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Measuring, Marking & Layout: A Builder's Guide (For Pros by Pros)
John Carroll

Taunton Press, 2002

The Starrett 237 Depth Gauge, Ruler Type, has a measurement range 0 to 6", a resolution (or smallest graduation interval) of a 1/64", with + 0.004" to -0.0035" of accuracy. The rule scale enables quick and easy measurements. The base is 2.625" long and is cut-out on one side to enable accurate readings. This gauge has a knurled nut to lock the gauge head into position for accurate readings. The unit has a hardened steel head and a tempered ...


Measuring America: How the United States Was Shaped By the Greatest Land Sale in History
Andro Linklater

Plume, 2003

In 1790, America was in enormous debt, having depleted what little money and supplies the country had during its victorious fight for independence. Before the nation's greatest asset, the land west of the Ohio River, could be sold it had to be measured out and mapped. And before that could be done, a uniform set of measurements had to be chosen for the new republic out of the morass of roughly 100,000 different units that were in use in daily ...


Measuring Quality Improvement in Healthcare: A Guide to Statistical Process Control Applications
Raymond G. Carey, Robert C. Lloyd

Amer Society for Quality, 2001

This ground-breaking book addresses the critical, growing need among healthcare administrators and practitioners to measure the effectiveness of quality improvement efforts. Written by respected healthcare quality professionals, Measuring Quality Improvement in Healthcare covers practical applications of the tools and techniques of statistical process control (SPC), including control charts, in healthcare settings. The authors' straightforward ...


Measuring and Improving Social Impacts: A Guide for Nonprofits, Companies, and Impact Investors (BK Business)
Marc J. Epstein, Kristi Yuthas

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2014

The world is beset with enormous problems. And as a nonprofit, NGO, foundation, impact investor, or socially responsible company, your organization is on a mission to solve them. But what exactly should you do? And how will you know whether it’s working? Too many people assume that good intentions will result in meaningful actions and leave it at that. But thanks to Marc Epstein and Kristi Yuthas, social impact can now be evaluated with the ...


Measuring Occupational Performance: Supporting Best Practice in Occupational Therapy
Mary Law PhD OT Reg.(Ont.) FCAOT, Carolyn M. Baum PhD OTR/L FAOTA, ...

Slack Incorporated, 2005

As the profession of occupational therapy continues to mature and expand its practice, the measurement of occupational performance is one of the key avenues that all practicing clinicians will need to explore and master. A complex subject for the new and practicing occupational therapist, each step in the evaluation process from assessment to interpretation to intervention is critical. Having one solid, evidence-based textbook to teach and guide ...


Measuring Penny
Loreen Leedy

Square Fish, 2000

Lisa has an important homework assignment--to measure something in several different ways. She has to use standard units like inches and nonstandard units like paper clips to find out height, width, length, weight, volume, temperature, and time. Lisa decides to measure her dog, Penny, and finds out ... Penny's nose = 1 inch long Penny's tail = 1 dog biscuit long Penny's paw print = 3 centimeters wide ... and that's only the beginning! Lisa ...


Measuring and Reasoning: Numerical Inference in the Sciences
Fred L. Bookstein

Cambridge University Press, 2014

In Measuring and Reasoning, Fred L. Bookstein examines the way ordinary arithmetic and numerical patterns are translated into scientific understanding, showing how the process relies on two carefully managed forms of argument: * Abduction: the generation of new hypotheses to accord with findings that were surprising on previous hypotheses, and * Consilience: the confirmation of numerical pattern claims by analogous findings at other levels ...


Measuring Up: What Educational Testing Really Tells Us
Daniel Koretz

Harvard University Press, 2009

How do you judge the quality of a school, a district, a teacher, a student? By the test scores, of course. Yet for all the talk, what educational tests can and can’t tell you, and how scores can be misunderstood and misused, remains a mystery to most. The complexities of testing are routinely ignored, either because they are unrecognized, or because they may be—well, complicated. Inspired by a popular Harvard course for students ...


How Long or How Wide?: A Measuring Guide (Math Is Categorical)
Brian P. Cleary

First Avenue Editions, 2009

Brian Cleary and Brian Gable bring their trademark sense of humor to the subject of measuring length. A rhyming text filled with funny examples explains how to use and compare metric and U.S. customary units of length. Readers are also introduced to the tools they need to measure length--rulers, metersticks, and more.


Measuring the User Experience, Second Edition: Collecting, Analyzing, and Presenting Usability Metrics ...
William Albert, Thomas Tullis

Morgan Kaufmann, 2013

Measuring the User Experience was the first book that focused on how to quantify the user experience. Now in the second edition, the authors include new material on how recent technologies have made it easier and more effective to collect a broader range of data about the user experience. As more UX and web professionals need to justify their design decisions with solid, reliable data, Measuring the User Experience provides the ...


Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, Third Edition: Survey Design, Use, and Statistical Analysis ...
Bob E. Hayes

ASQ Quality Press, 2008

The third edition of this best-seller updates its detailed information about how to construct, evaluate, and use questionnaires, and adds an entirely new chapter on customer loyalty. Included are two different methods of sampling and determining an appropriate sample size for reliable results; the reliability and validity of results; real examples of customer satisfaction measures and how they can be used; guidelines for developing ...


Measuring America: How an Untamed Wilderness Shaped the United States and Fulfilled the Promise of Democracy
Andro Linklater

Walker & Company, 2002

Measuring America is the fascinating, provocative, and eye-opening story of why America has ended up with its unique system of weights and measures—the American Customary System, unlike any other in the world—and how this has profoundly shaped our country and culture. In the process, Measuring America reveals the colossal power contained inside the acres and miles, ounces and pounds, that we use every day without ever realizing their ...


Measuring the skin
Pierre Agache, Philippe Humbert

Springer, 2014

Measuring the Skin presents all techniques devoted to non-invasive normal or diseased skin measurement. As opposed other books, this text embraces old and new validated techniques for all skin suborgans and functions. The book is ideal as a small encyclopedia since it provides the answer to any question concerning skin measurement. Each technique is discussed to help select the most appropriate one for each special case. Another novel feature ...


Measuring Up (Boys of Summer), 2013

College student Tom Van der Haas had an amazing summer in the Yucatan, but now it's time to get back to real life. With new roommates Matt Tucker and his cousin Eric Van der Haas, along with their friends Dana and Samantha, he faces new challenges: leading a youth group, dealing with family issues, a little mission work, and even a kidnapping. Through it all, he tries to figure out how his view of himself differs from God's view of who he is, ...


Measuring Performance in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Theodore H. Poister

Jossey-Bass, 2003

In recent years, a commitment to increased accountability and improved performance has become essential in both governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. To help managers and executives in their ongoing quest for greater accountability and improved performance Theodore H. Poister, offers a comprehensive resource for designing and implementing effective performance measurement systems at the agency level. The ideas, tools, and processes ...


Measuring Performance : Using the new metrics to deploy strategy and improve performance
Bob Frost

Measurement Intl, 2000

This primer distills the essence of an important topic and presents it in plain language for leaders. Measuring Performance show how advanced measures are giving leaders new leverage to create change, manage performance, and produce better results. It covers developing the right measures, using metrics to improve performance, and key issues that arise in deploying metrics.


Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Using Data to Change the World
Beth Kanter, Katie Delahaye Paine

Jossey-Bass, 2012

The tools nonprofits need to measure the impact of their social media Having a social media measurement plan and approach can no longer be an after-thought. It is a requirement of success. As nonprofits refine their social media practice, their boards are expecting reports showing results. As funders provide dollars to support programs that include social media, they too want to see results. This book offers the tools and strategies needed ...


Measuring the World: A Novel (Vintage)
Daniel Kehlmann

Vintage, 2007

Measuring the World marks the debut of a glorious new talent on the international scene. Young Austrian writer Daniel Kehlmann’s brilliant comic novel revolves around the meeting of two colossal geniuses of the Enlightenment.Late in the eighteenth century, two young Germans set out to measure the world. One of them, the aristocratic naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, negotiates jungles, voyages down the Orinoco River, tastes poisons, climbs ...


Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies, 5th Edition
McKinsey & Company Inc., Tim Koller, ...

Wiley, 2010

The number one guide to corporate valuation is back and better than ever Thoroughly revised and expanded to reflect business conditions in today's volatile global economy, Valuation, Fifth Edition continues the tradition of its bestselling predecessors by providing up-to-date insights and practical advice on how to create, manage, and measure the value of an organization. Along with all new case studies that illustrate how valuation ...


Measuring Crime and Delinquency Over the Life Course: Analyses from the Rochester Youth Development Study
Alex R. Piquero, Terence P. Thornberry, ...

Springer, 2014

Measuring Crime and Delinquency Over the Life Course  presents one of the most detailed analyses of the longitudinal pattern of crime and delinquency, using data from one of the most famous longitudinal studies ever conducted in the field, the Rochester Youth Development Study, as well as complimentary data on offending from both official and self-report records. Never before has such information been presented with a specific focus on changes ...



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