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Pocket Man: The Unauthorized Autobiography of a Passionate, Personal Promoter
Scott Jordan

Poodle Press, 2014

Imagine Bill Gates and Giorgio Armani started a business, then hired PT Barnum to promote it, and Larry David to tell the story. The result is this book. Since starting SCOTTeVEST in 2000 - my clothing business built around tech-enabled pockets - I’ve been featured in thousands of major press pieces, made millions of dollars and had the most memorable appearance of the entire ABC Shark Tank show. I started out as an unhappy lawyer, and I ...


Operators and Promoters: The Story of Molecular Biology and Its Creators
Harrison G. Echols

University of California Press, 2001

During the past four decades, molecular biology has dominated the life sciences. Curiously, no participant in this scientific revolution has previously attempted a book-length history of the development of this powerful science. Harrison ("Hatch") Echols provides such an account in Operators and Promoters. A gifted molecular biologist and talented raconteur, Echols relates the intellectual history of the most influential discoveries in ...


How to Become a Nightclub Promoter
Anthony Coe, 2008

Have you have ever been to an exclusive Hollywood or New York night club where the only way you could get in is if your name was on the VIP list? And unless you were on the right list you had to wait in a long line. Then the all powerful promoter walks out and scans the line. Everyone try their best to look like they are one of the “In-crowd” as the promoter points and says, “You, you and you … in.” One of two thoughts may have ...


The Promoter
Orrie Hitt

Beacon Books, 1957

A novel that takes you behind the scenes of big-city vice--and dares to tell what today's headlines merely hint at: the secret workings of the flesh syndicate!


The Ultimate Question 2.0 (Revised and Expanded Edition): How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a ...
Fred Reichheld

Harvard Business Review Press, 2011

In the first edition of this landmark book, business loyalty guru Fred Reichheld revealed the question most critical to your company’s future: “Would you recommend us to a friend?” By asking customers this question, you identify detractors , who sully your firm’s reputation and readily switch to competitors, and promoters , who generate good profits and true, sustainable growth. You also generate a vital metric: your Net Promoter ...


Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters: Great Marketing Gurus Share Their Innovative, Proven, and Low-Cost ...
Debbie Allen

McGraw-Hill, 2005

Breakthrough ideas that won’t break the bank—the super-selling secrets behind Chicken Soup and other success stories! “To be leading edge, you must be shameless. This book will show you how.” —Mark Victor Hansen, cocreator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series How did Mark Victor Hansen build his Chicken Soup series into a multimillion-dollar empire? How did Jim Cathcart grow a successful business out of The Acorn Principle ...


In Pursuit of Delight: Improving Net Promoter Scores through the Customer Experience
Natalia Preiss

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2009

Customer loyalty drives business growth by referrals and continual purchases - but what drives customer loyalty, especially in today's market? Research has shown that customers who have been so delighted with the results of a product or service will be most likely to tell others about their experience. Yet experience is subject to emotion and expectation. In this book, you will learn the strongest contributing factors for delighting customers ...


How To Be A Bar & Nightclub Promoter - Gimmixology: How To Fill Your Venues Seven Nights A Week (HOW TO BE A ..., 2012

Gimmixology is the ultimate knowledge on how you can build a nightlife empire of bars and clubs that will be packed out the door 7 nights a week. Sound too good to be true? It's not. Have you ever wondered why some clubs are jammed while others are empty? Do you want to know exactly why people go to the bars and clubs they go to? The author dives deep into the human psyche to explain just this and how to pull massive crowds to your venues with ...


Innovating Analytics: How the Next Generation of Net Promoter Can Increase Sales and Drive Business Results
Larry Freed

Wiley, 2013

How does a CEO, manager, or entrepreneur begin to sort out what defines and drives a good customer experience and how it can be measured and made actionable? If you know how well the customer experience is satisfying your customers and you know how to increase their satisfaction, you can then increase sales, return visits, recommendations, loyalty, and brand engagement across all channels. More reliable and more useful data leads to better ...


The Frugal Book Promoter: Second Edition: How to get nearly free publicity on your own or by partnering with ...
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

The second edition of The Frugal Book Promoter is an updated version of the multi award-winning first edition. It has been expanded to include simple ways to promote books using newer technology--always considering promotion and marketing techniques that are easy on the pocketbook and frugal of time. It also includes a multitude of ways for authors and publishers to promote the so-called hard-to-promote genres. The award-winning author of poetry ...


Growing Up NASCAR: Racing's Most Outrageous Promoter Tells All
Humpy Wheeler, Peter Golenbock

Motorbooks, 2010

In 1949, w hen Humpy Wheeler was 11, he attended the very first NASCAR race . F or the next ten years, he spent as much time in the pits as he could, and came to know many of the sport’s pioneers. Eventually, Wheeler began promoting races at Carolina tracks such as Concord Speedway, Robin w ood Speedway, and Starlight Speedway. Racing was so rough back then he kept a gun by his side when he paid the purse ...


So, You Want to be a Wrestling Promoter?
Ric Drasin

Imprint Books, 2003

"So You Want to be a Wrestling Promoter ?", written by "The Equalizer" Ric Drasin, is the most detailed book ever written about professional wrestling promoting. This book will inform the reader on the business aspects of owning and operating a wrestling company. There is a wealth of information on the Athletic Commission, insurance, liability, as well as tips on purchasing wrestling equipment such as title belts and rings. Everything you need ...


Hard Days Hard Nights: From the Beatles to the Doors to the Stones... Insider Stories From a Legendary ...
Pat DiCesare

Headline Books Inc, 2014

GREAT MIDWEST SELECTS "HARD DAYS HARD NIGHTS" AS GRAND PRIZE WINNER CHICAGO_ An illuminating backstage pass to some of the greatest concerts ever held is the grand prize winner of the 2014 Great Midwest Book Festival. Southern California Book Festival Runner-Up Best Non-Fiction Hard Days Hard Nights is the fascinating, behind-the-scenes story of the birth and development of modern rock concerts, as told by one of its most ...


Vmusicbook: Mastering Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship for Independent Hip-Hop, R&B, Grime and ...
VmusicBook Inc.

Dear Peer Publishing, 2011

The music industry relies on the exploitation of musical talent. With the advent of digital technology, and the increasing capacity of servers to offer musical products directly via digital downloading and on-demand streaming, the need for talented artists and musicians to utilize a record company to manage their music is diminishing, and in the future could provide significant competition to the major record companies. VmusicBook has been ...


The Official Fight Promoter Playbook (The Fight Promoter Series 2), 2014

The "Fight Promoters Bible" is Now Available For You To Own. Learn How To Put Together A $100 Million+ PPV Boxing Event, MMA Event, or Wrestling Event ... Right Now! This is the one and only book available ANYWHERE to show you how it all happens. This is the behind the scenes “Bible” of fight promotions. Every contact, checklist, operational outline, negotiation tactic, casino agreement, sponsorship, seating chart, ticket sales letter, ...


The Promoters' City: Building the Industrial Town of Maisonneuve 1883-1918
Paul-André Linteau

Lorimer, 1985

List of Maps Preface PART 1: THE CREATION OF A TOWN, 1883-1896 1. The Birth of Maisonneuve 2. The Developers 3. Organizing the Town PART II: "THE PITTSBURGH OF CANADA": DEVELOPMENT THROUGH INDUSTRY, 1896-1910 4. Industrial Development 5. The Power of The Utility Monopolies 6. A Working-Class Town PART III: "THE GARDEN OF MONTREAL': DEVELOPMENT BY BEAUTIFICATION,1910-1918 7. The Banner of Progress 8. Maisonneuve's Politique de Grandeur 9. The ...


Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories: True and Tall Tales of the Glory Days, Told by Musicians, DJs, Promoters, ...
Carlo Wolff

Gray & Company, Publishers, 2006

Music fans who grew up with Rock and Roll in Cleveland remember a golden age. We were young, so was the music, and the sense of freedom and excitement the Rock and Roll scene delivered was electric. This book collects the favorite memories of Clevelanders who made that scene: fans, musicians, DJs, reporters, club owners, and more. There were so many great clubs, like the Agora, where every big band seemed to break in the 1970s. The trendsetting ...


Answering the Ultimate Question: How Net Promoter Can Transform Your Business

Jossey-Bass, 2008

Fred Reichheld's 2006 book The Ultimate Question, that question being, "How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?"-challenged the conventional wisdom of customer satisfaction programs. It coined the terms 'bad profits' and 'good profits' and pointed to a faster, much more accurate way of gauging customers' real loyalty to a company, introducing a quantitative measure (the Net Promoter Score) for ...


The Frugal Book Promoter: How To Do What Your Publisher Won't
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Star Publish, 2004

For a little over 2 cents a day, THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER assures your book the best possible start in life. Full of nitty gritty how-to's for getting nearly free publicity, Carolyn Howard-Johnson shares her professional experience as well as practical tips gleaned from the successes of her own book campaigns. Carolyn Howard-Johnson is award-winning author of both fiction and nonfiction and former publicist for a New York PR firm and a ...


The Forty Years that Created America: The Story of the Explorers, Promoters, Investors, and Settlers Who ...
Edward M. Lamont

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2014

The names “Jamestown” and “Plymouth” have become synonymous for most students of American history with “founding,” and “birth”—both, of the American nation, and of freedom and democracy themselves. In this book, author Ted Lamont asks us to reconsider our country’s formative years, and explore the stories, lives, achievements, and failures of America’s earliest founding fathers: those who paved the way for the Colonial Era, ...



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