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Family Medical History: Unknown/Adopted: How a routine inquiry led to unexpected answers for an adopted woman
Nancy Kacirek Feldman, Rebecca Crofoot

Becknan Books, 2014

Knowing where you came from often determines Who you are… At the age of 45, Nancy Feldman knew how her doctor appointment would go. They would ask her about her family’s health history, and she would hear the doctor’s familiar sigh after she answered, “I don’t know, I’m adopted.” Being perfectly happy with the loving family she had, Feldman never took an interest in finding her biological parents until diagnosed with a disease ...


Soldier's Heart: An Inspirational Memoir and Inquiry of War
Lee Burkins

AuthorHouse, 2003

The history of the government's treatment of returning combat veterans has been long absent from the public's awareness. Lately, a plethora of documentaries presenting the wounded veterans' plights are currently making their way into the American public's consciousness. After their initial treatments, the wounded service members from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan face an ongoing battle to receive appropriate care and financial assistance. The ...


Looking for God: Seeing the Whole in One
Chuck Hillig

Sentient Publications, 2007

A lighthearted and amusing approach to what is often a ponderous subject—the search for ultimate truth. To read it is to experience a gentle meditation on the nature of existence. The author does a wonderful job of expressing the inexpressible in as few words as possible. Packed with enlightening insights, this book, in its deceptive simplicity, is an easy-to-take introduction to nondualism—a great gift book for spiritual seekers.


Helping: How to Offer, Give, and Receive Help
Edgar H Schein

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2009

In this seminal book on helping, corporate culture and organizational development guru Ed Schein analyzes the dynamics of helping relationships, explains why help is often not helpful, and shows what any would-be-helper must do to insure that help is actually provided. Many words are used for helping -- assisting, aiding, advising, coaching, consulting, counseling, supporting, teaching, and many more -- but they all have common dynamics and ...


One: Essential Writings on Nonduality

Sentient Publications, 2007

This is the first book on nonduality intended for a mainstream audience. Nonduality means not two or One without a second. That One has many names-God, consciousness, truth, the Self-and the writings in this collection turn the reader toward this nondual reality. This is done through the practice of inquiry, in which questions about the source of one's action or thought lead one to see the fact of non-separation, and through expressions of ...


Field of Love: How to Experience the Field

Delhi International Press, 2013

Powerful, Transforming and Inspiring.Thousands of people have benefited from Field of Love:Power, Love & Fortune on the Road to Enlightenment a True Story, the extraordinary memoir of Martin Birrittella and his quest for the divine. This book Field of Love: How to Experience the Field, illuminates his direct awakenings and experiences of transcendence, as well as his intimate processes, which are the catalysts to transform and catapult us into ...


The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers
Johnny Saldaña

SAGE Publications Ltd, 2012

The Second Edition of Johnny Saldaña’s international bestseller provides an in-depth guide to the multiple approaches available for coding qualitative data. Fully up-to-date, it includes new chapters, more coding techniques and an additional glossary. In total, 32 coding methods are profiled that can be applied to a range of research genres from grounded theory to phenomenology to narrative inquiry. For each approach, Saldaña discusses ...


Teaching Numeracy: 9 Critical Habits to Ignite Mathematical Thinking
Margie Pearse, K. M. Walton

Corwin, 2011

Transform mathematics learning from “doing” to “thinking”   American students are losing ground in the global mathematical environment. What many of them lack is numeracy—the ability to think through the math and apply it outside of the classroom. Referencing the new common core and NCTM standards, the authors outline nine critical thinking habits that foster numeracy and show you how to:   Monitor and repair ...


Nourishing the Teacher: Inquiries, Contemplations and Insights on the Path of Yoga
Danny Arguetty

Nourish Your Light, 2009

Nourishing the Teacher is a rich resource for teachers of yoga wanting to incorporate dynamic language and inspirational themes into their classes. Drawing upon the vast intelligence of Tantric yoga philosophy, nature, and ancient cultures the text provides a creative springboard to construct richer classes and more fulfilling personal practice sessions. The book is divided into five primary sections including the Gifts of Embodiment, the ...


The Right Questions: Ten Inquiries to Transform Your Life
Debbie Ford

Hodder Mobius, 2003

We all have life goals, but why is it that so many of us struggle to fulfil them? Because we tell ourselves we're committed to realising our goal but a moment's weakness leads us to make decisions that push us in the wrong direction. Debbie Ford believes she has found the solution to making us aware of our decisions: the right questions. She hopes the book will inspire you to take the right action and steer your life in the direction you want. ...


Our Secret Territory: The Essence of Storytelling (Culture Tools)
Laura Simms

Sentient Publications, 2011

Laura Simms is an acclaimed storyteller whom The New York Times has called a major force in the revival of storytelling in America. Laura's way of telling a story allows the mind of the listener to rest in a realm of imagination beyond thought, and stimulates its faculties of kindness and relationship. In this book she examines the spiritual and social aspects of storytelling, and its process of engagement.


The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry
J. Allen Hynek

Da Capo Press, 1998

Cited by the New York Review of Books as "the best brief for visitation," this classic study presents an analysis of UFO reports and concludes that many sightings cannot be easily dismissed.


Inquiry into Life
Sylvia Mader, Michael Windelspecht

McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math, 2013

Basic biological concepts and processes with a human emphasis. From the unique delivery of biology content, to the time tested art program, to the complete integration of the text with technology, Dr. Sylvia Mader has formed a teaching system that will both motivate and enable your students to understand and appreciate the wonders of all areas of biology. Inquiry into Life , 14/e emphasizes the application of all areas of biology to ...


The Pleiadians

The Center for Creativity & Inquiry, 2011

This work of fiction is disturbingly close to today's reality! Shortly after the arrival of the Pleiadian, John, Dr. Bill Bradley learns that he has been chosen to lead the Quest -- the transformation of Planet Earth -- from the brink of self-destruction to peaceful co-existence. This transformation also means a dramatic redistribution in the world's balance of power, domination and wealth. Powerful forces oppose such a change and set in motion ...


Maximizing Lead Generation: The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers (Que Biz-Tech)
Ruth P. Stevens

Que Publishing, 2011

The Hands-On, Up-to-the-Minute Guide to Generating Better-Qualified, Quicker-to-Close B2B Leads!   Lead generation is “Job One”: B2B marketers’ single most important objective. Maximizing Lead Generation brings together everything you need to know to do it right. Fast-paced and 100% practical, it will help you achieve outstanding results in any B2B marketplace—from enterprise technology to industrial equipment to ...


Interviewing as Qualitative Research: A Guide for Researchers in Education and the Social Sciences, 4th Ed.

Teachers College Press, 2012

Now in its fourth edition, this popular book provides clear, step-by-step guidance for new and experienced interviewers to develop, shape, and reflect on interviewing as a qualitative research process. Using concrete examples of interviewing techniques to illustrate the issues under discussion, this classic text helps readers to understand the complexities of interviewing and its connections to broader issues of qualitative research. The text ...


Consciousness Is Everything: The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism

Shaktipat Press, 2012

Consciousness is the most intimate experience of life, the essence of life itself. Among the many spiritual traditions born and developed in India, one ancient philosophy - Kashmmir Shaivism - has expored it completely. Until now, Kashmir Shaivism was an esoteric field accessible only to a few scholars and other specialists. Here for the first time, Swami Shankarananda, a self realised spiritual master, presents the wisdom of this powerful ...


Nonfiction Matters: Reading, Writing, and Research in Grades 3-8
Stephanie Harvey

Stenhouse Publishers, 1998

When we open the gates to nonfiction inquiry, we open our thinking and expect the unexpected, making reading discoveries, research discoveries, and writing discoveries on our way. Nonfiction Matters offers teachers the tools to help students explore nonfiction and dig deep to reach more complete understanding of the real world and report these insights in a compelling manner. Stephanie Harvey shows how students can read expository text, ...


Look At Yourself

SilentHeart Press, 2011

John Sherman presents a clear and coherent view of the actual problem that makes human life seem so unsatisfying, and suggests a simple and revolutionary method to bring an end to dissatisfaction and misery once and for all. This method is so simple that it requires nothing of you but the willingness to look within and notice yourself from time to time, whenever it occurs to you to do so. Like many of us, John spent most of his life believing ...


Man for Himself: An Inquiry into the Psychology of Ethics (Routledge Classics)
Erich Fromm

Routledge, 2003

Erich Fromm fought long and hard for the rights and freedoms of the individual. He also recognized that fundamental to this pursuit is the promotion of self-knowledge. In encouraging people to analyze their own behavior, Fromm identified the crucial link between psychology and ethics that underpins all our actions. Moreover, he saw in this a way out of the meaningless impasse which he regarded as the plight of the modern human race. The task ...



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