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The Sane Society
Erich Fromm, 2008

First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


Awakened Instincts: Seven Keys for Enhancing Every Aspect of Your Life
MaryRose Occhino

Atria Books, 2008

World-renowned psychic medium MaryRose Occhino teams up with her daughter, Jacqueline Sullivan, for this first-of-its-kind guide to pro-vide readers with the seven keys for enhancing their lives and, in so doing, to promote inner healing and spiritual development. In a universe where we're all connected, each person has the ability to improve his or her life by following these seven vital keys (FEAR NOT): F -- Fearlessness, E -- Expect the ...


The Red Book (Philemon)
C. G. Jung

W. W. Norton & Company, 2009

The most influential unpublished work in the history of psychology. When Carl Jung embarked on an extended self-exploration he called his “confrontation with the unconscious,” the heart of it was The Red Book , a large, illuminated volume he created between 1914 and 1930. Here he developed his principle theories—of the archetypes, the collective unconscious, and the process of individuation—that transformed psychotherapy from a practice ...


Attachment in Psychotherapy

The Guilford Press, 2007

This eloquent book translates attachment theory and research into an innovative framework that grounds adult psychotherapy in the facts of childhood development. Advancing a model of treatment as transformation through relationship, the author integrates attachment theory with neuroscience, trauma studies, relational psychotherapy, and the psychology of mindfulness. Vivid case material illustrates how therapists can tailor interventions to fit ...


Where's My Sanity? Stories that Help: A New Method of Self-Help, 2014

Where’s My Sanity? Stories that Help Self-Improvement that takes you places. Many books claim they can rescue you from confusion, unhappiness and agitation. But Dr. Claudia Luiz says sanity isn't where you've been looking. "You can't attain sanity by just trying harder, exercising a positive outlook, letting go, forgiving or meditating. What you need for sanity, when reason fails, are emotional experiences. Not ideas. Experiences." ...


Emotional Orphans: Healing Our Throwaway Children, 2012

"Emotional Orphans tells the sad and moving stories of a number of lost children, young ones who had suffered abuse and abandonment and who had learned in consequence that trust in others was their most bitter enemy. In this wonderful book, Cate Shepherd describes her clinical work and gives us moving accounts of her inspiring successes and her heartbreaking failures. She also opens up her own trauma history, and allows us to see how the ...


Love & Will
Rollo May

W. W. Norton & Company, 2007

"An extraordinary book on sex and civilization....An important contribution to contemporary morality."— Newsweek The heart of man's dilemma, according to Rollo May, is the failure to understand the real meaning of love and will, their source and interrelation. Bringing fresh insight to these concepts, May shows how we can attain a deeper consciousness.


Psychoanalytic Diagnosis Understanding Personality Structure in the Clinical Process 2nd (second) edition
Nancy McWilliams PhD, 2010


Psychoanalytic Diagnosis: Understanding Personality Structure in the Clinical Process
Nancy McWilliams PhD

The Guilford Press, 1994

This is the first text to come along in many years that makes psychoanalytic personality theory and its implications for practice accessible to beginning practitioners. The last book of its kind, which was published more than 20 years ago, predated the development of such significant concepts as borderline syndromes, narcissistic pathology, dissociative disorders and self-defeating personality. Contemporary students often react with bewilderment ...


Toward a New Psychology of Women
Jean Baker Miller

Beacon Press, 1987

In the twenty years since its publication, this best-selling classic (which has sold more than 200,000 copies) has become famous for its groundbreaking demonstration of how sexual stereotypes restrict men's and women's psychological development. Toward a New Psychology of Women revolutionized concepts of strength and weakness, dependency and autonomy, emotion, success, and power.


Schopenhauer's Porcupines
Deborah Luepnitz

Basic Books, 2002

Are human beings destined to find perfect complements in love, or are we more like the fabled porcupines-forever jostling for a place between painful entanglement and loveless isolation? This is the question at the heart of this stunning new book. "People seek therapy only when things have gone terribly wrong in their lives," observes Deborah Luepnitz, one of the field's most gifted psychotherapists and a writer of uncommon talent. "They arrive ...


Man Against Himself
Karl Menninger

Mariner Books, 1956

In this landmark book, the impulse toward self-destructiveness is examined as a misdirection of the instinct for survival, a turning inward of the aggressive behavior developed for self-preservation. "One of the most absorbing books I have read in recent years" (Joseph Wood Krutch, The Nation). Index.


Gestalt Therapy Verbatim

The Gestalt Journal Press, 2013

Compiled and edited from transcriptions of three workshop/demonstrations that took place at the Esalen Institute in 1968, the first section of this book includes four lectures wherein Perls presents a clear explanation in simple terms of the basic ideas he believed underlie the philosophy and methodology of Gestalt therapy. The lectures are followed by verbatim transcripts of work Perls did with workshop participants. This Gestalt Journal Press ...


A Blue Fire
James Hillman

HarperPerennial, 1997

A vitally important introduction to the theories of one of the most original thinkers in psychology today, A Blue Fire gathers selected passages from many of Hillman's seminal essays on archetypal psychology.


The Fantasy Bond: The Structure of Psychological Defenses
Robert W. Firestone

Insight Books, 1985

This book offers a hypothesis centering around the concept of the "Fantasy Bond", an illusion of connection formed with the mother and later with significant others in the individual's environment.


A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Theory and Technique
Bruce Fink

Harvard University Press, 1999

"The goal of my teaching has always been, and remains, to train analysts." --Jacques Lacan, Seminar XI, 209 Arguably the most profound psychoanalytic thinker since Freud, and deeply influential in many fields, Jacques Lacan often seems opaque to those he most wanted to reach. These are the readers Bruce Fink addresses in this clear and practical account of Lacan's highly original approach to therapy. Written by a clinician for ...


Civilization and Its Discontents
Sigmund Freud

Martino Fine Books, 2010

Reprint of the 1930 American edition. In this seminal book, Sigmund Freud enumerates the fundamental tensions between civilization and the individual. The primary friction stems from the individual's quest for instinctual freedom and civilization's contrary demand for conformity and instinctual repression. Many of humankind's primitive instincts (for example, the desire to kill and the insatiable craving for sexual gratification) are clearly ...


The Psychoanalysis of Everyday Life - Sometimes I Pee When I Laugh: A Collection of Humorous Observations by ...
Sheli Ellsworth

BeachHouse Books, 2012

The stories about everyday situations by award winning author, Sheli Ellsworth, target women, ages 35-80. Sheli Ellsworth has a master’s degree in psychology she uses mainly to annoy family and friends. After many years traveling the world as a Navy wife, she lives with her husband and children in Southern California where she hikes, writes articles, short stories and professional book reviews. More of Sheli’s sardonic wit can be seen on her ...


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: A Practitioner's Guide
Nancy McWilliams

The Guilford Press, 2004

Building on the enormous popularity of her two previous texts on diagnosis and case formulation, this important work from Nancy McWilliams completes the trilogy by addressing in detail the art and science of psychodynamic treatment. McWilliams distills the essential principles of clinical practice, including effective listening and talking; transference and countertransference; emotional safety; and an empathic, attuned attitude toward the ...



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