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The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and ...
Kevin MacDonald

1st Books Library, 2002

MacDonald provides a theoretical analysis and review of data on the widespread tendency among highly influential, Jewish-dominated intellectual movements to develop radical critiques of gentile culture that are compatible with the continuity of Jewish identification. These movements are viewed as the outcome of the fact that Jews and gentiles have different interests in the construction of culture and in various public policy issues (e.g. ...



1st Books Library, 2003

WARNING: This book contains sexual content. Frances Myllar is a beautiful, intelligent, and rich prisoner of her family. She and her three siblings are guarded around the clock. In 2040 Frances is crippled by a terrible accident and uses her convalescence to write her life's story. Frances's story includes romance, honors for her work, a loveless marriage, and two children. It also includes her close relationships with her happy-go-lucky ...


Shamanic Psychopomp: Guide of Souls

1st Books Library, 2003

Throughout time, the shaman has carried the responsibility of escorting the souls of kindred members to the realms of beyond. Today this service is still greatly needed. Although the knowledge of how to accomplish this task has faded as the close-knit tribal community has given way to modern civilization, shamanic practitioners are re-discovering the call to guide souls, or to act as psychopomp, inadvertently through ecstatic journeys. ...


Stranger Than Fiction: The True Time Travel Adventures of Steven L. Gibbs--the Rainman of Time Travel
Patricia Griffin Ress

1st Books Library, 2001

Book by Ress, Patricia Griffin


Spray the Bear - Reminiscences from the Golden Age of Advertising (none Book 0)

1st Books Library, 2002

As the advent of television broadened the range of advertising's influence on the American public, the ad men became the glamorous elite of the corporate world. In this compulsively readable, anecdotal memoir, author Walter W. Bregman gives the reader a delicious glimpse into the rarified world of advertising in its heyday. The brilliant bad boys of advertising--who lubricated every business deal with alcohol--not only made the products of ...


You Can't Wallpaper My Igloo: Tales of Living and Teaching in the Alaskan Wilderness
Katherine Norberg

1st Books Library, 2003

You Can't Wallpaper My Igloo combines asense of humor with an informative and colorful account of life beforetelevision invaded rural Alaska and took away much of its character. LeavingNew Mexico in 1969 for the unknown of teaching positions in the far reaches ofAlaska, Bob and Kathy Norberg drive up the Alaska Canadian Highway with barenecessities, ready for any kind of adventure. Their first assignment, a smallEskimo village in the north ...


Murder Stalks A Mansion: A Newport Mystery (The Newport Mysteries Book 1)

1st Books Library, 2014

A puzzling country house mystery set amid the mansions of Newport's famous Bellevue Avenue. Innkeeper Caroline Kent becomes a detective when one of her wealthy guests is murdered.


Yesterday's Bandit: Butch Cassidy's Pursuit of Life and Honor
Barry Brierley

1st Books Library, 2003

yesterday's bandit. a biography of butch cassidy and his pursuit of life and honor.


Secrets Worth Dying For: Timothy James McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing
David Paul Hammer

1st Books Library, 2004

Book by Hammer, David Paul


Johann Kilian, Pastor: A Wendish Lutheran In Germany and Texas
George Nielsen

1st Books Library, 2003

Book by Nielsen, George


Acceptance Groups for Survivors: A Guide for Facilitators
A.C.S.W., Nancy Bauser M.S.W.

1st Books Library, 2001

Sirvivor of a devastating automobile accident and life-changing brain injuries, the author uses her survival experience and her expertise as a social worker and peer counselor to craft a powerful set of group discussions. Group help participants grasp the concept of acceptance as a process of recognizing problems, admitting deficits, and finally accepting the reality of the present moment.


The Spring Of '31: A Kid's View of the Great Depression
James E. Munden Sr.

1st Books Library, 2004

The Spring of '31 is the true story of a 6-member family that began on a quiet tobacco farm in eastern North Carolina in the early 1920's, lived with the mules, wagons and Model-T Fords through the depression, all the while playing music, getting baptized in the local creek, riding the school buses to school on the dirt roads and graduating into WWII.


A Breeder's Guide to Genetics: Relax, It's Not Rocket Science
Ingrid Wood

1st Books Library, 2004

Introduces concepts such as dominant and recessive genes, polygenic inheritance, and genomic imprinting. Various breeding programs are explored in great detail. Issues such as breeding fads and common myths are candidly addressed. Also information on DNA testing, hybrid vigor, understanding pedigrees, and sex chromosomes. An entire section features the basic concepts of color inheritance. All scientific concepts and terms are clearly explained, ...


TRUE FASTING: A Heart in Anguish in Search of God's Grace

1st Books Library, 2001

About the Book What is the “fasting” Christians or disciples of Christ ought to engage in? What drove men and women in biblical times to fast? What is the purpose for it? And when should a person resort to prayer and fasting? Unfortunately, there is a general misunderstanding and lack of knowledge in Christianity today about biblical fasting. From the Jewish origins, this book explores the understanding of fasting held by the patriarchs ...


English for Success - Ingles Para el Exito
Juan Gonzalez

1st Books Library, 2002

English for Success is a one of a kind learning tool. English for Success, through pronunciation and writing excerises, fully immerses the Spanish Speaker in the English langauge. Not only is English for Success a powerful tool for the student, but also the first book of its kind for teachers. Some important features of this book. Figures Pronunciation. The student starts uttering words in English since day one. Bilingual ...


seven steps to success:
greg ubert

1st books library, 2004


SEAL = Test
George Vercessi

1st Books Library, 1994

Book by Vercessi, George


The Rustling of Angels: Discovering the Power of Unconditional Love
Helen Heinmiller

1st Books Library, 2002

The Rustling of Angels: Discovering The Power of Unconditional Love by Helen Heinmiller


Bride's Guide to Emotional Survival

1st Books Library, 2003

"Forget Prozac, avoid Valium. This book is true preventive medicine." - Dr. Lila Nachtigal, author of What Every Woman Should Know New York University Medical School Professor. DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL GET THROUGH THIS! You want it to be the wedding you've always dreamed of: a sunny day, ...



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