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Observing the Craft: The Pursuit of Excellence in Masonic Labour and Observance
Andrew Hammer

Mindhive Books, 2010

Written by Andrew Hammer, Master of one of the world's most historic Masonic lodges (Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22), Observing the Craft is a manifesto of sorts for the observant Mason, who seeks quality over quantity in every aspect of Freemasonry. It is a stringent argument for the Symbolic Lodge as being the whole of Masonry, calling for nothing but the utmost effort and commitment to be put into the operation of a Masonic lodge and its ...


Observing and Recording the Behavior of Young Children
Dorothy H. Cohen, Virginia Stern, ...

Teachers College Press, 2008

''Responds to new knowledge about how children think, learn, and develop language, and about the influences of families, culture, and other environmental influences.'' --Zero to Three ''By providing detailed descriptions of the important aspects of a child's life (routines, use of materials, language, interactions, and more), giving specific questions to guide thoughtful observations, and offering a wealth of real examples, the authors inspire ...


Observing the User Experience, Second Edition: A Practitioner's Guide to User Research
Elizabeth Goodman, Mike Kuniavsky, ...

Morgan Kaufmann, 2012

The gap between who designers and developers imagine their users are, and who those users really are can be the biggest problem with product development. Observing the User Experience will help you bridge that gap to understand what your users want and need from your product, and whether they'll be able to use what you've created. Filled with real-world experience and a wealth of practical information, this book presents a complete toolbox ...


Observing Development of the Young Child (8th Edition)
Janice J. Beaty

Pearson, 2013

Janice J. Beaty’s best-selling Observing Development of the Young Child teaches its audience how to observe, record, and interpret the development of children ages three through five by utilizing a unique checklist to document each aspect of development. This proven resource discusses what these young children are like, and how to support them in their early development with exciting hands-on activities. Even though the new edition has ...


Observing Students and Teachers Through Objective Strategies
Sharon L. McNeely

Allyn & Bacon, 1997

In readable language, and with easy-to-use forms, Observing Students and Teachers Through Objective Strategies links various theories of learning, development, teaching, motivation, management, and classroom applications. The book is designed to help the reader learn how to look at classroom behaviors of both students and teachers. It helps build reflective skills and conceptually helps pre-service and novice teachers make connections to what is ...


Observing Interaction: An Introduction to Sequential Analysis
Roger Bakeman, John M. Gottman PhD

Cambridge University Press, 1997

Mothers and infants exchanging gleeful vocalizations, married couples discussing their problems, children playing, birds courting, and monkeys fighting all have this in common: their interactions unfold over time. Almost anyone who is interested can observe and describe such phenomena. However, scientists usually demand more than a desription--they want observations that are replicable and amenable to scientific analysis, while still faithful ...


Observing and Understanding Child Development: A Child Study Manual
Debra Ahola, Abbe Kovacik

Cengage Learning, 2006

Observing and Understanding Child Development: A Child Study Manual is a text with the benefits of a resource and workbook, designed to help students and practitioners learn to gather and interpret data to gain insight into child development. The reader is first introduced to the importance and techniques of observation, being taught why, how, and when to observe. They then move into developmental domains including the typical patterns of ...


The Observing Self: Mysticism and Psychotherapy
Arthur J. Deikman

Beacon Press, 1983

In The Observing Self, noted psychiatrist Arthur J. Deikman lucidly relates how the mystical tradition can enable Western psychology to come to terms with the essential problems of meaning, self, and human progress.


Observing God's World Grade 6 4th Edition (Observing God's World A Beka Book)
Gregory Parker Gregory Rickard

A Beka Book, 2011

This course covers topics such as plants, invertebrates, the Earth, the universe, space exploration, and the building blocks of chemistry. Activities and experiments enhance student understanding.


Observing Children and Adolescents CD
Jane Downey, Teresa M. McDevitt, ...

Pearson, 2003

A supplement for courses in Child and Adolescent Development, Early Childhood Development, and Observation courses. This 3 volume CD set was created to help students "see" the development of children with whom they work while guiding them through activities that help them develop a discerning "eye" for the developmental nuances of children's behavior. Topically organized, these CDs can be used to supplement any development text or course, ...


Observing Development of the Young Child (7th Edition)
Janice J. Beaty

Pearson, 2009

“How can we tell where children stand in their physical, cognitive, socioemotional, language, and creative development?  Do we test them?  Measure them? Compare them?”   This textbook teaches students how to become observers and how to document their findings using one tool:  The Child Development Checklist .  The author posits that the best method to determine a child’s strengths is for the teacher to observe ...


Observing in Schools: A Guide for Students in Teacher Education
Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., William E. Blanton

Pearson, 2005

Observation Handbook for Teaching provides pre-service education students with the basic skills and background to conduct field based observations and research at the beginning level. This truly unique text/workbook is intended for use in a broad array of programs where students are required to conduct classroom observation both prior to and during practicum and student teaching. The majority of the observation texts currently on the market are ...


Observing Children with Attachment Difficulties in Preschool Settings: A Tool for Identifying and Supporting ...
Kim S. Golding

Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2012

For preschool children with emotional difficulties arising from difficulties in attachment, standard observations used in early years settings are not always helpful in identifying their problems and providing guidance on how they can be helped. Combining an accessible introduction to attachment and child development with a child observation tool for identifying behaviour, and the emotional needs underlying this behaviour, this book enables ...


Observing God's World Tests, Teacher Key (6 Test Key), A Beka Book

A Beka Book, 2001



Observing god's World 3rd edition
Gregory richard

A beka Book, 2001

This teachable, readable, and memorable book presents the universe as the direct creation of God and refutes the man-made idea of evolution. It is beautifully illustrated in full color with both photos and art, and features many charts and demonstrations. Projects and experiments for use at home and at school are included. Some of the topics covered are invertebrates, plants, forces of the earth, the universe, space travel, and matter.


Observing Children in Their Natural Worlds: A Methodological Primer, Second Edition
Anthony D. Pellegrini, Frank Symons, ...

Psychology Press, 2004

This second edition updates the methods based on new technologies, updates and increases the number of examples, and reorganizes so the theoretical material is up front. The author's decisions were guided by having used the first edition in classes at two universities. Consequently, he received feedback on the book from a variety of different perspectives--from groups of very conscientious and competent students and from colleagues around the ...


Observing the Sun with Coronado(TM) Telescopes (The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series)
Philip Pugh

Springer, 2007

For this ground-breaking book, Philip Pugh has assembled a team of contributors who show just how much solar observation work can be accomplished with Coronado telescopes, and explain how to get the best from these marvelous instruments. The book shows that Solar prominences, filaments, flares, sunspots, plage and active regions are all visible and can be imaged to produce spectacular solar photographs.


Observing the User Experience: A Practitioner's Guide to User Research
Mike Kuniavsky

Morgan Kaufmann, 2003

The gap between who designers and developers imagine their users are, and who those users really are can be the biggest problem with product development. Observing the User Experience will help you bridge that gap to understand what your users want and need from your product, and whether they'll be able to use what you've created. Filled with real-world experience and a wealth of practical information, this book presents a complete toolbox of ...


Seeing Young Children: A Guide to Observing and Recording Behavior
Warren R Bentzen

Cengage Learning, 2008

This book uniquely blends the theoretical and practical aspects of observing and recording behavior, and begins with a discussion of the basic meaning of observation, and why it is so important to human functioning. The author discusses how to interpret observations, the implementation of findings, and ongoing evaluation to aid in comprehension. Actual observation exercises allow readers to test their skills along the way.


Observing the Sun: A Pocket Field Guide (Astronomer's Pocket Field Guide)
Jamey L. Jenkins

Springer, 2013

“Observing the Sun” is for amateur astronomers at all three levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. The beginning observer is often trying to find a niche or define a specific interest in his hobby, and the content of this book will spark that interest in solar observing because of the focus on the dynamics of the Sun. Intermediate and advanced observers will find the book invaluable in identifying features (through photos, ...



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