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Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy (Commonwealth Fund Book Program)
Kip S. Thorne

W. W. Norton & Company, 1995

Ever since Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity burst upon the world in 1915 some of the most brilliant minds of our century have sought to decipher the mysteries bequeathed by that theory, a legacy so unthinkable in some respects that even Einstein himself rejected them. Which of these bizarre phenomena, if any, can really exist in our universe? Black holes, down which anything can fall but from which nothing can return; wormholes, ...


The Outrageous Barriers to Democracy in America: Or, Why A Progressive Presidency Is Impossible
John R. Macarthur

Melville House, 2012

The publisher of Harper’s Magazine presents “an able, witty, and suitably pissed-off guide” ( Bookforum ) to American politics   Barack Obama swept into the White House in January 2009 still floating—or so it appeared to millions of his admirers—high above the crude realities of contemporary American political life. Old-fashioned landmarks—party loyalty, ideology, campaign fundraising, patronage, corruption, even race—seemed ...


Outrageous Fortune: Growing Up at Leeds Castle
Anthony Russell

St. Martin's Press, 2013

In his stunning memoir, Anthony Russell takes us inside his childhood growing up at Leeds Castle, with luxury and opulence few can imagine, and how he found his way in a changing society. “I was lucky with lineage. Money, and lots of it, appeared to grow on trees, especially those which adorned the Leeds Castle parkland. Ancestors with glowing titles and extraordinary accomplishments filled the history books, but there would be ...


Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful: Created for the 99% of Small Business Owners Who are ...
Bill Glazer

Morgan James Publishing, 2009

When a sprinkler malfunctioned at a Baltimore menswear store, three inches of water sat on the floor and much of the merchandise was wet. The owner, the author of this book, could have done the normal thing and sell the wet merchandise to a Jobber--a business that buys damaged goods in bulk for cheap. Instead, he did the OUTRAGEOUS thing--he advertised in a very OUTRAGEOUS way which resulted in receiving much more than he would have received ...


House of Outrageous Fortune: Fifteen Central Park West, the World's Most Powerful Address
Michael Gross

Atria Books, 2015

“Michael Gross’s new book…packs [in] almost as many stories as there are apartments in the building. The Jackie Collins of real estate likes to map expressions of power, money and ego… Even more crammed with billionaires and their exploits than 740 Park” (Penelope Green, The New York Times ). With two concierge-staffed lobbies, a walnut-lined library, a lavish screening room, a private sixty-seat restaurant offering residents room ...


Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead
Tosha Silver

Atria Books, 2014

A collection of spiritual lessons, anecdotes, and thoughts on the Divine’s intervention in our lives, this brilliantly written and wonderfully entertaining book teaches us how to live purposefully and in line with the Force of Love. “What if the Divine is constantly igniting roadside flares to get our attention? What if there actually is a Supreme Organizing Principle with an unbridled sense of humor? And what if we each have this ardent ...


Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions: Second Edition (Owlet Book)
Gloria Steinem

Holt Paperbacks, 1995

This phenomenally successful book, that has sold nearly a half a million copies since its original publication in 1983, is Gloria Steinem's most diverse and timeless collection of essays.


The Earl's Outrageous Lover, 2012

Be prepared to enter a passionate affair within the English aristocracy in her brand new novel The Earl’s Outrageous Lover; a story of two people who dare to defy generations of tradition with their romance. Duty, tradition, and obligation are known only too well in Edward and Jessica’s world. While Edward does his best to maintain what is expected of him, Jessica chooses to rebel against what she feels is not the life she wants to lead. ...



HarperCollins e-books, 2009

A woman banished Griffith, battle-seasoned warrior and the king'smost trusted emissary, expected to find ashallow, vain, frivolous woman at WenthavenCastle. After all, as lady-in-waiting to thequeen, lovely Lady Marian had been in aposition of privilege, yet she had been banishedfrom the court. And the rumors were that shehad given birth to an illegitimate child. An outrageous offer When he arrived, Griffith found Lady Marianto be strong, ...


Outrageous: Scandalous Billionaires (The Scandalous Billionaires Collection Book 2), 2014

Outrageous When is the attraction between two people too outrageous to be acted upon? Zach is the 28 year old, second in line of the three smoking hot, ridiculously wealthy Demovic brothers. He watched with disbelief as his older brother Jason found love and happiness with quietly hot psychotherapist Dr. Melissa Price. Suzy Price is Melissa's 21 year old little sister and has just been given a new lease on life with her successful kidney ...


Be an Outrageous Older Woman
Ruth H. Jacobs

William Morrow Paperbacks, 1997

In a society that worships youth and relegates its seniors to second-class citizen status, many elderly women end up ignored, mourning their lost youth. It doesn't have to be that way, says Dr. Ruth Harriet Jacobs, Remarkable Aging Smart Person and self-proclaimed troublemaker. Her solution: Be An Outrageous Older Woman. A unique guide to living it up in the senior years, this feisty book addresses the many issues faced by older women in a ...


Outrageous Behavior-Mod: Handbook of Strategic Interventions for Managing Impossible Students
Barry T. Christian

Pro ed, 1999

...this handbook is for educators who have had enough behavior management theory but not enough success in managing difficult students...


The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship
George M. Marsden

Oxford University Press, 1998

At the end of his 1994 book, The Soul of the American University , George Marsden advanced a modest proposal for an enhanced role for religious faith in today's scholarship. This "unscientific postscript" helped spark a heated debate that spilled out of the pages of academic journals and The Chronicle of Higher Education into mainstream media such as The New York Times , and marked Marsden as one of the leading participants in the debates ...


OUTRAGEOUS (Harlequin comics)

Harlequin K.K. / SB Creative Corp., 2015

When her brother is hurt by a defective black market gun, Emily Cooper is determined to solve the case! Still, despite her drive to bring the culprit to justice, she's just a tiny little rich girl lost in the seedy city. When a man in a police outfit saves her from some criminals, Emily thinks she may have found a crime-solving partner…and a partner for her life! But is he really a police officer, or is there another intriguing reason he’s ...


Editors of TIME For Kids Magazine

Time For Kids, 2013

TIME For Kids The NEW BIG Book of Why Crazy, Cool & Outrageous answers the questions that kids commonly ask and adults can rarely answer. Why are our eyes different colors? Why do we put candles on a birthday cake? Why do we high five our friends? Why do elephants have big ears? Packed with hundreds of new brain busting questions with easy to understand answers that made the first Big Book of Why a best seller. The book is divided by subject ...


Outrageous Love, Transforming Power: How the Holy Spirit Shapes You into the Likeness of Christ
Terry Wardle

Leafwood Publishers, 2004

Terry Wardle presents compelling evidence that countless churches are made up of people who seem perpetually caught in spiritual infancy. What does it really mean to be Christlike? Christians today are struggling with immaturity because they do not know the answer to that question. This book surveys the life of Jesus to identify eight characteristics of Christ that are to be nurtured by the Holy Spirit in the believer's life. Being transformed ...


Outrageous Love
Tony Seigh

Outrageous Love Ministries & Publications, 2014

Before anything was made. Before we did anything good or bad. Before we made a decision, or even took a breath. God knew us. God chose us. God loved us.


Limonov: The Outrageous Adventures of the Radical Soviet Poet Who Became a Bum in New York, a Sensation in ...
Emmanuel Carrère

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2014

A thrilling page-turner that also happens to be the biography of one of Russia’s most controversial figures This is how Emmanuel Carrère, the magnetic journalist, novelist, filmmaker, and chameleon, describes his subject: “Limonov is not a fictional character. There. I know him. He has been a young punk in Ukraine, the idol of the Soviet underground; a bum, then a multimillionaire’s butler in Manhattan; a fashionable writer in Paris; a ...


OUTRAGEOUS (Women - Heart and Soul of the West Book 2), 2015

Elizabeth St. John was a determined, independent woman running away from her past, hell-bent on securing a future for the young female entertainers traveling with her to Colorado Territory. Ben Cronin was a wealthy, self-made mining magnate whose wealth and good looks made him any woman’s dream. Beth, Betsy, Elise, Lizzie – Elizabeth had used many names as she fled from England to New York, Boston, San Francisco and Colorado Territory. ...


Outrageous Courage: What God Can Do with Raw Obedience and Radical Faith
Kris Vallotton, Jason Vallotton

Chosen Books, 2013

Bestselling Authors Share a Powerful Story of Raw Faith in Action From the moment her motorcycle pulled up outside Kris Vallotton's small country church years ago, Tracy Evans has been impacting lives. Mentored by Kris, Bill Johnson, and Heidi Baker, Tracy has never been afraid of putting her life on the line repeatedly for Jesus--and God has used her repeatedly to do amazing things for him around the world. This is her story, as recounted to ...



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