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Postmodernism 101
Heath White

Brazos Press, 2006


No Perfect People Allowed: Creating A Come As You Are Culture in the Church
John Burke

Zondervan, 2005

How do we live out the message of Jesus in today's ever-changing culture? The church is facing its greatest challenge---and its greatest opportunity---in our postmodern, post-Christian world. God is drawing thousands of spiritually curious 'imperfect people' to become his church---but how are we doing at welcoming them? No Perfect People Allowed shows you how to deconstruct the five main barriers standing between emerging generations and your ...


Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture: Practical Help for Shaping Your Children's Hearts, Minds, and ...
Mary E. DeMuth

Harvest House Publishers, 2007

What is postmodernism? Is it good or bad? Does it have anything to do with being an effective, godly parent? With sensitivity, grace, and a passion to help families experience authentic, life–changing relationships with God, Mary DeMuth describes the new way people are processing truth. She reveals effective ways for parents to communicate with today’s kids: by developing relationships, by learning along with their kids, by creating a ...


Conviction Versus Mercy

Mount Bethel Publishing, 2013

Many Christians tend to emphasize either conviction or mercy in their lives but not both. This book emphasizes the importance of merging the two to be truly Christlike. Though combining mercy and conviction has always been a challenge throughout history, it is especially difficult now as our culture is increasingly affected by a Postmodern worldview and the backlash against it.


Forgotten Ways Handbook, The: A Practical Guide for Developing Missional Churches

Brazos Press, 2009

In his bestselling missional book The Forgotten Ways , internationally known missional church expert Alan Hirsch offered a vision for the future growth of the church coming about by harnessing the power of the early church. Now The Forgotten Ways Handbook moves beyond theory to practice, offering ways for any missionally minded person to apply the ideas contained in The Forgotten Ways to their life and ministry. This intensely practical ...


Coming Back to Earth: From gods, to God, to Gaia
Lloyd Geering

Polebridge Press, 2009

According to Lloyd Geering the doctrines of Incarnation and Trinity, which began as attempts to reflect the indwelling of God in human beings, were soon distorted to proclaim the reality of a sacred realm in the heavens. But the collapse of supernaturalism, he says, has produced a new and different pattern of reality: the self-creating universe, the self-evolving human species, and the emerging global consciousness. In light of these changes, he ...


Is Jesus the Only Savior?
James R. Edwards

Eerdmans Pub Co, 2005

In this timely book for believers, inquirers, and skeptics alike, James R. Edwards faces head-on the question of whether or not Jesus is indeed the sole savior of the world. After tracing the currents of modernity from the Enlightenment to the Jesus Seminar, Edwards contends that the assumptions of the most skeptical historical-Jesus scholars are no more intellectually defensible than the claims of faith. He then assembles extensive support to ...


Postmodernism (Teach Yourself Educational)
Glenn Ward

Teach Yourself Books, 1997

Postmodernism embodies the idea that there are no new ideas to be invented - everything is borrowed from previous times and we live in a postmodern age. This is an introduction to the philosophy behind postmodernism for students or anyone who wishes to know more.


Closer Still

hope//fully Publishing, 2012 For me and for many people in the Western world, the God of Christianity has been portrayed as an old man in the sky with a stick waiting to punish those who enjoy life and the idea we've been given of holiness is a lifestyle of repression and self-denial in the hopes that one day we can get wings, sit on the clouds and sing songs for all eternity about a God that they're secretly terrified of. But what if that's because ...


Reality Isn't What It Used to Be

HarperCollins e-books, 2009

Anderson reveals the reality of postmodernism in politics, popular culture, religion, literary criticism, art, and philosophy -- making sense of everything from deconstructionism to punk.


Whitehead's Radically Different Postmodern Philosophy: An Argument for Its Contemporary Relevance (S U N Y ...
David Ray Griffin

State Univ of New York Pr, 2007

Examines the postmodern implications of Whitehead's metaphysical system.


Historiography in the Twentieth Century: From Scientific Objectivity to the Postmodern Challenge
Georg G. Iggers

Wesleyan, 2005

In this book, now published in 10 languages, a preeminent intellectual historian examines the profound changes in ideas about the nature of history and historiography. Georg G. Iggers traces the basic assumptions upon which historical research and writing have been based, and describes how the newly emerging social sciences transformed historiography following World War II. The discipline's greatest challenge may have come in the last two ...


Jess: A Novel of Hell and Ecstasy
Jon Bendera

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Dayton, Ohio. In a darkened alley behind a downtown strip-club, an old man is beaten to death by a group known locally as 'The Stripper Mafia.' Jess watches from the sidelines, appalled but unable to make herself intervene. Jess is an attractive woman. Not beautiful exactly, but striking. She stands out. People notice her, are drawn to her. Jess moves through the world, through life, like a whirlwind, and each person she touches, no matter ...


Generating Hope: A Strategy for Reaching the Postmodern Generation
Jimmy Long

InterVarsity Press, 1997

Generating Hope innovatively explores the power of community, shame, adoption, and hope for today's young adults. It sets forth a compelling strategy of small group ministry that should appeal to a generation starved for a sense of belonging.


Madonna As Postmodern Myth: How One Star's Self-Construction Rewrites Sex, Gender, Hollywood and the American ...
Georges-Claude Guilbert

Mcfarland & Co Inc Pub, 2002

Madonna has long been accepted as a pop culture icon, but this text postulates a greater cultural importance by analyzing her as a postmodern myth. This work examines how Madonna methodically discovered and constructed herself (often rewriting her past), the nature and extent of her ambition and the means she used to reach her goals. It also details the way in which she organized her own cult (borrowing from the gay community), devised her ...


The Truth about the Truth (New Consciousness Reader)
Walter Truett Anderson

Tarcher, 1995

Includes essays and excerpts from the works of prominent modern thinkers such as Umberto Eco, Jacques Derrida, and Isaiah Berlin among others.


Telling the Truth
D. A. Carson

Zondervan, 2002

This thoughtful cultural analysis probes important turning-points of biblical theology, describes successful contemporary evangelism, and exposes readers to the strategy and practice of Christian thinkers who are reaching the postmodern world.


Architecture: From Prehistory to Post Modernism
Marvin Trachtenberg, Isabelle Hyman

Prentice Hall, 2001

Moving back and forth between the long shot on historical trends and close-ups on major works and crucial architectural themes, this insightful, lively and original analysis also accepts the conventional period and thematic structures of architectural history and the canon of great buildings. Designed to help readers understand and appreciate what great architecture is in its full dimensions of use, structure and aesthetic qualities as well as ...


The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology (Cambridge Companions to Religion)

Cambridge University Press, 2003

Theologians have responded in many different ways to the challenges posed by theories of postmodernity. Kevin J. Vanhoozer addresses the issue directly in an introductory survey of what "talk about God" might mean in a postmodern age. The book offers examples of different types of contemporary theology in relation to postmodernity, and examines the key Christian doctrines in postmodern perspective. Leading theologians contribute to this ...


Habermas: A Very Short Introduction
Gordon Finlayson

Oxford University Press, 2005

Jürgen Habermas is the most renowned living German philosopher. This book aims to give a clear and readable overview of his philosophical work. It analyzes both the theoretical underpinnings of Habermas's social theory, and its more concrete applications in the fields of ethics, politics, and law. Finally, it examines how Habermas's social and political theory informs his writing on real, current political and social problems. The author ...



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