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The Matterhorn - The Most Dangerous Mountain

Alpine Avenue Books, 2013

No other mountain in the world is as fascinating as the Matterhorn. Since the dramatic first ascent in 1865, the drama and the myths have created a unique interest in this mountain, which has probably caused the deaths of more mountaineers than any other. Each year, thousands of climbers attempt to reach the summit, but only one in five succeeds. And every season, the mountain claims the lives of ten to twenty climbers. Steffen Kjaer describes ...


Hoover Wilderness Region Trail Map: Twin Lakes, Lundy Lake, Bridgeport, Green Creek, Virginia Lakes, Buckeye ...
Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison Maps, 2010

Shaded relief map, complete UTM Grid and GPS Compatible. Revised and edited in 2010. In this map is the town of Bridgeport, a gateway to Twin Lakes popular fishing and hiking spots. Wheelewr Flat Bush Mountain, Sweetwaters, and Huntoon Valley. If you are planning a trans-Sierra trip you will probably use this map while connecting the Trail to the Pacific Crest Trail om your way to the Emigrant Wilderness in the west side of the Sierras. Adjacent ...


A Rumor of War
Philip Caputo

Holt Paperbacks, 1996

The classic Vietnam memoir, as relevant today as it was almost thirty years ago. In March of 1965, Marine Lieutenent Philip J. Caputo landed at Da Nang with the first ground combat unit deployed to Vietnam. Sixteen months later, having served on the line in one of modern history's ugliest wars, he returned home--physically whole but emotionally wasted, his youthful idealism forever gone. A Rumor of War is more than one soldier's story. Upon ...


What It Is Like To Go To War
Karl Marlantes

Grove Press, 2012

#3 on’s 10 Best Books of 2011 The New Yorker Favorite Books from 2011 Hudson Booksellers Best Books of 2011 Barnes & Noble Best Nonfiction Books of 2011 St. Louis Post Dispatch Favorite Books of 2011 A Shelf Awareness Reviewer’s Top Pick of 2011 One of the most important and highly-praised books of 2011, Karl Marlantes’s What It Is Like to Go to War is set to become just as much of a classic as his epic novel ...


Karl Marlantes

Corvus, 2010


Fields of Fire
James Webb

Bantam, 2001

They each had their reasons for being a soldier. They each had their illusions. Goodrich came from Harvard. Snake got the tattoo — Death Before Dishonor — before he got the uniform. And Hodges was haunted by the ghosts of family heroes. They were three young men from different worlds plunged into a white-hot, murderous realm of jungle warfare as it was fought by one Marine platoon in the An Hoa Basin, 1969. They had no way of knowing what ...


Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War 1st (first) Edition by Marlantes, Karl [2010]

Atlantic Monthly Press, 1112


The Things They Carried
Tim O'Brien

Mariner Books, 2009

A classic work of American literature that has not stopped changing minds and lives since it burst onto the literary scene, The Things They Carried is a ground-breaking meditation on war, memory, imagination, and the redemptive power of storytelling.    The Things They Carried depicts the men of Alpha Company: Jimmy Cross, Henry Dobbins, Rat Kiley, Mitchell Sanders, Norman Bowker, Kiowa, and the character Tim O’Brien, who has survived ...


The Ascent of the Matterhorn, 2011

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War
Karl Marlantes

Grove Press, 2011

An incredible publishing story—written over the course of thirty years by a highly decorated Vietnam veteran, a New York Times best seller for sixteen weeks, a National Indie Next and a USA Today best seller— Matterhorn has been hailed as a “brilliant account of war” ( New York Times Book Review ). Now out in paperback, Matterhorn is an epic war novel in the tradition of Norman Mailer’s The Naked and the Dead and James Jones’s ...


The Sword and the Flute (Matterhorn the Brave Series #1)
Mike Hamel

Amg Publishers, 2007

Mike Hamel's Matterhorn , the Brave Adventure, Danger, and Inspiration Matthew Horn (a.k.a. Matterhorn) is a brave knight-when he isn't busy being a typical twelve-year-old boy. Few people have heard of him, which isn't surprising, for most of his adventures happen in other times and places. And like all who know how to travel, he can do so without drawing attention to himself. Matt's adventures begin one afternoon while browsing ...



Dog Ear Publishing, 2013

On Jan. 17, 1972, during some of the darkest days of the Vietnam War, an American soldier walked out of the jungle and onto an isolated US Army firebase in the Central Highlands. The stranger had no identification, was in good health and otherwise seemed normal. But there was a problem. While the stranger said his name was Daniel Carson, he could remember almost nothing else. Quiet and reserved, he could not explain where he came from or why he ...


Cherries : A Vietnam War Novel
John Podlaski

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010

In 1970, John Kowalski is one of many young, naive teenage soldiers sent to Vietnam to fight in an unpopular war. Dubbed "Cherries" by their more seasoned peers, these newbies suddenly found themselves thrust into the middle of a terrible nightmare - literally forced to become men overnight. On-the-job-training is intense, however, most of these teenagers were hardly ready to absorb the harsh mental, emotional, and physical stress of war.  When ...


How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy (Popular Culture and Philosophy)

Open Court, 2013

Like philosophy itself, How I Met Your Mother has everyone thinking. Have you ever wondered why you identify so strongly with Barney despite the fact that he’s such a douche? Or why your life story doesn’t make sense until you know the ending—or at least, the middle? Or where the Bro Code came from and why it’s so powerful? How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy answers all these questions and a whole lot more. Twenty of the ...


Banner in the Sky
James Ramsey Ullman

HarperTeen, 1988

The Citadel It stands unconquered, the last great summit of the Alps. Only one man has ever dared to approach the top, and that man died in his pursuit. He was Josef Matt, Rudi Matt's father. At sixteen, Rudi is determined to pay tribute to the man he never knew, and complete the quest that claimed his father's life. And so, taking his father's red shirt as a flag, he heads off to face the earth's most challenging peak. But before Rudi can ...


Karl Marlantes

Rizzoli, 2011


The Killing Zone: My Life in the Vietnam War
Frederick Downs Jr.

W. W. Norton & Company, 2007

“The best damned book from the point of view of the infantrymen who fought there.”— Army Times Among the best books ever written about men in combat, The Killing Zone tells the story of the platoon of Delta One-six, capturing what it meant to face lethal danger, to follow orders, and to search for the conviction and then the hope that this war was worth the sacrifice. The book includes a new chapter on what happened to the platoon ...


In the Shadow of the Matterhorn: Intimate Stories about Life, Love, and Laughter at Disneyland
David Walter Smith

Synergy Books Publishing, 2012

Disneyland—as you remember it, and as you’ve never seen it before. In the Shadow of the Matterhorn , author—and former cast member—David Smith, takes you inside the Magic Kingdom for a completely different kind of VIP Tour. Never-before-published stories about working inside the park, growing up down the street, and the profound effect that Disneyland had on so many people, are all part of this moving and revealing book. “A Great ...


The Last Stand of Fox Company: A True Story of U.S. Marines in Combat
Bob Drury, Tom Clavin

Grove Press, 2009

November 1950, the Korean Peninsula: After General MacArthur ignores Mao’s warnings and pushes his UN forces deep into North Korea, his 10,000 First Division Marines find themselves surrounded and hopelessly outnumbered by 100,000 Chinese soldiers near the Chosin Reservoir. Their only chance for survival is to fight their way south through the Toktong Pass, a narrow gorge that will need to be held open at all costs. The mission is handed to ...


The USAAF in World War II: Vol V, The Pacific, MATTERHORN to Nagasaki, June 1944 to August 1945 (USAF ..., 2013

This volume of the USAF official history of of the USAAF in WWII, 5 in the 7 volume series, covers the final campaigns in the Pacific. Operation MATTERHORN, the strategic bombing of Japan, which culminated in the most destructive air raid of the war, the burning of Tokyo, is covered in great detail. The book finishes with the two Atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.



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