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Slow Cooker Cookbook: 200 delicious, simple and nutritious one pot recipes that cook themselves, 2014

Grab this Amazon Best Seller, NO.1 in 3 categories and over 60,000 downloads Learn How to Make Cooking Times Easy and Simple! As our time becomes more precious, as daily life pulls us if different directions with erratic work schedules, kids after school clubs, errands, long commutes to and from work, it’s often our meals that are compromised with take outs, pre-packaged meals, biscuits, chips and other snacks. Well to ...


The Superfood Smoothie Recipe Book: Super-Nutritious, High-Protein Smoothies to Lose Weight, Boost Metabolism ..., 2014

Are you tired of the same old milk and cereal sloshing around in your belly all morning??? Research shows that Americans who start their day off with milk and cereal on average consume 1 pound of sugar per week! Yikes!!! Start your day off right with a high-protein, nutritious smoothie that will keep you full and satisfied till lunchtime, regulate your blood sugar level and help you loose weight! Dairy-Free, Gluten-free, Vegan and Paleo ...


What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting
Heidi Murkoff

Workman Publishing Company, 2005

Announcing Eating Well When You're Expecting , providing moms-to-be with a realistic approach to navigating healthily and deliciously through the nine months of pregnancy—at home, in the office, over the holidays, in restaurants. Thorough chapters are devoted to nutrition, weight gain, food safety, the postpartum diet, and how to eat when trying to conceive again. And, very exciting, the book comes with 150 contemporary, tasty, and healthy ...


Tea A Recipe and Guidebook Quick and Easy to Make Tea Recipes That Are Nutritious, Relaxing, and Energizing: ..., 2014

:::::::::::: Now an Amazon Best Seller! :::::::::::: Do you want great health and live a longer, happier life? Drink tea. This is the ultimate book of tea that will help you do just that. We’ll begin our journey with the history of tea and its benefits before moving on to special guidelines to help you brew the best cup of tea possible. In addition to the recipes that will follow, you’ll also learn about taking care of tea – ...


Vegan Slow Cooker - Easy, Delicious, Nutritious Hands-Off Cooking For Busy People, 2014

*** #1 BEST SELLER in VEGAN COOKING - January 2014 *** ************************************************************************* Vegan slow cooker is a device that should be found in any home, even meat eater's home. Vegan cooking is gaining popularity, as more and more people are discovering it's benefits and are more willing to reduce their meat and dairy consumption, or even eliminate them. The benefits of veganism are clear. The food ...


The Green Smoothie Bible: 300 Delicious Recipes
Kristine Miles

Ulysses Press, 2012

SUPERFOODS IN EVERY SIP You know a daily diet rich in fruits and vegetables can maximize your health and well-being. But did you know that drinking a smoothie every day made from fruits and vegetables can dramatically increase the amount of life-saving nutrients your body takes in? • Lose Weight • Detoxify the Body • Increase Energy • Fight Heart Disease • Prevent Diabetes, Depression and Certain Cancers • Boost the Immune ...


Coffee A Recipe and Guidebook: Quick and Easy Coffee Recipes Nutritious, Refreshing, and Energizing, 2014

Coffee is wonderful! Did you know? America consumes about one third of world’s coffee supply. Coffee aids digestion so is ideal for after dinner drinking. This is the ultimate book on COFFEE. We’ll begin our journey with the interesting history of coffee before learning about the different types, which will help you become a more informed coffee drinker. Special guidelines to help you brew the best cup of coffee possible are provided ...


Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods - and Helping Your Baby to Grow Up a Happy ...
Tracey Murkett, Gill Rapley

The Experiment, 2010

The Natural, No-Fuss, No-Purée Method for Starting Your Baby on Solid Foods Baby-Led Weaning explodes the myth that babies need to be spoon-fed and shows why self-feeding from the start of the weaning process is the healthiest way for your child to develop. With baby-led weaning (BLW, for short), you can skip purées and make the transition to solid food by following your baby’s cues. At about six months, most babies are ready to join ...


I CAN CAN GROUND MEATS!!: How to safely grind and home can ground meats to stock your food storage pantry ...

Proverbs 31 Press, 2014

I Can Can Ground Meats!! is just what you need to learn to safely home can ground meats and stock your pantry with shelf stable ground meat, meatballs, meat loaves, and even gyro meat! Just imagine how easy it will be to prepare a hardy nutritious meal for your family when you don't have to thaw anything or make a special trip to the store to get dinner to the table. You will not only learn to safely home can meats, but how to grind your own ...


Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats
Sally Fallon, Mary Enig

Newtrends Publishing, Inc., 2003

This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: Animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels. Sally Fallon dispels the myths of the current low-fat fad in this practical, entertaining guide to a can-do diet that is both nutritious and ...


The 14-Day Weight Loss Juicing Plan: 21 Quick, Delicious & Nutritious Juice Recipes To Jumpstart Your Weight ...

Lion's Club Publishing, 2013

>>UPDATED: Best Selling In "Juicers & Juicing"!! ***Lose Weight Naturally Through Juicing.. This short book will introduce you to the wonderful world of juicing as a means towards achieving your weight loss goals. Specifically, this book will deliver the following important ideas: You will learn how to identify which ingredients are suited for juicing. You'll quickly see from the recipes presented here that some ingredients appear more ...


The Winter Harvest Handbook: Year Round Vegetable Production Using Deep Organic Techniques and Unheated ...
Eliot Coleman

Chelsea Green Publishing, 2009

Choosing locally grown organic food is a sustainable living trend that’s taken hold throughout North America. Celebrated farming expert Eliot Coleman helped start this movement with The New Organic Grower published 20 years ago. He continues to lead the way, pushing the limits of the harvest season while working his world-renowned organic farm in Harborside, Maine. Now, with his long-awaited new book, The Winter Harvest Handbook , anyone ...


Daniel Plan: 20 Minute Recipes: Delectable, Nutritious, & Fulfilling Meals in Just 20 Minutes
Karen Miller

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

What Will You Find in This Book The Daniel Plan is a healthy lifestyle plan, which provides all of the essential nutrients your body needs, while ensuring that you achieve your objective of losing those extra pounds. It is a brilliant way to start living a healthy life by taking a biblical approach to life. This book contains some of the most delicious 20-minute recipes from the Daniel Plan, which are not only healthy but also so delicious that ...


Quick-Fix Vegan: Healthy, Homestyle Meals in 30 Minutes or Less
Robin Robertson

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2011

150 quick and easy vegan recipes all made in 30 minutes or less from a well-loved, best-selling author in the vegan community. "Robertson cuts to the chase and puts together good food simply. If you were thinking of slapping together a sandwich, you may as well make one of hers, full of vibrant veggies and flavors, instead of the same old pb and j. It doesn't really take much more time... "It was a real pleasure making dishes from the book. ...


The Prepper's Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals
Tess Pennington

Ulysses Press, 2013

STOCK YOUR PANTRY TO SURVIVE ANY DISASTER When a catastrophic collapse cripples society, grocery store shelves will empty within days. But if you follow this book's plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply, your family will have plenty to eat for weeks, months or even years, with meals such as: * French Toast * Black Bean Soup * Chicken Pot Pie * Beef Stroganoff * Fish Tacos * Potatoes Croquette * Asian ...


Where There Is No Doctor
David Werner, Jane Maxwell, ...

Hesperian Foundation, 2013

Hesperian's classic manual, Where There Is No Doctor, is arguably the most widely-used health care manual in the world. This 2013 updated reprint features new information on tuberculosis and HIV, updated medicines, anti-retroviral therapy, and preventing HIV in babies. All Hesperian books are regularly updated and reprinted to reflect accurate medical information. Useful for health workers, clinicians, and others involved in primary health ...


Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health
Jo Robinson

Little, Brown and Company, 2013

Winner of the 2014 IACP Cookbook Award in the category of "Food Matters." The next stage in the food revolution--a radical way to select fruits and vegetables and reclaim the flavor and nutrients we've lost. Ever since farmers first planted seeds 10,000 years ago, humans have been destroying the nutritional value of their fruits and vegetables. Unwittingly, we've been selecting plants that are high in starch and sugar and low in vitamins, ...


The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet: Know What Goes Into Every Bite with More Than 200 of the Most ...
Karin Knight, Tina Ruggiero

Fair Winds Press, 2010

The Top of Its Class! The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet was nominated for the 2012 International Association of Culinary Professionals annual Cookbook Awards competition. Considered the gold standard among cookbook awards and widely lauded as the most selective in the industry, the IACP has been presenting its cookbook awards for more than 25 years to promote quality and creativity in culinary writing and publishing. Past nominees ...


Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Kids: Quick & Easy Meals For Healthy Children, Parenting Has Never Been More ..., 2012

You might have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but have you ever asked why that is? Breakfast has been touted by experts as the “fuel” necessary to start the day off on the right foot. Rather than just a saying, there is scientific proof that breakfast really does give our bodies and brains a kick-start. That is especially true for children. Numerous studies into the benefits of breakfast have made it clear that ...


Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook
Weight Watchers

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011

One pot and you're done—delicious recipes using everyday kitchen equipment With every day so busy, wouldn't you just love to throw everything in one pot and have dinner ready? With Weight Watchers® One Pot Cookbook, you'll find 300 super-tasty and healthy one-dish recipes that the whole family will love. These no-fuss recipes are more than just easy—they are healthy and nutritious, as they come from the culinary experts at Weight ...



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