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Grandma Putt's Old-Time Vinegar, Garlic, Baking Soda, and 101 More Problem Solvers: 2,500 Super Solutions for ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2006

2,500 Super Solutions for Your Home, Health, and Garden


Jerry Baker's Green Grass Magic: Tips, Tricks, and Tonics for Growing the Toe-Ticklinest Turf in Town! (Jerry ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2004

This definitive lawn-care guide provides professional secrets, seasonal tips, and recipes for homemade fertilizers to improve the attractiveness and health of grass from seed to sod. Insider tips include how to avoid the most common mowing blunders, cure yellow grass with Epsom salts, and bug-proof a lawn with mouthwash. A detailed lawn-care calendar offers season-by-season advice on maintaining a thick, green lawn. Do-it-yourself homeowners, ...


Jerry Baker's Great Green Book of Garden Secrets
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2006

Gardeners can turn a bare plot into a beautiful paradise with the 1,050 miracle-working solutions, tonics, and tricks collected in this power-packed garden resource. Designed to increase flora growth and reduce animal damage, this guide describes how to create more than 125 garden-fixing elixirs using common household products and illustrates easy and inexpensive solutions to even the most perplexing problems. Readers can discover how to stop ...


Giant Book of Kitchen Counter Cures: 117 Foods That Fight Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, ...
Karen Cicero, Colleen Pierre MS RD

American Master Products, Inc., 2001

The healing powers of favorite foods are leveraged in the recipes and cooking tips in this guide to using food to alleviate serious diseases and common ailments. Fighting colon cancer with cheese, preventing heart disease with green beans and chocolate, and curing urinary tract infections with blueberries are examples of the preventative measures and homemade cures that will help readers slash medical expenses and minimize doctor visits. ...


Jerry Baker's Herbal Pharmacy: 1,347 Super Secrets for Growing and Using Herbal Remedies (Jerry Baker Good ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2000

If plants are like people, then herbs are the doctors of the plant world - fixing up whatever ails you, your home, and your garden! And after 45+ years of working hard in the yard, there`s no one better to introduce you to these terrific, talented plants than Jerry Baker, America`s Master Gardener. In this book, you`ll discover the secrets for growing happy, healthy herbs indoors and out; how to make herbal remedies that`ll ease whatever ails ...


Jerry Baker's Supermarket Super Products!: 2,568 Super Solutions, Terrific Tips & Remarkable Recipes for ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2005

What do antacids, baby shampoo, and vodka have in common? They are all super powerful, money-saving solutions described in this home-improvement guide to solving common health, home, and garden problems with products found on any supermarket's shelves. Aside from their traditional usage, these and other well-known supermarket products have secret lives as health and beauty aids, household cleaners, stain removers, and bug killers. Readers will ...


Jerry Baker's Old-Time Gardening Wisdom: Lessons Learned from Grandma Putt's Kitchen Cupboard, Medicine ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 1999

Many, many years ago, Jerry went to live with his Grandma Putt, who had an amazing amount of knowledge and folklore about old-time, natural gardening. Although he resisted at first, Jerry was soon drawn into her magical world, where plants were treated like people and given kindness, courtesy, and respect. They, in turn,provided her with beauty, bounty, and an abundance ofnatural remedies. Grandma Putt shared her knowledge witheveryone, and ...


Jerry Baker's Giant Book of Garden Solutions: 1,954 Natural Remedies to Handle Your Toughest Garden Problems ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2004

Whether used in backyards, acre properties, or patio container gardens, the simple and natural gardening tricks in this resource incorporate common household products and down-home ingenuity to combat common gardening problems. Recipes include homemade insect sprays and fertilizers that replace chemical, store-bought alternatives. Quick fixes are offered on fighting fungus with pantyhose, protecting pruned roses with white glue, and defeating ...


Jerry Baker's Bug Off!: 2,193 Super Secrets for Battling Bad Bugs, Outfoxing Crafty Critters, Evicting ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2005

In this all new collection of cures and controls for unsavory yard invaders, Jerry Baker shares simple tips and tricks to banish bugs and other critters from lawns and gardens—and almost all the ingredients can be found in the average cabinet. With homemade mixes, common products, and "old-fashioned grow-how," gardeners learn how to eliminate virtually any pest problem. Fixes are arranged by yard area afflicted, so a solution can be found as ...


Oddball Ointments, Powerful Potions & Fabulous Folk Remedies That'll Cure Almost Anything That Ails You ...
Jean Karen Thomas

American Master Products, Inc./Jerry Baker, 2002

Recipes for homemade tonics, salves, and poultices that can prevent, heal, and cure common health ailments are featured in this reference to folk medicines. Products in the kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, medicine chest, and garden can replace or supplement many expensive medicines through the innovative formulas detailed. Easing arthritis with a hot pepper cream, relieving back pain with a hot tea toddy, and lowering cholesterol with a dash of ...


Jerry Baker's It Pays to Be Cheap!: 1,973 of the Niftiest, Swiftiest, and Thriftiest Secrets on Earth for ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2006

Fun and innovative ways to save money on items such as groceries, electronics, pet care, travel, and clothing are revealed in this indispensable savings handbook. Features such as "Online Steals & Deals," "Bargain Alerts," and "Fantastic Formulas" uncover easy ways for anyone to become a thrift expert without sacrificing personal pleasures or undergoing excessive belt-tightening. Money-saving ideas for cutting pet food bills by 25 percent, ...


Jerry Baker's Amazing Antidotes: 976 Nifty New Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy (Jerry Baker Good Health series)
Marcia Holman

American Master Products, Inc., 2004

This compendium of curative knowledge raids the cupboard and pantry to find fixes for more than 150 common health complaints. Remedies are organized by ailment for easy reference for troubling conditions from acne to varicose veins. Readers learn how to ease their aches with “Terrific Teas and Tonics,” make their own remarkable remedies with “Homegrown Solutions,” utilize the power of “Herbal Healers,” and whip up quick and easy ...


Jerry Baker's Terrific Tomatoes, Sensational Spuds, and Mouth-Watering Melons: 1,274 Super Secrets for ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2003

Secrets to growing big, juicy, prize-winning vegetables using common household products such as beer, dish soap, and cola are revealed in this book of gardening tricks, tips, and tonics. Beginning and experienced gardeners alike will learn easy but effective techniques for growing, protecting, storing, and saving vegetables, from asparagus and beets to rutabaga and zucchini. Topics include planning a plot; weeding, feeding, and watering; and ...


The Anti-Pain Plan: 467 No-Nonsense Ways to Avoid Arthritis, Heal a Headache, Beat a Backache, Trounce Carpal ...
Rick Chillot

American Master Products, Inc., 2004

Providing fast pain relief for everything from stiff knees and migraines to muscle spasms and hemorrhoids, the treatments in this health guide use natural and inexpensive products to alleviate common discomforts. Pain specialists and practioners of natural health offer suggestions for relieving angina with garlic and onions, tendinitis with ginger, and back pain with water. More than 100 kinds of pain are discussed with remedies and treatments ...


Secrets from the Jerry Baker Test Gardens: Over 1,436 Tips, Tricks, and Tonics from America's Master Gardener ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2007

Using common household products, gardeners can create a variety of quick tricks, super shortcuts, and terrific tonics that will turn a hum-drum landscape into a flourishing botanical wonderland. Readers will discover more than 1,400 garden secrets, including Jerry’s beer-and-tea tonic for roses, how to turn sandy soil into dandy dirt, a seed booster that will fill in bald lawn spots, and a spicy salsa to paralyze veggie-munching varmints. Each ...


Jerry Baker's Amazing Antidotes
Megan Othersen

American Master Products, Inc, 2007

Forget painful procedures, addictive drugs, or wasting your valuable time, money, and health anymore! New discoveries reveal hundreds of easy-to-use, easy-to-make tonics, treatments, and remedies that work as well-or even better-than pricey medications and complicated medical mumbo jumbo. This is the one-and-only book that brings you almost 1,000 of the most amazing and unusual cures for more than 155 common health problems. Best yet, you ...


The New Healing Foods: 1,404 Refrigerator Remedies, Countertop Cures, and Miracle Menus that Fight Everything ...
Colleen Pierre MS RD

American Master Products, Inc., 2007

In easy-access A-to-Z format, this terrific resource offers new scientific findings to the Jerry Baker library of old-time wisdom by revealing more than 1,400 secrets to eating for good health, including Brussels sprouts for osteoporosis, chocolate for a healthy heart, eggs to stop memory loss, corn for good vision, and apricots for three separate cancer-fighting compounds. Suggesting fun, fast, easy ways to use healthy foods in daily meals, the ...


Jerry Baker's Year-Round Bloomers: Hundreds of Super Secrets for the Backyard Gardener (Jerry Baker Good ...
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2005

Gardeners from the sunny south to the frigid north will learn to make their landscapes look as beautiful in January as they do in June with this handbook that reveals the secrets of how to create a vibrant, colorful garden all year round. Offering great design ideas and "old-fashioned grow-how," this guide explains how to turn an ordinary mix of flowers, ground covers, flowering trees, and shrubs into a four-season feast for the eyes without a ...


Jerry Baker's Supermarket Super Remedies: 1,649 Shopping Cart Solutions to Ease Everything from an Aching ...
Matthew Hoffman

American Master Products, Inc., 2008

Discover the amazing healing powers of ordinary household products in this guide to treating common ailments without a trip to the doctor’s office or the pharmacy. Learn to beat a backache with beans, clobber high cholesterol with chocolate, halt hay fever with honey, and stop a sore throat with sage using this helpful book to conquer more than 370 common complaints with foods and products found in the home. Additional features such ...


Top 25 Homemade Healers
Jerry Baker

American Master Products, Inc., 2014

Top 25 Homemade Healers: 2,173 DIY Health and Beauty Solutions: A Jerry Baker Health Book is a new hardcover book. This is a new publication by this informative and useful series. Don't buy store bought chemicals, when you can make healthy remedies yourself.



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