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Small Miracles II
Judith Leventhal

Adams Media Corporation, 1998

With over half a million copies sold, Small Miracles opened the hearts of people all over the world with real life stories of remarkable coincidences. Now, authors Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal have assembled a collection of new stories, each recalling a coincidence that is moving, heartwarming, and inspirational. These wonderful stories -- that point to the possibilities, the blessings, and the profound meaning of our lives -- ...


28 Days A Daily Horoscope Your Hormones!: What Your Cycle Reveals About Your Love Life, Moods, and Potential
Gabrielle Lichterman, Scott Haltzman

Adams Media Corporation, 2005

Who knew that hormones could be so helpful? 28 Days is a fun, factual book for women that helps them forecast their day with one very important tool - their hormonal cycle. 28 Days reads with the ease of a horoscope but is rooted in scientific fact. This breakthrough book helps women tune in to their internal monthly calendar and learn how to maximize each day - from moods to relationships to career decisions to how hot - or not - their sex ...


The Birth Order Effect: How to Better Understand Yourself and Others
Clifford E. Isaacson, Kris Radish

Adams Media Corporation, 2002

A revolutionary new system for understanding birth order-featuring a remarkable new birth order quiz! Whether we're the first born, last born, or somewhere in the middle, our birth order-and how we view our place in the family-can tell us much about who we are and how we interact with those around us. In The Birth Order Effect, Cliff Isaacson shows us how to find our true place in the family structure, and how to use this important information ...


Puppy Whisperer: A Compassionate, Non Violent Guide to Early Training and Care, ...

Adams Media Corporation, 2007

Product Description "I've known Paul personally for many years and have faithfully followed his training advice with wonderful results. I can't recommend him highly enough." -Jeff Probst, host of Survivor Following the success of his book The Dog Whisperer, Paul Owens turns his attention to puppies. In The Puppy Whisperer, Owens and his protoge Terence Cranendonk offer a compassionate step-by-step guide to all things puppy, including how to: ...


Teen Torment: Overcoming Verbal Abuse at Home and at School
Patricia Evans

Adams Media Corporation, 2003

Shows parents, teachers, and especially teenagers how to identify and overcome verbal abuse and bullying wherever they manifest themselves.


The Everything Pilates Book: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Body Stronger, Leaner, and Healthier
Amy Taylor Alpers, Rachel Taylor Segel, ...

Adams Media Corporation, 2002

Explore the fitness craze that’s right for everyone! Whether you’re a ballerina or a couch potato, a mountain biker or a fitness novice, you can do Pilates-and reap its amazing benefits. Perfect for building stronger, leaner, more flexible muscles, relieving stress, and achieving full body health, the Pilates method is a revolutionary program that has the power to transform lives. Written by the founders of the internationally renowned ...


Every Woman's Essential Job Hunting and Resume Book
Laura Morin

Adams Media Corporation, 1994

Bestselling career book author Morin provides dozens of proven resumes and cover letters, the latest strategies for women in today's tough job market, the 25 hottest careers for women today, and other advice for succeeding in today's workplace.


The Dog Whisperer: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training

Adams Media Corporation, 2007

In this updated edition of THE DOG WHISPERER, Paul Owens and Norma Eckroate offer more in-depth training with additional notes, tips, and problem-solving to make training even easier! In addition to the bestselling nonviolent training features from the previous edition, this new edition includes: Updated material on the power of non-force training Information on the newest, most effective gear for all levels of training A new trick section ...


All Politics is Local: And Other Rules of the Game
Tip O'Neill, Gary Hymel

Adams Media Corporation, 1995

Tip O'Neill--member of the U.S. Congress for 40 years and Speaker of the House for 10 years--was an American institution, known and loved across the country. In All Politics Is Local he shares his secrets. Continuing in the tradition of the bestselling Man of the House O'Neill's initmitable stories and irresistible style show how politics really work.


Small Miracles: Extraordinary Coincidences from Everyday Life (v. 1)
Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum, Judith Frankel Leventhal

Adams Media Corporation, 1997

The story of a woman who is aided by a benefactress, only to find that it is really a "repayment" of a good deed performed more than thirty years ago, along with other coincidences and everyday miracles, is included in collection of true stories. 100,000 first printing. $100,000 ad/promo. IP.


Golf Is a Woman's Game: Simple Techniques For Building A Better Game
Jane Horn

Adams Media Corporation, 1998

In Golf Is a Woman''s Game, Jane Horn details 25 basic techniques designed specifically for women, which, with practice, will enable the reader to hit the ball has h ard, as accurately, and as far as a man. '


The Everything Baby's First Food Book: Tasty, Nutritious Meals and Snacks That Even the Pickiest Child Will ...
Janet Mason Tarlov

Adams Media Corporation, 2001

Everyone knows that good nutrition begins at home. But did you know it begins at birth? To raise a healthy child, parents must create an environment emphasizing a nutritious diet - for themselves as well as their newborn. With easy-to-follow instructions, The Everything Baby's First Food Book demonstrates how to establish healthy eating patterns that will last a lifetime. In this thorough guide, you'll find answers to all your concerns about ...


Red State/Blue State: The Confused Citizen's Guide to Surviving in the Other America
Justin Cord Hayes

Adams Media Corporation, 2006

This funny, quirky flip book gives readers red and blue the lowdown on all 50 states: What if you're a Blue Stater-and now you find yourself in a Red State. Where will you watch films free from the taint of "traditional family values"? Or What if you're a Red Stater-and now you find yourself in a Blue State. Where will you find a "real" church? Whichever "other country" readers wake up and find themselves in, Red State/Blue State ...


The Complete Single Mother: Reassuring Answers to Your Most Challenging Concerns
Andrea Engber, Leah Klungness

Adams Media Corporation, 2006

Written by the founder and director of the National Organization of Single Mothers, this comprehensive guide explains what nearly ten million American single mothers need to know to overcome the challenges of daily life with dignity, wisdom, and courage. "Provides a world of support for women who often feel alone".--American Baby magazine. Illustrations.


Why Love is Not Enough
Sol Gordon

Adams Media Corporation, 1990

Why Love Is Not Enough explains: How to tell if the person you love is the last person on earth with whom should settle down The ten most important characteristics of a successful relationship How to become more attractive and desirable to others What you must ask before you consider marrying a divorced person How to let go of a destructive or painful relationship Nationally acclaimed psychologist Dr. Sol Gordon shatters the myth that ...


Beat Diabetes!: How I Overcame Diabetes and You Can Too!
Margaret Blackstone

Adams Media Corporation, 1999

This is the account of one woman''s experience of beating the disease. When initially diagnosed, the author explored the latest developments in the treatments and tried inventive new methods.'


The Everything Paganism Book: Discover the Rituals, Traditions, and Festivals of This Ancient Religion ...
Selene Silverwind

Adams Media Corporation, 2004

The history and development of Paganism-all in one volume! Although Pagans have endured centuries of persecution and condemnation, Paganism has risen to become the seventh-largest organized religion in the world-and is still growing. The Everything( Paganism Book , written by Selene Silverwind-a practicing Pagan for more than ten years-uncovers the history and beliefs of this ancient faith. The author guides you through the ideology, tenets, ...


What Everyone Should Know about the 20th Century: 200 Events That Shaped the World
Alan Axelrod, Charles Phillips

Adams Media Corporation, 1998

From the Wright Brothers to the election of Nelson Mandela, this engaging, reader-friendly compendium--from the authors of the enormously successful What Every American Should Know about American History--provides capsule summaries of the 200 most important events in world history since 1900.


Kosher Adultery: Seduce and Sin with Your Spouse
Shmuley Boteach

Adams Media Corporation, 2002

How can adultery-the worst of all marital sins-be considered "kosher"? As internationally bestselling author Rabbi Shmuley Boteach explains, what often leads to infidelity is too much trust and complacency, which causes routine, boredom, and waning attraction. You and your spouse must look to the principles of adultery-forbiddenness, danger, excitement, tension, and voyeurism-to achieve the outer limits of erotic excitement, passion, and ...


Wrestling with Your Angels: A Spiritual Journey to Great Writing
Janet Hagberg

Adams Media Corporation, 1995

Wrestling with Your Angels: A Spiritual Journey to Great Writing



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