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The Chemistry of Alchemy: From Dragon's Blood to Donkey Dung, How Chemistry Was Forged
Cathy Cobb, Monty Fetterolf, ...

Prometheus Books, 2014

A unique approach to the history of science using  do-it-yourself experiments along with brief historical profiles to demonstrate how the ancient alchemists stumbled upon the science of chemistry. Be the alchemist! Explore the legend of alchemy with the science of chemistry. Enjoy over twenty hands-on demonstrations of alchemical reactions.  In this exploration of the ancient art of alchemy, three veteran chemists show that the alchemists' ...


Much Ado About Nothing (Cambridge School Shakespeare)
Rex Gibson

Cambridge University Press, 2014

An improved, larger-format edition of the Cambridge School Shakespeare plays, extensively rewritten, expanded and produced in an attractive new design. An active approach to classroom Shakespeare enables students to inhabit Shakespeare's imaginative world in accessible and creative ways. Students are encouraged to share Shakespeare's love of language, interest in character and sense of theatre. Substantially revised and extended in full ...


Boston Mob: The Rise and Fall of the New England Mob and Its Most Notorious Killer
Marc Songini

St. Martin's Press, 2014

The New England Mafia was a hugely powerful organization that survived by using violence to ruthlessly crush anyone that threatened it, or its lucrative gambling, loansharking, bootlegging and other enterprises. Psychopathic strongman Joseph “The Animal” Barboza was one of the most feared mob enforcers of all time, killing as many as thirty people for business and pleasure. From information based on newly declassified documents and the ...


The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, 2012

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


Right from the Start: Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism, second edition (Topics in ...
Sandra L. Harris (Ph.D.), Mary Jane Weiss (Ph.D. BCBA)

Woodbine House, 2007

Parents of young children (ages 18 months to 5 years) with a diagnosis of autism, face the critical decision of which educational treatment program to choose for their child. To help guide them through this complex decision-making process, parents can turn to the revised and updated edition of RIGHT FROM THE START, which covers programs that use Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention, a highly effective treatment based on Applied Behavior ...


Teaching Language to Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities
Mark L. Sundberg, James W. Partington

AVB Press, 2010

This is the original must have book for professionals and parents implementing a verbal behavior assessment and intervention program for children with autism or other developmental disabilities (often termed the Verbal Behavior Approach ). The book provides an easy to understand introduction to Skinner s analysis of language (i.e., mands, tacts, & intraverbals) with easy to follow examples of everyday language skills demonstrated by children. ...


Fashion as Communication
Malcolm Barnard

Routledge, 2002

What kinds of things do fashion and clothing say about us? What does it mean to wear Gap or Gaultier, Milletts or Moschino? Are there any real differences between Hip-Hop style and Punk anti-styles? In this fully revised and updated edition, Malcolm Barnard introduces fashion and clothing as ways of communicating and challenging class, gender, sexual and social identities. Drawing on a range of theoretical approaches from Barthes and Baudrillard ...


The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Townsend Library Edition)
Howard Pyle

Townsend Press, 2005

This Townsend Library classic has been carefully edited to be more accessible to today's students. It includes a background note about the book, an author's biography, and a lively afterword. Acclaimed by educators nationwide, the Townsend Library is helping millions of young adults discover the pleasure and power of reading.


Twelfth Night (Cambridge School Shakespeare)
Rex Gibson

Cambridge University Press, 2014

An improved, larger-format edition of the Cambridge School Shakespeare plays, extensively rewritten, expanded and produced in an attractive new design. An active approach to classroom Shakespeare enables students to inhabit Shakespeare's imaginative world in accessible and creative ways. Students are encouraged to share Shakespeare's love of language, interest in character and sense of theatre. Substantially revised and extended in full ...


Handmade Houses: A Century of Earth-Friendly Home Design
Richard Olsen

Rizzoli, 2012

Showcasing one hundred years of innovation and environmental sensitivity, Handmade Houses celebrates some of the world’s most idiosyncratic homes from Big Sur to Sardinia. Author Richard Olsen  unveils the components used for their construction, including driftwood, boulders, and even old wine vats. The first study of the handmade-homes phenomenon since its inception in the late 1960s, Handmade Houses revisits the subject’s roots and ...


ABLLS-R - The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills - Revised (The ABLLS-R) Combination Set
James W. Partington

Behavior Analysts, Inc., 2010

The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills- Revised (The ABLLS®-R), is an assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skills-tracking system used to help guide the instruction of language and critical learner skills for children with autism or other developmental disabilities. It provides a comprehensive review of 544 skills from 25 skill areas including language, social interaction, self-help, academic and motor skills that most ...


Jackson Place: A novel
John H. Taylor

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

On June 17, 1972, a break-in at the Watergate office complex in Washington, DC changed history forever—with an attempted cover-up that would ignite one of the biggest political scandals of all time. Now, facing the certainty of impeachment, Richard Nixon is poised to become the first president to resign. But what if someone could convince him to change his mind? If anyone can do it, it’s Emily Weissman—a beautiful young White House ...


AFLS 4-Book Bundle (Assessment of Functional Living Skills)
James W. Partington Ph.D. BCBA-D and Michael M. Mueller Ph.D. BCBA-D

Behavior Analysts, Inc. & Stimulus Publications, 2012

The AFLS 4-Book Bundle includes the AFLS Guide, the Basic Living Skills Protocol, the Home Skills Protocol, and the Community Participation Protocol. In all, more than 730 different functional skills are assessed across 24 different areas at home and in the community. The Assessment of Functional Living Skills is designed for use by Parents, Teachers, Behavior Analysts, Speech Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Direct Care Staff, and other ...


Buddhism Today 32 | Fall/Winter 2013, ...

Diamond Way Buddhist Centers USA, 2014

This electronic edition of Buddhism Today magazine has full-color images and slightly different formatting, but is otherwise identical in content to the paper edition. Buddhism Today aims to be a living document of authentic Buddhist transmission intended for the lay person and yogi practitioner in the West. It is meant for people leading normal active lives, who wish to understand and experience mind’s vast potential.


Sherlock: Every Canon Reference You May Have Missed in BBC's Series 1-3
Valerie Estelle Frankel

LitCrit Press, 2014

BBC’s Sherlock has brought the classic adventures into brilliant life—fans across the world are delighting in every moment. But more is hidden within the episodes for the more serious fans—nonstop hints to the original adventures and the classic films as well. Within this book are all the references, with quotes from the actors and creators, notes from John and Sherlock’s blogs, and loads of colorful symbolism. There are vistable ...


Motivation And Reinforcement: Turning The Tables On Autism
Robert Schramm, 2011

One of Lulu's best sellers of all time, the second edition of the book Educate Toward Recovery is now called Motivation and Reinforcement: Turning the Tables on Autism. This book is the ultimate guide to home based autism intervention. It is a forward-thinking guide that translates the Verbal Behavior Approach to ABA into everyday language. With over 100 new pages of material including new Chapters on Social Skills, Behavior Plans, Token ...


Experience: A Memoir
Martin Amis

Vintage, 2001

Martin Amis is one of the most gifted and innovative writers of our time. With Experience , he discloses a private life every bit as unique and fascinating as his bestselling novels. The son of the great comic novelist Kingsley Amis, Martin Amis explores his relationship with this father and writes about the various crises of Kingsley's life. He also examines the life and legacy of his cousin, Lucy Partington, who was abducted and murdered by ...


Witsec: Inside the Federal Witness Protection Program
Pete Earley

Bantam, 2003

For decades no law enforcement program has been as cloaked in controversy and mystery as the Federal Witness Protection Program. Now, for the first time, Gerald Shur, the man credited with the creation of WITSEC, teams with acclaimed investigative journalist Pete Earley to tell the inside story of turncoats, crime-fighters, killers, and ordinary human beings caught up in a life-and-death game of deception in the name of justice. WITSEC Inside ...


The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
Howard Pyle

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire is an 1883 novel by the American illustrator and writer Howard Pyle. Consisting of a series of episodes in the story of the English outlaw Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, the novel compiles traditional material into a coherent narrative in a colorful, invented "old English" idiom that preserves some flavor of the ballads, and adapts it for children. The novel is notable ...


Ditch of Dreams: The Cross Florida Barge Canal and the Struggle for Florida's Future (Florida History and ...
Steven Noll, David Tegeder

University Press of Florida, 2009

For centuries, men dreamed of cutting a canal across the Florida peninsula. Intended to reduce shipping times, it was championed in the early twentieth century as a way to make the mostly rural state a center of national commerce and trade. Rejected by the Army Corps of Engineers as "not worthy," the project received continued support from Florida legislators. Federal funding was eventually allocated and work began in the 1930s, but the canal ...



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