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The Running Revolution: How to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury-Free--for Life
Nicholas Romanov, Kurt Brungardt

Penguin Books, 2014

From a two-time Olympic coach and creator of the Pose Method who has trained the running elite, an essential guide for all runners seeking to go faster and farther without injury Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run —and the wildly popular natural running trend it sparked—changed the way we think about running, but it has also prompted many questions: Have we been running the wrong way? And, have we been running in the wrong kind of ...


Muscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living
Craig Williamson

Trumpeter, 2007

Here's an innovative and practical approach to eliminating chronic muscle pain, written by a popular occupational therapist with thirty years of experience freeing people from the discomfort of tendonitis, lower back pain, and neck and shoulder tension. These types of chronic pain can be caused by a number of factors, including old injuries, habitual movement patterns, problems with body alignment, psychological causes, and inability to sense ...


Build Your Running Body: A Total-Body Fitness Plan for All Distance Runners, from Milers to Ultramarathoners ...
Pete Magill, Thomas Schwartz, ...

The Experiment, 2014

“The best running book ever.” —Bob Anderson, founder of Runner’s World Whether you're a miler or an ultramarathoner, if you want a fit, fast, and injury-resistant running body, there's a better way to train than relentlessly pursuing mileage. This easy-to-use workout manual draws on the latest research in running physiology to target all the components that go into every stride—including muscles, connective tissue, cardiovascular ...


The Running Revolution Deluxe: How to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury-Free--for Life

Penguin Books, 2014

This Deluxe eBook edition of The Running Revolution includes 19 instructional videos demonstrating techniques, drills, and exercises that will allow you to master the Pose Method and run injury-free for life. Also included are a how-to guide for filming your running, what to look for when watching yourself run and how to run on different surfaces, as well as a look at common running injuries and how and why they occur.  From a two-time ...


The Injury-free Yoga Practice
Steven Weiss, MS, DC RYT

Align By Design Yoga, 2013

The Injury-Free Yoga Practice is a comprehensive guide to anatomy and alignment and the ideal resource for all styles and traditions of yoga practice. It is also an excellent anatomy textbook for yoga teacher trainings. This text provides a detailed, step-by-step exploration of yoga alignment principles and the anatomy and physiology that supports them. Additional to the anatomy and alignment principles, many yoga therapy applications are ...


ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running
Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer

Touchstone, 2009

The revised edition of the bestselling ChiRunning , a groundbreaking program from ultra-marathoner and nationally-known coach Danny Dreyer, that teaches you how to run faster and farther with less effort, and to prevent and heal injuries for runners of any age or fitness level. In ChiRunning, Danny and Katherine Dreyer, well-known walking and running coaches, provide powerful insight that transforms running from a high-injury sport to a ...


Injury-Free Running: How to Build Strength, Improve Form, and Treat/Prevent Injuries
Thomas Michaud

Newton Biomechanics, 2013

The goal of this book is to keep you running injury-free by showing you how to develop a running form based on your alignment, prior injuries, and desired running speed. You will learn how to choose a running shoe and design a personalized rehab program by evaluating your arch height, flexibility, strength, and coordination. Specific tests are described that can determine if you're injury prone. More importantly, the corrective stretches and ...


Dr. Jordan Metzl's Running Strong: The Sports Doctor's Complete Guide to Staying Healthy and Injury-Free for ...
Jordan Metzl, Claire Kowalchik

Rodale Books, 2015

Step into my office if you want to run faster, stronger, and pain-free. Whether you're a new runner training for your first race or an experienced marathoner, this cutting-edge book will keep you on the road and running faster. With comprehensive, illustrated information on running health and injury prevention, this book is the first to include embedded scan codes that lead readers to videos addressing such issues as shin splints, plantar ...


Running Injury-Free: How to Prevent, Treat, and Recover From Runner's Knee, Shin Splints, Sore Feet and Every ...
Joseph Ellis

Rodale Books, 2013

  Running Injury-Free uses anecdotal examples from Ellis’s own patients and experiences in order to discuss injury-prevention, treatment, and recovery. He implements a clinical approach toward treating the most common running-related injuries, as well as providing detailed background situations to describe how each injury can happen, so the reader can recognize poor habits or compare training and running practices in his or her own ...


Injury-Free Running Simple Exercises for Runners (Simple Strength Book 10)

Strength Productions LLC, 2013

January 2015 Sales Event – Discover the following “movement hardware” secrets to quickly boost the feel, movement and “built in” resiliency and strength of your body in minutes that will make you feel stronger and immediately improve your workout quality with the following bonuses. You get them for free when you forward your amazon receipt of ANY Sean Schniederjan kindle book in Jan. 2015 to You ...


Healthy Running Step by Step: Self-Guided Methods for Injury-Free Running: Training - Technique - Nutrition - ...
Robert Forster, Roy Wallack

Fair Winds Press, 2014

Healthy Running Step by Step will help runners of all ages and abilities understand why running injuries occur, how to prevent them, and how to speed up recovery. Injuries plague the majority of runners, wrecking training plans and cutting running careers short by decades, but they are not inevitable. Authors Robert Forster, P.T., and Roy M. Wallack explain that nearly all running injuries can be rehabilitated quicker and even avoided ...


Hand Maintenance Guide for Massage Therapists: The Art of an Injury Free Career
Shogo Mochizuki

Kotobuki Pub, 1999

Techniques for Massage Therapists on how to stay healthy and avoid injuries.


Tennis Fitness for the Love of it: A Mindful Approach to Fitness for Injury-free Tennis
Suzanna McGee

Zuzi Publishing, 2010

Every tennis player at any age and skill level wants to play high-level tennis without pains and injuries. If you strive for improvement but cannot train as hard as you wish to, because you hurt often, this is a book for you. You will find practical advice on how to adjust your training to the requirements of your body, and how to achieve maximum tennis fitness that will improve your performance and your tennis game.  You will learn ...


Is Critique Secular?: Blasphemy, Injury, and Free Speech
Talal Asad, Wendy Brown, ...

Fordham University Press, 2013

In this volume, four leading thinkers of our times confront the paradoxes and dilemmas attending the supposed stand-off between Islam and liberal democratic values. Taking the controversial Danish cartoons of Mohammad as a point of departure, Talal Asad, Wendy Brown, Judith Butler, and Saba Mahmood inquire into the evaluative frameworks at stake in understanding the conflicts between blasphemy and free speech, between religious taboos and ...


Injury-Free Running (Runner's World Best)
Thomas Hanlon

Rodale Books, 2006

When runners want expert advice, they turn to Runner’s World, the magazine that helped bring running culture into the mainstream—and has continued to dispense cutting-edge wisdom as running’s popularity has soared. Now, runners can have all that expert wisdom at their fingertips with the Runner’s World Best series. Each book in this series focuses on a particular aspect of running—from getting started to cross-training. Together, these ...


Ending Pain in Pregnancy: Trade Secrets for an Injury-Free Childbirth, Relieving Pelvic Girdle Pain, and ...
Isa Herrera MSPT

Duplex Publishing, 2014

"Every once in a while a book comes along that is an expert manual. A book that teaches us a different way of being and helps us to conquer our health conditions and create well-being. It does not surprise me that Isa has decided to write a book of this caliber. Ending Pain in Pregnancy is a mind-body-spirit book filled with educational strategies that every pregnant women should know about. This book, like her last book Ending Female Pain, is a ...


CHI Running: Learn the CHI technique to run faster, farther, and injury free (Volume 1)
Terence Crawford

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015

CHI Running Learn the CHI Technique to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury Free! Many people avoid running because of the fear of being injured. This is perhaps the reason why most people cannot remember the last time they were seen in the field jogging, let alone running, even when they know that it is good for their health. This book, coupled with my experience as a trainer, provides a solution for this problem. In this book, I will ...


The Minimalism Effect: Become Injury Free, Build Amazing Movement & Strength By Doing Less
Mr Brett Turley

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

This book is a minimalist’s guide to movement, strength and performance. You will find information on how to become injury free, bulletproof your body and build strength and movement by doing less. The Philosophy – Find out why minimalism is the way for you and how to practically apply it. How To Bulletproof Your Body – Learn the basics of movement patterns, how to correct dysfunction and asymmetry and get your body ready for amazing ...


Scars That Wound, Scars That Heal: A Journey Out of Self Injury (Live Free)
Jan Kern

Standard Publishing, 2007

This is Jackie's story of repeated self-injury and how relationships with those who came alongside her—together with a deeper understanding of God's love and patience—brought her to a place of hope and healing. The Live Free series for teens and young adults tackles real questions about real life—questions about sex, family problems, relationships, body image, and the future. You’ll discover firsthand stories of teens and their personal ...


The Injury-Free Horse
Amanda Sutton

Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2001

A practical handbook to provide horse owners with the confidence to take an active role in keeping their animals sound and healthy, with 200 color photos and 40 line drawings. An Equestrian Edge Book Club Main Selection



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