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Sound Retirement Planning
Jason R. Parker

Jason R. Parker, 2014

Do you want to transition from career to retirement, but aren't sure how to make it work? Sound Retirement Planning offers the answers you're looking for. Respected Financial Adviser Jason Parker offers steps to help you move from career to retirement with clarity, confidence and freedom. With straightforward advice, Parker helps you plan a retirement based on what's important to you — your personal values, your relationships, as well as your ...


Expected Returns: An Investor's Guide to Harvesting Market Rewards
Antti Ilmanen

Wiley, 2011

This comprehensive reference delivers a toolkit for harvesting market rewards from a wide range of investments. Written by a world-renowned industry expert, the reference discusses how to forecast returns under different parameters. Expected returns of major asset classes, investment strategies, and the effects of underlying risk factors such as growth, inflation, liquidity, and different risk perspectives, are also explained. Judging expected ...


The Inevitable GREAT AMERICAN RESET: Riding the Economic Rollercoaster of Capitalism
Carl W Hafele CFA CPA

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Financial crashes are a necessary part of capitalism, as the market occasionally needs to "reset" itself. Some crashes are relatively minor and short-lived. Others, like the Wall Street Crash of 1929, are devastating, depression-triggering events. Many, like the Great Recession that commenced in 2007, are worsened by improper economic policies. Professor of economics and money manager Carl Hafele warns readers that, unless U.S. economic ...


The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide To Personal Finance And Investing
James M Dahle MD

White Coat Investor LLC The, 2014

     Written by a practicing emergency physician, The White Coat Investor is a high-yield manual that specifically deals with the financial issues facing medical students, residents, physicians, dentists, and similar high-income professionals. Doctors are highly-educated and extensively trained at making difficult diagnoses and performing life saving procedures. However, they receive little to no training in business, personal finance, ...


The Little Book of Main Street Money: 21 Simple Truths that Help Real People Make Real Money
Jonathan Clements

Wiley, 2009

"A gem from one of the most brilliant minds in personal finance." — Ben Stein , author, actor, TV personality, and New York Times columnist "Investing, as it is said, is simple but it is not easy. Jonathan Clements's fine new Little Book underscores the priceless (and price-less) value of simplicity. And his sage advice on living the good life and on spending well and saving wisely will surely make it, if not easy, at least easier for us to ...


America's Financial Reckoning Day: How you can survive America's monetary and political decline in the 21st ...
Charles H Coppes

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

The U.S. is in deep trouble. America's financial house of cards is beginning to concern informed individuals (and foreigners) while the vast majority appear either indifferent or unaware of our nation's serious vulnerability. America's Financial Reckoning Day is a wake-up call to the baby-boom generation that a hyperinflationary depression and America's loss of leadership in the world is a distinct possibility in the near future. Chuck Coppes ...


Ernst & Young's Personal Financial Planning Guide (Ernst and Young's Personal Financial Planning Guide)
Ernst & Young, Martin Nissenbaum, ...

Wiley, 2004

If you want to take control of your financial future and unlock the doors to financial success, you must have a plan that will allow you to find good investments, reduce taxes, beat inflation, and properly manage money. Whether you're new to financial planning or a seasoned veteran, this updated edition of Ernst & Young's Personal Financial Planning Guide provides valuable information and techniques you can use to create and implement a ...


Building Wealth for Building the Kingdom: A Financial Planning Guide for Latter-day Saint Families
Devin D. Thorpe

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

Building Wealth for Building the Kingdom is a simple, practical guide to help LDS families organize their personal financial plans to meet their unique goals. The book provides simple answers to questions like: How much should I be saving each month for my son's mission? How much should I be saving each month for my children's college education? How can I save enough to be able to retire while I'm healthy enough to serve a mission? ...


Tax Insight: For Tax Year 2012
M. Casey Murdock

Apress, 2013

Tax Insight: For Tax Year 2012 will teach you to take control of life’s biggest expense—taxes. In your lifetime, you will spend more money on taxes than on anything else. Despite that fact, you likely know the current prices of movies and milk but don’t know what your marginal tax rate is. You know where to get the cheapest gallon of gas to save a buck or two, but you don’t give a thought to the tax strategies you should be using right ...


The Complete Guide to Capital Markets for Quantitative Professionals (McGraw-Hill Library of Investment and ...
Alex Kuznetsov

McGraw-Hill, 2006

The Complete Guide to Capital Markets for Quantitative Professionals is a comprehensive resource for readers with a background in science and technology who want to transfer their skills to the financial industry. It is written in a clear, conversational style and requires no prior knowledge of either finance or financial analytics. The book begins by discussing the operation of the financial industry and the business models of different ...


The Sound Mind Investing Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Your Money From a Biblical Perspective
Austin Pryor

Moody Publishers, 2014

Many excellent books teach God's principles of finance. Perhaps one or more of them has helped you lay a strong biblical foundation for carrying out your money management responsibilities. But as you try to apply those principles to making real-life investing decisions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the jargon and the sheer number of investment possibilities. Investment adviser Austin Pryor has carefully created the "next step" guide ...


The Motley Fool Personal Finance Workbook: A Foolproof Guide to Organizing Your Cash and Building Wealth ...
David Gardner, Tom Gardner

Touchstone, 2003

Pencil your way to financial security! What would it be like to know that you were making the very best decision for every dollar you spent or saved? Can you imagine balancing your budget by the beginning of next month? Wouldn't it be great to know whether a pro's advice is right for your situation? How valuable would it be to have a customized financial plan that would serve you for life? What you hold in your hands is the first step to ...


Wealthology: Creating Lasting Prosperity in an Uncertain World
Akinaw Bulcha

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010

Through a series of letters written to his nephew Kidus (in Ethiopia), business professor, Akinaw Bulcha, sets out to teach the truth he's come to find about creating lasting wealth. "This book shows you how to take complete control of your income and your money, and to become wealthy as a result." ~Brian Tracy-Author-The Way to Wealth For those simply tired of the confusion, misinformation and politics about money, pick up a glass ...


Independent Financial Planning: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding and Choosing the Right Financial Planner
Mike Garry

Yardley Wealth Management LLC, 2014

Let’s face it—financial planning is confusing and overwhelming for most people. There’s more information than you can possibly sort through, and too many voices telling you what to do with it. Feeling lost? You’re not the only one—but you don’t have to navigate the wilds of financial planning alone. The right financial advisor is the best ally you can have as you build wealth and secure your future. But how do you know who to choose? ...


The Young Conservative's Field Guide
Brent Stransky, Andrew Foy

Nimble Books, 2010

"The Young Conservative's Field Guide" is a compilation of charts, figures and original research designed to provide conservatives in their 20s and 30s a foundation of knowledge to debate and engage their peers. This book equips readers with accessible information similar to the way a field guide would; colorful, engaging, easily referenced and informative, yet brief: full-color pages in vibrant visual presentation. Concentrating on the major ...


Investing - Starting From Scratch
Janet Holt

Eakin Press, 2009

Based on three years of research and verified by a team of financial experts, Investing: Starting from Scratch uses simple analogies to explain the complex subject of investing and retirement planning. Seventy-eight million Baby Boomers will begin turning 65 in 2011. Many of them will not have saved enough to retire because they don t know how to invest their money. The number one reason they give for procrastinating is that investing is just ...


The Battle for Social Security: From FDR's Vision To Bush's Gamble
Nancy J. Altman

Wiley, 2005

This book illuminates the politics and policy of the current struggle over Social Security in light of the program's compelling history and ingenious structure. After a brief introduction describing the dramatic response of the Social Security Administration to the 9/11 terrorist attack, the book recounts Social Security???s lively history. Although President Bush has tried to convince Americans that Social Security is designed for the last ...


Economic Indicators For Dummies
Michael Griffis

For Dummies, 2011

Everything you need to easily get a handle on economic indicators In today's volatile, often troubling economic landscape, there are myriad statistics and reports that paint an economic picture that can sometimes resemble a work by Jackson Pollock. These complex and often-conflicting reports could vex even the savviest investor. Economic Indicators For Dummies explains how to interpret and use key global economic indicators to make solid ...


The People's Pension: The Struggle to Defend Social Security Since Reagan
Eric Laursen

AK Press, 2012

"Readers mystified by the yawning gulf between public opinion and current political discussion might benefit from the background provided in Eric Laursen’s magisterial history, 'The People's Pension: The Struggle to Defend Social Security Since Reagan' The book offers more than 800 pages of fascinating if gory details about the lobbying efforts and misinformation campaigns aimed at bringing the program down."—Nancy Folbre, NYTimes Economix ...


Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense
Greg McFarlane, Betty Kincaid

Mill City Press, Inc., 2010

"A 14% credit card rate! What a deal!" "Where it says 'adjustable' here on my mortgage - that means 'fixed', right?" "Work until I retire, then collect Social Security. That's my wealth plan." If you've ever wondered how your money works, where it goes or how it grows, stop wondering. "Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense" deconstructs personal finance so that everyone but the hopelessly inept can understand it. Inside the book, you'll ...



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