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Sick and Tired: Empathy, Encouragement, and Practical Help for Those Suffering from Chronic Health Problems ...

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, 2013

Nearly one out of every two Americans has a chronic health issue, so it's safe to say you either have a health condition, or you care about someone who does. How do you live with the day-to-day struggle? Is it possible to have joy despite saying no to activities/food/opportunities/parties when you'd rather say yes? How do you explain your limitations to people who don't understand? In Sick and Tired, author Kimberly Rae takes you on a journey ...


Complete Medicinal Herbal (Natural care)
Penelope Ody

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, 1993

Practised for centuries in civilizations around the world, this book on herbal medicine aims to show readers about the healing properties of herbs. It contains an illustrated A-Z profiling over 120 medicinal herbs and their traditional uses. A home remedies section explains how to make and administer herbal remedies for a wide range of disorders, from colds to stomach ulcers and contains ideas for a herbal first aid kit.


The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications

Park Street Press, 2005

In the traditions of every culture, psychoactive plants--those known to transport the mind to other dimensions of consciousness--have been regarded as sacred. This book details the history, botany, and use of psychoactive plants and is lavishly illustrated with color photographs of the people, ceremonies, and art related to the ritual use of the world’s sacred psychoactive plants.


Herbal Healing for Women
Rosemary Gladstar

Bantam Books Ltd, 1994


NCLEX Questions: Top Meds on NCLEX RN 3rd Edition

NCLEX Preceptor, 2014

How can you study for NCLEX pharmacology fast? Introducing your latest and best medication ebook with practice questions: you will find numerous NCLEX review questions and study over 28 medication drug classes. Developed by board certified nurse educators and reviewed by pharmacist. You will find that this is the fastest way for you to learn NCLEX pharmacology. Content and review questions are focused for nurses that are preparing to take the ...


Coconut Cures: Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut
Bruce Fife

Piccadilly Books, Ltd., 2005

Discover the amazing health benefits of coconout meat, milk, water, and oil. In this book you will learn how to use coconut to: prevent heart disease, dissolve kidney stones, balance blood sugar and control diabetes, enhance the immune system, protect against cancer, boost your energy and increase your metabolism, lose excess body fat, kill disease-causing bacteria and viruses, and relieve symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome.


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: The Complete Guide to the Use of Oils in Aromatherapy and ...
Julia Lawless

Element Books Ltd, 1995

A guide to the most commonly available aromatherapy oils. It gives vital information on plant origins, medical herbalism and the properties and actions of herbs and essential oils. The book covers 165 oils, their actions, characteristics, principal constituents and folk traditions, as well as safety data, and aromatherapy and home use.


The Lost Language of Plants: The Ecological Importance of Plant Medicine to Life on Earth

Chelsea Green Publishing, 2002

This could be the most important book you will read this year. Around the office at Chelsea Green it is referred to as the "pharmaceutical Silent Spring ." Well-known author, teacher, lecturer, and herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner has produced a book that is certain to generate controversy. It consists of three parts: A critique of technological medicine, and especially the dangers to the environment posed by pharmaceuticals and other ...


Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia
Tarascon Press

Tarascon Publishing, 1961

The new edition of this popular and trusted drug dosing reference provides the most current drug prescribing information in a convenient, organized, and concise pocket manual...packed with useful tables.


Medications and Mothers' Milk
Thomas Hale

Hale Pub., 2012

Now in its 15th Edition, Medications and Mothers' Milk is the worldwide best selling drug reference on the use of medications in breastfeeding mothers. This book provides you with the most current, complete, and easy-to-read information on using medications in breastfeeding mothers. This massive new update has hundreds of new drugs, diseases, vaccines, and syndromes. It also contains numerous new tables and changes to hundreds of existing ...


The Art of Writing Reasonable Organic Reaction Mechanisms
Robert B. Grossman

Springer, 2010

Intended for students of intermediate organic chemistry, this text shows how to write a reasonable mechanism for an organic chemical transformation. The discussion is organized by types of mechanisms and the conditions under which the reaction is executed, rather than by the overall reaction as is the case in most textbooks. Each chapter discusses common mechanistic pathways and suggests practical tips for drawing them. Worked problems are ...


How to Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales: A Headhunter's Strategy
Tom Ruff

Waverly Press, 2007

Today, more and more candidates are competing for positions in the rewarding field of pharmaceutical sales. With Tom Ruff on your side, you can become one of the breakthrough stories. In his down-to-earth and deeply practical style, the President and CEO of Tom Ruff Company shares the secrets he's gathered over his 18 years of grooming and placing top talent. Widely regarded for his commitment to ethics and excellence, Tom has built a company ...


Pharmacology for Nursing Care (Book with Access to Mosby's GenRx + Simon Website)
Richard A. Lehne, Linda A. Moore EdD RN, ...

Saunders, 2001

Highly engaging and readable, this text provides a solid understanding of pharmacology its implications for patient care and patient education. A focus on "need-to-know" information and a drug-prototype approach make this book extremely popular with students and instructors alike. The new edition's updates and enhancements make it better than ever! This edition brings comprehensive revisions throughout to reflect up-to-the-minute drug ...


School of Natural Healing
John R. Christopher

Nutri Books Corp, 1996

Christopher Publications is proud to offer this 25th Anniversary Edition of School of Natural Healing. Over the years, beginners and herbal practiioners have trusted School of Natural Healing to provide expert instruction on herbal therapy. The worldwide distribution and use of Dr. Christopher's formulas confirms the success and safety of his methods. If you have ever used an herbal combination, it was most likely one of Dr. Christophers's. ...


Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology

Cambridge University Press, 2013

With this fully revised fourth edition, Dr Stahl returns to the essential roots of what it means to become a neurobiologically empowered psychopharmacologist, expertly guided in the selection and combination of treatments for individual patients in practice. Embracing the unifying themes of 'symptom endophenotypes', dimensions of psychopathology that cut across syndromes, and 'symptoms and circuits', every aspect of the text has been updated to ...


The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants: A Practical Reference Guide to over 550 Key Herbs and Their Medicinal ...
Andrew Chevallier

DK ADULT, 1996

The essential encyclopedic guide to modern complementary medicine, featuring more than 550 key herbs and their healing properties.


Pharmacology for Nursing Care 6th Edition (Book Only) Hardcover

Saunders Press, 2007


Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development
Toby Freedman

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2007

As the world of biotechnology has grown in leaps and bounds, so too have the career opportunities. But the choices can be daunting. What types of jobs are available? How do you get your foot in the door? What will your job entail if you become a "Preclinical Project Manager" or a "Process Scientist"? What s the difference between biotech and pharma? Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development provides a comprehensive and ...


Pharmacology for Nursing Care
Richard A. Lehne

W B Saunders Co, 1990

The authors interweave physiology, pharmacology and nursing care in a way that makes the relationship unusually specific and clear. Rationales for nursing interventions are made clear and various approaches are used to keep the student focused on the essentials - to increase understanding and lessen dependence on note memorization. In each drug family a prototype is studied in depth (eg tubocurarine for neuromuscular blockers). In addition to ...


Eternity Soup: Inside the Quest to End Aging
Greg Critser

Tantor Media, 2010

What happens when you mix modern medical entrepreneurship with one of the most ancient of human desires—the desire to live forever? The answer is today's multibillion-dollar antiaging industry, which promises everything from restoring lost vitality to actually turning back the hands of time for aging boomers. But who, exactly, makes up the antiaging movement, and what do they expect from the vast and growing antiaging apothecary? Who is simply ...



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