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The Willie Lynch Letter And The Making of A Slave

Lushena Books, 1999

The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave is a study of slave making. It discribes the rationale and the results of Anglo Saxon's ideas and methods of insuring the master/slave relationship. The infamous Willie Lynch letter gives both African and Caucasian students and teachers some insight, concerning the brutal and inhumane psychology behind the African slave trade. The materialistic viewpoint of Southern plantation owners that slaver ...


Baby Jack: A Novel
Frank Schaeffer

Carroll & Graf, 2006

Todd Ogden, an acclaimed painter with work in museums around the world and a seemingly successful thirty-year marriage to the Brahmin Sarah, is living and painting in his two-hundred-year-old Massachusetts farmhouse when his youngest child, Jack, chooses the Marines over college. Feeling puzzled and ultimately infuriated by his son’s incomprehensible switch to “the other side,” a situation only further aggravated by his disapproval of ...


The Renaissance of Aspirin (Jack Wheaton Mystery)
Glenn Parris


This is the story of Anita Thomas and Jack Wheaton, two young doctors unwittingly in possession of a designer antibody for the treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome. The new drug is effective, but dangerously flawed. The problem is Anita Thomas has developed a cheap, safe alternative agent. Naturally, after expenditure of a fortune in development, the drug manufactures are not at all pleased with her. The pieces unfold, as we follow Anita and Jack ...


This Recruit: A Firsthand Account of Marine Corps Boot Camp, Written While Knee-Deep in the Mayhem of Parris ...
Kieran Michael Lalor

iUniverse, 2010

Just before the dawn of the Global War on Terror, Kieran Michael Lalor left his career as a high school social studies teacher, endeavoring to fulfill his lifelong dream. Lalor followed his father and brother's footsteps into the United States Marine Corps. This Recruit presents Lalor's nightly journal entries, beginning with the uneasy trip to the recruiter's office and the eerily quiet midnight bus ride to Parris Island. Lalor describes the ...


Short Rations For Marines
Maj Ralph Stoney Bates Sr.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

SHORT RATIONS FOR MARINES Short Rations For Marines is an exquisite, easy to read, collection of 57 true stories authored by 34 very different writers that takes readers through a domain, not only of tragic historical significance, but also through humorous, often ridiculous incidents that flawlessly become antidotes for the conventional. These stories characterize everyday life, in war and peace, of these extraordinary people who, collectively, ...


My 35 Years in Uniform A Memoir
Mr. Raymond F. Wright Jr.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

This book chronicles my life as a teenager and how the Marine Corps not only changed my life forever, but prepared me for a long career in law enforcement. I chronicle every assignment in almost six years as a Marine, then every assignment during my 29+ years as a cop. The candid stories told are both harrowing and humorous and involve true life incidents that include injury and death. This unique book covers two careers that are rarely written ...


The Return of the Black Widowers
Isaac Asimov

Carroll & Graf, 2005

Until his death in 1992, author Isaac Asimov would write more than 120 ingenious tales of detection and deduction, and in 66 of them he would present his armchair detectives, the Black Widowers, with the mind-teasing puzzles that they would strive to solve in often-quarrelsome conversation. The Black Widowers club is meeting again. In a private dining room at New York's luxurious Milano restaurant, the six brilliant men once more gather for fine ...


A Twist Of Fate
Robyn Williams

Lushena Books, 2011

Here we have the classic recipe. Blend love, sex, romance, deception, raw ambition and intrigue. Add to it a dash of lust, trust, betrayal, friendship and revenge, a light sprinkle to today's entertainment industry. Stir, and you have commingled all of the key ingredients.


What Mother Never Told Me
Donna Hill

Harlequin Kimani Press, 2013

Raised in the Delta by her grandmother, Parris McKay has the voice of an angel and the promise of a bright, loving future with the man she adores. But everything Parris believes about her life is rocked to the core when she discovers that Emma, the mother she believed dead, is very much alive. Compelled to discover the roots of this decades-long deception, Parris goes in search of her mother in France, but the meeting only opens old wounds for ...


Never Anticipate the Command
Lee Summers

iUniverse, 2011

During her childhood, Lee Summers came to realize what a special father she had in Henry Sonnenfeld, a former US Marine. He instilled discipline and commitment in her, and he taught her about sacrifice, heroism, and patriotism. Best of all, he had wonderful bedtime stories. Never Anticipate the Command is the first in a series to share Henry's remarkable stories of being a US Marine during World War II and the Korean War. As told through his ...


Returning Son: From Bagdad, Kentucky to Baghdad, Iraq (and back)
Dennis W. Shepherd

AuthorHouse, 2004

The march to Baghdad, Iraq in 2003 was a military operation like no other. High tech weapons and old fashioned Marine infantry combined to lead coalition forces to victory in twenty-one days. Returning Son is the story of Private Sean Cassedy, a cyberspace generation warrior, coming from a tiny Kentucky town with the unlikely name of Bagdad. Son is war from the eyes of a grunt as well as the emotional war for loved ones back home. Sean left for ...


The Ultimate Miracle: YOU!
Sonia Lewis Parris, Cindy Burney

Infinite Horizons Inc, 1999

The Ultimate Miracle: You ! is a book which inspires you to ACT upon your desires. As the choice maker, it reminds you of your inner resources to undertake challenges and to overcome obstacles. It acknowledges your power to create, you will to forgive, you ability to love unconditionally, and your capacity to embrace the gifts of your environment. This book asks you the questions: What is it you have always wanted to do but have not done? and ...


The Dark Sun Rises (Roots of Faith)
Denise Williamson

Bethany House Publishers, 1999

An Epic Story of Enduring Faith From classics like Gone with the Wind and Uncle Tom's Cabin to the unparalleled recent success of Cold Mountain, the world of the Civil War South has captivated and fascinated readers for generations. Now in The Dark Sun Rises, author Denise Williamson opens another rich and powerful page in that tumultuous history. Delora Plantation in antebellum Charleston is the setting for this powerful examination of the ...


Hollywood Deception (Urban Soul Presents)
Shelia M. Goss

Urban Soul, 2010

Two friends, one woman, and one deranged fan. Former supermodel and talk show host Hailey Barnes has a knack for catching her guests off guard with difficult and personal questions. Her tough interviews have earned her a Daytime Emmy, but while her professional life is at its peak, she's not satisfied with her personal life. Hailey wants what she can't have, and that's her ex-college sweetheart's hand in marriage. Her on again/off again ...


If I Were a Monkey
Darla Batchler, Sydney Batchler, ...

Falcon Pub Ltd, 2005

If I Were A Monkey is a fun, warm look into what it might be like to be an animal only to discover it is best just to be who you are. The story comes to life through the imagination of Batchler's two young children and intriguing illustrations of TX artist Kitty Parris who made sure the illustrations fit the imagery.


Camouflaged Bruises: A Memoir of Loyalty and Betrayal
Jessica Misch

iUniverse, 2008

Written with honesty that stings, this coming-of-age memoir examines the meanings of family, personal achievement, and sexual discovery. When seventeen-year old Jessica leaves her troubled home life, looking for security and camaraderie, she joins the U.S. Marine Corps, an elite military organization known to "take care of their own".Determined to win acceptance with her new Marine family, Jessica becomes a star performer, hurdling rigorous ...


The Flash of the Firefly
ms. Parris Afton Bonds

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Sir Colin Donovan, British Under-secretary representative to the U.S., won’t give up until Anne Maren is his. Brant Powers, rogue scout for Sam Houston’s Rangers, won’t give up Anne Maren as his. And, Anne Maren, beautiful young Scottish aristocrat, won’t give up as captive to the brutal Po-hot-y-quosh. But as Anne journeys back and forth across the Texas frontier, to whom will she give up her heart? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Anne ...


On Gallows Hill
Lynda Styles

Wicked Good Press, 2013

Salem, Massachusetts still has a great deal of healing to do... Seventeen year old Katelyn King never speaks at school, and everyone has finally stopped talking to her. The other kids at Salem High call her 'The Mute', but what they don't realize is Katelyn has a frightening ability. She can see ghosts and is a psychic-medium. Struggling with being abandoned by her over-religious mother, Katelyn fears her father will learn her secret and desert ...


Distant Shore: A Memoir
Alvin L. Simpson

AuthorHouse, 2009

On the stormy night of September 16, 1967, young Marine Alvin Simpson faced the terrors of a long night at sea on a Higgins boat during a typhoon. Men all around him were convulsing, sickened by the waves, the cold, and diesel smoke. The trials of that night on the open sea strengthened Alvin's faith in God as he remembered to pray the way his grandfather had taught him. And it was this faith that sustained him through the many months and ...


The 8th Journal

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

What do we really know about ourselves--or the ones connected to us? Holly Anderson is just looking for an excuse to take a year off before starting college, but she never expected her time off to be so dramatic--or so potentially deadly. Reeling from the discovery that she is adopted and that her birthmother is the author of the best-selling adventure series of which she is also a huge fan, Holly now finds the onus of writing the last book in ...



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