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Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy
Julie Flygare

Mill Pond Swan Publishing, 2012

Julie Flygare was on an ambitious path to success, entering law school at age 22, when narcolepsy destroyed the neurological boundaries between dreaming and reality in her brain. She faced terrifying hallucinations, paralysis and excruciating sleepiness aspects of dream sleep taking place while wide awake. Yet, narcolepsy was a wake-up call for Julie. Her illness propelled her onto a journey she never imagined from lying paralyzed on her ...


40,000 to One (Volume 1)
Ben Petrick

KMP Enterprises, 2012

What if I told you that a decade ago, one of the greatest baseball prospects of his era was hitting home runs off Hall of Famers while hiding Parkinson's disease? What if I told you this is not the most amazing part of Petrick's story? When he signed a big-league contract, baseball executives and scouts uniformly predicted he would be the Rockies starting catcher for a decade. 'Think Buster Posey with speed,' says Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle, ...



University of California Press, 2008

I can't work, I can't think, I can't connect with anyone anymore. . . . I mope through a day's work and haven't had a promotion in years. . . . It's like I'm being sucked dry, eaten away, swallowed up, coming unglued. . . . These are voices of a few of the tens of millions who suffer from chronic insomnia. In this revelatory book, Gayle Greene offers a uniquely comprehensive account of this devastating and little-understood condition. She has ...


The Prescriber's Guide (Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology)
Stephen M. Stahl

Cambridge University Press, 2011

Now established as the indispensable formulary in psychopharmacology, this latest edition of the Prescriber's Guide has been completely revised and updated to reflect the most current practice in the use of psychotropic drugs. Easy to navigate and easy to use, the Prescriber's Guide combines evidence-based information with clinically informed guidance to support clinicians in making the most effective prescribing decisions for the good of ...


Family Practice Examination and Board Review, Third Edition
Mark Graber, Jason Wilbur

McGraw-Hill Professional, 2012

An engagingly written case-based review for the Family Medicine Board Examination and the USMLE Step 3 Family Practice Examination and Board Review , Third Edition is the ideal study guide for the primary and recertification exam in family medicine and for licensure exams. The third edition has been completely updated with new cases, new questions, and new study results--and you'll also find new bits of humor that make the book fun to read ...


Where Is the Mango Princess?
Cathy Crimmins

Knopf, 2000

This is a book that Cathy Crimmins never hoped to write: the story of how a tragic accident nearly destroyed her family; of how in a split second their lives were changed forever. In 1996, Cathy Crimmins, her husband, Alan, and their daughter, Kelly, were on an idyllic lakeside holiday when a boating accident left Alan in a deep coma, with severe damage to the frontal lobes of his brain, the area that controls speech, memory, movement, and ...


All the Dancing Birds

Marcanti Clarke Literary Press, 2012

IPPY Gold Winner for Popular Fiction, Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal Lillie Claire Glidden is unraveling. She knows she's in trouble when she finds her wallet and keys deep in the refrigerator, smelling of lettuce and forgetfulness. Not even her favorite California red wine can dull the pain of the dreaded diagnosis: Alzheimer's. As her language starts to fail and words disappear, Lillie Claire is determined to find a way to ...


Life, Animated

Kingswell ebook, 2014

What if you were trapped in a Disney movie? In all of them, actually - from Dumbo to Peter Pan to The Lion King -- and had to learn about life and love mostly from what could be gleaned from animated characters, dancing across a screen of color? Asking this question opens a doorway to the most extraordinary of stories. It is the saga of Owen Suskind, who happens to be the son of one of America's most noted writers, the Pulitzer Prize-winning ...


When the Air Hits Your Brain: Tales of Neurosurgery
Jr. Frank T. Vertosick

W. W. Norton, 1996

Told through intimate portraits of a neurosurgeon's patients, this book contains detailed descriptions of the surgical procedure in neurosurgery. It provides a poignant and often humorous account of the mysteries of the mind and the operating room.


Why Isn't My Brain Working?: A Revolutionary Understanding of Brain Decline and Effective Strategies to ...
Dr. Datis Kharrazian

Elephant Press, 2013

Losing your memory? Can't focus or concentrate? Do you have brain fog or tire easily? Have you lost your zest for life or motivation? Do people tell you this is all a normal part of aging? If so, your brain may be growing old too fast, or degenerating. Modern diets, a stressful lifestyle, and environmental toxins all take their toll on the brain. This doesn't just happen to seniors-brain disorders and degeneration are on the rise for young and ...


The Parkinson's Disease Treatment Book: Partnering with Your Doctor to Get the Most from Your Medications
J. Eric Ahlskog

Oxford University Press, USA, 2005

Nearly one million Americans, including Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali, suffer from Parkinson's Disease. Now, a leader in the fight against Parkinson's, Dr. J. Eric Ahlskog of the Mayo Clinic, has written the definitive guide for patients and their families. Dr. Ahlskog offers a crystal-clear, nuts-and-bolts approach to the treatment of PD, distilled from over twenty years of experience as a clinician and researcher. His goal is to ...


Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had
Brad Cohen, Lisa Wysocky

St. Martin's Griffin, 2008

As a child with Tourette syndrome, Brad Cohen was ridiculed, beaten, mocked, and shunned. Children, teachers, and even family members found it difficult to be around him. As a teen, he was viewed by many as purposefully misbehaving, even though he had little power over the twitches and noises he produced, especially under stress. Even today, Brad is sometimes ejected from movie theaters and restaurants. But Brad Cohen's story is not one of ...


A Normal Life: A Sister's Odyssey Through Brain Injury, 2014

Molly has degrees from Yale and Stanford and was a publishing executive and an extraordinary athlete. But after a horrible accident, she didn’t know the difference between a hairbrush and a hammer. Molly got a severe brain injury from carbon monoxide poisoning. Her husband died as he lay next to her in the hotel bed. Molly had a baseline pulse, but was declared clinically dead. After nine days in a coma, Molly emerged. But not the Molly her ...


The Oxygen Revolution: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: The New Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ...

Hatherleigh Press, 2010

HOPE FOR MANY “HOPELESS” DISEASES, FROM ONE OF THE FOREMOST RESEARCHERS IN THE FIELD   When Randy McCloy, Jr., the sole survivor of the Sago Mine disaster, finally walked out of the hospital to rejoin his family, it was in part due to the miracle of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is based on an almost laughably simple idea: Oxygen can be used therapeutically for a wide range of conditions where tissues have ...


Saving Ben: A Father's Story of Autism (Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Series)

University of North Texas Press, 2012

Each year thousands of children are diagnosed with autism, a devastating neurological disorder that profoundly affects a person’s language and social development. Saving Ben is the story of one family coping with autism, told from the viewpoint of a father struggling to understand his son’s strange behavior and rescue him from a downward spiral. “Take him home, love him, and save your money for his institutionalization when he turns ...


Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases, Second Edition, Text with Interactive eBook (Blumenfeld, Neuroanatomy ...
Hal Blumenfeld

Sinauer Associates, Inc., 2011

Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases brings a pioneering interactive approach to the teaching of neuroanatomy, using over 100 actual clinical cases and high-quality radiologic images to bring the subject to life. The Second Edition is fully updated with the latest advances in the field, and includes several exciting new cases. This approach allows students to appreciate the clinical relevance of structural details as they are being learned, and ...


Handbook of Neurosurgery
Mark S. Greenberg

Thieme, 2010

A 'must-have'...[a] low-cost, highly portable, and extremely useful reference volume, which will undoubtedly enjoy continued longevity into the foreseeable future. --Journal of Neurosurgery A vital resource...For rapid access to the diagnosis and management of all neurosurgical things, there is no substitute. --The Journal of TRAUMA Injury, Infection, and Critical Care For two decades, Handbook of Neurosurgery -- now in a fully updated ...


The Twenty-four Hour Mind: The Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives
Rosalind Cartwright

Oxford University Press, 2010

In January of 1997, an otherwise nonviolent man under great stress at work brutally murdered his wife in their backyard. He then went back to bed, awakening only when police entered his home. He claimed to have no memory of the event because, while his body was awake at the time, his mind was not. He had been sleepwalking. In The Twenty-four Hour Mind , sleep scientist Rosalind Cartwright brings together decades of research into the bizarre ...


Travell & Simons' Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual (2-Volume Set)
David G. Simons, Janet G. Travell, ...

LWW, 1998

Doody's Core Titles 2009.


Green Vanilla Tea: One Family's Extraordinary Journey of Love, Hope, and Remembering
Marie Williams

New Harbinger Publications, 2014

Green Vanilla Tea is a true story of love and courage in the face of a deadly and little understood illness. With literary finesse, compassion, and a powerful gift of storytelling, Marie Williams writes poignantly of her husband Dominic’s struggles with early onset dementia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) at the age of 40, and how their family found hope amidst the wreckage of a mysterious neurological condition.   As the ...



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