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What's Theology Got to Do With It?: Convictions, Vitality, and the Church
Anthony B. Robinson

The Alban Institute, 2005


Learning While Leading: Increasing Your Effectiveness in Ministry
Anita Farber-Robertson

The Alban Institute, 2000

As the world changes, so do people's expectations of their faith community and clergy. This book uses three case studies to speak to religious professionals about the challenges they face, to provide readers with specific, user-friendly techniques to become more aware of how they function, and to learn new ways to lead. Clergy will find real-life examples of how more effective leadership enhances the life of the community and promotes the ...


Gifts of an Uncommon Life: The Practice of Contemplative Activism
Howard E. Friend Jr.

The Alban Institute, 2008

This book of ten essays is a breath of fresh air, a source of inspiration, a wake-up call, and a bold challenge for pastors, congregational leaders, and church members--both active and lapsed--who long for a new perspective, even a touch of creative irreverence. With an invitation to quietness and stillness, inner strength and resilience, audacious hope and insistent confidence, it welcomes those among the people of God who do not belong to a ...


Scattering Seeds: Cultivating Church Vitality
Stephen Chapin Garner, Jerry Thornell

The Alban Institute, 2012

In Scattering Seeds: Cultivating Church Vitality , Stephen Chapin Garner and Jerry Thornell share the story of their home congregation, the United Church of Christ in Norwell, MA. This average congregation has approached congregational life in a not-so-average way. Each congregant is seen as a minister, bringing the good news of Christ to the community; the church has moved away from boards and committees, instead utilizing the people to form ...


The Girlfriends' Clergy Companion: Surviving and Thriving in Ministry
Melissa Lynn DeRosia, Marianne J. Grano, ...

The Alban Institute, 2011

As increasing numbers of young women are discerning a call to ministry, entering seminary, graduating, and searching for the call to a parish or other ministry setting, they need to be aware of the realities that face them. The Girlfriends' Clergy Companion is about the nitty gritty of ministry for young female clergy-how to maintain a sense of personal style, what it's really like to be a solo pastor, how to date, what to do when they're ...


Reaching Out in a Networked World: Expressing Your Congregation's Heart and Soul
Lynne M. Baab

The Alban Institute, 2008

A congregation communicates its heart and soul through words, photos, actions, programs, architecture, decor, the arts, and countless other aspects of congregational life. In Reaching Out in a Networked World , communications expert and pastor Lynne Baab examines technologies such as websites, blogs, online communities, and desktop publishing. She demonstrates how a congregation can evaluate these tools and appropriately use them to communicate ...


Creating Congregations of Generous People
Michael Durall

Alban Institute, 1999

Asking parishioners for money is very different from creating congregations of generous people. In this provocative book, stewardship consultant Michael Durall argues convincingly that annual pledge drives inadvertently perpetuate low-level and same-level giving in congregations. Written with the voice of experience, this book will help clergy and lay leaders initiate and sustain effective stewardship programs. Durall believes that asking for ...


Claiming the Beatitudes: Nine Stories from a New Generation
Anne Sutherland Howard, Anne Howard, ...

The Alban Institute, 2009


In God's Presence: Encountering, Experiencing, and Embracing the Holy in Worship
N. Graham Standish

The Alban Institute, 2010

Vibrant worship services, argues creative and provocative author Graham Standish, are those in which the congregation obviously asks questions such as: Does our worship help people experience God? Does our worship open people to the presence of Christ? Does our worship encourage people to become available to the Holy Spirit? Unfortunately, he observes, too many worship services are perfunctory, suggesting that most churches don't think much ...


New beginnings: A pastorate start up workbook (An Alban Institute publication)
Roy M Oswald

Alban Institute, 1989

Roy Oswald, who ministers to pastors with great compassion, perceptiveness, and skill, now brings eight more years of field experience to an updated edition of "New Beginnings." Important new material includes: More wisdom about how to take care of yourself in the midst of the stress of to get clear about your role in your new to get along with people you don't like (as well as people you DO like) to celebrate ...


The Pastoral Search Journey: A Guide to Finding Your Next Pastor
John Vonhof

The Alban Institute, 2010

Most churches have sought out a new pastor many times, yet search committees often feel as though they are inventing the process from scratch. In The Pastoral Search Journey , John Vonhof provides detailed guidance for search committees to ensure a good match between pastor and congregation. This is Vonhof's third book about the pastoral search -- but the first to discuss interim pastors, transitions between pastors, and the use of the Internet ...


Entering the world of the small church
Anthony. Pappas

Alban Institute, 2002


Open Source Church: Making Room for the Wisdom of All
Landon Whitsitt

The Alban Institute, 2011

Open source software makes the basic program instructions available for anyone to see and edit. An 'open source church,' likewise, is one in which the basic functions of mission and ministry are open to anyone. Members feel free to pursue their callings from God that are consistent with what God has called the congregation to be and do. But what does 'open source church' look like? In Open Source Church: Making Room for the Wisdom of All , ...


Inside the Small Church (Harvesting the Learnings Series)

Alban Institute, 2001

Even as so-called megachurches capture the attention of many church watchers, small congregations continue to dominate America’s religious landscape in both rural and urban settings. Although sometimes obscured by their larger siblings, these small churches play a prominent role and hold a unique place in both local and national cultures. How can leaders help to keep these often at-risk churches alive and to meet their potential for ministry? ...


Raising the Roof: The Pastoral-to-Program Size Transition
Alice Mann

The Alban Institute, 2001

Pastoral-to-program size change is frequently described as the most challenging of growth transitions for congregations. Now Alban senior consultant Alice Mann, author of The In-Between Church: Navigating Size Transitions in Congregations, addresses the difficulties of that transition in this resource designed specifically for a congregational learning team. Conceptualized and developed by Mann for an Alban on-line seminar program test event ...


Called for Life: Finding Meaning in Retirement
Paul C. Clayton

Alban Institute, 2008

Called for Life reflects on our calling to serve God and neighbor in the context of retirement. People facing retirement ask a variety of questions, each framed by a different perspective. "Will I ever be interested in retiring?" some baby boomers ask. "Who am I now?" newly retired clergy ask. "What, if anything, is God calling me to do and be after retirement?" all inquire. This book is built on the assumption that most people don't want to ...



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