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Canoe Rig: The Essence and the Art: Sailpower for Antique and Traditional Canoes
Todd Bradshaw

WoodenBoat Publications, 2001

You are about to enter a unique world--one of bold, intriguing illustrations and detailed, solid information. It's a world of that will spark your desire to re-examine how the wind might best move your boat. And it will open your eyes to sail and rig configurations you may have never seen. Open this book, and be prepared to travel, sometimes for hours on end. Enjoy a world that comes from the mind and hand of a sailmaker with a gift for teaching ...


Paddle Pilgrim: An adventure of learning and spirit, kayaking the Mississippi River

David Ellingson, 2013

“It had been on my bucket-list since I was a boy and read Huck Finn,” reports Dave Ellingson, college professor and pastor, who paddled the entire Mississippi River in his kayak during the summer of 2012. Paddle Pilgrim chronicles this “adventure of a lifetime” and recounts experiences from basking in a sublime sunset in Minnesota to dancing with a snake on an Arkansas sandbar. In addition to painting a kaleidoscope of vivid word ...


Florida Keys Paddling Atlas (Paddling Series)
Bill Burnham, Mary Burnham, ...

Falcon Guides, 2007

The Florida Keys Paddling Atlas, a first of its kind detailed color atlas of the Florida Keys, from Key Largo to Key West, is specifically designed for paddlers, fly fishers, snorkelers, and other small craft water enthusiasts interested in shallow water exploration. Color charts for this atlas are fully annotated with key put-ins, take-outs, paddle friendly marinas, hidden waterways, bird watching, fishing spots, surf spots, and more. Other ...


Arrowhead Adventures The Ultimate Guide to Indian Artifact Hunting

William Bauer, 2013

Become an expert artifact hunter regardless of your experience level. Learn how to locate Indian camps, find arrowheads, and document your finds with photos. This comprehensive guide includes stories of arrowhead hunts and in-situ pictures of personal finds. 14 surface hunting and 5 digging techniques. 88 color photos. Available as hard copy on my website wheretofindarrowheads. Arrowhead hunters are collecting what money cannot buy; ...



Brushy Mountain Publishing, 2013

"A new breed of action thriller!" When risking your life for thrills gets old, some things are still worth dying for... Adventurer, expert kayaker, and professional river guide Chip Wilson is wrestling with the recent death of his best friend in a kayaking accident when he’s hired to train a team of former Navy SEALs for the whitewater rafting portion of an adventure race. But when he learns the team is secretly training for a covert mission ...


Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir

eLectio Publishing, 2014

Jim Landwehr and his brothers pursue their love of the outdoors by tackling some of the country's most remote terrain, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. While encountering crazed loons, widow-making portages, and temperamental automobiles, they also discover more about each other and their long deceased father. In recent years, with a desire to instill their love of the area into their own children, they include them in their voyages, and the ...


Without a Paddle: Racing Twelve Hundred Miles Around Florida by Sea Kayak
Warren Richey

St. Martin's Press, 2010

As far as Warren Richey knew, his life was on course. A reporter with a beautiful wife and talented son, Richey couldn’t imagine how it could be any better....Then his marriage falls apart and he can’t imagine how it could be any worse. The divorce leaves Richey questioning everything, while struggling to find a way forward. To get his bearings, he enters the first Ultimate Florida Challenge, an all-out twelve-hundred-mile kayak race ...


Broke, Hungry, and Happy: The Life of Extreme Kayaker, Dave Norell

Aloha Publishing, 2014

Feel the adrenalin rush as Dave Norell plunges over huge waterfalls, gets lost in the Philippine jungles, and experiences carnage in Costa Rica. In need of medical attention, Dave and his extreme kayaking friends trudge through waist-high sugar cane fields full of poisonous snakes, in search of a road that hasn't been washed out by recent flood-waters. Dave and fellow kayakers travel throughout Idaho, British Columbia, other parts of Canada and ...


Paddling Eastern North Carolina
Paul G. Ferguson

Pocosin Press, 2007

"Paddling Eastern North Carolina" is an expanded and updated second edition guidebook to canoeing and kayaking rivers, creeks, and swamps of eastern North Carolina. From exciting whitewater of the Piedmont foothills to quiet blackwater of the Coastal Plain, the guidebook includes over 3,200 miles of paddling trips on 97 streams. The trips are selected from over three-quarters of North Carolina from the Yadkin-Pee Dee Basin to the coast: Some ...


Sea Kayaking Illustrated
John Robison

McGraw-Hill, 2003


Paddling North
Audrey Sutherland

Patagonia Books, 2012

In a tale remarkable for its quiet confidence and acute natural observation, the author of Paddling Hawaii begins with her decision, at age 60, to undertake a solo, summer-long voyage along the southeast coast of Alaska in an inflatable kayak. Paddling North is a compilation of Sutherland’s first two (of over 20) such annual trips and her day-by-day travels through the Inside Passage from Ketchikan to Skagway. With illustrations and the ...


In the Wake of the Jomon: Stone Age Mariners and a Voyage Across the Pacific
Jon Turk

International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press, 2005

The thrilling account of an extraordinary journey in the tradition of Kon-Tiki . In 1996 a 9,500-year-old skeleton was found beside the Columbia River, galvanizing anthropologists with the possibility that prehistoric humans reached North America from Asia by crossing the ocean in small open boats. In this compelling narrative, world-class kayaker and science writer Jon Turk relates his successful attempt to re-create this perilous ...


Kayak: The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique
William Nealy

Menasha Ridge Press, 1986

Kayak: The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique is an outdoor classic for all of those who want to live on the edge, but safely. Complete with all the details to enhance your whitewater experience, Kayak is a great resource for learning new skills for intermediate and advanced kayakers and learning rescue basics. Plus, all of this is explained in easy-to-read and understand illustrations that are as funny as they are ...


Frommer's Alaska 2001
Charles P. Wohlforth

Frommers, 2000

Experience a place the way the locals do. Enjoy the best it has to offer. And avoid tourist traps. At Frommer's, we use 150 outspoken travel experts around the world to help you make the right choices. Frommer's. Your guide to a world of travel experience. Choose the Only Guide That Gives You: Outspoken opinions on what's worth your time and what's not. Exact prices, so you can plan the perfect trip no matter what your budget. ...


Kayak: The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique
William Nealy

Menasha Ridge Press, 1986

Veteran kayaker William Nealy shares his twelve years of whitewater experience in this unique intermediate and advanced instructional manual. Learn how to execute three types of rolls, how to read rapids, how to run rapids safely, and much more. In Kayak - The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique, the emphasis is on practical survival paddling. Over 180 pages of animation show the reader everything he or she needs to ...


Ballpark Mysteries #7: The San Francisco Splash

Random House Books for Young Readers, 2013

Time for a seventh-inning stretch! The San Francisco Splash is book #7 in our early chapter book mystery series, where each book is set in a different American ballpark!    Splash! A hit soars over the walls of the San Francisco ballpark on the bay and drops into the water. But then Mike and Kate hear another, much larger splash nearby . . . and this time it's not a baseball. It's a man overboard! And when he's pulled from the water, the ...


This Water Goes North
Dennis Weidemann

Manitenahk Books, 2008

From the tranquil farmland waters of Minnesota to the treacherous wilderness rapids of Manitoba, four young men in two old canoes experience an adventure that every kid talks about, but few take. With leaky tents, little experience, and no TV cameras or big-time sponsors, the lads set out in 1979 to paddle 1,400 miles north to Hudson Bay. Why? Why not! Driven by a youthful sense of adventure, they took the chance of a lifetime just to see what ...


Paddling Iowa: 128 Outstanding Journeys by Canoe and Kayak
Nate Hoogeveen

Otter Run Media, 2012

River people know Iowa as the sweet stuff in the middle - a verdant land of sinuous streams snaking between the continent's two greatest rivers. Since 2004, this book has helped thousands of new and seasoned paddlers discover new waters, plan trips, avoid hazards, understand fluctuating water levels, navigate shuttle routes on roads and trails, and find canoe rentals. Discover Iowa's rivers, and you are guaranteed to look at Iowa in a whole new ...


Missouri River 340 First Time Finisher, ...

Stephen Jackson, 2013

The Missouri River 340 (MR340), known as the longest non-stop canoe and kayak race in the world, is rated as one of the top 100 American adventures by National Geographic. Covering 340 exhausting miles of the mighty Missouri River, only two-thirds of those paddlers starting in Kansas City, MO finish in St. Charles four days later. What does it take in equipment, training and strategy to complete a race this tough? “Missouri River 340 First ...


Fodor's Kauai (Full-color Travel Guide)

Fodor's, 2012

Expanded Coverage: This new edition features expanded beach coverage, with “Best For” rankings that help travelers choose the perfect beach. Illustrated Features: Learn all about visiting iconic Napali Coast by land, sea, or air. Other illustrated features teach travelers about geology and the birth of the islands, snorkeling tips, and Hawaii’s unique culture, from lei to luau to hula. Indispensable Trip Planning Tools: Top ...



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