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Gold Coast
Edmund Gaisie, Edgar K Gaisie

Nufsed Publishing, 2014

After twelve years as a successful corporate consultant, Ghanaian/ American Clinton Osei relocates to Ghana, West Africa to launch the family enterprise of Boateng Osei Inc. (BOI). BOI sets out to reclaim Ghana’s natural resources to benefit the larger population. In the process they unknowingly become the target of an international business cartel that is determined to neutralize BOI members and gain control of the drilling rights to ...


The Balanced Entrepreneur
Mark Simon

Entrepreneurial Life Publications, 2011

10 STRATEGIES TO FIND OR PERFECT YOUR NEW BUSINESS IDEA FOR A BETTER LIFESTYLE! The three advantages of the NEW Balanced Entrepreneur Method of planning startups compared to old fashion approaches are: First, The Balanced Entrepreneur is based upon unmatched objective evidence that proves the 10 strategies' effectiveness . The book’s findings are based on decades of real-world experience, work with hundreds of budding business owners ...


The Economics of Microfinance
Beatriz Armendáriz, Jonathan Morduch

The MIT Press, 2010

The microfinance revolution has allowed more than 150 million poor people around the world to receive small loans without collateral, build up assets, and buy insurance. The idea that providing access to reliable and affordable financial services can have powerful economic and social effects has captured the imagination of policymakers, activists, bankers, and researchers around the world; the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize went to microfinance pioneer ...


The Good Company
Robert Girling

Hill Press, 2012

In THE GOOD COMPANY, Business Professor Robert Girling shares 18 inspiring case studies of new as well as established companies and social enterprises from around the world that are making our planet better by meeting human needs of their employees, suppliers and customers. The companies in the book meet the environmental challenge by developing sustainable technologies and production systems. Professor Girling states why we need companies to ...


Green Energy for a Billion Poor: How Grameen Shakti Created a Winning Model for Social Business
Nancy Wimmer

MCRE Verlag UG, 2012

Witness the innovations of Grameen Shakti, sister company of the Nobel Prize winning Grameen Bank. · Discover how Shakti masters the unique art of rural business, letting five million people benefit from light, electricity and additional income. · Learn about Shakti's inner mechanics, services and values - and understand its success. · Enjoy the lively stories told by the pioneering engineers in the hinterland of ...


The Egyptian Economy, 1952-2000: Performance Policies and Issues (Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern ...
Khalid Ikram

Routledge, 2005

Interviews with former Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers along with previously unpublished analysis by the World Bank, IMF and USAID provide entertaining and interesting insights into Egypt's economic development policy during 1952 to 2000. Areas addressed include: * the performance of the Egyptian economy since 1950s * the factors that have facilitated or retarded economic performance * the Egyptian authorities approach to economic issues ...


The Art of Business: In the Footsteps of Giants
Raymond T. Yeh, Stephanie H. Yeh

Zero Time Publishing, 2004

Discover how modern business giants such as Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, Gordon Moore of Intel, and Earl Bakken of Medtronic have developed enterprises with soul by applying the five strategic arts of possibility, timing, leverage, mastery, and leadership outlined by the ancient strategist Sun Tzu in The Art of War. Such enterprises achieve organizational excellence and lasting market dominance, and their leaders are envied, copied, and ...


How to Identify and Fund Your Business: 200 Business Ideas and 28 Ways to Raise Capital for Your Business ...
Peter Osalor

Posag International Ltd., 2013

This book is written specifically for people who want to start their own business, be their own boss and absolutely succeed. You will discover why starting your own business is the wave of the future. Plus you will gain insight into reasons to own a business. Beyond this, you will receive the information and tools to successfully launch your own business - namely business plan, funding sources, market analysis and much more!


Fractal: About Community Acupuncture
Lisa Rohleder L.Ac.

POCA, 2013

Community Acupuncture began as one woman's idea and is now a growing social justice health care movement. In just a decade it has grown from one clinic in Portland, Oregon, to a nationwide network of clinics organized as a multi-stakeholder cooperative: the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture. This book tells the story of how Lisa Rohleder's vision of what acupuncture could be - a high-volume, low-cost, community-based business ...


The Small Business Owner's Guide to Alternative Funding: What the Small Business Owner Must Know to Get ...
Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Outskirts Press, 2010

The Use of Alternative Funding in Today's Market is Crucial Our current national financial situation makes it even harder for small businesses to qualify for bank financing. Balancing the scale in this arena is vital, but will it even out for you? This handy book >is here to guide you through the maze of options that might be of benefit to your company. You'll better understand the various financial options available, and how to access them, ...


Keep Them On Your Side: Leading And Managing for Momentum
Samuel B. Bacharach

Platinum Press, 2006

Many employees spend their time getting people on their side, only to drop the ball by failing to "keep them on their side". The key to longterm success in any organisation is maintaining momentum for ideas and initiatives. While many books focus on initiating or managing change in the short term, "Keep Them on Your Side" is the first book to address maintaining organizational momentum for projects and agendas to ensure that initial goals will ...


Orbit-Shifting Innovation: The Dynamics of Ideas that Create History
Rajiv Narang, Devika Devaiah

Kogan Page, 2014

Orbit-shifting innovation happens when an area that needs transformation meets an innovator with the will and the desire to create, and not follow, history.  At the heart of every orbit-shifting innovation is the breakthrough that achieves a transformative impact. Business, social enterprises and even governments need orbit-shifting ideas to create a transformative impact.  But how does that groundbreaking idea come about, and what translates ...


Five Minutes A Day Dream-Action Path
Jan L Gault

Ocean Manor, 2009

What can five minutes a day do for you and our world? A lot, states social psychologist and discretionary time specialist Jan Gault. Using the powerful tools of vision, belief and enlightened action, you are taken through a seven step process for creating positive change not only in your own life but within our global community. Learn How To... *Permanently dump beliefs that are standing between you and your dreams for a better life and world ...


Defying Poverty with Bicycles
Sue Knaup

One Street Press, 2012

Defying Poverty with Bicycles lays out all the necessary steps for providing durable, affordable transportation bicycles and new careers to people who need them the most. It will give you the tools you need to create and manage a healthy, long-lasting organization as well as tips on designing your own bicycle community center that will become a focal point for your community.  Beyond these important building blocks, you will also learn what ...


Socially Responsible Investing For Dummies
Ann C. Logue

For Dummies, 2008

Generate a good return as well as goodwill with this guide to ethical investments Want to make money while you make a difference in the world? Socially Responsible Investing For Dummies , a 2010 Green Book Festival award winner, is as practical, hands-on guide to smart social investing that shows you how to maximize your profits while remaining true to your values. You get expert advice in targeting an issue you're passionate about, researching ...


Microfinance and Its Discontents: Women in Debt in Bangladesh
Lamia Karim

Univ Of Minnesota Press, 2011

In 2006 the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh won the Nobel Peace Prize for its innovative microfinancing operations. This path-breaking study of gender, grassroots globalization, and neoliberalism in Bangladesh looks critically at the Grameen Bank and three of the leading NGOs in the country. Amid euphoria over the benefits of microfinance, Lamia Karim offers a timely and sobering perspective on the practical, and possibly detrimental, realities for ...


Freedom From Want: The Remarkable Success Story of BRAC, the Global Grassroots Organization That's Winning ...
Ian Smillie

Kumarian Press, 2009

BRAC, arguably the world s largest, most diverse and most successful NGO, is little known outside Bangladesh, where it formed in 1972. Author Ian Smillie predicts, however, that this is bound to change. BRAC s success and the spread of its work in health, education, social enterprise development and microfinance dwarfs any other private, government or non-profit enterprise in its impact on tens of thousands of communities in Asia and Africa. ...


Solving the Capital Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses
Tiffany C. Wright

Toca Family Publishing, 2007

If you are a small to medium-sized business owner or considering starting or buying one, this book will provide you with practical and actionable advice for solving your financing issues. Easy-to-follow examples and real-life case studies take you through the process and provide step-by-step alternatives for financing your business. Written by a former financial and business advisor who has helped small businesses garner over $31 Million in ...


Banker to the Poor: The Autobiography of Muhammad Yunus, Founder of Grameen Bank
Muhammad Yunus

Oxford University Press, 2001

This book is an autobiographical account of the founder of the Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus. This work is a fundamental rethinking of the economic relationship between the rich and the poor, as well as their rights and obligations.


Due Diligence: An Impertinent Inquiry into Microfinance
David Roodman

Center for Global Development, 2011

The idea that small loans can help poor families build businesses and exit poverty has blossomed into a global movement. The concept has captured the public imagination, drawn in billions of dollars, reached millions of customers, and garnered a Nobel Prize. Radical in its suggestion that the poor are creditworthy and conservative in its insistence on individual accountability, the idea has expanded beyond credit into savings, insurance, and ...



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