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Belle of Charleston (Southern Legacy Book 1), 2014

Set against the backdrop of Antebellum Charleston with the martial clash of brother against brother looming on the horizon--here is an absorbing, tantalizing saga of life during one of our country's most turbulent times--Southern Legacy Series. Belle of Charleston, Book One In a world of pageantry and show, the Montgomery family accepts the way of life that has been antebellum Charleston for over a hundred years. Two cousins, the handsome ...


LEGACY, Book 4: Trial and Terror
Warren Murphy, Gerald Welch

Destroyer Books, 2014

Marcus Eames is the world’s most dangerous spy. Cold, calculating, and utterly ruthless, he is feared by nations the world over. Everyone who has tried to catch him has died…painfully. But now that his small homeland of Nauru has revoked his citizenship, he is a spy without a country — and his skills are up for sale to the highest bidder. When a terrorist cell wants to destroy the power grid of the United States, Marcus is more than ...


Legacy (Thaumatology Book 3), 2011

All Ceridwyn Brent wants is a normal life, well, as normal as it gets when you are the only living sorceress in the world, your lover is a half-succubus, and you have a werewolf for a mate. Work is keeping her busy enough; she is trying to capitalise on her research with her boss by building a power generator which uses magic to generate electricity, and she has a PhD thesis interview to get through so she can finally be Doctor Brent. Then ...


Legacy: A Novel
Danielle Steel

Dell, 2011

First time in paperback! This compelling, centuries-spanning novel brilliantly interweaves the lives of two women—a writer working in the heart of modern academia and a daring young Sioux Indian on an incredible journey in the eighteenth century. The result is an unforgettable story of courage in the face of the unknown.   LEGACY   At the age of thirty-eight, Brigitte Nicholson has a job she likes, a man she loves, and a book she’s ...


The Legacy Journey: A Radical View of Biblical Wealth and Generosity
Dave Ramsey

Ramsey Press, 2014

* Web Description Dave Ramsey shares Biblical wisdom on the legacy we build with our wealth. What does the Bible really say about money? About wealth? How much does God expect you to give to others? How does wealth affect your friendships, marriage, and children? How much is “enough”? There’s a lot of bad information in our culture today about wealth—and the wealthy. Worse, there’s a growing backlash in America against our most ...


Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift
James Dobson

FaithWords, 2014

We live in a culture that seeks to destroy the embryonic faith of our children and usher them into politically correct ideology, godless systems of belief, and gross immorality that would have shocked previous generations. This is what confronts today's Christian parents and many of them are terrified of it. We live in truly perilous times. But the good news is there is a way you can be victorious in this battle for the hearts, minds, and ...


Legacy : A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Personal History
Linda Spence

Swallow Press, 1997

In this practical guide to capturing those memories that have been stored away, Linda Spence provides the questions that are the keys to unlocking the memories that make up a life.Beyond the vital statistics are the personal stories that tell what it was like, what we did, and why we did it, how we feel about our choices, and what our circumstances were. Through encouraging coaching, shared memories, and open-ended questions, the process of ...


Legacy: Legacy of the Mist Clans Box Set

Dragonbourne Publishing, 2014

Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Legacy of the Mist Clans Box Set is being offered at an insanely low introductory price! Four full length novels for less than the normal cost of one. But hurry this special price won't last long. Featured are Mist Warrior, Demon Laird, Shadowed Hawk, and the brand new Highlander's Hope. Everything has been reformatted and updated especially for this boxed set. Get yours today! Mist ...


Legacy - 15 Lessons in Leadership: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life
James Kerr

Constable, 2013

Champions do extra. They sweep the sheds. They follow the spearhead. They keep a blue head. They are good ancestors. In Legacy, best-selling author James Kerr goes deep into the heart of the world's most successful sporting team, the legendary All Blacks of New Zealand, to reveal 15 powerful and practical lessons for leadership and business. Legacy is a unique, inspiring handbook for leaders in all fields, and asks: What are the secrets of ...


Legacy (Love's Legacy)

Little Fox, 2013

Catherine Denton spends five years in lonely exile because of her friendship with Wild Ryde, a notorious rake old enough to be her father. When her real father, the Earl of Trenwich, dies, she fears her life will become even more bleak, but he leaves her a fortune. As a wealthy heiress, she can rejoin polite society and have her pick of husbands. But the one man she wants is Wild Ryde's very proper son. Andrew St. John, sixth Marquess of ...


Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People
Harry Ostrer

Oxford University Press, 2012

Who are the Jews--a race, a people, a religious group? For over a century, non-Jews and Jews alike have tried to identify who they were--first applying the methods of physical anthropology and more recently of population genetics. In Legacy , Harry Ostrer, a medical geneticist and authority on the genetics of the Jewish people, explores not only the history of these efforts, but also the insights that genetics has provided about the ...


The Tesla Legacy (Joe Tesla Series Book 2)

Rebecca Cantrell, 2015

In New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Cantrell's sequel to the award-winning The World Beneath, software genius, Joe Tesla, confronts an equally brilliant and far more powerful foe. Still crippled by agoraphobia and confined to the tunnels under New York City, Joe is haunted by the fact that he cannot even attend his father's funeral. His father’s death brings threats to the safety of Joe's underground home: guilt over the broken ...


The Legacy: Legend of Drizzt, Book VII (The Legend of Drizzt)
R.A. Salvatore

Wizards of the Coast, 2008

A new mass market edition of the New York Times best-selling sword and sorcery classic, The Legacy is Drizzt at his scimitar-wielding best! Having found a measure of peace among the dwarves in the reclaimed Mithral Hall, Drizzt begins to know contentment for perhaps the first time in his tumultuous life. But for a dark elf renegade from a city ruled by priestesses of a demon goddess, no peace can long last. It is Lolth herself, the dreaded ...


Bedding the Billionaire (Book 3) (Legacy Collection)

Ruth Cardello, 2013

New York Times Bestseller! Book 3: Bedding the Billionaire (Legacy Collection) Lil Dartley’s life is upside down. Her previously steadfast and predictable sister is marrying an influential billionaire and needs help planning the wedding of the century in less than a month. Years of middle class rebellion have not prepared Lil for handling billionaires or paparazzi. Jake Walton knows a train wreck when he sees one. Lil was trouble from the ...


Sander and Chey: Legacy

Wildbloom Press, 2014

Note: This book is meant to be read after the Royals series, books 1-5. * * * After an unexpected demand from a neighboring king, Sander Ahtissari is forced to make a choice that could mean the life or death of his people. A blatant threat to his kingdom involves danger not just to the citizens of Latvala, but to his immediate family. Sander stands to lose it all: his children, the love of his life, and his legacy. Find out whether the ...


Legacy (Private, Book 6)
Kate Brian

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2008

The price of power... After Cheyenne Martin's death, everyone at Easton Academy is struggling to recover from yet another tragedy--especially the girls of Billings Hall. With Cheyenne gone, they need to elect a new leader. And who better than Reed Brennan, the ultimate Billings Girls? As the new Billings president, Reed suddenly has access to power she never imagined. Gossip is reported to her immediately, she has first dibs on ...


A Cold Legacy (Madman's Daughter)
Megan Shepherd

Balzer + Bray, 2015

With inspiration from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein , this breathless conclusion to the Madman's Daughter trilogy—perfect for fans of Libba Bray—explores the things we'll sacrifice to save those we love . . . even our own humanity. After killing the men who tried to steal her father's research, Juliet—along with Montgomery, Lucy, Balthazar, and a deathly ill Edward—has escaped to a remote estate on the Scottish moors. Owned by the ...


Legacy Of The Golden Wielder: A Novella Prequel to the Void Wielder Trilogy, 2015

In planet of Va’siel, there exist beings who can control basic elements like fire, mind, void, and, water. Some even have power over advanced elements like poison, space, and lightning. These gifted people are known as element wielders. But times are changing. For reasons unknown, no earth wielder has been born in over one hundred years. Without an earth wielder to keep balance, the planet has undergone a scorch. Food is scarce. Plants no ...


Shadows of Magnolia (Southern Legacy Book 2), 2015

Set against the backdrop of Antebellum Charleston with the martial clash of brother against brother looming on the horizon--here is an absorbing, tantalizing saga of life during one of our country's most turbulent times--Southern Legacy Series. Shadows of Magnolia, Book Two Somewhere between love and tomorrow is forever ! Josephine Buchanan Wright is forced apart from the man she loves. She has chosen the path of honor and duty, ...


Jayne Ann Krentz

Severn House Publishers, 2013

Honor Mayfield was about to walk into a trap. Her chance meeting with Conn Landry was no stroke of luck - he had cleverly set her up a long time ago . . . As a member of the thoroughbred horse-racing set in California, Conn was well-respected. But Honor was about to discover the real man beneath the controlled exterior. Too late she realized she was falling for someone who was seeking to avenge a legacy of murder and betrayal. A piece of her ...



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