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Imagine Understanding Your Medicare Insurance Options (Understanding & Maximizing Your Medicare & Related ...

Mike Colson, 2013

Imagine understanding your Medicare insurance options This book covers all aspects of Medicare and how it applies to you. It clearly spells out things to consider and things to look out for. You will view specific Medicare Part B Medical claims and learn how little is left for you to pay. The book will open your eyes to the pitfalls of Part D Rx plans and Medicare Advantage plans. You will have the advantage of my 26 years of Medicare ...


Co-Teaching That Works: Structures and Strategies for Maximizing Student Learning

Jossey-Bass, 2011

Guaranteed success for the co-taught classroom For the increasing number of teachers working in co-taught classrooms, this book provides practical ideas for defining teacher roles, planning lessons, providing effective instruction, and maximizing the value of each team member. Former co-teacher and national presenter Anne Beninghof shares stories, and real-life co-taught lesson examples that emphasize creative yet time-efficient instructional ...


Maximize Your Social: A One-Stop Guide to Building a Social Media Strategy for Marketing and Business Success
Neal Schaffer

Wiley, 2013

Create and maintain a successful social media strategy for your business Today, a large number of companies still don't have a strategic approach to social media. Others fail to calculate how effective they are at social media, one of the critical components of implementing any social media strategy. When companies start spending time and money on their social media efforts, they need to create an internal plan that everyone can understand. ...


Athletes Wanted: The Complete Game Plan for Maximizing Athletic Scholarship and Life Potential
Chris Krause

Collegiate Athletic Educational Foundaton Provide by Quality Books Inc, 2009

The Complete College Recruiting Guidebook for Maximizing Athletic Scholarship and Life Potential If a student plays football, he knows that face-masking is illegal. If he plays hockey, he knows that he will be penalized for high sticking. And if she plays soccer, she knows she will be red-carded for receiving two yellow cards. Athletes know the rules of the game. They know that they must play by the rules to be successful. What a ...


Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance

Kogan Page, 2012

Marketers around the globe are recognising that increasing customization and precision is critical to their commercial success. Rather than devoting marketing budgets to mass campaigns, precision marketers are mining customer data for predispositions and propensities to spend in order to target buyers in sophisticated ways, with all communications targeted and relevant to each and every individual recipient. Precision Marketing will help you to ...


Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn: An Unofficial, Step-by-Step Guide to ...

BookSurge Publishing, 2009

Social networking guru Neal Schaffer’s Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn is the most comprehensive book on maximizing the potential for professional and personal networking through LinkedIn. It goes beyond the “business” genre to expand upon the world of social media marketing, branding, and today’s critical focus on career management. It clarifies the functionality of LinkedIn and how to “plug into ...


Brigitte Mars

Basic Health Publications, 2004

A raw foods diet advocates exactly that: eating raw foods. No cooking, no grilling, no steaming, no application of high temperatures. Why? Because eating food closest to its natural state engenders a tremendous exchange of energy between food and body. The result, over time, is a feeling of buoyant, radiant health. Tackling head-on the skepticism likely to greet proponents of what the world sees as a "fad" diet, renowned nutritional consultant ...


Maximized Manhood: A Guide to Family Survival
Edwin Louis Cole, Doug Brendel

Whitaker House, 1982

Pornography. Adultery. Television addiction. Immaturity. Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, known as "the father of the Christian men's movement," was not afraid to tackle the tough topics that affect men today. His straightforward, biblical insights help men and women alike to realize their full potential in Christ. Putting the principles found in Maximized Manhood into practice will revolutionize your home and transform your life into what God designed it ...


Ripple Effect Maximizing the Power of Relationships for Life & Business 2nd EDITION

Austin,Texas ;SWOT Publishing;2005., 2009

The Ripple Effect: Maximizing the Power of Relationships for Life & Business 2nd EDITION by Steve Harper. Austin, Texas : SWOT Publishing : 2005.


The Animal Activist's Handbook: Maximizing Our Positive Impact in Today's World (Flashpoint (Lantern))
Matt Ball, Bruce Friedrich

Lantern Books, 2009

Matt Ball and Bruce Friedrich take the plight of the world's animals seriously and have dedicated their lives to ending their suffering. The Animal Activist's Handbook argues that meaning in life is to be found, quite simply, in turning away from the futile pursuit of 'more' and focusing instead on leaving the planet a better place than you found it. The critical component of creating a better world for all is thoughtful, deliberate, and ...


Be Fruitful: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Fertility and Giving Birth to a Healthy Child
MD Victoria Maizes

Scribner, 2013

From an internationally recognized integrative physician, a thorough guide to fertility that encompasses all aspects of female well-being to help women prepare their bodies for easy conception, pregnancy, and the delivery of healthy babies. The increase in environmental toxins, processed foods, and stress, as well as the advancing ages at which couples seek to have children, have made it more difficult for women to conceive. In Be Fruitful , ...


Maximizing Lead Generation: The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers (Que Biz-Tech)

Que Publishing, 2011

The Hands-On, Up-to-the-Minute Guide to Generating Better-Qualified, Quicker-to-Close B2B Leads!   Lead generation is “Job One”: B2B marketers’ single most important objective. Maximizing Lead Generation brings together everything you need to know to do it right. Fast-paced and 100% practical, it will help you achieve outstanding results in any B2B marketplace—from enterprise technology to industrial equipment to ...


The Family ADHD Solution: A Scientific Approach to Maximizing Your Child's Attention and Minimizing Parental ...
Mark Bertin

Palgrave Macmillan Trade, 2011

In this accessible guide, developmental pediatrician Mark Bertin demystifies ADHD and offers advice to overwhelmed parents that includes clear explanations of: Biological causes of ADHD, and the ins and outs of a thorough evaluation Common symptoms, showing how they extend far beyond inattention and hyperactivity Behavioral, educational and medical approaches that increase academic and social success Research proven mindfulness-based ...


Maximizing Human Capital in Asia: From the Inside Out
Elizabeth Martin-Chua

Wiley, 2009

Organizations do not fully appreciate the link between people and business. They are too driven by short-term financial pressures, resulting in the failure to acknowledge the relationship between leadership, people management processes and business growth. Last but not least, employees’ true needs are also not satisfied. What is the solution? As "growth" is the objective of all parties, HR must build an employee value proposition that would ...


The Thirst Is Real: The Teen's Guide To Maximizing Your True Potential
Geo Derice

Geo Speaks, 2014

Have you ever shared with someone your dreams only to be shut down and told they can't happen? Many of us have thrown in the towel to why we cannot make our dreams come true, but this book uncovers how you can turn that good fortune around. You will learn that while there is many ways to becoming successful, there is one important ingredient that every person of success owns. Not only you will know what that ingredient is but also discover how ...


The Art of Getting Well: A Five-Step Plan for Maximizing Health When You Have a Chronic Illness

Hunter House, 2002

A majority of chronic illnesses have no medical cure. The best therapy, asserts the author, is self-care. This comprehensive guide suggests healthy behaviors and holistic approaches while acknowledging the barriers people face in applying them.


Ignite!: The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders

Happy About, 2012

While plenty of management wisdom has focused on leadership and teamwork, relatively little attention has been paid specifically to emerging leaders--people who have recently been or are about to be promoted to supervisory or managerial positions. Emerging leaders are usually bright, talented, and rising stars in their organizations. The challenge is that most new leaders are promoted, because they were good at what they did in their previous ...


Maximized Manhood Workbk (Majoring in Men: The Curriculum for Men)


Maximize your life, as millions of men have worldwide, by studying the Christian classic, Maximized Manhood! Edwin Louis Cole, the father of the Christian men's movement, spoke with a prophetic voice to men. Just months before leaving earth for Heaven, he revised his signature work, adding five crucial chapters he believed would strengthen Maximized Manhood for the next generation.Almost two million copies of Maximized Manhood and its curriculum ...


Have a Great Year Every Year: A Four-Point Program for Maximizing Your Performance
Dave Yoho

Oakhill Press, 2005

It is the human side of business that can make or break a company or career. I have found that no matter what kind of success you're seeking, it will be profoundly affected by your understanding of the value of human resources. Think of all the aspects of business life that involve human resources: 1. Interaction between individuals and departments 2. Communication between personnel, customers and vendors 3. Business policies 4. How a ...


The Edge: The Guide to Fulfilling Dreams, Maximizing Success and Enjoying a Lifetime of Achievement

Getting the Edge Co, 1990

The Edge: The Guide to Fulfilling Dreams, Maximizing Success and Enjoying a Lifetime of Achievement..........................................................."The whole idea is to somehow get an edge . Sometimes it takes just a little extra something to get that edge , but you have to have it."--Don Shula , NFL Coach............................The Edge . It's something you must have if you are to be successful in athletics--and in life . All ...



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