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Patterns in Prehistory: Humankind's First Three Million Years, 5th Edition (Casebooks in Criticism)
Robert J. Wenke, Deborah I. Olszewski

Oxford University Press, 2006

Who are we? How did the world become what it is today? What paths did humanity traverse along the way? Patterns in Prehistory , Fifth Edition, is a comprehensive and engaging survey of humanity's past three million years. It brings together theories and archaeological examples to pose questions about who we are and the means by which humanity evolved into what it is today. Ideal for introductory courses in world prehistory and origins of ...


Prehistory: The Making of the Human Mind (Modern Library Chronicles)
Colin Renfrew

Modern Library, 2008

In Prehistory, the award-winning archaeologist and renowned scholar Colin Renfrew covers human existence before the advent of written records–which is to say, the overwhelming majority of our time here on earth. But Renfrew also opens up to discussion, and even debate, the term “prehistory” itself, giving an incisive, concise, and lively survey of the past, and how scholars and scientists labor to bring it to light. Renfrew begins by ...


The Human Past: World Prehistory and the Development of Human Societies (Third Edition)
Chris Scarre

Thames & Hudson, 2013

A comprehensive and indispensable guide to world prehistory and how archaeology helps us to understand the enormous diversity of the human past. The text has established itself as a thorough and authoritative survey of human prehistory and the development of civilizations. Written by an international team of acknowledged experts, it presents a streamlined overview through a series of chapters focusing on individual regions and time periods. ...


After the Ice: A Global Human History 20,000-5000 BC
Steven Mithen

Harvard University Press, 2006

20,000 B.C., the peak of the last ice age--the atmosphere is heavy with dust, deserts, and glaciers span vast regions, and people, if they survive at all, exist in small, mobile groups, facing the threat of extinction. But these people live on the brink of seismic change--10,000 years of climate shifts culminating in abrupt global warming that will usher in a fundamentally changed human world. After the Ice is the story of this momentous ...


Humans: from the beginning: From the first apes to the first cities

Glanville Publications, 2014

Every few months a discovery about the human past is announced that makes national or even international news. Humans: from the beginning will appeal to anybody who reads about these discoveries, is intrigued by them, and would like to know more about prehistory. Humans: from the beginning is a single-volume guide to the human past. Drawing upon expert literature and the latest multi-disciplinary research, this rigorous but accessible book ...


What Happened in Prehistory?

Peter Neal Peregrine, 2012

Archaeologist Peter N. Peregrine provides a brief, readable, and thorough introduction to world prehistory. Peregrine takes the reader through five major "revolutions" in human life, from the origins of our genus through the emergence of modern cognitive abilities to the development of agriculture, cities, and states, and, finally, into the modern world. Peregrine focuses on broad patterns and processes making this a perfect resource for readers ...


Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors
Nicholas Wade

Penguin, 2007

Nicholas Wade’s articles are a major reason why the science section has become the most popular, nationwide, in the New York Times . In his groundbreaking Before the Dawn , Wade reveals humanity’s origins as never before—a journey made possible only recently by genetic science, whose incredible findings have answered such questions as: What was the first human language like? How large were the first societies, and how warlike were they? ...


World Prehistory: A Brief Introduction (8th Edition)
Brian M. Fagan

Pearson, 2010

For one semester or quarter courses in World Prehistory.   Written by one of the leading archaeological writers in the world -— in a simple, jargon-free narrative style —- this brief, well-illustrated account of the major developments in the human past makes world prehistory uniquely accessible to complete beginners .   Written by Brian Fagan, World Prehistory covers the entire world, not just the Americas or Europe, ...


Prehistory: A Very Short Introduction
Chris Gosden

Oxford University Press, 2003

Many of the familiar aspects of modern life are no more than a century or two old, yet our deep social structures and skills were in large measure developed by small bands of our prehistoric ancestors many millennia ago. In this book, readers are invited to think seriously about who we are by considering who we have been.


The Past in Perspective: An Introduction to Human Prehistory
Kenneth L. Feder

Oxford University Press, 2010

Ideal for introduction to archaeology and world prehistory courses, The Past in Perspective: An Introduction to Human Prehistory , Fifth Edition, is an engaging and up-to-date chronological introduction to human prehistory. Kenneth L. Feder introduces students to "the big picture"--the grand sweep of human evolutionary history--presenting the human past within the context of fundamental themes of cultural evolution. Written in a refreshingly ...


People of the Earth: An Introduction to World Pre-History (13th Edition)
Brian M. Fagan

Pearson, 2009

This internationally renowned text provides the only truly global account of human prehistory from the earliest times through the earliest civilizations.  Written in an accessible way, People of the Earth shows how today's diverse humanity developed biologically and culturally over millions of years against a background of constant climatic change.


The Agricultural Revolution in Prehistory: Why did Foragers become Farmers?
Graeme Barker

Oxford University Press, 2009

The Agricultural Revolution in Prehistory addresses one of the most debated and least understood revolutions in the history of our species, the change from hunting and gathering to farming. Graeme Barker takes a global view, and integrates a massive array of information from archaeology and many other disciplines, including anthropology, botany, climatology, genetics, linguistics, and zoology. Against current orthodoxy, Barker develops a strong ...


Before Atlantis: 20 Million Years of Human and Pre-Human Cultures
Frank Joseph

Bear & Company, 2013

A comprehensive exploration of Earth’s ancient past, the evolution of humanity, the rise of civilization, and the effects of global catastrophes • Explores biological evidence for the aquatic ape theory and 20-million-year-old evidence of pre-human cultures from which we are not descended • Traces the genesis of modern human civilization to Indonesia and the Central Pacific 75,000 years ago after a near-extinction-level volcanic ...


Ancient Lives: An Introduction to Archaeology and Prehistory (5th Edition)
Brian M. Fagan

Pearson, 2011

Theory and Methods in Archaeology and Prehistory Written for complete beginners in a narrative style, Ancient Lives is aimed at introductory courses in archaeology and prehistory that cover archaeological methods and theory, as well as world prehistory.   The first half of Ancient Lives covers the basic principles, methods, and theoretical approaches of archaeology. The second half is devoted to a summary of the major ...


The Human Past: World Prehistory and the Development of Human Societies (Second Edition)
Chris Scarre

Thames & Hudson, 2009

The Human Past has established itself as the most authoritative introduction to social, cultural, and economic developments in human prehistory. Using a regional and chronological framework, this groundbreaking book highlights the enormous diversity of human experience and the ways in which archaeologists are able to learn about it. Professor Chris Scarre has seamlessly integrated the work of an international team of archaeologists from ...


The Cambridge World Prehistory 3 Volume HB Set

Cambridge University Press, 2014

The Cambridge World Prehistory provides a systematic and authoritative examination of the prehistory of every region around the world from the early days of human origins in Africa two million years ago to the beginnings of written history, which in some areas started only two centuries ago. Written by a team of leading international scholars, the volumes include both traditional topics and cutting-edge approaches, such as archaeolinguistics and ...


World Prehistory and Archaeology (3rd Edition)
Michael Chazan

Pearson, 2013

An integrated picture of prehistory as an active process of discovery.   World Prehistory and Archaeology: Pathways through Time, third edition, provides an integrated discussion of world prehistory and archaeological methods. This text emphasizes the relevance of how we know and what  we know about our human prehistory.   A cornerstone of World Prehistory and Archaeology  is the discussion of prehistory ...


China's Cosmological Prehistory: The Sophisticated Science Encoded in Civilization's Earliest Symbols
Laird Scranton

Inner Traditions, 2014

An examination of the earliest creation traditions and symbols of China and their similarities to those of other ancient cultures • Reveals the deep parallels between early Chinese words and those of other ancient creation traditions such as the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt • Explores the 8 stages of creation in Taoism and the cosmological origins of Chinese ancestor worship, the zodiac, the mandala, and the I Ching • Provides ...


World Prehistory and Archaeology (2nd Edition)
Michael Chazan

Pearson, 2010

Have you seen  World Prehistory and Archaeology: Pathways through Time yet?   World Prehistory and Archaeology: Pathways through Time integrates world prehistory with a discussion of archaeological methods and techniques--emphasizing the relevance of how we know what we know about our human prehistory.  It provides the tools to allow for a lifelong engagement with archaeology, and draws students into the process of ...


Evolution and Prehistory: The Human Challenge
William A. Haviland, Dana Walrath, ...

Cengage Learning, 2010

Explore evolution and prehistory through photos, examples, and anthropologists' studies with Haviland, Walrath, Prins and McBride's EVOLUTION AND PREHISTORY. The authors' goal in writing this book is to provide you with a vivid, accessible text that tells the story of human evolution and shows how the field is relevant to understanding the complex world around you. With EVOLUTION AND PREHISTORY, you will have the opportunity to explore the ...



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