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Persephone, 2014

Hades is the King of the Underworld. Born a god but banished from Mouth Olympus and hated by all who inhabit it, he lives in a hell built of fire and darkness, demons, and his own nightmares. His only hope for happiness is found in young Persephone, the innocent and beautiful goddess of springtime, who brings beauty and love wherever she goes. But when it seems as though the only chance for him to confess his love for her will be taken by ...


Sally Pomme Clayton

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2009

On a warm spring day, the beautiful young goddess Persephone is snatched from her home by Hades, god of the Underworld, and taken away to live underground and become his bride. Persephone's mother, Demeter, goddess of Earth, is so brokenhearted that she curses the land so nothing can grow — a permanent winter. / How will Persephone and her mother be reunited? Will spring ever come again? / This lyrical retelling of the ancient Greek myth by ...


Persephone the Daring (Goddess Girls)
Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams

Aladdin, 2013

Mortal rock star Orpheus steals the spotlight in this Goddess Girls tale of love and lyres! Orpheus is a mortal rock god, and the girls at Mount Olympus Academy are wild about him! With his lyre and singing voice, Orpheus can charm pretty much anything—even things like stones and trees. But Hades and the other MOA boys aren’t charmed. In fact, they are less than thrilled that the girls are so gaga over this guy. His fans are especially ...


Queen of the Sacred Way: A Devotional Anthology In Honor of Persephone
Bibliotheca Alexandrina

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

She is the Young Grain, Daughter of the Harvest Queen She is the Iron Queen, Beloved of the Underworld She is the Great Revelation, the Secret of the Mysteries She is Persephone. Known today primarily as the Spring Maiden, ancient peoples knew her as so much more. It was Persephone they called upon to watch over their marriages, and guard their unmarried daughters. It was Persephone they called upon to curse their enemies and avenge injustices. ...


Persephone Unveiled: Seeing the Goddess and Freeing Your Soul
Charles Stein

North Atlantic Books, 2006

Persephone Unveiled reveals the goddess in all her guises, as the daughter of Demeter; the Queen of the Underworld; the archetypal female healer; and as a central figure in the Eleusinian Mysteries, where celebrants experienced sacred visions through secret rituals fueled by an LSD-like substance. The author examines the known details about the psychoactive agent and explores the Mysteries' influence on, and relationship to, early Christianity. ...


Seeking Persephone
Sarah M. Eden

Covenant Communications Inc., 2011

When Persephone Lancaster receives a marriage proposal from the ill-tempered Duke of Kielder, she refuses, and then reconsiders. The obscene sum of money he's offering Persephone would save her family from ruin. With her characteristic optimism, she travels to the far reaches of Northumberland to wed a greatly feared stranger. Lodged deep in a thick forest infested with wild dogs, the Duke's castle is as cold and forbidding as the Duke himself, ...


Persephone: The Life and Untimely Death of a Goddess

Polymus Books, 2013

NEW ADULT FANTASY ROMANCE Recommended for ages 18+. Dysfunctional family relationships (trigger), moderate gore, violence. Persephone's life sucks. She has no powers, and she spends her days dodging giants and cleaning the slaughterhouse at her mother's farm. Even worse, her cousin Artemis is spreading rumors that she's actually a mortal, and she's starting to believe them. When a catastrophic event on Mortal Earth threatens the gods and ...


Hades (The God Chronicles)

Happily Ever After Publishing, 2014

What would you do if you discovered the world you thought you knew was nothing like you'd been lead to believe? Katrina Saul has had a rough couple of months. Instead of starting out on the adventure of her life after graduating high school, she's been dealing with the nasty divorce of her parents, breaking up with her boyfriend, and working as the unofficial bouncer at a bar. When an angry customer comes back for revenge, she's saved by ...


Daughter of the Earth and Sky (Daughters of Zeus Book 2)

Musa Publishing, 2012

Some vows can never be broken. Persephone thought she could go back to her normal life after returning from the Underworld. She was wrong. The goddess Aphrodite is born among the waves with more charm than she can control. Zeus is stalking Persephone and her loved ones, and Thanatos is no longer content with Persephone's silence. He wants her soul. Persephone can't tell anyone about Thanatos' betrayal, and it drives a wedge between her and ...


Persephone (Daughters of Zeus Book 1)

Musa Publishing, 2012

There are worse things than death, worse people too. The "talk" was bad enough, but how many teens get told that they're a goddess? When her mom tells her, Persephone is sure her mother has lost her mind. It isn't until Boreas, the god of winter, tries to abduct her that she realizes her mother was telling the truth. Hades rescues her, and in order to safely bring Persephone to the Underworld he marks her as his bride. But Boreas will stop at ...


Persephone the Phony (Goddess Girls)
Suzanne Williams, Joan Holub

Aladdin, 2010

As PERSEPHONE 's mom encourages her to do, she often "goes along to get along" instead of doing what she really wants. But when she meets Mount Olympus Academy bad-boy Hades, she finally feels she has found someone with whom she can be herself. He's the first person who actually listens to her, and she finds herself liking him, despite the fact that the other goddessgirls think he's bad news. But if he makes her feel so special -- and she's ...


Daughters of Persephone, Book One Exile, 2012

Princess-in-exile, Aja Bokinan, is the Thousand Year Empress. While her family has remained in forced isolation for nearly thirty years, women throughout the empire have been banned from public life. Females have no legal standing and they have become little better than property. The restoration of the monarchy is their only hope. Revolution threatens the male dominated Coalition. Resistance forces expect the Princess to be the salvation of the ...


Persephone: Poetry & Prose
Drew Hoffman

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

"Persephone- Poetry & Prose" by Drew Hoffman is an imaginative retelling of the timeless myth. It is a tale of personal transformation and the fulfillment of love's promise.


The Iron Queen (Daughters of Zeus Book 3)

Musa publishing, 2013

Life is hell for Persephone. Zeus will stop at nothing to gain access to the living realm and the Underworld, and as the only living god with a right to both, Persephone’s in trouble. Captured and tortured beyond the limits of her resolve, Persephone must find the power to stand against Zeus. But will she be strong enough? Meanwhile, Hades contemplates desperate measures to rescue his queen. Persephone never thought of herself as dangerous, ...


That Fatal Kiss, 2013

When it comes to love, sometimes you have to cross the line... Feared by mortals for his inexorable power, and loathed by his fellow Greek gods for the same, Hades rules the Underworld alone. A stark eternity looms before him until he discovers Persephone. Struck by the youthful goddess’ beauty, kindness, and spirit, he must have her. But Hades believes Persephone could never love him, and so he conspires with his powerful brother, Zeus, to ...


Persephone's Orchard
Molly Ringle

Central Avenue Publishing, 2013

The Greek gods never actually existed. Did they? Sophie Darrow finds she was wrong about that assumption when she's pulled into the spirit realm, complete with an Underworld, on her first day at college. Adrian, the mysterious young man who brought her there, simply wants her to taste a pomegranate. Soon, though she returns to her regular life, her mind begins exploding with dreams and memories of ancient times; of a love between two Greeks ...


Persephone's Quest: Entheogens and the Origins of Religion
R. Gordon Wasson, Stella Kramrisch, ...

Yale University Press, 1992

This fascinating book discusses the role played by psychoactive mushrooms in the religious rituals of ancient Greece, Eurasia, and Mesoamerica. R. Gordon Wasson, an internationally known ethnomycologist who was one of the first to investigate how these mushrooms were venerated and employed by different native peoples, here joins with three other scholars to discuss the evidence for his discoveries about these fungi, which he has called ...


Demeter and Persephone (Greek Myths)
Hugh Lupton, Daniel Morden

Barefoot Books, 2013

When Hades, the king of the Underworld, abducts young Persephone and imprisons her in his kingdom deep beneath the earth, her mother Demeter is stricken with grief. Demeter must summon a mother's bravery to rescue her daughter from Hades' clutches. Will Persephone ever see the light of day again?


Lavender Youko

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

Stockholm Syndrome. A psychological condition that causes a person to feel understanding, even affection, towards their captor or abuser. It's deadly in the sense that the person feeling the symptoms will not perceive it in the slightest. It has caused hostages to hold guns to their heads and pull the trigger as a test of their faith without being told that the gun is completely unloaded. Equally deadly in the same fashion is Lima ...


Daughter of the Goddess

Robot Playground Inc, 2013

The Heart. The God of Love seeks a bride who is pure in heart and full of life—full of soul. Instead of a woman, he finds a child with laughter in her heart. Waiting for her to grow up, he befriends her, pretending to be nothing more than a blue-eyed boy with wild, tangled hair. The Soul. Left on the temple doorstep, a young girl turns the lives of the priestesses upside down . . . until one summer day before her eighteenth birthday, a ...



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