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The Cross and the Switchblade
David Wilkerson, Elizabeth Sherrill, ...

Jove, 1986

A young preacher from the Pennsylvania hills comes to New York City and influences troubled teenagers with his inspirational message.


Origami to Astonish and Amuse
Jeremy Shafer

St. Martin's Griffin, 2001

Imagine folding a piece of paper into nail clippers that really work, or a Swiss Army knife that actually opens, or a surfer on a wave that crashes when the surfer is slid forward...There's no need to imagine-this is for real! In Origami to Astonish and Amuse Jeremy Shafer has taken the art of paper folding in an entirely new direction. Filled with hundreds of entertaining models and folding ideas, ranging from amazingly simple to ...


Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, and Pork: The Comprehensive Photographic Guide to Humane Slaughtering ...
Adam Danforth

Storey Publishing, LLC, 2014

Using detailed, step-by-step photography of every stage of the process, Adam Danforth shows you exactly how to humanely slaughter and butcher chickens and other poultry, rabbits, sheep, pigs, and goats. From creating the right pre-slaughter conditions to killing, skinning, keeping cold, breaking the meat down, and creating cuts of meat you’ll recognize from the market, Danforth walks you through every step, leaving nothing to chance. He also ...


Sushi: Taste and Techniques
Kimiko Barber, Hiroki Takemura

DK, 2002

This beautifully illustrated guide will enable readers to master and appreciate the art of sushi. The quintessential book for any sushi lover, Sushi: Taste and Technique shows you all you need to know about this exceptionally delicious and healthy cuisine, how to locate the freshest ingredients, how to use the right equipment, and how to master the etiquette of eating sushi correctly. From makizushi to hand rolls to vegetarian versions, this ...


Betty Crocker Bisquick Impossibly Easy Pies: Pies that Magically Bake Their Own Crust
Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker, 2004

Make tasty dinners and desserts easy as pie! Do you have a box of Bisquick on your shelf? Why not whip up tempting home-baked pies that are impossibly easy and impossibly delicious? These pies magically make their own crust, and they're a hit with kids and adults alike. Whether filled with ground beef, chicken, cheese, vegetables, or fruit, they're perfect any night of the week-great after work or for casual get-togethers and potluck suppers. ...


The Zwilling J. A. Henckels Complete Book of Knife Skills: The Essential Guide to Use, Techniques and Care
Jeffrey Elliot, James P DeWan

Robert Rose, 2010

The definitive book on knife skills from the knife manufacturer recognized worldwide as the symbol of the best quality and function. Every home chef needs a knife skills book. Cooks who know how to choose a knife, how to maintain it and how to use it properly work more safely, more quickly and more efficiently. Good knife skills also allow a cook to cut ingredients uniformly, allowing everything to cook at the same rate and creating the ...


Coffey's Hands (The Green Mile, Part 3)
Stephen King

Signet, 1996

Paul Coffey, the brutal killer of two girls, reveals something extraordinary, and life on the Green Mile will never be the same again.


The Black Stallion (F-1)
Walter Farley

Random House Pub, 1968

Hardcover Publisher: Random House; Copyrite renew edition (1968)


Secret Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines with the Elite Warriors of SOG
John L. Plaster

NAL, 2005

SOG was a secret operations force in Vietnam, the forerunner of today's Delta Force and Navy SEALs. Exceptionally skilled Green Berets, they were the most highly decorated unit in the war. Always outnumbered—often by as much as 100 to 1—SOG commandos matched wits in the most dangerous environments with an unrelenting foe that hunted them with trackers and dogs. Ten entire teams disappeared and another fourteen were annihilated. In Secret ...


Knife Music
David Carnoy

ParkMadison Press, 2008

Tense and twisting, Knife Music is the story of a doctor struggling to clear his name after being accused of raping and causing the suicide of a young girl. The novel pits Dr. Ted Cogan, a 43-year-old surgeon and self-described womanizer, against Hank Madden, a handicapped veteran detective. From the outset it’s not clear who is victim and who is victimizer, as the usually dispassionate Madden grapples with his long-suppressed prejudices and ...


Surviving Armed Assaults: A Martial Artists Guide to Weapons, Street Violence, and Countervailing Force
Lawrence A. Kane

Ymaa Publication Center, 2006

Fair Fight? Not likely. Least of all from a criminal who is looking to make a quick profit at your expense. A sad fact is that weapon-wielding thugs victimize 1,773,000 citizens every year in the United States alone. Even martial artists are not immune from this deadly threat. Consequently, self-defense training that does not consider the very real possibility of an armed attack is dangerously incomplete. Whether you live in the city or ...


Acrylic Illuminations: Reflective and Luminous Acrylic Painting Techniques
Nancy Reyner

North Light Books, 2013

50 dazzling techniques...for work that shines above the rest! From the author of the best-selling books Acrylic Revolution and Acrylic Innovation , this book blazes new creative territory with 50 techniques that harness the artistic power of light. Ranging from subtle glazing on metal leaf, to pearly sheens, to boldly colored optical effects and glossy surfboard finishes, these approaches represent the most requested aspects of Nancy ...


Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run Book and 3 DVD Set Bundle
Alton Brown

Food Network, 2008

Collection includes Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run hardcover book and Feasting on Asphalt - The Complete Second Season: The River Run 3 DVD set. Alton Brown and his crew are mounting their steely steeds once again and scouring the American landscape for honest road food. This time they will trace America's first superhighway: the Mississippi from the Gulf of Mexico to its Minnesota birthplace. The complete second season is available in ...


Relief Carving Projects & Techniques (Best of WCI): Expert Advice and 37 All-Time Favorite Projects and ...
Editors of Woodcarving Illustrated

Fox Chapel Publishing, 2011

Tried and true relief woodcarving projects and patterns to create an assortment of compelling carvings for the home and beyond.


Scott Pilgrim Color Volume 2: Vs. The World

Oni Press, 2012

Scott Pilgrim has two girls on the go. When he's with Knives Chau, he feels he can erase the past and start over. When he's with Ramona Flowers, he's ready to accept all that and grow up. But Ramona comes with baggage--SEVEN EVIL EX-BOYFRIENDS, each eager to challenge Scott for the right to date her. What happens when Knives and Ramona meet? Which girl will he choose? And why, oh why, can't the past stay past? The SCOTT PILGRIM epic continues in ...


Matt Archer: Legend (Volume 3)
Kendra C. Highley

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

When Matt Archer was fourteen, he was chosen—by a magic, spirit-inhabited knife—to hunt monsters with a special paranormal division of the Army. When he was fifteen, he was thrown into a global war the rest of the world didn’t know existed. Now Matt’s sixteen and the war has cost him more than he ever thought it would. He’s also learned that the knife-spirits have an agenda he doesn’t totally agree with. The only problem? The spirits ...


Matt Archer: Blade's Edge (Volume 2)
Kendra C. Highley

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

Book 2 in the Matt Archer series When Matt Archer was fourteen, he discovered monsters are real. As if that wasn't enough to go on for a few decades, Matt also found out that he'd been chosen to hunt those monsters--with a sentient, supernatural knife. Now fifteen, Matt has spent the last year working with a clandestine military unit, trying to rid the world of monsters, demons and other vicious creatures, all while keeping it a secret from ...


Complete Book of Woodcarving: Everything You Need to Know to Master the Craft
Everett Ellenwood

Fox Chapel Publishing, 2008

Brimming with expert instruction and nine attractive projects, you'll learn all about carving styles, techniques, tools, wood, and much more! This comprehensive reference covers every classic style along and power carving too. Includes 9 projects and a helpful resource section.


With A Vengeance, 2010

Marcus Wynne is back…WITH A VENGEANCE. The best-selling author of NO OTHER OPTION, WARRIOR IN THE SHADOWS, and BROTHERS IN ARMS returns with his first novel in six years. Hunter James, a Federal Air Marshal scarred by his close quarters battle preventing the first domestic hijacking since 9/11, takes us on the ultimate insider's journey through the world of aviation security and counter-terrorism. This is the book the Transportation ...


Japanese Throwing Weapons: Mastering Shuriken Throwing Techniques (Downloadable Media Included)

Tuttle Publishing, 2012

Japanese Throwing Weapons is a detailed instruction manual for learning authentic shuriken throwing techniques as practiced in Japan. Daniel Fletcher studied under Japan's most notable shuriken sensei, Yasuyuki Otsuka , of the Meifu Shinkage Ryu and in this book he reveals the secrets learned in his years of study and training. Fletcher explains the origins and purpose of the shuriken as a weapon and provides information on the various ...



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