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SysML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Systems Modeling Language
Lenny Delligatti

Addison-Wesley Professional, 2013

The Systems Modeling Language (SysML) extends UML with powerful systems engineering capabilities for modeling a wider spectrum of systems and capturing all aspects of a system’s design.  SysML Distilled is the first clear, concise guide for everyone who wants to start creating effective SysML models. (Drawing on his pioneering experience at Lockheed Martin and NASA, Lenny Delligatti illuminates SysML’s core components and provides ...


Field Guide to Stains
Virginia M. Friedman, Melissa Wagner, ...

Quirk Books, 2002

At last, a field guide to identifying and doing battle with more than 100 stains, from tomato juice to tar, from avocado to urine!   Field Guide to Stains is divided into handy sections for easy access to information when time is of the essence: Fruits and Vegetables, Meat and Protein, Household Items, Garage and Yard, and more. Readers will learn more than just removal techniques—details include general descriptions and likely seasons, ...


Caterpillars of Eastern North America: A Guide to Identification and Natural History (Princeton Field Guides)
David L. Wagner

Princeton University Press, 2005

This lavishly illustrated guide will enable you to identify the caterpillars of nearly 700 butterflies and moths found east of the Mississippi. The more than 1,200 color photographs and two dozen line drawings include numerous exceptionally striking images. The giant silk moths, tiger moths, and many other species covered include forest pests, common garden guests, economically important species, and of course, the Mescal Worm and Mexican ...


The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook, Second Edition
Marion E. Reid, Christine Lomas-Francis

Academic Press, 2003

The second edition of The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook provides key information relating to human red blood cell membrane components carrying blood group antigens, the molecular basis of the antigens, their serological characteristics, and the clinical significance of blood group antibodies. The data on this group of molecules has expanded greatly since the previous edition was published five years ago. Topics include: history and information ...


An Unfortunate Prairie Occurrence
Jamie Harrison

Hyperion, 1998


Killmaiden's Compendium of Uncommon Occurrences
James A. Shapiro

Inkwater Press, 2013

If it's in this world, it's in this book. Killmaiden's Compendium of Uncommon Occurrences has deployed Explorers on expeditions to uncover the beauty and dark mysteries of the Wide World for over 500 years. Twelve-year old Scout, Alexander Drake, has gone on many missions for the Compendium, but none as important as this one. He's going to find his father if he has to cross the Wide World to do it. He's taking his younger sister, their governess ...


Wow Stories: 60 inspiring stories that demonstrate the amazing love and power of God!, 2014

The personal stories included in this book give accounts of astonishing answers to prayer, divine rescues, healings, provisions and much more. Most importantly, we are given insight to the tremendous depths of God’s love, mercy and personal care for each of His children. These inspiring testimonies will build your faith, put hope in your heart and reveal the power of prayer, and confirm that God is still performing wonders and miracles!


Conducting School-Based Functional Behavioral Assessments, Second Edition: A Practitioner's Guide (Guilford ...
Mark W. Steege, T. Steuart Watson

The Guilford Press, 2009

Explaining the "whats," "whys," and "how-tos" of functional behavioral assessment, this practical and engaging book is packed with real-world tools and examples. Effective procedures are presented for evaluating challenging behavior in K–12 students, organizing assessment data, and using the results to craft individualized behavior support plans. The authors draw on extensive school-based experience to provide sample reports, decision trees, ...


Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: Modeling Change and Event Occurrence

Oxford University Press, USA, 2003

Change is constant in everyday life. Infants crawl and then walk, children learn to read and write, teenagers mature in myriad ways, the elderly become frail and forgetful. Beyond these natural processes and events, external forces and interventions instigate and disrupt change: test scores may rise after a coaching course, drug abusers may remain abstinent after residential treatment. By charting changes over time and investigating whether ...


Singer on the sand: The true story of an occurrence on the island of Great Sangir, north of the Celebes, more ...
Norma Ione Rhodes Youngberg

Review and Herald Pub. Association, 1964

An incredible, true story of a missionary family who landed on Great Sangir Island, just south of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean to teach islanders truth, loyalty and faith. At first the village people were suspicious of the newcomers but soon many grew to love and respect the Christian family. However, the witch doctor, the chief and many of the head men resented them being there. They decided to counteract the Christian influence by ...


An Occurrence at Owl Creek
Ambrose Bierce

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge is a book of incredible power and suspense. All the fears of a young father come to light as his life swings in and out of reality. As a captured Southern loyalist, the character is bound by the neck and to be hung, when his life, all that is to be, flashes before him. In a split second he pictures his break from the noose, his race to freedom, and his reunion with his beloved family. Life, to this man, is ...


Unnatural Occurrence (An Anna Morgan Novella (Part 1)), 2014

I normally ignore the recently deceased. I definitely don’t stare at them openly or watch in awe and horror as the colors of their leftover aura meld into and out of them until they slowly fade away, leaving nothing behind but the slightest wisps of energy to indicate that they ever even existed. The dead can’t tell their side of a story. The living can’t see the dead like I can. Of course, I’m not normal. Never have been and never will ...


God's Mighty Hand- Providential Occurrences in World History (Volume 1)
Richard Little Bear Wheeler

Mantle Ministries Press, 2006

This book is dedicated to reveal and acknowledge the workings of His Mighty Hand in the critical and personal events of world history so that we may not forget what is declared in Psalm 78.


When Child Abuse Comes to Church: Recognizing Its Occurrence and What to Do About It
Bill Anderson

Bethany House Pub, 1992

Does your church know what to do if the worst happens to a child? When Child Abuse Comes to Church is a practical guidebook, not only for those who have made the terrible discovery that child sexual abuse has occurred right in their own congregation it is for all who want to learn how to make their church safer for children, how to deal with the growing number of sexual "perpetrators" in dire need of help, and most especially how to guide, ...


Denise Binion, Steve Stephenson, ...

West Virginia University Press, 2008

Macrofungi Associated with Oaks of Eastern North America , which was written as a companion to Field Guide to Oak Species of Eastern North America , represents the first major publication devoted exclusively to the macrofungi that occur in association with oak trees in the forests of eastern North America. The macrofungi covered in this volume include many of the more common examples of the three groups—mycorrhizal fungi, decomposers, and ...


Risk Analysis and the Security Survey

Butterworth-Heinemann, 2011

As there is a need for careful analysis in a world where threats are growing more complex and serious, you need the tools to ensure that sensible methods are employed and correlated directly to risk. Counter threats such as terrorism, fraud, natural disasters, and information theft with the Fourth Edition of Risk Analysis and the Security Survey.  Broder and Tucker guide you through analysis to implementation to provide you with the ...


Zooplankton of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts: A Guide to Their Identification and Ecology
William S. Johnson, Dennis M. Allen

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012

Zooplankton are critical to the vitality of estuaries and coastal waters. In this revised edition of Johnson and Allen's instant classic, readers are taken on a tour of the miniature universe of zooplankton, including early developmental stages of familiar and diverse shrimps, crabs, and fishes. Zooplankton of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts details the behavior, morphology, and coloration of these tiny aquatic animals. Precise descriptions ...


Mathematical Logic, Revised Edition
W. V. Quine

Harvard University Press, 1981

Book by Quine, Willard Van Orman


Bayesian Population Analysis using WinBUGS: A hierarchical perspective

Academic Press, 2011

Bayesian statistics has exploded into biology and its sub-disciplines, such as ecology, over the past decade. The free software program WinBUGS, and its open-source sister OpenBugs, is currently the only flexible and general-purpose program available with which the average ecologist can conduct standard and non-standard Bayesian statistics. Comprehensive and richly commented examples illustrate a wide range of models that are most relevant ...


Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils (Firefly Pocket series)
A. Bishop, A. Woolley, ...

Firefly Books, 2005

A detailed and extensively illustrated handbook. The colors, shapes and properties of minerals vary from the bland to the magnificent. Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils is a practical and authoritative handbook that is both comprehensive and easy to use. Each of the 600 specimens is shown in full color, sometimes in two or more forms. There are also drawings that show the structure of the crystalline specimens. It covers the ...



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