might get it.Nick Gautier is tired of his destiny. He doesn’t want to be the son of a demon who’s fated to end the world. Nor does he want to see another demon or other preternatural creature who wants to kill or enslave him. He just wants to be normal and have normal problems like everyone else. But normality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When he gets sucked into an alternate reality where ...


Zompoc Survivor: Inferno, 2014

“Take care of my little girl.” The last words Karl Weiss said to him before he sacrificed himself are still fresh in Dave Stewart’s mind after he crashes in Kansas City. With only the contents of his cache tube, his wits and two Marines to help him, he is determined to keep the promise he made to Amy’s parents, and get her safely out of the zombie infested inferno they find themselves in. All that stands between the four survivors and ...


Callsign: Deep Blue (JACK SIGLER THRILLERS Book 7)

Breakneck Media, 2013

Tom Duncan—Callsign: Deep Blue, former Army ranger, former president of the United States and handler of the black ops force known as Chess Team, is visiting the team’s new secret headquarters. The underground facility, known as Alpha, once belonged to Manifold Genetics, a corrupt corporation shut down by Chess Team. But despite being abandoned for years, Alpha still hides secrets. Security doors slam shut and lock, sealing Duncan and ...


Project Maigo (A Kaiju Thriller)

Breakneck Media, 2013

BOSTON IS IN RUINS Jon Hudson, head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Fusion Center – Paranormal division, is haunted by Boston’s destruction at the hands of Nemesis, a three-hundred-foot tall monster with the heart of a murdered little girl, Maigo. In the time since Boston fell and Nemesis retreated to the ocean’s depths, Hudson has helped prepare the United States against future attacks. But no one is prepared for what rises ...


Callsign: Knight (Jack Sigler / Chess Team - Chesspocalypse Novellas Book 6)

Breakneck Media, 2013

When a team of Delta operators goes missing in Shenhuang, one of China’s newly constructed ghost cities, Shin Dae-jung—Callsign: Knight, is called in to assist. But the Osprey transporting him to the scene falls prey to an EMP attack and is forced to crash land atop a parking garage. With a wounded pilot in tow, Knight explores the empty city for signs of life and finds two terrified children, who warn him that something monstrous is ...


Body Inferno, 2013

Collection of modern day perceptions of relationships, one night stands, infidelity, and sex.


Callsign - Tripleshot (Jack Sigler Thrillers novella collection - Queen, Rook, and Bishop), ...

Breakneck Media, 2014

*** $3.98 less than buying the three individual novellas! *** In 2011, Jeremy Robinson released a series of eight novellas—deemed the 'Chesspocalypse.' Each novella follows a single member of the Chess Team from his Jack Sigler thriller series. The stories take place after the events of Threshold, the third full-length novel in the series, and before the events of Ragnarok, the fourth. The novellas are all co-authored by Jeremy Robinson ...


The Heiress of Santorini (The Greek Isles Series Book 3)

Booktrope, 2014

From the author of the #1 best seller  Spellbound in His Arms  comes a brand new mystery romance to keep you warm and entertained all night long!     An unexpected threat... When insurance manager Alexandra Stewart is assigned to the Imperial Resorts Corporation account and has to travel to the island of Santorini, she's worried about keeping the promise she made to her late father. Alexandra swore to keep her real identity a secret ...


Inferno (The Jinn Trilogy Book 2)

Leaping Lizards, 2014

Olivia’s once-shining light now blazes with the fury of an avenging angel, leaving ruin in her wake. Gone are the days of soft hearts; endless compassion doesn't win wars with Hell. Without an anchor to his human self, the jinni side of Holden grows stronger every day. Giving into his true nature might mean losing the one thing worth living for, but it's the only way to stop the rise of a darkness even the angel cannot defeat. Every ...


The Loner : Inferno (A Conrad Browning Novel)
J. A. Johnstone

Pinnacle, 2012

When a group of pioneers is attacked by Apaches and the four survivors are taken prisoner across the Rio Grande, The Loner teams up with a brutal band of scalp hunters to rescue the women before they are sold to a ruthless Mexican slaver. Original. Title: Inferno Author: Johnstone, J. A. Publisher: Kensington Pub Corp Publication Date: 2012/01/03 Number of Pages: 347 Binding Type: PAPERBACK Library of Congress: bl2011036211


Project 731 (A Kaiju Thriller)

Breakneck Media, 2014

WASHINGTON D.C. HAS BEEN DESTROYED In the wake of a Kaiju assault that left the nation’s capital in ruins, Jon Hudson, director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Fusion Center – Paranormal, is preparing his team for an uncertain future. While hiding Lilly, a chimera cat-girl rescued from Island 731, from GOD—the Genetic Offense Directive, a black ops organization within DARPA—Hudson attempts to raise Maigo, the teenage girl ...


Redemption Road

Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC, 2013

AS THE NATIONAL BURNS, MARCUS DIABLO VOWS THAT THOSE RESPONSIBLE WILL PAY "This fast-moving thriller proves that revenge is a dish best served red hot!"-Lewis Perdue, New York Times Bestselling Author of more than 4 million copies. America is in flames from coast to coast due to the worst terrorist attack in history. While backpacking with his family near Yosemite, Marcus Diablo's wife Annie goes missing. Frantic to find her and the ...


A Bullet From Dominic: A Connie Gianelli Mystery (Blood Flows South Book 2)

Inferno Publishing Company, 2014

A Murder Mystery and Thriller Filled With Suspense Detective Connie Gianelli is a broken woman, and she doesn’t have the will to start again. While recovering in Brooklyn, she gets a call from her old partner about a new case in Texas. Combined with the pressure from her uncle, it’s enough to convince her to pack up and leave. But what seems like an easy case, turns out to be the worst killing spree Houston has ever seen. On ...


Barlowe's Inferno
Wayne Barlowe, Tanith Lee

Morpheus International, 2006

Hailed for his vivid depictions of life in hell's inferno, Wayne Barlowe fills his paintings with sprawling landscapes and bizarre inhabitants. More than just a collection of eye-popping paintings, Barlowe's work comprises a visionary world, complete with commentary and a foundation in the myths and beliefs of multiple cultures. Limited to just 150 copies individually signed and numbered by the artist himself, Barlowe's Inferno collects these ...


Inferno: The Epic Life and Death Struggle of the USS Franklin in World War II
Joseph A. Springer

Zenith Press, 2007

Known throughout the fleet as "Big Ben," the USS Franklin was christened for the legacy of the four prior U.S. Navy ships named after Benjamin Franklin. The Franklin was a creation of World War II, one of twenty-four Essex-class fast carriers built during the conflict, forming the backbone of the U.S. Navy's war against Japan. By the time the war had moved to Okinawa in the spring of 1945, "Big Ben" had already seen substantial combat, having ...


Packing Inferno: The Unmaking of a Marine

Feral House, 2008

Tyler E. Boudreau is a twelve-year veteran of the Marine Corps infantry. He trained and committed himself physically and intellectually to the military life. Then his intense devotion began to disintegrate, bit by bit, during his final mission in Iraq. After returning home, he discovered a turmoil developing in his mind, estranging him from his loved ones and the bill of goods he eagerly purchased as a marine officer. Packing Inferno  is ...



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