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Nuisance (Man Of The Month) (Silhouette Desire, No 901)
Lass Small

Silhouette, 1994

MR. JANUARY Name: Stefan Szyszko Allergic To: Horses...and marriage-minded women. His Ex-Girlfriend: Carrie Pierce. A long-legged filly just lookin' for love. For Stefan, footloose and fancy-free was the only way to live. Even Carrie, his frisky ex, couldn't make him change his mind. Besides, he'd already dated-and discarded-her... Then he began to notice that there wasn't a man in Texas who didn't have an eye for Carrie. And when one of them ...


How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies: A Book That Takes the Nuisance Out of Name Calling and ...
Kate Cohen-Posey

Rainbow Books, 1995

Every young person will need this book at some time in his or her life! A parent-child resource book, How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies covers *annoying name calling, *vicious prejudice, *explosive anger, *dangerous situations, and *causes of difficult behavior. It contains more than twelve ways for melting meanness. It uses dozens of examples and practice exercises to teach a comic approach to handling cruelty. It ...


Nuisance Animals: Backyard Pests to Free-Roaming Killers
John, Jr. Trout

Wild Trails Pub, 1997



A Nuisance of Cats - The Curious Collective
HC Fargot

Little Known School Press, 2010

Curiosity didn't kill the cats, it only made them stronger - at least, so it appears in HC Fargot's A Nuisance of Cats , a brilliantly illustrated A-to-Z view of the curious nature of felines. Whether confronted by christmas trees, wheels of brie, an under-sized box or koo-koo clocks, HC Fargot's fur-loined friends manage to navigate an alphabetic gamut of curiosities with the utmost purrfection. Illustrating The Curious Collective and HC ...


How to Be a Help instead of a Nuisance: Practical Approaches to Giving Support, Service, and Encouragement to ...
Karen Kissel Wegela

Shambhala, 1996

Despite our good intentions to help others, we often hold back because we don't know what to do or are afraid to intrude. Even when we overcome our hesitations, we sometimes find that we have made things worse with our attempts to help. Karen Kissel Wegela combines the insights of traditional meditative practices and modern psychology to address these problems, concluding that the most important thing we can offer to anyone in distress is our ...


Just Nuisance A.B.: His Full Story
Terence Sisson

W J Flesch & Partners (Pty) Ltd, 1986



An Attractive Nuisance

CreateSpace, 2012

A LAWSUIT, GREED AND DEATH Stan Seger, a high flying Chicago lawyer, who is summoned to rural Southern Illinois to represent a young boy who suffered a paralyzing injury at an abandoned Strip Mine now used as the local swimming hole. A SERIOUS PERMANENT INJURY AND DEFENDANTS WITH DEEP POCKETS. Every plaintiff’s lawyer’s dream. The case has great potential if handled properly, and Seger knows all the tricks. But he would have turned and run ...


The Adventures of Detective Luke Neighborhood Nuisance
Wilson Grant Hickman

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

Detective Luke is a highly professional detective...who just happens to be a dog! He and his two sons, Leo and Baron, live in a quiet neighborhood where nothing exciting ever really happens. But one day, Luke is framed for cracking a car window, and this incident turns into the Mystery of the Neighborhood Nuisance. Luke and his sons are soon on the trail of the shadowy troublemaker, encountering unimaginable dangers along the way!


Dear God... it's me again: Hope I'm not being a nuisance, 2014

For a long time I thought of emotional abuse as the ‘poor relation’ in comparison to physical, and/or sexual abuse. Then I realised something. Powerfully. Bruises fade, bones mend, even if they leave some deformity. Tissues repair, although they might leave physical scars – but underneath is the very real emotional abuse which accompanied the action against them. Whether a child, a wife, husband or grandparent is battered; a girl, woman, ...


(Yaoi) Love Nuisance Preventing Regulations: What do you do if you feel like somebody's watching you from ...


Strangely kind stalker guy, Komazawa, suddenly appears in front of a urologist, Yui. After catching him, Komazawa confesses that he has been bodyguarding Yui in return for Yui's kindness. For a playboy, Yui, Komazawa's overkindness should be nothing but a bother, but Yui can't help becoming involved with pure and wimpy Komazawa…Pure Stalker x Playboy Doctor. What will happen to this love story that starts with unwelcome meddling?


Nuisances: A Comprehensive OGL (d20 System) Sourcebook for Fantasy Role-Playing Games
Michael J. Varhola, Sharon Daugherty, ...

Skirmisher Publishing LLC, 2005

NUISANCES HAS MORE and is unlike any other fantasy RPG sourcebook! It is a tribute to the early years of fantasy roleplaying games, a parody of the current state of the genre, a manual for keeping cocky and annoying players off balance, and a poignant philosophical expression of the post-modern, 21st century worldview. Highlights of this wonderful book include: * Hundreds and hundreds of aggravating and awful and things that can happen ...


Death and other Nuisances: A Tribute to Life
David S. Cantor

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Satires, short stories, essays and poems make this book unique. Easy to read, easy to enjoy. Sparkling and witty. A place where fantasy and reality collides. Paradoxically(or not?), Death and other Nuisances is a tribute to life.


The River Pollution Dilemma in Victorian England: Nuisance Law Versus Economic Efficiency (Modern Economic ...
Leslie Rosenthal

Ashgate Pub Co, 2014

Nineteenth-century Britain witnessed a dramatic increase in its town population, as a hitherto largely rural economy transformed itself into an urban one. Though the political and social issues arising from these events are well-known, little is known about how the British legal process coped with the everyday strains that emerged from the unprecedented scale of these changes. This book explores the river pollution dilemma faced by the British ...


The Bedtime Nuisance
Elma J. Funches


My book depicts the reality of bullying. Bullying robs the happiness and unfortunately, sometimes the very lives of so many children and young people. In my story, a small thin, shy eight years old named Timmy is well liked by most of his classmates, except for Josh. Josh is a nine year old bully, who takes a piece of Jimmy's world and tramples on it. Josh is quite large for his age, and it allows him to feel a false sense of power over other ...


The Law of Private Nuisance (Hart Studies in Private Law)
Allan Beever

Hart Publishing, 2013

Like any area of the law, the law of nuisance can be difficult to understand, because the law is the accumulation of a great many judicial decisions. Judges, of course, give explanations for their decisions, and it is always important to give due consideration to the explanations offered. But, given that judges make decisions in response to particular problems that they are required to solve - cases, in other words - it is hardly surprising that ...


Tensions Can Be Reduced to Nuisances: A Technique for Not-Too-Neurotic People
Edmund Bergler

Liveright Publishing Corporation, 1979


Smoke Free Condos: How We Restricted Smoking Inside Condominium Association Units and Declared Secondhand ...
Joyce Starr

STARR Publishing, 2013

Condominium Owners: Do you long for smoke free living? Do you wish you could convince your condominium board to restrict second hand smoke inside units? Smoke Free Condos provides precise procedures for amending your condominium association declaration and documents for smoke free living. Your Condominium Rights : The author addresses recent case and state law on secondhand smoke in condominiums, the Law of Nuisance, Quiet Enjoyment of ...


They Call Me Nuisance
Edward Vought, Eunice Vought

Outskirts Press, 2010

With a name like Nuisance life can be challenging to say the least. Dakota horse stops dead in front of the general store, there's a wagon out front and he stops right next to it. I am sitting here looking stupid, well stupider than usual. A few minutes after we stop here a very pretty young lady comes out of the store yelling at someone inside. She is dressed in a man's clothing which is strange for the west these days. She is talking like a ...


Snoring From A to ZZZZ: Proven Cures for the Night's Worst Nuisance
Derek S. Lipman MD

Spencer Press, 2002

The first book on snoring and sleep apnea, by a medical expert, from causes to cures!



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