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Homer Laughlin: Decades of Dinnerware, With Price Guide
Bob Page, Dale Frederiksen, ...

Replacements, Ltd., 2003

This book contains more than 3,700 Homer Laughlin dinnerware patterns in full color, plus hundreds of additional photographs, advertisements, pamphlets, and the history of The Homer Laughlin China Company and its dinnerware. Represented are dinnerware patterns from pre-1900 to current Fiesta® patterns and everything in between. Piece type lists and drawings of each shape are included, as well as a visual index to help identify the shape of your ...


Collector's Encyclopedia Depression Glass (Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass)
Gene Florence, Cathy Florence

Collector Books, 2003

Gene Florence now presents this completely revised 16th edition, with the previous 133 patterns and 11 additional patterns, to make this the most complete reference to date. With the assistance of several nationally known dealers, this book illustrates, as well as realistically prices, items in demand. Dealing primarily with the glass made from the 1920s through the end of the 1930s, this beautiful reference book contains stunning color ...


Getting Political: Stories of a Woman Mayor
Joan Darrah, Alice Crozier

Quill Driver Books, 2002

At the age of fifty-four, Joan Darrah was elected mayor of Stockton, California, a city of a quarter of a million people located in the middle of California's huge Central Valley. She had never held elective office. She had not even been to many city council meetings before she declared her candidacy. The product of a conservative business family, the sorority scene at the University of California, Berkeley, and the somewhat genteel world of ...


SPAM: A Biography: The Amazing True Story of America's "Miracle Meat!"
Carolyn Wyman

Mariner Books, 1999

Over sixty years ago, when meat was bought from a butcher, Jay Hormel's idea for pork in a can was nothing short of revolutionary. How in the world (and why in the world) did he do it? In nine highly engaging and entertaining chapters, complete with over 200 illustrations and photos, author and Spam-fan Carolyn Wyman traces the unbelievable success story of this one-of-a-kind, all-American, all-pork product, including: Spam's place in history, ...


The Hazel-Atlas Glass: Identification and Value Guide
Gene Florence, Cathy Florence

Collector Books, 2004

The Hazel-Atlas Company was established in Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1902 as a result of the merger of the Hazel Glass Company and the neighboring Atlas Glass and Metal Company. Though its corporate offices were located in Wheeling, West Virginia, Hazel-Atlas factories produced machine-made pressed glass throughout the U.S., including Oakland, California; Buffalo, New York; and Ada, Oklahoma. Gene and Cathy Florence, America's leading ...


Wall Street: Financial Capital
Robert Gambee

Robert Gambee, 2002

The most complete profile of the world's greatest financial center—celebrating the beauty, strength, and resiliency of an extraordinary community. On September 11, 2001, the face of Wall Street was tragically scarred, but its spirit remains undaunted. Behind the noble buildings and long-established firms are the men and women who constitute the financial world. These are the souls who have resolved to maintain the greatest financial center ...


Elegant Glassware Of The Depression Era: Identification and Value Guide
Gene Florence, Cathy Florence, ...

Collector Books, 2004

This eleventh edition holds more than 100 new photographs, listings, and updated values. Featured is the handmade and acid-etched glassware that was sold in department and jewelry stores from the Depression era through the 1950s, not the dimestore and giveaway items known as Depression glass. As always, glassware authorities Gene and Cathy Florence have added many new discoveries, 12 additional patterns, and re-photographed many items from the ...


An Insider's Guide to the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend
Katrina Rasbold

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

A must have for all fans of the iconic soap opera, General Hospital! This book provides one-of-a-kind photos and stories from behind the scenes of the premier GH event of the year. Without a doubt, there is NO greater General Hospital fan event than the General Hospital Fan Club weekend held each year in Studio City, California. Katrina Rasbold, the author of An Insider's Guide to the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend has not only been involved ...


Last Dinner On the Titanic: Menus and Recipes from the Great Liner
Rick Archbold, Dana McCauley

Hyperion, 1997

A cookbook designed to recreate the atmosphere of dining on the famous, doomed luxury liner serves up such recipes as Lobster Thermidor, Quail's Eggs in Aspic with Caviar, and Poached Salmon with Dilled Mousseline Sauce and Cucumber.


WOW! Lynn's Menu Collection
Lynn Wolter

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Need inspiration for a delicious meal?/b> Select one of Lynn’s menus as suggested for the season, holiday or your occasion - recipes included.
 Recipes Coordinated with Menus Lynn assembled the menus from favorite recipes that were extracted from magazines, websites, other books and hand-written notes passed from friends and relatives. 169 great recipes make up 36 tried and proven menu combinations.   Short Articles with Fun Facts ...


A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband with Bettina's Best Recipes
Louise Bennett Weaver Helen Cowles LeCron

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic, timeless works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.


Favorite Paris Bistros Twenty-first Century Edition
Robert Seass, Michele Seass

Best Bistros & Brasseries, 2002

Savoring the renown cuisine of France should be one of the high-points of any trip to Paris. Unfortunately, many travel guides give their top ratings to deluxe "temples" of haute cuisine that most travelers will find stuffy, intimidating and - even with the strong dollar - incredibly expensive. Conversely, the low-priced brasserie/cafés that can be found on almost every street corner are fine places to stop for a drink but generally serve ...


A Thousand Ways to Please A Husband: With Bettina's Best Recipes
Louise Bennett Weaver, Helen Cowles Lecron

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband With Bettina's Best Recipes A Complete and Brand New Copy of this Timeless Classic By Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles Lecron ‘Hilarious, jovial and real great read’ Interspersed with recipes to please a husband. "And now comes the dessert. The chocolate ice cream was served in small flower pots lined with waxed paper, and in each flower pot grew a miniature Christmas ...


Your LDS Wedding Planner: A Guide to a Stunning Wedding
Ann Louise Peterson

Cedar Fort, Inc., 2012

Plan the perfect start to your new life with practical, informed, and witty advice. Find step-by-step answers to all your wedding planning needs in one spot---with a bit of humor to help you relax for the big day. From Who pays for what? to What should go in my just-in-case bag, get your planning on track to make your wedding less stressful and more joyful.


Frank and Joey Eat Lunch
Arthur Yorinks, Maurice Sendak

Harpercollins Childrens Books, 1996

Meet Frank and Joey, two goofy construction workers who can't stay out of trouble! As Frank and Joey do their jobs on top of a tall building, the most hilarious mishaps always seem to come their way. Maurice Sendak and Arthur Yorinks are co-founders of The Night Kitchen, a theatre company devoted to children. Full color.


Ronald Reagan in Quotations: A Topical Dictionary, with Sources, of the Presidential Years
Ronald Reagan

McFarland, 2011

President Ronald Reagan's folksy way with words and evocative delivery earned him the moniker "The Great Communicator." From witty political challenges like "Go ahead, make my day" to legendary international demands such as "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," Reagan's idioms have become engrained in America's historical lexicon. This encyclopedic compilation gathers nearly 2500 quotations from speeches and other public addresses that Reagan ...


Finishing Touches: A Guide to Being Poised, Polished, and Beautifully Prepared for Life
Anne Oliver

Argo-Navis, 2012

Based on the curriculum of the internationally acclaimed Atlanta finishing school, L’Ecole des Ingénues, and written by a woman well versed in fashion and contemporary etiquette, this engaging book offers a personalized program designed to help you reach your highest potential. From the flattering use of cosmetics to the fine art of conversation, from designing a dinner party to selecting the right volunteer or civil affiliation for you, here ...


Going Home: A Troop's Guide for Successfully Transitioning to the 'Real World'
William H Bishop

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

Transitioning from the military to the civilian world is a challenge. In this book, former Chief Petty Officer Bishop identifies a plan to translate military jargon into coherent data that be listed on a resume or business plan. He provides simple techniques to develop networking skills that will last a lifetime.


Short Stories of William Somerset Maugham, Volume 3

Audio Connoisseur, 2012

William Somerset Maugham (1874 - 1965) took his reading material quite seriously. He said, "When I read a book, I seem to read it with my eyes only. But now and then I come across a passage, perhaps only a phrase, which has a meaning for me, and it becomes part of me." Maugham's work has certainly become a part of millions of his fans today. To judge by his short story masterpieces, it was in the tiny crevasses and pinched corners of humanity ...



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