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The Space Between (The Book of Phoenix 1)

Ang'dora Productions, LLC, 2013

New Adult Paranormal Romance by bestselling author Kristie Cook ** Mature Content ** Recommended for ages 16+ due to sexual situations and language   First installment of  The Book of Phoenix trilogy . Part 2,  The Space Beyond , available now!  When Life Falls to Pieces, Answers Lie in the Space Between   After a month-long dance tour overseas, Leni returns to Georgia to care for her great-uncle, only to find him gone, ...


Whoever You Are (Reading Rainbow Books)
Mem Fox

HMH Books for Young Readers, 2006

“Little one, / whoever you are, / wherever you are, / there are little ones / just like you / all over the world.” So begins the Australian author Mem Fox’s joyful picture book Whoever You Are , a celebration of the world’s diverse cultures, both our similarities and differences. Leslie Straub’s innovative, colorful, folk art–style oil paintings of children from all corners of the globe are bordered with photographs of hand-carved, ...


The Colors of Us
Karen Katz

Square Fish, 2002

A positive and affirming look at skin color, from an artist’s perspective. Seven-year-old Lena is going to paint a picture of herself. She wants to use brown paint for her skin. But when she and her mother take a walk through the neighborhood, Lena learns that brown comes in many different shades. Through the eyes of a little girl who begins to see her familiar world in a new way, this book celebrates the differences and similarities that ...


STRONGER (Runaway Book 1), 2013

Jasmine had all but given up on life after a rough period of time defined by a string of physical and sexual abuse. Drugged. Sold. Betrayed. It’s at rock bottom when she meets the man who might be able to save her from everything — including herself. Nate King is a writer, young, compassionate, and good-looking. He’s drawn to Jasmine immediately, offering her a place in his home — and heart. He makes it his mission to take care of ...


The Name Jar
Yangsook Choi

Dragonfly Books, 2003

The new kid in school needs a new name! Or does she? Being the new kid in school is hard enough, but what about when nobody can pronounce your name? Having just moved from Korea, Unhei is anxious that American kids will like her. So instead of introducing herself on the first day of school, she tells the class that she will choose a name by the following week. Her new classmates are fascinated by this no-name girl and decide to help out by ...


America Street: A Multicultural Anthology of Stories

Persea, 1993

"It is a treat to have [these stories] pulled together here, reflecting as they do the dignity of individuals and the strength of family bonds across different cultures."— School Library Journa l Welcome to America Street, where every story is as vital and unique as the friends, neighbors, and relatives we encounter every day. Here are fourteen stories about young people told by some of America's best storytellers: Duane Big Eagle, Toni Cade ...


What We Wear: Dressing Up Around the World
Maya Ajmera

Charlesbridge, 2012

What we wear can identify who we are: what team we play for or what team we root for, where we go to school, how we worship, or how we represent our heritage. What we wear expresses our individuality, and clothes can make us happy, confident, and proud. Whether it’s a piper in a tartan plaid, a cowpoke in a cowboy hat, or a novice in ceremonial face paint, children everywhere wear different clothes and accessories for different reasons. But, ...


Hide 'N Seek

Yvonne Harriott, 2014

Private Investigator, Marklynn Brooks has a major problem and this time it’s personal. Her sister, Sydney, is missing and the trail leads to Dalton Beck, CEO of Beck Security Systems. He denies any involvement in Sydney’s disappearance, but with the evidence stacked against him, can she believe him? As she races against time to find her sister, she’s not only in danger of losing Sydney she’s also in danger of losing her heart. ...


Multicultural Manners: Essential Rules of Etiquette for the 21st Century
Norine Dresser

Wiley, 2005

Both highly informative and entertaining, Multicultural Manners gives readers the understanding they need, the perfect words to say, and the correct behavior to use in a wide range of cross-cultural situations. This incisive and award-winning guide to etiquette features completely updated etiquette guidelines with special emphasis on post–September 11 culture clashes as well as a brand-new section that demystifies unfamiliar cultures in the ...


Desert Kings: Veronica: Stranded with the Sheikh

Mangrove, 2014

Shy architect Veronica Baxter finds herself on a jet with dangerously charming Zadir Al Kilanjar, heir to the throne of Ubar. When their plane crashes in the deserted Empty Quarter, they search for a way to escape—and discover each other.


Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society (5th Edition)
Robert M. Shusta M.P.A., Deena R. Levine M.A., ...

Prentice Hall, 2010

MULTICULTURAL LAW ENFORCEMENT: STRATEGIES FOR PEACEKEEPING IN A DIVERSE SOCIETY, 5/e explains how the influences of culture, race, and ethnicity impact law enforcement and the communities they serve. Known for its breadth of coverage, this classic text addresses a variety of populations and includes new material on the mentally ill, the homeless, gangs, immigrants, Native Americans, multiracial groups, and cross-cultural communications ...


A Lover for Beth: A Multicultural Romance

Inkwell Editorial, 2014

Note: Read a free preview of the heart-pounding second part of this AMZ Top 100 selling, multicultural romance at PROLOGUE Beth felt a sensation, turned around and locked eyes immediately with the dark-haired stranger. "This is my wife Kingston and her best friend, Beth," Christian was saying, introducing the ladies to his business associates. "Honey, this is Alexandre Bellini and Zander Escatore, from Bellini ...


Handbook of Cross-Cultural and Multicultural Personality Assessment

Routledge, 2014

Throughout the world as in the United States, psychologists are increasingly being called upon to evaluate clients whose backgrounds differ from their own. It has long been recognized that standard personality and psychopathology assessment instruments carry cultural biases, and in recent years, efforts to correct these biases have accelerated. The Handbook of Cross-Cultural and Multicultural Personality Assessment brings together researchers ...


Multicultural Psychology: Understanding Our Diverse Communities
Jeffery Mio, Lori Barker, ...

Oxford University Press, 2011

Multicultural Psychology: Understanding Our Diverse Communities , Third Edition, combines quantitative and qualitative research with anecdotal material to examine an array of multicultural issues and capture the richness of diverse cultures. The text focuses on such compelling topics as differences in worldviews, communication, racial and cultural identity development, racism, and immigration. Other issues covered in the text include gender, ...


Developing Multicultural Counseling Competence: A Systems Approach (2nd Edition) (Erford)
Danica G. Hays, Bradley T. Erford

Pearson, 2013

Developing Multicultural Counseling Competence gives graduate students preparing to become counselors—and counselors new to their professions—innovative, evidence-based guidance for becoming multiculturally competent counselors. Comprehensive, thoughtful, and in-depth, the book takes readers beyond general discussions of race and ethnicity into the realm of a broader, more complex view of multiculturalism and social advocacy in clients’ ...


I Love My Hair!
Natasha Anastasia Tarpley

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2001

This whimsical, evocative story about a girl named Keyana encourages African-American children to feel good about their special hair and be proud of their heritage. A BlackBoard Children's Book of the Year. Full-color illustrations.


Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society (9th Edition)
Donna M. Gollnick, Philip C. Chinn

Pearson, 2012

This best-selling text offers a balanced approach to issues as it explores today’s multicultural landscape and how to prepare teachers to use equitable and reflective decision making in their multicultural classrooms.     The ninth edition of Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society was designed to introduce prospective teachers to the different cultural groups to which students and their families belong. In this time ...


TAKE ME A Romance Boxed Set, ..., 2014

***TAKE ME 5 books from 5 bestselling authors of Contemporary, Multicultural, and New Adult Romance. Available for a limited time!*** THE SPACE BETWEEN by Victoria H. Smith The night Drake strays from his upbringing, he could never imagine what he discovers. On the other side of town is Lacey, a singer with a dream and a beauty that sparks life inside him. With her, he finds what he most desperately needs, but will the rest of the world ...


Inside Out and Outside In: Psychodynamic Clinical Theory and Psychopathology in Contemporary Multicultural ...

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2011

Over the past decade, Inside Out and Outside In has become a very important book among mental health practitioners in a variety of disciplines that deal with individuals in their complex social environments. Revised and updated throughout, the third edition builds on this foundation and adds a new chapter on cognitive behavioral theory and practice and a new chapter on relational and intersubjective theories to more fully meet the needs of both ...


Women's Lives: Multicultural Perspectives
Gwyn Kirk, Margo Okazawa-Rey

McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages, 2012

The sixth edition of Women’s Lives: Multicultural Perspectives relies on the analyses, principles, and style of earlier editions, but with substantial changes to take account of recent scholarship. Women’s Lives offers an introduction to women’s studies and examines the lives of U.S. women within a global context as well as across race, class, nationality, sexuality, culture, age, and disability.



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