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Bridge to Terabithia on Playaway

Recorded Books, LLC, 2006


Dreamdark: Silksinger (Playaway Children)
Laini Taylor

Putnam Juvenile, 2009

One faerie, the last of her clan, must fight to complete her sacred duty Whisper Silksinger is the last of the secret guardians of the Azazel, one of the powerful Djinn who dreamed the world into being. Relentlessly pursued by bloodthirsty devils, she flees to the city of Nazneen to restore the Azazel to his temple. At the same time, Hirik Mothmage is also on a secret quest, to find the Azazel and restore his disgraced clan?s ancient honor. ...


The Da Vinci Code on Playaway Self Paying Digital Audio Book

Example Product Manufacturer

Example Product Manufacturer, 2003

Review Dan Brown has to be one of the best, smartest, and most accomplished writers in the country. THE DAVINCI CODE is many notches above the intelligent thriller; this is pure genius. --Nelson DeMille #1 New York Times bestselling author Intrigue and menace mingle in one of the finest mysteries I ve ever read. An amazing tale with enigma piled on secrets stacked on riddles. --Clive Cussler #1 New York Times bestselling author Product ...


Once upon a Time There Was You (Playaway Adult Fiction)
Elizabeth Berg

Random House (a), 2011

Even on their wedding day, John and Irene sensed that they were about to make a mistake. Years later, divorced, dating other people, and living in different parts of the country, they seem to have nothing in common—nothing except the most important person in each of their lives: Sadie, their spirited eighteen-year-old daughter. Feeling smothered by Irene and distanced from John, Sadie is growing more and more attached to her new boyfriend, ...


Someone to Love PLAYAWAY
jude deveraux

Playaway Digital Audio, 2007


Stage Fright [With Earbuds] (Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls (Playaway))
Meg Cabot

Findaway World, 2009

When Allie's class puts on a play, every girl in Room 209 wants to try out for the part of the princess -- including Allie, Sophie and (ew!) Cheyenne. Not everyone can be the leading lady -- but who will try to STEAL THE SHOW, who will get SCARED, and who will get a tiny bit jealous? Some not-so-friendly competition puts some of Allie Finkle's rules to the test ...There are no small parts. Only small actors. May the best man--or woman--win. If ...


Section 8: A Hood Rat Novel

St. Martin's Griffin, 2009

Since she was a little girl, Tionna's on and off addicted mother taught her to get hers by any means necessary. Tionna's heart is as cold as a December chill, but she holds a warm place in it for Duhan, the father of her two sons, and her on-again-off-again boyfriend since they were teenagers. Duhan becomes her knight in shining armor until the government turns their dream into a nightmare. With Duhan behind bars and everything she loves seized ...


The Wayside School Collection (Playaway Children)
Louis Sachar

Random House, 2010


The Dream of Perpetual Motion (Playaway Adult Fiction)
Dexter Palmer

St. Martin's Press, 2010

A debut so magical… so extraordinary… it has to be read to be believed…. Imprisoned for life aboard a zeppelin that floats high above a fantastic metropolis, the greeting-card writer Harold Winslow pens his memoirs. His only companions are the disembodied voice of Miranda Taligent, the only woman he has ever loved, and the cryogenically frozen body of her father Prospero, the genius and industrial magnate who drove her insane. The tale ...


The Viper's Nest [With Earbuds] (Playaway Children)
Peter Lerangis

Findaway World, 2010


Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and Other Classic Tales [With Earbuds] (Playaway Children)
Rudyard Kipling, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ...

Findaway World, 2009


The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid on Playaway: Ready-To-Go Digital Audiobooks
Bill Bryson

Findaway World, 2006

Playaway is the simplest way to listen to a book on the go. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it comes with the audio content already on it and a battery to make it play. No Cassettes. No CDs. No Downloads. Simply plug in the earphones and enjoy. Bill Bryson was born in the middle of the American century 1951 in the middle of the United States Des Moines, Iowa in the middle of the largest generation in American history the ...


Frog and Toad Audio Collection (Playaway Top Children's Picks)
Arnold Lobel

Harperchildren's Audio, 2009


Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: The New Girl (Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls (Playaway))
Meg Cabot

Findaway World, 2008

There's a whole new set of rules to learn when you're the new girl! When you are starting at a brand-new school, you have to wear something good. Allie Finkle's starting her first day of school at Pine Heights Elementary! Plus, she's getting a new kitten, the first pick of show cat Lady Serena Archibald's litter! But being the New Girl is turning out to be scary, too, especially since one of the girls in Allie's new class -- Rosemary -- ...


The Black Circle [With Headphones] (Playaway Children)
Patrick Carman

Findaway World, 2009


Playaway the Family Man
Elinor Lipman, 2010


Arthur's Audio Favorites, Volume 1 (Playaway Children)

Hachette Audio


White Fang and The Call of the Wild - on Playaway
Jack London

Playaway, 2008

Playaway is the easiest way to listen to a book on the go. An all-in-one format, the player and content are combined in one 2 ounce unit and it comes with everything you need to start listening immediately. No separate player needed, no CDs, no downloads - just press play! This collection features the tales of Jack London, a superb storyteller with a taste for adventure and an instinct for the fierce justice of the wild. Included are his ...


It Had to Be You [With Earbuds] (Gossip Girl Novels (Playaway))
Cecily Von Ziegesar

Hachette Audio, 2010

'Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where my friends and I all live in huge, fabulous apartments and go to exclusive single-sex private schools. We aren't always the nicest people in the world, but we make up for it in looks and taste.' Enter the world of Gossip Girl and the exclusive Manhattan private school Constance Billard, inhabited by the city's most fabulous crowd; a world of jealousy, betrayal and outrageous behaviour! There's a ...


Monster High (Spanish Edition) (Monster High (Playaway))
Lisi Harrison

Alfaguara Juvenil, 2011

From Lisi Harrison, the New York Times bestselling author of The Clique and Alphas, comes a new series with a fresh twist on high school, romance, and the horrors of trying to fit in. The monster community has kept a low profile at the local high school, but when two new girls enroll, the town will never be the same. Created just fifteen days ago, Frankie Stein is psyched to trade her father's formaldehyde-smelling basement lab for parties and ...



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