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A Twist Of Fate
Robyn Williams

Lushena Books, 2011

Here we have the classic recipe. Blend love, sex, romance, deception, raw ambition and intrigue. Add to it a dash of lust, trust, betrayal, friendship and revenge, a light sprinkle to today's entertainment industry. Stir, and you have commingled all of the key ingredients.


The Willie Lynch Letter And The Making of A Slave

Lushena Books, 1999

The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave is a study of slave making. It discribes the rationale and the results of Anglo Saxon's ideas and methods of insuring the master/slave relationship. The infamous Willie Lynch letter gives both African and Caucasian students and teachers some insight, concerning the brutal and inhumane psychology behind the African slave trade. The materialistic viewpoint of Southern plantation owners that slaver ...


The 8th Journal
Nicole Parris

BookSurge Publishing, 2007

What do we really know about ourselves--or the ones connected to us? Holly Anderson is just looking for an excuse to take a year off before starting college, but she never expected her time off to be so dramatic--or so potentially deadly. Reeling from the discovery that she is adopted and that her birthmother is the author of the best-selling adventure series of which she is also a huge fan, Holly now finds the onus of writing the last book in ...


The Renaissance of Aspirin

Xlibris, 2013

"This is the story of Anita Thomas and Jack Wheaton, two young doctors unwittingly in possession of a designer antibody for the treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome. The new drug is effective, but dangerously flawed. The problem is Anita Thomas has developed a cheap, safe alternative agent. Naturally, after expenditure of a fortune in development, the drug manufactures are not at all pleased with her. The pieces unfold, as we follow Anita and Jack ...


The Flash of the Firefly (Historical Romance)

Paradise Publishing, 2013

Sir Colin Donovan, British Under-secretary representative to the U.S., won’t give up until Anne Maren is his. Brant Powers, rogue scout for Sam Houston’s Rangers, won’t give up Anne Maren as his. And, Anne Maren, beautiful young Scottish aristocrat, won’t give up as captive to the brutal Po-hot-y-quosh. But as Anne journeys back and forth across the Texas frontier, to whom will she give up her heart? ~ ...


This Recruit: A Firsthand Account of Marine Corps Boot Camp, Written While Knee-Deep in the Mayhem of Parris ...

iUniverse, 2010

"Just before the dawn of the Global War on Terror, Kieran Michael Lalor left his career as a high school social studies teacher, endeavoring to fulfill his lifelong dream. Lalor followed his father and brother’s footsteps into the United States Marine Corps. This Recruit presents Lalor’s nightly journal entries, beginning with the uneasy trip to the recruiter’s office and the eerily quiet midnight bus ride to Parris Island. Lalor describes ...


The Return of the Black Widowers
Isaac Asimov

Carroll & Graf, 2005

Until his death in 1992, author Isaac Asimov would write more than 120 ingenious tales of detection and deduction, and in 66 of them he would present his armchair detectives, the Black Widowers, with the mind-teasing puzzles that they would strive to solve in often-quarrelsome conversation. The Black Widowers club is meeting again. In a private dining room at New York's luxurious Milano restaurant, the six brilliant men once more gather for fine ...


Returning Son: From Bagdad, Kentucky to Baghdad, Iraq (and back)
Dennis W. Shepherd

AuthorHouse, 2004

The march to Baghdad, Iraq in 2003 was a military operation like no other. High tech weapons and old fashioned Marine infantry combined to lead coalition forces to victory in twenty-one days. Returning Son is the story of Private Sean Cassedy, a cyberspace generation warrior, coming from a tiny Kentucky town with the unlikely name of Bagdad. Son is war from the eyes of a grunt as well as the emotional war for loved ones back home. Sean left for ...


Baby Jack: A Novel
Frank Schaeffer

Carroll & Graf, 2006

Todd Ogden, an acclaimed painter with work in museums around the world and a seemingly successful thirty-year marriage to the Brahmin Sarah, is living and painting in his two-hundred-year-old Massachusetts farmhouse when his youngest child, Jack, chooses the Marines over college. Feeling puzzled and ultimately infuriated by his son’s incomprehensible switch to “the other side,” a situation only further aggravated by his disapproval of ...


The Dark Sun Rises (Roots of Faith)
Denise Williamson

Bethany House Publishers, 1999

An Epic Story of Enduring Faith From classics like Gone with the Wind and Uncle Tom's Cabin to the unparalleled recent success of Cold Mountain, the world of the Civil War South has captivated and fascinated readers for generations. Now in The Dark Sun Rises, author Denise Williamson opens another rich and powerful page in that tumultuous history. Delora Plantation in antebellum Charleston is the setting for this powerful examination of the ...


Tulipano - a story of wartime Italy - 1944-45

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

A 20 year old Dutchman joins the Italian Resistance to the Nazi occupation of Northern Italy. As a courier for the underground headquarters of the partisan movement he is captured by the Gestapo who find on him military intelligence documents for transmission to Allied headquarters in Southern Italy. He is deported to the notorious Nazi extermination camp of Mauthausen in Austria. In a daring nighttime escape from the cattle train speeding ...


At This Mountain Long Enough: The guide to getting unstuck in your life

Clearly Content Communications, Inc., 2012

Why every woman should read this book The truths you’ll learn in this book will help set you free from the complacency that’s keeping you back, and the places where you've been stuck. You’ll learn: 1. Who you really are and why God made you 2. To go after and succeed in your godly pursuits 3. How to identify and stop running after empty and vain dreams 4. How to embrace your true beauty 5. How to step forward even when you’re ...


Women Who Come to the Table: Selected Works from Dinner at Eight Artists
Jamie Fingal, Leslie Tucker Jenison

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Join the creative team of Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison as they look back on six years of the Dinner At Eight Artists collaboration. In this book, sixty-five juried artists “come to the table” to share gorgeous and thought-provoking images. Their more than two hundred art quilts have traveled to numerous shows and have been seen by thousands internationally. Read their personal commentaries about the challenge of working within the ...


Dream Time (historical): Book I

Paradise Publishing, 2014

Australia was the land of the Aborigines’ Dream Time. For Nan Briscoll, exiled there as a convict, Australia was her nightmare. But she vowed to survive for one reason only ~ revenge against the man who had sealed her fate . . . even as her body continued to yearn for his touch. For Amaris Wilmot, Australia was her Dream Time. And an ex-convict named Sin was her nightmare ~ because she loved him and couldn’t have him. Fall in love with ...


Deep Purple
Parris Afton Bonds

Fawcett, 1984

Deep Purple by Parris Afton Bonds WOMEN OF THREE GENERATIONS...THEIR LIVES INTERTWINED FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY Catherine Howard She left behind everything she knew to go in search of the life she yearned for in the untamed land of Arizona. But it took the reckless, hot-blooded Lorenzo to givemeaning to her consuming passion... Jessie Davalos Howard Catherine's daughter, she grew up longing for the one man she could never Now she had chosen ...


The Salem Witchcraft Trials: A Legal History
Peter Charles Hoffer

University Press of Kansas, 1997

In late seventeenth-century New England, the eternal battle between God and Satan was brought into the courtroom. Between January 1692 and May 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts, neighbors turned against neighbors and children against parents with accusations of witchcraft, and nineteen people were hanged for having made pacts with the devil. Peter Charles Hoffer, a historian long familiar with the Salem witchcraft trials, now reexamines this ...


Reflections In Time: Simple Stories of a Country Boy Who Grew Up in the Rural South

Outskirts Press, Inc., 2013

Stories of an Old-Time Southern Boyhood… Born on a frosty morn deep in the heart of Dixie, H. Bryan Parris experienced a way of life that most of us will never know. He grew up in Southern country, in a small community near Jacksonville, Alabama. He can trace his family tree back for generations, and the rock from which he was hewn is solid and true: hard-working, honest folks to whom family ties and personal integrity were the most ...


The Harbinger
Coleen D'Andrea

Eloquent Books, 2009

Step back in time with an enchanting heroine who will capture your heart and have you believing in destiny and serendipitous encounters. Peyton Miller is a disillusioned society wife and budding artist. While seeking solace through her painting, a mysterious crow leads her to a strange box hidden in the crumbled foundation of an abandoned cottage. The unusual artifacts inside the box sweep her into a maelstrom of terror that renders her ...


Man For Hire: Book II - Midsummer Madness Trilogy

Paradise Publishing, 2014

He is the Lion of the Desert, an urbane British-educated sheikh with unlimited wealth, unlimited women, and unlimited talents. Khalid Rajhi has risen above his primitive upbringing to become a man of the world, irresistible to women. Alxy Langford, ex-wife of an American diplomat stationed in Paris, has come to him with a proposition. Her daughter has been kidnapped, and Alyx needs a man who will be at one with the night, who can blend into the ...


Solving Sprawl: Models of Smart Growth in Communities Across America
F. Kaid Benfield, Jutka Terris, ...

Natural Resources Defense Council, 2001

The best hope for addressing the problem of sprawl is "smart growth" - an approach to development that is town-centered and transit- and pedestrian-oriented, and which mixes residential, commercial, and retail development. It also preserves open space and other environmental amenities. Solving Sprawl shines a spotlight on American communities that are applying smart growth principles in successfully addressing the problem of sprawl. It offers ...



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