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Protect Her: Part Two

Smith Sinclair Publishing, 2014

What happens to a human caught in the crossfire between angels and demons? Riley Stone wants to make sure that Paige Matthews never finds out. Thinking that Riley Stone would be glad to be rid of her, Paige agrees to let an old friend help her with her new demon problem. But she soon discovers that her friend isn’t who is he appears to be, and definitely has his own agenda when it comes to her well-being. Riley’s work on Calamta Island ...


Protect Her (The Druid's Curse Book 1)

Soul Mate Publishing, 2014

Golden Alexander is trapped in a nightmare. Trying to flee her hallucination of a demon, she runs heart first into the brooding alpha male she’s been dreaming about for years, and then her nightmare really begins. Kris Pietka is done with women . . . he’s broken. But when he meets Golden, an overwhelming need to protect her tests everything he thought he knew about himself, and the paranormal. A bond forged centuries ago thrusts ...


Turmeric: Great Recipes Featuring the Wonder Spice that Fights Inflammation and Protects Against Disease

Agate Digital, 2014

Containing over 70 international recipes, Turmeric is a cookbook dedicated to one of the most versatile and ancient spices. Originally grown in India and southeast Asia, turmeric is often called a "wonder spice" because of its remarkable curative properties and health applications. But it is the unique, peppery, and earthy taste that has made it so popular across the globe. All of the rich history, recipes, and medical properties of this ...


Protect Her: Part One

Smith Sinclair Publishing, 2014

Her name has been Paige Matthews for the last three years. Before that, it was Jane Doe. Before that is nothing more than black hole after a mysterious accident wiped her memories away. Her dreams are filled with blurred images of terror. Something was after her and tried to kill her. Riley Stone doesn’t care about anything but getting the job done and getting paid. There are few people who willingly associate with a Necromancer. Humans ...


A Parent's Guide to Ensuring Your Children Are Safe Online: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Children

Hiccius Doccius Limited, 2014

A Parent’s Guide to Ensuring Your Children Are Safe Online: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Children If you are a parent you probably worry about what your children get up to when they are on the internet. Sure, it’s essential that we all do use the internet to run our lives and for the children it’s mainly entertainment though potential dangers lurk everywhere particularly for naive and trusting children or younger teenagers. They can ...


An Igniting Attraction (To Protect and Serve, Heroes in Uniform Series, Book 1)

ePublishing Works!, 2014

Fireman Tony Cruz faces the charred ruins of his life. Burned by his adulteress wife, Tony just lost his precious step-daughter in the resulting divorce. Across the street, Natalie Goodwin is enjoying her empty nest. The ink dry on her divorce papers and her daughter now in college, Natalie is realizing her dream: opening her very own flower shop. Life is finally going right, until Tony Cruz walks in the door. Now sparks of desire are ...


Protect Her: Part Three

Smith Sinclair Publishing, 2014

Things are heating up for Paige, and not just in the search for her true identity. Though she is keenly aware that Riley is avoiding telling her everything about his past encounters with the demons pursuing her, she finds that her attraction to him overriding her better judgment. With every passing hour, she is more confident that if anyone can keep her safe, it is Riley Stone. To stay one step ahead of their enemies, Riley reluctantly ...


Protect and Defend (Mitch Rapp)
Vince Flynn

Pocket Books, 2008

Vince Flynn’s #1 New York Times bestseller sends counterterrorist agent Mitch Rapp on a collision course with America’s most feared enemy. No longer willing to wait for the international community to stop its neighboring enemy, Israel brings down Iran’s billion-dollar nuclear program in an ingeniously conceived operation. The attack leaves a radioactive tomb and environmental disaster in its wake, and has Iranian president Amatullah ...


To Protect & Serve: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel (The Courage Series, Book 1)

Spirit Light Publishing, 2014

To save others' lives, they will risk their own... Houston firefighter, Jeff Taylor is a fireman's fireman. He's not afraid of anything, and no situation is too dangerous to keep him on the sideline if lives are at stake. Lisa Matheson runs a semi-successful ad agency that's on the brink of falling apart. Her employees are incompetent, and her schedule has become exhausting. When she takes on a client with a brilliant idea for a big ...


Needing Nita (Serve and Protect Series Book 4)

Norah Wilson, 2010

NOTE: This is a 15K Novella, not a full novel. Attorney Nita Reynolds is hot for Det. Craig Walker, but he's given up asking her out. She doesn't date cops...until a doctor's call makes her re-examine her priorities. Believing she has a brain tumor like the one that killed her father, she vows to make love to Craig Walker while she still has her full faculties. By the time the doctor realizes he's mixed up the scans, she's in way too deep.


Protect Your Pets Using Gemstone and Crystal Energy, 2014

Pets are a major part of a lot of people’s lives. They give us warmth, comfort, unconditional love, and joy. Learn how you can protect your pets from harm's way using gemstone and crystal energy. This book is perfect for pet owners who want to give their pets better communication, better health, or protection during times apart such as vacation.


Behind the Kindle: The Dirty Marketing Tricks Being Used Against You on Amazon and How to Protect Yourself

Kindle Marketing, 2014

If You Hate Kindle Marketing, But Want to Sell More Books... ...Consider another idea... You want to sell more Kindle books. But, you hate marketing and you’d rather spend your time writing. You’ve tried the tips in the Kindle marketing books and they work great. But, you want to sell even more books. Maybe even create a best seller. What’s going on? Only the top authors know how to make money on Amazon. But, these authors are ...


Protect My Soul (Zenith Elite Book 1), 2014

Off the coast of Portland, Maine, deep below the Atlantic Ocean, lives a group of Protectors called the Zenith Elite. Created by the Archangels to help fight evil that threatens humankind, the Protectors are led by Gideon Fremont. Gideon is methodically determined to find his enemy, Azrael. While searching for Azrael, Gideon finds Ren Lucas, a girl who turns his world upside down.


The Ultimate Guide to the Ebola Crisis: How to Protect Yourself from the Ebola Virus - Strategies You Must ..., 2014

Discover how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the Ebola virus now Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device. You're about to explore Ebola and empower yourself to protect those you love. The Ebola epidemic is at crisis levels and has entered the United States. Use strategies now to keep yourself safe. Knowledge is power. You should put yourself ahead of those that choose not to learn safe practices. ...


To Love and Protect: Shadow Chasing\For All My Tomorrows (Count on a Cop)
Debbie Macomber

Harlequin MIRA, 2014 Count on a Cop  Shadow Chasing  The last man Carla Walker's going to count on is a cop—as far as her love life's concerned. Her dad is a police officer, so she's already decided that's not the kind of future she wants. She knows about the long hours, the unpredictable calls, the danger.  Carla meets Philip Garrison on vacation, and it's more than a holiday fling. She falls for him. Hard. And then she learns ...


Saving Grace (Serve and Protect Series Book 2)

Norah Wilson, 2010

After wrecking her car and waking in hospital with amnesia, fledgling reporter Grace Morgan has no idea why she’d been in the process of leaving the husband she loves so dearly. Her husband, Police Detective Ray (Razor) Morgan tells her she was leaving him for another man, but that just can’t be so. Can it? She’s determined to remember, even if it kills her. And it just might. When bullets start to fly, Ray is forced to take the wife he ...


Code Red: How to Protect Your Savings From the Coming Crisis
John Mauldin, Jonathan Tepper

Wiley, 2013

Wall Street Journal Bestseller Valuable insights on monetary policies, their impact on your financial future, and how to protect against them Written by the New York Times bestselling author team of John Mauldin and Jonathan Tepper, Code Red spills the beans on the central banks in the U.S., U.K., E.U., and Japan and how they've rigged the game against the average saver and investor. More importantly, it shows you how to protect your ...


Ebola: What Everyone Needs to Know - Prepare and Protect Yourself and Your Family

Pandemic, 2014

Everything You NEED to Know about the Ebola Virus is included in this Quick and Easy to Understand Guide Being aware of the risk and effect of this infectious disease is vital information you need to know now. Inside, you will find: • What Ebola is • History of the virus • The various strings • The 2014 outbreak • How it spreads • How it is diagnosed • The symptoms • The treatments • After suffering from ...


The High-Conflict Custody Battle: Protect Yourself and Your Kids from a Toxic Divorce, False Accusations, and ...
Amy J. L. Baker PhD, J. Michael Bone PhD, ...

New Harbinger Publications, 2014

Is your ex-spouse trying to gain custody of your kids? Has he or she launched a campaign to make you look like a bad parent, both in the eyes of your children and the law? You aren’t alone. Unfortunately, high-conflict custody battles are all-too-common in today’s world. So how can you arm yourself with the mental and legal resources needed to survive this difficult time and keep your kids safe?   In The High-Conflict Custody Battle , a ...


Organic Pest Control: The Ultimate Organic Pest Control System to Protect Your House, Garden, and Food ..., 2014

What Everyone Should Know about Organic Pest Control Here's your chance to learn everything you need to know about Organic Pest Control to protect your home, garden and food * * *LIMITED TIME OFFER! 50% OFF! (Regular $5.99) * * * Dear Reader, What if the Pest problem that has been haunting you for years could be eradicated by using natural and organic methods? …now you are about learn hundreds of ways to control pests and ...



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