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Feed Your Genes Right: Eat to Turn Off Disease-Causing Genes and Slow Down Aging

Wiley, 2007

In Feed Your Genes Right , renowned nutrition expert Jack Challem translates the hugely exciting science of nutrigenomics--which explores the link between nutrition and our own DNA--into practical eating plans and nutritional supplement recommendations for maximizing one's genetic inheritance, slowing the aging process, and reducing the chances of disease. After describing how food and nutrients can help repair flawed or damaged genes, ...


Explosive Ergogenics for Athletes
Rick Brunner

Ultimate Athlete Concepts, 2013

Athletes in explosive sports need to build performance traits like reaction, starting strength, maximal speed, striking force, and power-endurance. These explosive athletes are desperate for the truth and scientific validation of how nutrition can amplify their training results. In the past, these athletes and their coaches have had to rely on nutritional advice focused on bodybuilding or endurance sports. This book will change the way explosive ...


How to Safely Tailor Your Food, Medicines, & Cosmetics to Your Genes: A Consumer's Guide to Genetic Testing ...
Anne Hart

iUniverse, Inc., 2003

Your DNA, including your ancient ancestry and ethnicity has a lot to do with how your body responds to food, medicine, illness, exercise, and lifestyle, but just how much? And how do you know which DNA kits and gene testing are reliable and recognized?Learning about DNA to understand and improve your health is now interactive and available to the average consumer, not limited to students and teachers, but to anyone else. In the last few years ...


It's Not Just Your Genes!
Ruth DeBusk, Yael Joffe

BKDR, Inc., 2006

It's Not Just Your Genes! introduces you to the fascinating world of genomics. Genetic technologies are revolutionizing health care, and in order to take full advantage of the advances emerging from this field, you need to get comfortable with its language and concepts. Today we know that rather than viewing our genetic makeup as a hand of cards that have already been dealt, we have the power to use the information encoded in our genes to help ...


Clinical Neurotherapy: Application of Techniques for Treatment

Academic Press, 2013

Neurotherapy, sometimes called EEG biofeedback and/or neurobiofeedback involves techniques designed to manipulate brain waves through non-invasive means and are used as treatment for a variety of psychological and medical disorders. The disorders covered include ADHD, mood regulation, addiction, pain, sleep disorders, and traumatic brain injury. This book introduces specific techniques, related equipment and necessary training for the clinical ...


Autism: Pathways to Recovery
Dr. Amy Yasko

Neurological Research Institute, 2009

(BOOK AND WORKBOOK)The concept of this book is to explain the program in laymen's terms so that anyone can understand the "why" behind the symptoms. Understanding the science allows you to make specific choices for your child and their individualized pathway to recovery. This book encompasses revised and updated content contained in Dr. Yasko's previous book The Puzzle of Autism including information from her power point presentations and the ...


Feel Good Nutrigenomics
Dr Amy Yasko

Neurological Research Institute, 2014

We live in a society where we are stressed emotionally, financially, physically and exposed to a range of toxins in our environment. Combining underlying genetic susceptibility with these factors provides all the ingredients for a perfect health storm. By understanding where our weak points are located, or where the accidents are on our particular highway of life, it is possible to bypass those detours, accidents and breakdowns and chart a ...


The Genome Book: A Must-Have Guide to Your DNA for Maximum Health
April Lynch, with Vickie Venne

Sunrise River Press, 2009

If you re not a scientist or genetics professional, the whole concept of genomic medicine may sound a lot like science fiction. In The Genome Book: A Must-Have Guide to Your DNA for Maximum Health, author April Lynch brings you a thorough but easy-to-understand explanation of the growing medical benefits provided by the decoding of the human genome. She discusses DNA' s role in nutrition, cancer, blood and heart conditions, and even behavior, ...


NutriGenomic: How Food Talks to your Genes and send messages of health or disease.
Mark Hyman

Nutrigenomics Products, Inc., 2006

In this easy and all-natural plan, Mark Hyman, MD reveals the secret of using food and other simple tools to turn off messages of disease and weight gain at the cellular level...and turn on messages of health, vitality, and weight loss. By following the science-based principles, you can start to stabilize your blood sugar to reduce your risk of diabetes and pre-diabetes, lose weight without dieting, optimize your metabolism, eliminate silent ...


Food Science (Cool Science)
Jeanne Miller

Lerner Publications, 2008


BioIndustry Ethics
David L. Finegold, Cecile M Bensimon, ...

Academic Press, 2005

This book is the first systematic, detailed treatment of the approaches to ethical issues taken by biotech and pharmaceutical companies. The application of genetic/genomic technologies raises a whole spectrum of ethical questions affecting global health that must be addressed. Topics covered in this comprehensive survey include considerations for bioprospecting in transgenics, genomics, drug discovery, and nutrigenomics, as well as how to ...


Nutrition Management of Patients With Inherited Metabolic Disorders
Phyllis B. Acosta

Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2009

5 Stars! Doody's Book Review Written by the foremost nutritionists in the United States, each of whom has more than 15 years of clinical experience providing nutrition management of patients with an inherited metabolic disorder (IMD), Nutrition Management of Patients with Inherited Metabolic Disorders supplies information to enhance the knowledge and skills needed by nutritionists/dietitians and other health care professionals who provide ...


Forever Young: The Science of Nutrigenomics for Glowing, Wrinkle-Free Skin and Radiant Health at Every Age
Nicholas Perricone

Atria Books, 2010

Dr. Perricone’s FOREVER YOUNG makes an extraordinary promise: by following a program designed to decrease wrinkles and dramatically improve the appearance of the skin, the reader is also guaranteed more energy, less fat and an improved mood.  The core of Dr. Perricone’s appeal is his scientific grounding and authority.  In a field notorious for the triumph of style over substance, Dr. Perricone is at the cutting edge of new science which ...


Autism: Pathways to Recovery (ESP) Book, Workbook & DVD
Dr. Amy Yasko

Neurological Research Institute, 2009


Nutritionism: The Science and Politics of Dietary Advice (Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on ...
Gyorgy Scrinis

Columbia University Press, 2013

Popularized by Michael Pollan in his best-selling In Defense of Food , Gyorgy Scrinis's concept of nutritionism refers to the reductive understanding of nutrients as the key indicators of healthy food -- an approach that has dominated nutrition science, dietary advice, and food marketing. Scrinis argues this ideology has narrowed and in some cases distorted our appreciation of food quality, such that even highly processed foods may be ...


Food For Thought: An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness
George J Febish

Xlibris, Corp., 2011

Book by Febish, George J


The Optimal Health Revolution: How Inflammation Is the Root Cause of the Biggest Killers and How the ...

BenBella Books, 2009

Cutting-edge science is coming to a startling realization. The bulk of our most lethal diseases have a common underlying cause: persistent inflammation, an over-active reaction of our natural immune system function resulting in cell and tissue destruction. This persistent inflammation is triggered by our industrial lifestyles, including exposure to chemicals, synthetic food ingredients, pollution and processed foods. “Researchers are linking ...


'Switched On' - Harnessing the Power of Nutrigenomics to Optimise Your Health

Integra Publishing, 2010

What if you could... • Maintain excellent health, day after day, even as you get older? • Take back control of your health and avoid the common ‘diseases of civilisation’? • Have little (if any) reliance on pharmaceuticals or surgery to become and stay well? Chronic Disease is largely preventable, so why don’t health authorities focus on strategies for promoting disease PREVENTION? Why are pharmaceutical drugs and surgery the ...


Forever Young: The Science of Nutrigenomics for Glowing, Wrinkle-Free Skin and Radiant Health at Every ...
Nicholas'(Author) Perricone

Atria Books., 2011


Scientific Evidence for Musculoskeletal, Bariatric, and Sports Nutrition

CRC Press, 2006

Nutrition has long been the missing ingredient in the treatment of the various musculoskeletal conditions seen daily by the health professionals. The often-stated reason for giving nutrition short shrift is the lack of evidence. Responding to this need, Scientific Evidence for Musculoskeletal, Bariatric, and Sports Nutrition provides clinicians with an evidence-based integration of nutrition into medical treatment. Gathering biochemical ...



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