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Post: The First Byron Tibor Thriller, 2014

For fans of Lee Child, Tom Clancy, and Vince Flynn. Exhausted by years of combat, and haunted by the ghosts of his past, nothing is going to stop special forces veteran Byron Tibor returning home to the woman he loves. But is Byron who he appears to be, and why is the American government determined to stop him? From the blood-soaked mountains of the Hindu Kush to the glittering lights of Manhattan, via the dark underbelly of the Las Vegas ...


BROKEN WORLD (2 post-apocalyptic stories)

Dark Shadows Publishing, 2014

These stories have been previously published. One story is a novella and one is a full length book. All your questions won't be answered in book 1. We need to fight for the future we want, not the one that’s been delivered to us. Taking back our world is a fight we'll never give up on. When fate and destiny collide, one must fight the darkness or be swallowed up. In this anthology, each hero or heroine has a dark fate... a marked ...


Post Grid: An Arizona EMP Adventure, 2014

Post Grid is about life after an EMP. It's less Rambo and more survival, homesteading, and carrying on. Kelly, a nurse, has survived the destruction of the power grid and must now struggle to make it to her mother’s rural Arizona ranch. Jared, a sheriff’s deputy, has been shot in the melee and likely won’t survive without her help. They find themselves among an unlikely group of individuals, with knowledge and skills that will improve ...


Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition (Emily Post's Etiquette)
Peggy Post, Anna Post, ...

William Morrow, 2011

For nearly a century, one name has been trusted above all others when it comes to proper decorum: Emily Post. In this completely updated 18th Edition of the classic Emily Post’s Etiquette , the mantle is picked up by the great-great-grandchildren of the First Lady of Etiquette, who tackle the latest issues and demands of the twenty-first century—from texting and tweeting to iPhones, Facebook, and all forms of social media. The perfect guide ...


Post Office Jobs: The Ultimate 473 Postal Exam Study Guide and Job FInder
Dennis Damp

Bookhaven Press, 2015

The all-new sixth-edition of Post Office Jobs provides an overview of what jobs are available, including many that don’t require written tests and how to apply for them. You will also find a comprehensive 473/473E study guide with helpful test-taking strategies that could dramatically improve many applicant’s exam scores. Seven other sample postal exams are included in this new edition for maintenance, clerical, technician, and other ...


Victim Zero (The Fall Book 1), 2013

The plague was born from hope. It was meant to change the world. To cure the incurable and rebuild the broken. When the world ended, the weight of its dead fell on the shoulders of the man at the heart of it all. For Kell McDonald, survival is not enough. Alone and surrounded by enemies, he must find a way to do what only he can: find a cure, and perhaps redemption. Set in the world of Living With the Dead, Victim Zero tells ...


Prepper Central: A Prepper Fiction Novel (Prepping - Together we will Survive Book 1)

Prepper Fiction Books, 2014

Prepper Central: A Prepper Fiction Novel For a limited time only, to celebrate the release of my new Prepper Fiction Novel, you can now download Prepper Central for only $2.99 instead of $4.49. You can download your copy of Prepper Central today and treat yourself to some nerve wrecking Prepper Fiction, by simply clicking on the Orange Buy Now Button. In a world where everything seemed just fine, long time Prepper Jimmy and his ...


It's Not Like I'm Poor: How Working Families Make Ends Meet in a Post-Welfare World
Sarah Halpern-Meekin, Kathryn Edin, ...

University of California Press, 2015

The world of welfare has changed radically. As the poor trade welfare checks for low-wage jobs, their low earnings qualify them for a hefty check come tax time—a combination of the earned income tax credit and other refunds. For many working parents this one check is like hitting the lottery, offering several months’ wages as well as the hope of investing in a better future. Drawing on interviews with 115 families, the authors look at how ...


Post Captain ( Book 2 in series) (Aubrey/Maturin Novels)
Patrick O'Brian

W. W. Norton & Company, 1990

" Master and Commander raised almost dangerously high expectations, Post Captain triumphantly surpasses them...a brilliant book."—Mary Renault "We've beat them before and we'll beat them again." In 1803 Napoleon smashes the Peace of Amiens, and Captain Jack Aubrey, R. N., taking refuge in France from his creditors, is interned. He escapes from France, from debtors' prison, and from a possible mutiny, and pursues his quarry straight into ...


What Would Your Home Cost to Rebuild?: A post from Making Sense of Insurance the Blog, 2015

Okay so you just bought your first home, let's talk about rebuilding it.


The Complete Strange Schemes of Randolph Mason (Black Heath Classic Crime)

Black Heath Editions, 2015

Randolph Mason - brilliant, misanthropic genius at law and the last resort of the desperate. His speciality? Securing the aquittal of his clients, no matter how unlikely the odds or how outrageous the offence. In these highly unusual puzzles, the question is not so much how the crime was committed, nor by whom; but rather how Mason will ensure that the culprit gets away with it... Melville Davisson Post's stories were published in three ...


Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, 6e
Anna Post, Lizzie Post

William Morrow, 2014

Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette is the classic indispensable, comprehensive guide to creating the wedding of your dream, now in its sixth edition. Today's weddings are more complicated than ever, with new traditions replacing old, and new relationships to consider as family life grows more complex. Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette has everything a bride will ever need to know to have the perfect wedding. Anna Post guides brides and their ...


This is the End 3: The Post-Apocalyptic Box Set (8 Book Collection), ...

Thorn Publishing, 2014

#1 Hot New Release - Dark Fantasy, #2 Best Seller - Dark Fantasy, #1 Hot New Release - Metaphysical Fantasy, #3 Best Seller - Metaphysical Fantasy, #9 Best Seller - Dystopian Science Fiction, #22 Best Seller - Horror August 2014)! The new anthology from Thorn Publishing, including many authors currently ranked on Amazon's Top 100 Most Popular Authors in Horror . Add it to your cart NOW because it is available for a limited time! FANS OF ...


The Post-American World
Fareed Zakaria

W. W. Norton & Company, 2009

“Zakaria . . . may have more intellectual range and insights than any other public thinker in the West.” — Boston Sunday Globe In this international bestseller, Fareed Zakaria describes "the rise of the rest"—the political and economic ascendance of countries such as China, India, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, and Kenya. With his customary lucidity, insight, and imagination, Zakaria outlines the contemporary diffusion of power, ...


Dispatches (The Perseid Collapse Post Apocalyptic Series Book 4)

Stribling Media, 2015

Preorder DISPATCHES (Book 4 in The Perseid Collapse Series) for release on February 14! DISPATCHES: On August 19, 2019, a rogue Chinese military cabal launched an opportunistic EMP attack against the United States, triggering a cataclysmic chain of events-- with the potential to change world forever. With the United States crippled, belligerent powers rise to fill the void overseas, catapulting already volatile regions into chaos ...


Post Office: A Novel
Charles Bukowski

Ecco, 2014

"It began as a mistake." By middle age, Henry Chinaski has lost more than twelve years of his life to the U.S. Postal Service. In a world where his three true, bitter pleasures are women, booze, and racetrack betting, he somehow drags his hangover out of bed every dawn to lug waterlogged mailbags up mud-soaked mountains, outsmart vicious guard dogs, and pray to survive the day-to-day trials of sadistic bosses and certifiable coworkers. This ...


The Post-American World: Release 2.0
Fareed Zakaria

W. W. Norton & Company, 2012

“A relentlessly intelligent book.” —Joseph Joffe, New York Times Book Review “This is not a book about the decline of America, but rather about the rise of everyone else.” So begins Fareed Zakaria’s blockbuster on the United States in the twenty-first century, and the trends he identifies have proceeded faster than anyone anticipated. How might the nation continue to thrive in a truly global era? In this fully updated 2.0 ...


Water Saga: Part 1 - (A Post Apocalyptic Story)

Claretta Maynard, 2014

** BOOK 2 is now available ** Part One in the Series Water Saga Sisters, Mabel and Tess, live in what remains of southern Appalachia, eking out an existence among a small group of villagers. Abandoned by their mother, Mabel has been left with the responsibility of raising her sister. Along with this obligation Mabel puts her own life on hold, never allowing herself to take the time to explore her own feelings and needs. This is the only ...


How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers (Better Blog Booklets Book 1), 2014

REVEALED: How to Write "A-List" Blog Posts and Build an Audience of Raving Fans Booklet Length: 7596 Words What's the secret to blogging success? It all starts with the content you create. You see, it's impossible to build a profitable blog if you're NOT providing value to visitors. In " How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers " you'll get a simple system for writing blog posts that readers love! Once upon a time, blogging ...


Left Alive #1, 2014

Adults only due to graphic violence and sexual situations. Book 1 of 4 The world is dead. Plants gone. Animals gone. The air is thick with dust and ash. Water has turned to murky cesspools of death and decay. Life and Earth as we know it are gone—at least all the good parts. It’s been almost a year since the first signs that we killed our planet began to arise. Order and humanity are gone now, replaced by vigilante justice and ...



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