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Tasty Jesus : Liberating Christ from the Power of Our Predilections
Bryan F. Hurlbutt

Resource Publications, 2013

Tasty Jesus deals with key cultural, philosophical, and theological representations of Christ that find expression in the North American church. Each of these respective cameos of Christ has colored the Christological understanding of many believers in the local assembly. We live in a society deeply embedded in a mindless individualism that is more concerned with a malleable Christ that suits their present taste than the Jesus of both the Bible ...


The Nature of Nature: Examining the Role of Naturalism in Science

Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 2014

The intellectual and cultural battles now raging over theism and atheism, conservatism and secular progressivism, dualism and monism, realism and antirealism, and transcendent reality versus material reality extend even into the scientific disciplines. This stunning new volume captures this titanic clash of worldviews among those who have thought most deeply about the nature of science and of the universe itself. Unmatched in its breadth and ...


Worship and the Reality of God: An Evangelical Theology of Real Presence
John Jefferson Davis

IVP Academic, 2010

Is God missing from our worship? Obstacles to true worship are not about contemporary or traditional music, electronic gadgetry or seeker sensitivity. Rather it is the habits of mind and heart, conditioned by our surrounding culture, that hinder our faith in the real presence of the transcendent God among his people. Sensing a real need for renewal, John Jefferson Davis offers a theology of worship that uncovers the most fundamental barriers to ...


Becoming More Fully Human: Religious Humanism As a Way of Life
William R. Murry

Religious Humanism Press, 2011

"Becoming More Fully Human" presents Humanism as a way of life rather than a philosophical bent.


Radical Nature: Rediscovering the Soul of Matter
Christian de Quincey

Invisible Cities Press Llc, 2002

This groundbreaking book proposes that the universe around us is literally alive and conscious. This worldview restores a sense of the sacred to modern lives that have too long insisted that mind, spirit, and consciousness must be divorced from body, nature, and matter. Going back to the earliest days of Western philosophy, this book illustrates how the notion of intrinsically sentient matter is thousands of years old and has only recently been ...


Whitehead's Radically Different Postmodern Philosophy: An Argument for Its Contemporary Relevance (S U N Y ...
David Ray Griffin

State University of New York Press, 2008

Examines the postmodern implications of Whitehead’s metaphysical system. Postmodern philosophy is often dismissed as unintelligible, self-contradictory, and as a passing fad with no contribution to make to the problems faced by philosophers in our time. While this characterization may be true of the type of philosophy labeled postmodern in the 1980s and 1990s, David Ray Griffin argues that Alfred North Whitehead had formulated a ...


Philosophy of Religion: An Anthology
Louis P. Pojman, Michael Rea

Cengage Learning, 2011

The most comprehensive text in its field, this anthology includes 74 articles in 9 areas of philosophy of religion: The Concept of God; Traditional Arguments for the Existence of God; Religious Experience; The Problem of Evil; Miracles, Death and Immortality; Faith and Reason; Science, Religion, and Evolution; and Religious Pluralism. The arrangement of the articles and the introductions which accompany them help place the readings in their ...


Sister Carrie (Norton Critical Editions)
Theodore Dreiser

W W Norton & Co Inc, 1991

This Norton Critical Edition features the 1900 Doubleday Page text of the novel. "Backgrounds and Sources" reprints excerpts from Dreiser's autobiographies, and a documentary account, drawn largely from Dreiser's correspondence with Frank Norris, Arthur Henry, Walter H.Page and F.N.Doubleday, discusses the supposed "suppression" of Sister Carrie by its first publisher. "Criticism" includes twelve essays that seek to identify Dreiser's literary ...


The Analytic Theist: An Alvin Plantinga Reader

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1998

Alvin Plantinga, called by Time magazine "America's leading orthodox Protestant philosopher of God," has had a profound impact on the philosophical discipline. This book gathers in one place Plantinga's most important work in the philosophy of religion generally and his contribution to the resurgence in Christian philosophy in particular. Organized into four sections-"Natural Theology and Atheology," "Reformed Epistemology," "Divine Nature and ...


Reality Through the Arts (6th Edition)
Dennis J. Sporre

Pearson, 2006

This introductory exploration of basic artistic concepts and terms applies them to a skeletal multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural history of artistic styles. It treats all the arts– painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, music, theatre, dance, film, architecture, literature –uniformly, and uses a common outline to reinforce the relationship of terms and concepts to the perceptual process. The book also ties both artistic media and ...


The Fourth Day: What the Bible and the Heavens are Telling Us about the Creation
Mr. Howard J. Van Til

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1986

Drawing on both scriptural evidence and scientific investigation, Van Till constructs a theologically sound and scientifically coherent perspective on the nature of the cosmos. Since evolution and creation deal with distinctively different questions, he argues, both concepts can be taught with integrity — as complementary views of the universe and its history.


Agnosticism and Christianity and Other Essays (Great Mind Series)
Thomas Henry Huxley

Prometheus Books, 1992

In this selection of his most important writings, renowned scientist and philosopher Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895) discusses his views on the demonstrative evidence of evolution, the physical basis of life, naturalism and supernaturalism, agnosticism and Christianity, and the Christian tradition in relation to Judaic Christianity.


Liberalism and the Age of the Woman
Jerry Sawyer

Elderberry Press (OR), 2006

Imagine l957 Bee Branch, Arkansas, population 53. The author was raised four miles from there. The environment included the dregs of the tail-end of western-civilization. It was a secure world, unreflective and complacent. Not only was same-sex marriage not even on anyone’s horizon yet, but even homosexuality was something that Big-City Yankees did. At the same time, it was a golden age, with Elvis and blue suede shoes.


Transformations in Consciousness: The Metaphysics and Epistemology (Philosophy)
Franklin Merrell-Wolff

State University of New York Press, 1995

This book presents a philosophy that includes the enlightenment experience--a philosophy grounded on the authority of direct realization resulting from transformation in consciousness. This book presents a philosophy that includes the enlightenment experience--that embraces the wider ranges opened by the door of realization--while not excluding the contents of the more common experience. A realization in consciousness that finds no place or ...


The Recalcitrant Imago Dei: Human Persons and the Failure of Naturalism (Veritas)
J. P. Moreland

SCM Press, 2010

The Veritas Series refuses to accept disciplinary isolation: both for theology and for other disciplines. The Recalcitrant Imago Dei offers a critical discussion of naturalism, the idea that all phenomena can be explained by the physical sciences.


Critical Realism: An Introduction to Roy Bhaskar's Philosophy
Andrew Collier

Verso, 1994

The work of Roy Bhaskar has had far-reaching effects in the philosophy of science and for political and moral theories of human emancipation. It shows how to overcome the atomistic and narrowly human-centered approaches which have dominated European thought for four centuries. In this readable introduction to his work, Andrew Collier expounds and defends the main concepts of Bhaskar’s philosophy. The first part of this book looks at the ...


Reason & Reenchantment: The Philosophical, Religious, & Political Thought of David Ray Griffin
John B Cobb Jr

Process Century Press, 2013

Essays in philosophy, theology, religion, and politics explore the wide-ranging and groundbreaking thought of David Ray Griffin, the man who brought constructive postmodernism to China and has engaged millions in his multidisciplinary explorations of Whiteheadian philosophy.


Deconstructing the Mind (Philosophy of Mind)
Stephen P. Stich

Oxford University Press, 1998

During the past two decades, debates over the viability of commonsense psychology have occupied center stage in both cognitive science and the philosophy of mind. A group of prominent philosophers known as eliminativists argue that advances in cognitive science and neuroscience will ultimately justify a rejection of our folk theory of mind because it gives a radically mistaken account of mental life. In Deconstructing the Mind , distinguished ...


The Significance of Religious Experience
Howard Wettstein

Oxford University Press, 2012

The loud debate between the New Atheists and defenders of traditional religion is beside the point for Howard Wettstein, in this plainly written, original study of the foundations of religious commitment. Wettstein sees religion--and specifically his own Jewish tradition--in a way that is at once new and Biblical. Wettstein is interested in the big questions. Among those in focus here: What is the role of religious experience in making sense of ...


Seaside Naturalist
Deborah A. Coulombe

Touchstone, 1990

Book by Coulombe, Deborah A.



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