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Community & Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Public's Health
Judith Allender RN C MSN EdD, Cherie Rector PhD RN C, ...

LWW, 2013

Community & Public Health Nursing is designed to provide students a basic grounding in public health nursing principles while emphasizing aggregate-level nursing. While weaving in meaningful examples from practice throughout the text, the authors coach students on how to navigate between conceptualizing about a population-focus while also continuing to advocate and care for individuals, families, and aggregates. This student-friendly, highly ...


Community/Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Health of Populations, 5e
Mary A. Nies PhD RN FAAN FAAHB, Melanie McEwen PhD RN

Saunders, 2010

Covering the nurse's role in promoting community health, Community/Public Health Nursing, 5th Edition is known for its "upstream" preventive focus and social justice approach, photo novellas with clinical stories, and a concise, readable style. It shows how you, as a nurse, can take an active role in social action and health policy - especially in caring for diverse population groups. Expert authors Mary A. Nies and Melanie McEwen discuss ...


Promoting Health And Emotional Well-Being In Your Classroom
Randy M. Page, Tana S. Page

Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2014

Newly redesigned with easy-to-hand in worksheets and activity sheets, the Sixth Edition of Promoting Health and Emotional Well-Being in Your Classroom provides pre-service and current teachers with all the tools and up-to-date information needed for effectively promoting healthy life choices in and out of the classroom. Framed around the latest National Health Education Standards and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s six risk ...


Promoting Harmony: Young Adolescent Development & Classroom Practices
David B. Strahan, Mark L'Esperance, ...

National Middle School Association, 2009

The third edition of this perennial best seller is without a doubt the best resource available to help middle level educators renew their understanding of young adolescents and how schools can apply that understanding to the classroom. With new research and data to support its realistic treatment of ways schools can promote harmony and increase student learning, this publication offers a fresh perspective on what is the heart and soul of middle ...


Promoting Racial Literacy in Schools: Differences That Make a Difference (0)
Howard Carlton Stevenson Jr.

Teachers College Press, 2013

Based on extensive research, this provocative volume explores how schools are places where racial conflicts often remain hidden at the expense of a healthy school climate and the well-being of students of color. Most schools fail to act on racial microaggressions because the stress of negotiating such conflicts is extremely high due to fears of incompetence, public exposure, and accusation. Instead of facing these conflicts head on, schools ...


Promoting Community Change: Making it Happen in the Real World
Mark S. Homan

Cengage Learning, 2010

Designed for students who want to take the theoretical discussion of community forward and become effective agents of change, PROMOTING COMMUNITY CHANGE, Fifth Edition addresses the real world issues facing professionals in social work, human services, and community health. By emphasizing the role a strengthened community can play in preventing and solving the problems that individuals and families commonly experience, the author gives students ...


Promoting Health And Emotional Well-Being In Your Classroom
Randy M. Page, Tana S. Page

Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2010

Promoting Health and Emotional Well-Being in Your Classroom, Fifth Edition provides pre-service and current teachers all the tools and up-to-date information needed for effectively promoting healthy life choices. Framed around the National Health Education Standards and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s six risk behaviors, this practical text facilitates instructional planning, allows for easy adaptation into various curricular ...


Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom (What Works for Special-Needs Learners)
Lynn Meltzer PhD

The Guilford Press, 2010

Accessible and practical, this book helps teachers incorporate executive function processes—such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, and self-checking—into the classroom curriculum. Chapters provide effective strategies for optimizing what K–12 students learn by improving how they learn. Noted authority Lynn Meltzer and her research associates present a wealth of easy-to-implement assessment tools, teaching techniques and activities, ...


Promoting Legal and Ethical Awareness: A Primer for Health Professionals and Patients, 1e
Ronald W. Scott PT JD EdD LLM MSBA

Mosby, 2008

Combining the best of author Ron Scott's books, Promoting Legal Awareness in Physical and Occupational Therapy and Professional Ethics: A Guide for Rehabilitation Professionals, his newest text Promoting Legal and Ethical Awareness: A Primer for Health Professionals and Patients includes the latest case, regulatory, and statutory law. This valuable ethical and legal resource also includes an alphabetized section on HIPAA, current information on ...


Promoting Physical Activity and Health in the Classroom
Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle, ...

Benjamin Cummings, 2009

Promoting Physical Activity and Health in the Classroom  responds to the growing trend in K-6 education, where classroom teachers with no specific Physical Education training must increasingly implement activities in nontraditional settings—often with limited space, equipment, time, and planning. The book is colorful, engaging, compact, and user-friendly. Its practical organization, combined with detachable, sortable index-size cards ...


PROMOTING WELLNESS for prostate cancer patients
Mark A. Moyad

Spry Publishing LLC, 2013

Promoting Wellness for Prostate Cancer Patients is a unique educational book for individuals dealing with the many aspects of prostate cancer–from prevention to treatment and managing the common (and not so common) side effects of conventional therapy. In this fully updated and redesigned Fourth Edition , Dr. Moyad covers the latest advancements in prostate cancer treatment while providing his trademark no-nonsense analysis on groundbreaking ...


The Nurse's Role in Promoting Optimal Health of Older Adults: Thriving in the Wisdom Years
Jean W. Lange PhD RN FAAN

F.A. Davis Company, 2011

Awarded a 2012 AJN Book of the Year Award Why focus on the negative aspects of growing old while most older adults are leading positive, fulfilling, and active lives even while dealing with the changes associated with aging and chronic illnesses? Promote healthy aging; learn what it means to age successfully; and develop the tools and resources that can optimize well-being during the later years in life with the guidance you'll find ...


Promoting Community Change: Making it Happen in the Real World
Mark S.(Mark S. Homan) Homan

Brooks Cole, 2007

Learn the skills that will allow you to improve the lives of not only individual clients, but of entire communities, with PROMOTING COMMUNITY CHANGE. This text addresses the real world issues facing social work, human services, and community health professionals who want to take the theoretical discussion of community forward and realize tangible community changes. As you progress through the text, you'll learn to identify the issues related to ...


Promoting Literacy Development: 50 Research-Based Strategies for K-8 Learners
Patricia A. Antonacci, Catherine M. O'Callaghan

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2011

Fifty research-based literacy strategies designed for busy K-8 classroom teachers Organized around 10 key areas for teaching and learning literacy—phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary, story comprehension, comprehension of informational text, questioning for understanding, discussion for understanding, narrative writing, and writing to learn- Promoting Literacy Development offers 50 clearly written, step-by-step ...


Promoting Social and Emotional Learning: Guidelines for Educators
Maurice J. Elias, Joseph E. Zins, ...

Association for Supervision & Curriculum Deve, 1997

Fostering knowledgeable, responsible, and caring students is one of the most urgent challenges facing schools, families, and communities as we enter the 21st century. Promoting Social and Emotional Learning provides sound principles for meeting this challenge. This timely book addresses a crucial need among educators for a straightforward, practical guide to establishing high-quality social and emotional education programs. True academic success ...


Promoting Positive Behavior: Guidance Strategies for Early Childhood Settings
Suzanne K. Adams, Joan Baronberg

Pearson, 2004

Written in an informal, accessible style, this practical book equips future teaching professionals to effectively support emotional well-being, reduce problem behavior, and enhance social competence in toddlers, pre-schoolers, and primary-grade children. Based on the ECE-CARES Project, housed at the University of Colorado at Denver, text-advocated strategies are focused on five fundamental constructions: caring and cooperative early childhood ...


Promoting Academic Achievement Among English Learners: A Guide to the Research
Claude Goldenberg, Rhoda Coleman

Corwin, 2010

Discover the research and facts on what works in educating English learners! This comprehensive resource examines the research on promoting success among students who come to school knowing little or no English and translates current findings into specific recommendations for developing policies and programs for English learners. With illustrative scenarios throughout, this book gives educators and policy makers solid, research-based ...


Promoting Diversity and Social Justice: Educating People from Privileged Groups, Second Edition ...
Diane J. Goodman

Routledge, 2011

Promoting Diversity and Social Justice provides theories, perspectives, and strategies that are useful for working with adults from privileged groups—those who are in a more powerful position in any given type of oppression. The thoroughly revised edition of this accessible and practical guide offers tools that allow educators to be more reflective and intentional in their work—helping them to consider who they’re working with, what ...


Promoting Well-Being: Linking Personal, Organizational, and Community Change
Isaac Prilleltensky, Ora Prilleltensky

Wiley, 2006

The only book that links psychological wellness with organizational and community health, Promoting Well-Being provides you with important insight into how these domains interact as well as strategies for helping clients harness the benefits of these interactions. It is an essential tool for psychologists, counselors, social workers, human service professionals, public health professionals, and students in these fields.


Conjoint Behavioral Consultation: Promoting Family-School Connections and Interventions
Susan M. Sheridan, Thomas R. Kratochwill

Springer, 2010

This reader-friendly second edition of Sheridan and Kratochwill’s important work offers innovative applications of CBC as an ecological, evidence-based approach. In this new edition, the authors combine best practices in consultation and problem-solving for interventions that promote and support children’s potential, teachers’ educational mission, and family members’ unique strengths. A step-by-step framework for developing and ...



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